Bon Jovi Is Interested In Buying The Buffalo Bills


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Another musician is interested in owning a sports team. This time, it is aging rocker Bon Jovi, who is somehow managing to continue touring, and making a success out of a career that seemed to have ended years ago. Bon Jovi is interested in the Buffalo Bills, a team that is not far off from his home state of New Jersey.

The Buffalo Bills certainly need something in order to turn around their franchise, but it is hard to know if an ownership by Bon Jovi would be the answer. It would be an interesting business decision for Bon Jovi certainly, who has spent his career making money off of his music, while also being involved with the NFL in various ways over the years.

They have been struggling for several years now, and their rookie quarterback EJ Manuel was helping at first, but he is just not good enough to carry the team on his own. The Bills are currently 4-7, but Bon Jovi is not hurting for money by any means, and came in at third in the highest earning musical acts of the year from Forbes Magazine, earning $79 million.

Bon Jovi is no stranger to the sport of football, and in fact, he was a primary owner and the founder of an Arena Football League team. The rock and roll star been very proactive in meeting NFL owners and general managers, and is seeking their input on all sort of issues related to football. He is aiming to become a primary owner of the team, but it remains to be seen if he has the type of immense capital necessary to meet that threshold of ownership.

The Bills will be in the market for a new owner soon when Ralph Wilson, the current owner, who is 95-years-old, passes away. He has been the owner of the team since 1960, when it was created.

Becoming the owner of a sports team has been a business venture for a variety of celebrities over the years, and recently hip hop artist Diddy also came out and said that he wanted to be owner of an NFL team, although he did not clarify which one. One of the other biggest business people in the sports industry to gain attention is Mark Cuban of course, who owns the Dallas Mavericks.

Jon Bon Jovi is certainly no stranger to the sport, and has been a long time friend of Bill Belichick's, attending several of the Patriots' games. While he does not need the extra money, owning the team is a business venture that Bon Jovi seems to be set on, and may go through with the decision soon.

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