“Black People for Paula” Group Plans Times Square Rally

    July 13, 2013
    David Powell
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A Paula Deen fan club called “Black People for Paula” is planning a rally in Times Square.

According to the group’s website, the (as yet unnamed) founder of Black People for Paula and “over 100 of [his or her] friends” will gather outside the windows of the Good Morning America set during the show’s filming on August 16. They plan to wear pink t-shirts that feature the BPP logo and carry a large banner that says “We Forgive You Paula.”

According to the group’s founder, “The word Paula used was horrible. She has admitted that what she said was wrong and hurtful. She gave an extremely heartfelt apology and I forgive her, my family forgives her and the African American community forgives her.” The group cites Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson as prominent African American leaders who have voiced some measure of forgiveness for Deen’s past use of the “N” word.

However, NewsOne, a news source that focuses on African American issues, isn’t sold on the group. Contributing Editor Kirsten West Savali says that the rally is a plot “twist straight from the Plantation Chronicles” and that the group is motivated by a need for some black Americans to “be perceived as non-threatening and friendly to White people.” Savali especially takes issue with BPP’s statement that the “African American community forgives” Deen. “Clearly,” she writes, “those sweet potatoes and fried chicken drive people insane, because the entirety of the Black community most certainly does not forgive Paula Deen.”

In addition to the hostile work environment central to Deen’s current legal imbroglio, Savali notes that Deen cracked a racially-tinged joke about President Obama in the wake of the BP oil spill (she apparently said that he ought to be able to fix the situation by “n&%@#*-rigging” it) and that she once “dreamt of having Black men in shorts and bow ties playing step’n fetchit at an Antebellum style wedding reception.”

For anyone who agrees with the group, t-shirts are for sale on its website.

  • Name

    I can go play basketball at my gym and hear black guys use the n-word a thousand times. The word is a stupid word and no one should use it. What is happening to Paula is just hypocrisy.

    People need to learn how to forgive and move on. Everyone in the world wants Mercy extended to them, but no one wants to extend Mercy to others. It is shameful.

    • raquel

      You are not black so just because it is hypocrisy, who cares. She and other white people have the right or other nationalities to call black people niggers! And if i am ever called that to my face…its going to be hell. Paula is getting what she deserves as should others who use that word to disgrace someone! Dont you worry about if we as blacks call each other anything.

      • Phabyo

        So if I hear a black person call me cracker again I guess there should be he’ll to pay. Please stop acting like racism is a one way street. Total hypocrisy!

  • BHirsh

    “…a need for some black Americans to ‘be perceived as non-threatening and friendly to White people.'”

    Hmnph. Given the Trayvon bidneh, I’d say that was a pretty perceptive, self-interested “need”, wot?

    Or they can just enable schmucks like Shabazz…..

    I don’t see a rational choice there.

  • Pardi

    I’ll be there. Will the other 5 members of BPP be there too?

  • raquel

    Your group does not speak for all black people esp. for me..in your press releases do not say african american communities or all african americans. And i am sure there are other black people feel the way i feel. Speak for only yourselves. I do not support your group or paula. Thank you so kindly not speak for others. I hope that comment reaches the person or persons in charge of this so call ralley!

  • CReuben

    LOL….. Money Talks…This entire thing can only be a ruse cooked up by Paulas new PR team.
    If the so-called “organizer” or “founder” of this event is in such a forgiving mood as to start naming all the people who supposedly “forgives” Paula why don’t they give THEIR OWN NAME!?

    Yet they claim to speak for the entire “African-American” community!!!???


    but too much of a coward and a liar to even speak for themselves.
    Anybody with even an ounce of sense or RESPECT would know (OR SHOULD KNOW)
    To just speak for themselves or the group THEY REPRESENT. NOT THE ENTIRE AFRICAN_AMERICAN COMMUNITY….. What a load of crap.

    But I am anxious to see the idiot they will pay $$$$$$$ to get their dumb black butts up their to be part of this hot mess and so-call “forgive” ‘miss paula’.

    If they think so highly of ‘miss paula’ why dont they all just go to work for her…..LOL…. WHY!?.. Yeah why not see if miss paula will give them a job being anything but a dumb black stooge.

  • Jim

    What did I say or do 30 years ago when a gun was held to my head? Hmm – wait I HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED THAT. IF I was held at gunpoint, what would I say, what would I do? Probably anything that I thought could save my life. That said, shall we go back 30 years and review the behavior (and statements) of ALL public figures? Sad America

  • Ray4

    I understand how different people feel. But will someone explain to me how come that a Store “UNKNWN” Yes that’s the name, in The Aventura FL Mall, who is owned by Lebron James is allowed to play X-RAP music with constantly saying THE N WORD among DI??K and more, while kids and their parents are shopping. I’ve contacted the news, the mall office and the manager of Unknwn, were his replied was ” WE ARE WORKING ON THE PROBLEM, IT”S PANDORA”. This is still going on for 2 weeks. WOW!!!!