Bing Partners With TripAdvisor To Offer Hotel Info, Reviews In Search Results


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Before you leave on any trip, it's probably wise to search for hotels ahead of time. You might even want to book a room while you're at it. It was already easy enough to do so with the numerous online tools at your disposal, but it will even easier for Bing users thanks to a new partnership.

Bing announced today that it has partnered with TripAdvisor to offer hotel information, reviews and more directly in search results. By using the recently released Smart Search on Windows 8.1, Bing users searching for hotels will be greeted by not only locations on Bing maps, but information pulled directly from the TripAdvisor app as well.

Here's what it will look like:

Bing Partners With TripAdvisor

To see TripAdvisor information in Bing Smart Search, you'll have to install the TripAdvisor app for Windows 8. You can grab it here.

If you don't use Windows 8 or just prefer the Web version of Bing, you'll probably be pleased to know that TripAdvisor information has been worked into Bing for the Web as well. Whenever you search for hotels on, you'll see information from TripAdvisor on the left.

Here's what it will look like:

Bing Partners With TripAdvisor

With this new partnership, Bing obviously hopes that you'll make all your trip-related searches through its services. Its hopes might not be fully realized on the Web, but Smart Search in Windows 8.1 may just be the golden ticket it needs to get into the lives of more people.

[Image: Bing Search Blog]