Boobstagram: It’s Instagram For Boobs (Get it?)

    April 13, 2012
    Chris Gabbard
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Need an excuse to stare at boobs? Try this French site (leave it to the French), Boobstagram. The site was created as a parody of Instagram (obviously) to raise awareness for breast cancer. Their motto: ” Showing her breasts on the internet is good, showing them to her doctor is better.”

Women are encouraged to submit photos of their breasts to encourage other women to get a scheduled breast exam. The breasts are anonymous, posted with no face and no tags to identify the person.

Facebook has a like page for daily boob photos (to raise awareness of breast cancer, of course). You can even add Boobstagram to your RSS feed, giving you the occasional boob shot thrown in with your news.

Ironically, (or not so ironically, if you think about it) the site is run by two men; Julien GLT, and Leionel Pourtau. Whether this is intended as a real way to help breast cancer or a guise for boobie watching is debatable.





That poor stormtrooper. He’ll be crushed!

Many feel the the “sexualization” of breast cancer is bad for the cause, and insulting to survivors.

“Friends are like boobs. Some are big. Some are small. Some are real. Some are fake.” – Facebook post

“Boobstagram is neither appropriate or raising breast cancer awareness. Its for perverts and it gives people the wrong impression of breasts. They are meant for nourishing babies, not to be ogled as means of sexual pleasure. This is not helping anyone. This page is part of the problem….” – angry Facebook post.

  • Bron Brodir

    I disagree, Breast are for both feeding babies, and for sexual pleasure. There would not be stimuli that arouse a women in the breast if the only job was for feeding babies.

    Some women feel they are to be hidden behind a shirt, others think they should be out for the world to see, so oogeling can be achieved. I can respect you wanting to get some Booby action by taking on the role of MALE watchdog of womens rights and champion of all that is moral and right., but really the ladies see right though this guise. Be a man, oogle the ones that want to be seen, respect the ones that want to be hidden… we have brains, we can see what is proper and what is not as each case comes along. I dont know why everyone has to be so scared to be human these days, why we are scared by sexual freedoms. As Frankie said.. RELAX.