BioWare Is Going To “Fix” Mass Effect 3’s Ending

    March 21, 2012
    Zach Walton
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Mass Effect 3 has been polarizing for the industry and gamers this year to say the least. The disappointing ending, the day-one DLC and a myriad of other issues have fans pretty upset with the RPG behemoth.

There has been work on the side of both BioWare and fans to fix all this up. BioWare has already addressed fans’ concerns and have said that “some of our most passionate fans needed more closure, more answers, and more time to say goodbye to their stories…” In response, an enraged fan has filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission saying that the ending betrayed their expectations.

Today, the big dog of BioWare, co-founder Dr. Ray Muzyka, took to the company blog to lay out the future of Mass Effect 3 and address the fan response thus far. Perhaps learning from all the bad reactions that previous BioWare statements have caused, Dr. Muzyka chooses his words carefully. He defends the Mass Effect 3 team and the high reviews the game has received, but says that “out of respect to our fans, we need to accept the criticism and feedback with humility.”

To that end, Dr. Muzyka announced that the Mass Effect 3 team is now working on “a number of game content initiatives that will help answer the questions, providing more clarity for those seeking further closure to their journey.” He then said to expect more information on what this means in April.

In the meantime, he encourages fans to keep giving them feedback on the game and what they feel should be fixed. He does, however, stress that they only want constructive feedback. He feels that some of the criticism by their “most ardent fans” has become “destructive rather than constructive.”

As a final plea to gamers who perhaps are just jumping onto the hate bandwagon just to be hatin’, he says:

I urge you to do your own research: play the game, finish it and tell us what you think. Tell your friends if you feel itโ€™s a good game as a whole. Trust that we are doing our damndest, as always, to address your feedback. As artists, we care about our fans deeply and we appreciate your support.

I’m staying out of the argument because I’ve not played Mass Effect 3 yet. From what I hear, both sides have good arguments. Dr. Muzyka is a smart man, however, and he knows what he’s doing. If he says that BioWare is going to fix it, you can rest assured that it will happen.

Do you think this is a proper response to the Mass Effect 3 ending fiasco? Or do you want more from BioWare? Let us know in the comments.

  • Quentarus

    The DLC better be free,

  • Rj Williams

    After the epic showdown with a baby reaper at the end of ME2 I think we were all expecting a whole lot more

  • Revari

    Spoiler alert- I would like to say a few things about the overall situation with the ending for ME3: First things first more the a few (though the currently seem like a minority to me) of the ME3 players have call those against the current ending whiny and spoiled. So here is a challenge for you. You have heard us explain what it was we disliked in the ending and our various reasons. In almost all situation the mature members of our group have said that it is not the actual ending that bothered us but the 1)lack of choice regarding the end, 2) the complete lack of closure, and 3) the seemingly illogical things shown in the ending clip. Your challenge is to tell me what is was you liked. That seems fair, right? If you can actually give out a good reason for leaving the ending as it is please do so. All I hear is people whining about how they liked the ending and that gamers should not have a say in the ‘artistic’ aspects of games but no one has told me what they actually liked about it. What I am saying is if asked at this moment without accessing the game if you could detail what it was you liked about the ending, could you actual give a reason? Every person who disliked the ending would immediately say they hated the lack of choice and closure, but can one of you who likes the ending tell me off the top of your head what was so good about it.

    Secondly,regarding the responses from Bioware: I am sorry my dislike of the ending and outrage is making them sad but frankly as they do not seem to understand nor care that their ending is literally the equivalent of finding a human fingertip in the last bite of a Kobe Beef burger. The game itself was extraordinary and a whirlwind of emotions, which was ended in the total death of life as we know it in the entire universe. Think of a galaxy wipe population whose economy relies nearly completely of interstellar trade having it all cut off in an instant; result? not so good. You deserve to be sad. You wrote the game tested it repeatedly and still released it like this. Did your game tester even see the ending or did you just ignore them in favor or shipping it out as fast as possible

  • Bill Longley

    I loved the games even the tedious land mission in me1. two was awesome and really set the stage for an amazing ending. 3 got here and i loved it, i missed the in depth stuff like searching planets and diggin around for gold, but still fun. what i couldnt understand was why you had planets but could do nothign with over 80% of them. next was the lack of dialogue or side missions compared to 2. I loved the gameplay and dynamics but i felt the ending coming too soon. once on earth i felt like i was on a narrow road with no options hated that. The endings made me feel like hey their will be more but i am not really understanding why my options no matter which one suck for all of the populace of space as no matter what people would starve and die and large chunk of the battle force would never see their homes again. so basically it felt like i had a choice of drowning or burning to death.i respected the deaths like legion and kelly, and loved hwo they had a memorial on the ship with names of some of the lost crew members but not all (hint, dont do shit half assed) I really hoped even if it cost money that a further resolution would be at hand later to avoid spoilers, but then i see bw is stating that was it, no more like it or lump it, wtf? I really felt betrayed by that. i bought all the dlc. read the back stories,read the appendixes and planet info, for what to get a half assed ending and told i should like it, i dont like it and i like the idea of buying any more of their products less if it will lead to the same feeling of disgust. I hope that they can overcome the egos and the penny counting to give their customers the product the deserve and the ending the story demands.

    • Timba

      apparently, bioware’s ‘artistic’ means neither understood nor like by majority. Cause that sure as hell looks like what they were going for

  • noradrenaline

    I actually enjoyed the ending of the game. Don’t know what everyone’s complaining about.

    • Harry

      what did u like about it?

    • Harry

      what did u like about it?

  • http://www.facebook.com Thomas Kasich

    I played all three games. The second was my big-time favorite, The first was my second favorite. And the third was good up until the end. The ending sucked. I basically expected a proper closure with Commander Shepard and his/her friends and teammates. And the ending was confusing and didn’t fully answer any questions you have like:

    What happens to the rest of the galaxy now that the mass relays are destroyed?

    Are all the civilizations you recruited alive and well?

    Will the galaxy rebuild with the Reaper threat finally gone?

    What future will Shepard’s teammates and friends have?

    I mean these are some of the questions I had hoped would get answered at the end.

  • Travis Crane

    First off, I understand why people are upset, even though I thought the ending was a beautiful way to finish the trilogy. I understand that these games are RPGs, which are meant to pull the player into the role of the main character and really empathize with emotions, choices, etc. that Shepard has/makes. Which means players are more apt to become upset if things don’t go exactly like they hoped things would, because for 100+ hours, these games are their life. Yet at the same time, the artists and story writers are still the ones in charge of what direction the game heads; choices or no choices on the players part. And I for one thought BW did a great job of making their/my story an infinitely unique and exciting one. I originally just assumed that the ending was going to be all happy go lucky, with the reapers in flames and the galaxy singing songs about me(shepard) for all eternity…blah blah blah. Boring. That story has been told a million times. The hero conquers and everybody lives happily ever after. I love unique and thought provoking stories that leave a lot to the imagination, which Bioware has done a fantastic job of producing.


    I chose to control the Reapers in the endgame and I can just imagine myself coming back to whatever planet Liara wound up on in a couple hundred years with a pack of Reapers in tow, speaking through them (since I was assimilated into their existence). She’d probably die of a heart attack, haha. But that story and imagination are mine. So thank you Bioware.

    • Trevor

      You do know that the last part of me3 was a indoctrination dream right?

  • Beowulf

    The Mass Effect Trilogy is hands down, one if the most epic adventure stories this century. The ME1 set the galactic stage and provided the basis for the ME universe. ME2 ramped it up and alowed you to grow as a character and to really get to know all your teammates. ME3 was an excelent game all the way up to the last 30 minutes. The three “choices” are generic rip off’s from Dues Ex. Red, Blue, Green…pick your favorite color, because it makes no difference WHAT-SO-EVER in the end. Bioware promised “wildly seperate endings” in ME3. Instead, shepard dies, the Mass Relay’s are destroyed, virually every races’ military fleets are stranded in the Sol System, and the Normandy crashlands on some distant earth like planet, in ALL THREE ENDINGS. Bioware owes us “the fans” much more. Not this half-baked, 7th grade level, wrote it the day before it was due, crap. If Boware does come thorough and revamps the ending or even has a DLC ending waiting, all I can say is that it had better be free. If it costs a penny, I won’t pay it and I will never by a Bioware or EA game again. You don’t treat fans like this but even more importantly, you NEVER treat your customers like this. It is bad business.

  • Zac Keith

    I played through and got almost a completely full green bar of people on my side. Yeah i never played online to poor for gold, but anyway, I only missed that 12 second clip of movement with an N7 armour looking thing under some rubble.

    **** SPOILERS ****
    Anywho, I loved the game. It was great, built up really well things got so climactic! I had my paragon points overflowing! And then I blew up the reapers!!! and Tali, Joker and The Prothean landed on a planet. The mass Relays Blew up! …and it was done.
    My face when credits ended and all i got was “Shepard Shepard he’s our man! Now go to bed grandson.”
    I went back and did the other option assuming i made the wrong choice. Almost the exact same video, minus that there were blue lazers in the relays instead of red.
    I was disappointed. Nothing i did, morality wise, army building, diplomacy, side quests, none of it answered or referenced.
    A lack of anything from my love interest came about. what happened to the Quarians after the Geth helped them?! Back on the Asari monastery with that ugly Justicar bitch? The krogans end up being dicks after all?
    With all of my upsettedness, i still manage to feel the people demanding a new ending are too butt hurt, some jerk tried to sue them over it?
    Man give me a break. Are we that spoiled? we need things to go exactly our way?
    If t was a ploy to get people to pay more money for a full story then shame on EA and BioWare. If it was shitty writing, then hey arts not always perfect.
    I figured a book series would come out revealing more or even another game or something. But just making a new ending… Will that even meet the expectations of the brats that caused it to come into a fruition?

    Whatever, we’ll see.

  • Xplodr

    The problem with Mass Effect 3 is the ending came too soon. If that ending is what is supposed to happen, so be it, but there are a lot of things that never got tied off. The ending is stupid, but that’s not the first time a game had a stupid ending. I LOVE Mass Effect 1, 2, and 3 I just don’t think 3 was complete and I hated the stupid ending.

  • Harry

    If im honest, i felt like the end wasnt good, there were so many things the could of ended it with, so many different endings, i always thought shepard would either die, or leave the battle with scares, but they only chose three endings which were all the wrong ones, or you could even say “one” because they were the same as one another.
    Me pursonaly, i would make a good and bad ending based on what class of shepard, (E.g. Soilder, or infeltrator.), and also who your love intrest is, also if you were good or evil, also on how much effort you put in (how much EMS and TMS you have) and i would of made it so you choose squads to send in to do different jobs and such like in ME2. And if its too much then take out the class bit, but i would of definatly stalled the games release to do the endings based on what i just said.

  • Stephan

    Dear Bioware

    (beware of Spoilers)

    Ok the majority of Mass Effect 3 was awesome, the choices were amazing and the deaths and sacarfices were just gut wrenching. Now on to the stuff that really needs to be fixed.

    The ending is a big one, I mean out of all three options the galaxy is still screwed, shepard is either dead, the relay’s are destoried and all of your friends are scattered and lost. Harbinger had like no role what so ever, he pretty much shows up out of nowhere and blasts you and your army into the ground with no real build up. You guys took the time to create harbinger and build his personality and behavior in ME 2, so why not have him as a larger factor in ME 3? Anyways that’s enough about the ending, too many people talk about it.

    Now the romances, you guys pretty much just ignored all of the romance interests except for Liara, Kadien and Ashely. What about the people who played ME 2 and decided to romance Jack, or Tali, or Garus ect. You could of given there romance alot more detail to be fair. The majority of the ME 2 romance were completely over looked, a kiss here and a flirt there. No real taste in them at all. You could of at least given them a short 10 second love scene to make the fans who romanced them feel a bit better.

    I personally romanced tali and dumped Ashely. I did enjoy the flirting from tali and the side dialog however when things truely got ‘deep’ near the end of the game. Mainly the romance scene i got like nothing at all. Tali says pretty much i love you, sits on the bed, takes off her mask and well that’s about it, right onto the nightmare. No real build up of romance at all.

    Now on my other playthrough I saw Laira’s and that was a real slap to the face. I thought it was going to be like tali’s but then i get this full blown love relationship, lots of talking and juicy scene. Same for Ashely.

    So why pick favorites? Make the other Romances just as good, make them seem real, build up the feelings, make us fans feel for these characters and love interest instead of forcing us to go “If i want a realy good romance i got to pick one of the 3 ‘special’ characters”

    There are people who have spent hours on this game and good money to learn about these characters and feel a bond to them.

    The Multiplayer is great love it, but instead of focusing on that like the recent DLC has shown, focus on the single player aspect which the majority of fans are keenly interested in.

  • Dave

    -Some Spoilers-

    I’ve been a fanboy of Bioware since the first Neverwinter Nights and have bought all their products since then. They are an incredible developer with amazing and talented writers. ME3 was an amazing game, and is an emotional roller coaster as the people you’ve come to care about and cherish die around you, or make the ultimate sacrifice for the greater good(I literally teared up when Mordin got on that elevator, and when Legion said his goodbye before merging himself with the rest of the Geth). But I felt the ending bastardized their sacrifices and made everything I did in all 3 games a huge waste of time.

    After reading a great deal of these posts by the ME3 ending defenders, it’s very clear to me that most of them have never played ME1 or ME2 prior to 3, or maybe they are completely missing the point of why ME fans are complaining: The ME3 ending had no real choice to how things played out, other than what color explosion you wanted to see and who you wanted to see step out the Normandy after it crashes. All 3 endings were cookie-cutter by design with just enough tiny little tweaks to concider them all different.

    The ME title was all about choice and free will, and how your choices would have a rippling effect in the galaxy and the people around you. Everything you did, every choice you made from ME1 all the way to the end of ME3 was made completely pointless. The lack of choice, and inability to make the fate of the Galaxy change to anything other than what Bioware says is an artistic expression of their ME team, is what most of the angry fans are mad about.

  • BritOne

    my spelling and grammer is bad so bare with me ๐Ÿ˜›

    my problem with these endings were i played ME1 ME2 ME3 used all the saves i made on 3rd 1 my Shepard would av seen all of these choices then worked the uther way or blown his or her b rains out befor making any of these choices ending 1 kill all A.I. shepard forht for A.I. freedom so not that way 2nd ending control reapers dieing in the proses but the reapers could come back so no garanty there 3rd ending convert all life with tecnoligy to make a new life form wassent that what the reapers were doing in the ferst place so BIG NO NO!!

    then destroying all gthe mass relays stranding all those aliens in 1 place to all die of hunger so what i got from the endings were

    Shepard fights to save the univers but in the end destroys the univers

    but you got to see the “BIG PICTURE” bioware is ownd by EA they love to say 1 thing then stab the paying customer in the back so no point getting ower panties in a twist lol