BlackBerry 10 Phone Pics Leak Out Again

    January 11, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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RapidBerry, the self-styled “Number 1 Dedicated UK BlackBerry site” today released what it says is leaked marketing material for one of the first BlackBerry 10 smartphones. The pictures show the BlackBerry Z10 in various stages of use, particulary in business contexts. Rapid Berry states that the images are pulled from the latest public developer alpha for BlackBerry 10.

The first thing that is easily noticeable in the pictures is how similar the Z10 looks to the current design of the iPhone. Though it works to RIM‘s advantage to design a smartphone that isn’t wildly different from what people are used to, the company should also beware of Apple. Samsung has seen what happens when you attempt to copy Apple. Of course, Samsung is now Apple’s biggest competitor, so perhaps following the crowd really is the way to get ahead in the mobile market.

Something else to notice is that one of the pictures shows what appears to be a BlackBerry Messenger video calling app for BlackBerry 10, which might be an essential feature for the base of customers who are still loyal to the BlackBerry brand. A slide-on case bearing the BlackBerry logo can be spotted in another picture.

Of the apps that can be seen on the phones’ screens, only a few social network apps are not made by BlackBerry. If RIM really does expect customers to switch to a BlackBerry 10 device, it’s going to have to make sure some of the most-used mobile apps and games will show up on the Z10. The company will have until its January 30 announcement to shore up developer support.

(Image via RapidBerry)

  • Louie Bolyard

    I’m really looking forward to the new Black Berry. I’m really disapointed in this Galaxy 3 as a work tool. It’s ok for people who use it as a plaything.

  • Baldie1966@live.com

    Apart from the extraneous plastic top and bottom nice looking phone, RIM need this to work to survive, so lose the plastic extras and they could have a winner. But it could be too little to late my work is looking at leaving BB for Windows 8 mobile.

  • Tman

    Damn its about time I have been waiting for this moment for ages thank you guys

  • Quinzy

    It really looks fantastic .. Can’t wait to have it in my hands.. I love blackberry had all devices thus far so super excited.

  • anonymous

    Black berry is giving them out as of this week to people in IT around the world so I think “LEAKED” isn’t the term you should use seeing as they handed it to the public.