Bird-Pooping Mobile Game 'Turd Birds' Released


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Someone at 2K Games thought it would be a good idea to begin releasing games for mobile devices. Not a bad plan, considering Square Enix, Ubisoft, and other publishers have also been aggressively moving into mobile.

Then someone at 2K Games thought it would be a good idea to port XCOM: Enemy Unknown to iOS. An ambitious project, to be sure, but developer Firaxis seems to have pulled it off relatively well.

Then someone at 2K Games suggested it would be a good idea to release a mobile game about birds pooping on peoples' heads. And nobody stepped up to say, "No."

2K Games this week released Turd Birds, a Temple Run-style game in which players control birds as they drop bird poo on the heads of innocent bystanders, complete with fart sounds. The game is out for iOS and Android devices, and is also in Amazon's Kindle Store.

Not only did no one stop whoever greenlighted Turd Birds, 2K is now even actively promoting the game, saying that it has "mass appeal."

Turd Birds is an outrageously fun game that truly showcases Cat Daddy’s ability to create apps with mass appeal,” said Sarah Anderson, SVP of marketing at 2K. “Offering a humorous spin on traditional endless runners, Turd Birds provides players with a fun, endearing, and easy-to-play game that adds to 2K’s quality mobile lineup.”

It's not entirely clear who the target audience for Turd Birds is, though its childish humor suggests it's for kids. However, getting parents to allow their child to play a game that's centered around avian fecal matter would seem to be a hard sell. Especially since one of the selling points of the game is that players can spray bird poop all over the Facebook photos of their friends.

Regardless, the intensely unfunny (and aurally disgusting) Turd Birds launch trailer is embedded below. The actual gameplay seems solid.