Bing’s Tool For Showing How Much Better Bing Is Than Google Struggles With A Search For Itself

    September 6, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Bing launched Bing It On today. It’s a big campaign Microsoft is running, trying to show people that they will prefer Bing results in a blind comparison with Google results. It’s live at BingItOn.com.

As I pointed out in a previous article, it really doesn’t take into account a number of significant parts of the user experience of either search engine (like Google’s Knowledge Graph or Bing’s social bar), but it is what it is.

Google’s Matt Cutts pointed out via a tweet, that a search for “bingiton” on BingItOn shows Bing having a hard time with the query, compared to Google:

Sure enough, Bing’s results (on the right) want to give the user “Bring It On” the movie. Then “Bring It On” the musical. Then pictures of “Bring It On”. Then “Bring It On” the movie again. Then, finally, BingItOn, followed by a news result about Kix Brooks and “Bring It On Home”.

Google’s results (on the left) show three news results for Bing’s endeavor at the top, followed by BingItOn’s landing page, and a bunch of other stories about BingItOn.

Bing It On


  • http://ultimate747.blogspot.com/ Ultimate!

    BingitOn.com is the #1 result on both for me when I try it

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/chris-crum Chris Crum

      Interesting. My results (pictured) were more along the lines of Matt’s.

      • http://ofinteresttome.com Bing is Awesome

        I’m with Ultimate. My search for “Bingiton” on Bing shows the Bing it on Site as #1.

      • anSEOguy

        Matt Cutts – “Bing had trouble finding itself”.

        Really? #4 isn’t what I would call “having trouble”. Now, had it taken 3 searches and quotation marks around the term, THAT would have been “having trouble”.

        Never miss a chance to spin it, Matt. But do realize that many people are almost as sick of your defense of Google as they are of Google itself.

    • George

      The same for me.

      • George

        I meant the 1 result is on both bing and google.

  • Robin

    bing is better for me. google show only authority sites and for every 2+ search words their search results not relevant (authority sites only, which may be have few words related to my keyword, but not relevant at all.

  • Robin

    i am just checked backlinks from 5 low competition keywords and have found what both – google and bing rank sites using spammy comments only. Never tryed it, because it really spammy, but looks I need to test it now.

  • Toni

    Bing is King!

    • Tominguez

      Long Live the Bing! Googlezon is nothing but Amazon Cheese Ads filled engine, 70% ads or paid inclusions, horrible. Why to have a clean home page when the rest, 99.9999999% of your pages are crap? If you search for many phrases, irrelevant to ecommerce, you will see that out of 10 pages, 4 to 6 may be Amazon sites ( amazon, soap, zappos, etc ) and the rest a combination of one or 2 other ecommerce giants with a few, only a few of relevant results. They must be so desperate to show investors that they have a lot of ( free ads coupon ) advertisers. Personally I use Yahoo and Bing, also Ask.com, unless I want to search for Ads then I use the newspaper. No more Googlezon for me

  • http://www.3allam.com/vb general07z

    Bring search engine seems to be improving so much at the moment. They really tired!
    But Google still the 1st search engine for me and I do not think I am going to change from Google to any other search engine website. This is my opinion!