Bing Says Most People Prefer Bing To Google

    September 6, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Bing has launched a new campaign to try and steal away some of Google’s users, by offering a “blind comparison test,” for users to pick the results they like better – those from Bing or those from Google. You can take the test here.

A Bing spokesperson tells WebProNews, “Although most people identify themselves as Google searchers, an independent study commissioned by Microsoft Corp. shows people chose Bing Web search results over Google nearly 2-to-1 in blind comparison tests. Given those findings, Bing decided it is time to let people see for themselves that there is a better option in search.”

“Beginning today, America can click and choose which Web search results it prefers by participating in the Bing It On Challenge, accessible via BingItOn.com,” he adds. “Based on research that indicates people prefer Bing Web search results over Google, Bing is inviting people nationwide to come and see for themselves with an online test designed to show that the quality of Bing’s Web search results has surpassed Google’s.”

Bing put the following video out of one of their guys getting people to take the test on the street:

“These are just a few examples of the myriad algorithm changes that we’ve developed to enhance Bing over the years,” says Dr. Harry Shum, Corporate Vice President, Bing R&D. “With all of these changes we’ve made some great progress in Bing search quality for our customers. You will notice we have released a fun, non-scientific tool for customers to see for themselves how far we’ve come. And while we know we still have lots of work to do, we think it’s long past time in our industry for a conversation on search quality. This conversation is what we hope to start with the Bing It On Challenge, and continue in the future to make sure we are delivering the quality experiences our customers deserve.”

I’m pretty sure that conversation started a long time ago (especially in the search industry), but fair enough. I remember it was pretty big before the Google Panda update, especially, and pretty much continues on a daily basis. Remember when Blekko launched Three Engine Monte? No? That’s OK. It’s similar to the Bing It On Challenge, but includes Google, Bing and Blekko results. That’s still operational.

Bing notes that the “side-by-side search off” of Bing It On excludes ads, Bing’s snapshot and social search panes, and Google’s Knowledge Graph. Wouldn’t it make more sense to show them all the way the results would actually appear? Google thinks Knowledge Graph is one of its biggest advancements in search to date. For that matter, Bing thinks its social features make it a better search engine. Isn’t it defeating the purpose of user preference to ignore user experience, focusing only on web search results, which Google is already showing less of on more and more results pages?

“Bing it On” will be promoted on TV and online, and will launch tonight during MTV’s Video Music Awards. It will also be featured prominently in Microsoft retail stores in the coming months, and in “pop-up Bing it On challenge stations” across the country.

  • Raj

    Agree,I sure like bing. Less clutter and right on results.

  • Kyle

    Took the quiz, still got Google. Thanks MS for confirming what I already know!

  • Robin

    Sorry to say, but Google Knowledge Graph is totally shit.
    As I see now something bing search better, but something google search better. But right now their search results at same level, but bing provides much more detailed results for 3+ word keywords.
    that what google have before black and white pets. but now google shooting in own foot.

  • Tom

    I just did the test it does seem that Bing is giving better results at least for the searches that I have done in the health niche.

  • Joe G

    I like Bing better for shopping results as overstock is not always on top. I also like it that product results are less dependent on how much the merchant pays Bing as opposed to Google where a merchant gets what it pays for LITERALLY. I think consumers are starting to catch on. More do I hope, because most medium and small business will not be able to afford to participate in the new “BID Per Click” Google Shopping. We set up with small bid and were told that we were unlikely to show.

    I have no doubt. The big companies (and if you think the best value is a discontinued item on Overstock.com for anything involving technology, then you need your head examined) such as Overstock.com etc. are going to drive the small and medium companies either out of business or certainly off of the new “improved Google Shopping.”

    Can anyone explain how the heck this is good for consumers? No one can honestly do so. Niche products are best sold by small and medium stores who have the time to get to thoroughly know and understand their customers and markets: not the people who get the best deals from some discontinued product or product that aren’t selling well on quality storefronts. That’s why they are so cheap on Overstock.com in the first place.

  • Tominguez

    Bing is not saying people prefer Bing over Google. People are saying it. Unless I’m surrounded by clones I see most people using Bing and Yahoo just for being actually useful. Google ads based engine is just totally obsolete, changes every 2 seconds, totally irrelevant, inconsistent and boring. What happened to that good simple and useful google?
    Today is nothing but cheese ads, amazon, ebay, sears, homedepot and baskin robins like results. Horrible.
    Yahoo is really cool also. But fellows, all this I said coming from someone like myself who has good rank in google and zero in bing is just weird. But even if my blog shows last in bing or yahoo, when it comes to search and research, good results, I have to accept, Bing and Yahoo have binged google’s butt in 2012. Long Lives the Bing!

  • Sterve

    BING IS KING! Googol is more like a Gaggle with a Giggle. It’s time to put the dumb giant to sleep.

    • Austin

      the ONLY thing bing rules is that dumb bing it on test! Your a disgrace to google! bing iz too!

  • Setsuki

    I took the test three times and got Google, Google, Google… :p Out of all the picks, I picked Google 8 times out of the 15, Bing 4 times, and 3 were marked as “draw”. The last test I did I picked Google for every option.

    More than the test results though, for me, it really pissed me off when Bing hijacked my browser and made itself my home page without even asking.

  • bud

    the only reason people are instantly attracted to bing is the images that show up. ooo pretty pictures! to bad google is better

    • http://Google Chris

      Think about it, Bing has those “oohh pretty picture”. However, have you ever typed in a “Google Trick”? Now thats fun. Here is one that is most common:www.mrdoob.com/projects/chromeexperiments/google_gravity/‎

  • Peterson

    most comments here praising Bing are really shills, most likely Paid for my Microsoft. I took the test my self and Google won in every section. All what Bing is doing is creating beautiful attractive fonts and images in the hopes that people will like them because of it. Google still delivers better results than Bing in my case.

    Also, another think that I hate about Bing is that they attempt to hijack them self onto your web browser and then its a pain to remove them all together, no wonder Microsoft is saying that more people is starting to prefer Bing over Google, yeah More people that are victims of web browser hijackings on part of Bing. It is a shame that Microsoft has turned into a web deceptive practice in the hopes of earning customers.

    I see Bing as nothing more than a rogueware site.

  • ange

    google all the way. i don’t know if this affects the results at all, but i mostly typed in my own searches rather than taking bing’s suggestions. i feel those suggestions might really skew the results if they are ones were ppl have been biased towards bing. booooo, what a crock!

  • Jay

    Bing are idiots who the hell is their advertising manager there? SACK him before you lose more people that swapped from Google as their home page because they were pissed off with the incessant “install Google Chrome” NAG they have.

    Now Bing keep nagging you to make there page your home, IT’S ALREADY MY HOMEPAGE you DICKHEADS! Even when I agree to it it still NAGS me.

    Back to Google for me. MS you never cease to amaze me how STUPIDER you are getting!

  • Jonathon

    Sorry…But Google is still better than bing. I took the challenge after becoming annoyed w/ all the marketing bing has put into this. 3 out of the 5 answers went to Google, And 2 draws… Guess Bill Gates will have to find another company to steal from once again. This is a failure, so is Hulu vs Youtube, & we already know the out-come of him vs Apple.

  • Austin

    Google’s results are better! 😀 Bit of a tip: did you know bing took googles results? 😀 isnt that horrible?

    • http://Google Chris

      I read an article about that. Bing has people take results from Google and give them to Bing.

  • Austin

    Microsoft should be ashamed of them selves! we should all support Google and overthrow bing! there are trillions of anti bing protesters online! are you one?

  • Tony Price

    How can I stop the unbelievable annoying pop-up from asking me about he blind test that I don’t care about?