Bo Obama Is Perplexed by Bo Obama Christmas Decoration [VIDEO]

    November 30, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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If people could set aside thier political affiliations for two seconds (hard, but more possible now than a month ago), they might just be able to reach a consensus on one thing:

The first dog is cute as hell.

The White House just uploaded this dose of Friday cute to their YouTube page. In the video, Bo scampers around the White House, scoping the badass Christmas decor. Make sure you watch until he discovers his own likeness, in decorative form. I probably don’t have to make sure you watch until the end, because oh my god he’s fluffy.


  • joe blow

    first dog sucks

    just like his owner

    • Dogmama

      It’s not the dog’s fault.

  • deb

    for decades i’ve enjoyed seeing photos etc. of the white house at Christmas but never have i seen it look any more beautiful than it does this year. kudos to the first family, first dog, and first decorators. ; ) you do us proud!

  • Cali

    Joe Blow, you need help. That was the cutest thing ever, irregardless of how his owner is.

    • Cali

      lol, I meant “who his owner is” obviously