Bobbi Kristina Brown Crashes Car, Compares Self To Jesus

    November 29, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Bobbi Kristina, daughter of Bobby Brown and the late Whitney Houston, has been in the headlines a few times since her mother passed away; most notably, for her alleged engagement to a young man who has been considered her “brother” (he was adopted by the family years ago).

But the latest news is just as odd; the 19-year old was recently involved in a car accident which saw her veer off a road in Atlanta and into a wooded area, doing considerable damage to her car but walking away unharmed. Officials said she was issued a citation for leaving her lane.

“The investigation revealed the driver lost control and the vehicle left Beaver Creek Road on the east side and traveled down an embankment,” a police statement said. Damage to the vehicle was described in the statement as “moderate.”

The accident wasn’t so unusual, but what she posted on Twitter later has people buzzing.

She also thanked her mother for seeing her through the accident unscathed.

  • andrea king

    Damn and Jesus not good

  • http://yahoo JD

    This young woman is out of control and apparently needs some type mental health treatment.However, she may never get the help she needs. She is still in the grieving process, her life is her life and she has to live it the way she wants too. But it is to bad, she might have a chance, who knows, what is going to happen is going happen she is to young to rich with no apparent direction. Her parents didn’t do her any favors by having her and not not parenting her correctly.

    • http://yahoo.com Twila Davis

      Yes, she needs to go somewhere and sit down. Go to school or something. Don’t allow herself to have a troubled life. Somebody needs to get her a driver for sure. I wish her the best. She couldn’t help who her parents were. I believe Whitney was nice. She just should have got help because of her daughter if nothing else. Sometimes it’s not about you.

  • andrea king

    That not good damn and Jesus/

  • Philip Roddy Jr

    Bobbi, Why won’t you just go away. It’s your Mother who the people loved.

  • Michael

    Too bad I don’t believe in fairy tales.I am more apt to believe the big trees were not in the right place on that embankment to rid us of her ugly self.Ugly inside and out.

    • WendyF

      What a horrible thing to say! As you sit anonymously behind your computer, People like you are simply wretched, sad and pathetic creatures.