Blekko Deepens Facebook Integration as Google Continues to Ignore It

By: Chris Crum - April 21, 2011

Blekko is now including integration with Facebook Comments in its search results. Users who login with their Facebook accounts can communicate

Based on the comments we received on a recent article about the potential Facebook data could have in Google results, a lot of people don’t see any value in that. When asked about Blekko’s take on this, co-founder Mike Markson told WebProNews, “Facebook data is by no means a replacement for web data, but ignoring it is the equivalent of ignoring your friend’s opinions. We want people to be able to tap into both the power of the Web and the power of their friends’ specific knowledge.”

“The Web is increasingly a social experience and search has got to get more social too,” said CEO Rich Skrenta. “Integrating Facebook Comments brings the social graph and social commentary right to the results page. Because what your friend says about information is as important as any expert’s advice could ever be.”

Blekko Now Uses Facebook Comments

Blekko uses Facebook comments

Facebook comments on Blekko

Blekko began using Facebook “likes” in search results back in December (just after Bing did). Users can see when their friends have “liked” certain search results (kind of like Google’s +1 button).

The new Comments integration is about adding breaking news, opinions, insight and updates to trusted search results, according to Blekko. That and communicating directly with their friends during the search process.

As an added bonus, users can add the slashtag “/facebook” to any search query and see all results from their entire Facebook news feed.

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  • Jon

    Social makes my head hurt more and more lately… Everything is integrated with everything, I can’t keep up!


    Facebook is so lame they claim to be one of the biggest social networks on the internet however they can’t even offer any user support, other than a help page full of generic answers that lead you in circles. I have been locked out of my account for hours now even though it said I reached an hourly limit on trying to reset my password.
    The sadest thing is since they don’t allow for the changing of an accounts security question once it is found out by a hacker it seems you can kiss your account goodbye. Furthermore, my girl friend and I from her account finally found how to “have a friend help in reclaiming the account” and after writing them a detailed letter of the events that lead up to my account being compromised all we received back was a generic pre-written e-mail that makes me think that no one even read the message my girl friend sent them from her account. It’s time for Facebook to get real you can’t run the world’s biggest social network / gaming site on automation alone. Which leads me to wonder what the hell do they do with all that ad money anyways?

  • No

    Man, this is way too much for me. I just need a search engine. I don’t need all this immature crap. I could care less what my friend liked or bought. There is a huge privacy issue with this too.