Blake Shelton And His Bromance With Adam Levine


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Blake Shelton should be on cloud 9 since winning The Voice for three times in a row; however, there are some people who aim to make sure Blake Shelton does not get too big of a head to continue coaching for the hit television series. His well-known "bromance" with popular singer, Adam Levine, has served as entertainment for viewers, but now may have an additional purpose.

Blake recently spoke about his friendship with Adam. "(It) makes me happy. I live to make him feel bad about himself," Blake said before adding, "I would say where there's smoke, there's fire. We're very attracted to each other. I'm already married, so it's never going to work out."

Adam Levine has taken to twitter in order to jest the popular country singer. Some of the tweets Adam has used to tease Blake Shelton is the result of typical friendly banter.

However, some of the tweets are focused more on playfully encouraging other vocal coaches to make sure that Blake Shelton does not have four wins in a row.

Blake Shelton did not take the criticism, well more like playful ribbing, from Adam Levine too terribly bad.

"I had a hard time getting people to come with me this year on my team, and Adam had some good points. He threw out some stuff about the NBA and how nobody's ever won four of anything in a row. I can't remember what these stats were, but he actually got in some people's heads and stole some people," Blake Shelton said.

[Image Via Wikimedia Commons And Courtesy Of Keith Hinkle]