Bitly Makes Saving and Shortening Links Easier


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Bitly wants you to know they've been listening to your comments and concerns. Yesterday, they announced they will be making some changes and that it will now be quicker to save and shorten links. In fact, it takes place in one click.

Here's how they describe the upgrade on their blog site:

"Now, when you paste a link into the 'Paste a link here…' box at the top of the page, it will be instantly saved when you paste it (no second click needed)— and the shortlink will be right there ready for you to copy. You can still edit the privacy, notes, or bundles, and of course share it."


Here they explain how to use their browser tools:

"For our browser tools (the bitmarklet and Chrome extension), the process is a little different. A common complaint prior to the new bitly was that 1-click saves via our browser tools created too many accidental shortlinks. Now you have the opportunity to confirm your save after your initial click."

"If you need even more speed though, turn on 1-click saving in the browser tools by opening the dialog’s settings panel and checking the box. Bitmarks added via 1-click will be saved with your default privacy setting."


Here's a list of some other refinements and upgrades:

* Copy and customize buttons on the newly expanded stats page

* Chrome extension will now automatically add highlighted text to the notes field.

* iPhone app 1.01 — fixes crashes when running on iPad, expands support for creating a new account without Facebook or Twitter.

* Bulk actions got easier with the new dropdown button.

* Gazillions of small bug fixes and UI tweaks.

They remind us to keep the feedback coming:

"Living things - from earthworms to pufferfish to people - all want to grow and strive to be more than they are. Products need to evolve and grow too, and bitly is no exception. Our goal is to make collecting, finding, and sharing content better for all of our members."