Bing It On Challenge Finds Only 33% Of “Primary Google Users” Would “Use Bing More Often”

    October 2, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Last month, Bing launched the Bing It On Challenge, a campaign and website where people can do a “blind taste test” comparison of Google’s search results compared to Bing. Today, Bing has provided an update of how it’s been going.

“Our goal with the Bing It On Challenge is to contrast the habitual use of Google with research showing that people chose Bing’s Web search results over Google’s nearly 2:1 in blind comparison tests,” a Bing spokesperson tells WebProNews. “Since launching the great search debate, we have had over five million visits to the Bing It On Challenge site. The strong response inspired us to conduct a new round of research designed to test what happens to perceptions about search quality when people take the Challenge.”

“Our independent research partner, Answers Research, conducted a statistically significant survey across 4,700 people who took the Bing It On Challenge to understand how their Challenge results were impacting their attitudes about search,” he adds. “Of those surveyed, 64 percent of people were surprised by the quality of Bing’s results and over half of the people surveyed indicated their impression of Bing improved after seeing Bing’s search results right next to Google’s. We see people’s perceptions of Bing shifting, with 33 percent of the primary Google users surveyed saying they would use Bing more often after taking the Challenge. All it took was a try!”

Here is Bing’s blog post about the news.

So basically, 67% of people who primarily use Google would not use Bing more often after taking the challenge. Also, based on the wording Bing uses, the 33% would use Bing “more often,” which does not necessarily mean they would stop using Google as their primary search engine and start using Bing instead.

Additionally, Bing says, “17% who found Bing more favorable after taking the side-by-side comparison said it revealed flaws in Google’s results.” Emphasis added.

It’s still unclear just what percentage of people who took the challenge actually think Bing has better results than Google. When the challenge was launched, Bing said people preferred Bing 2:1. They’re still pushing those numbers. We’ve asked Bing what percentage of users have actually indicated that they prefer Bing results to Google results. We’ll update if we get a response.

Update: We got a response from Bing GM Adam Sohn, who tells us, “We aren’t keeping track of the results from the Bing It On tool, because it’s non-scientific and was intended to be a fun way for customers to experiment with both search engines, seeing web search results side-by-side from both Bing and Google, hopefully noticing the progress Bing has made over the past few years.”

Either way, I’m not sure how much the Bing It On challenge really tells us about user preference, considering that the tool strips out key user experience elements from both search engines. Because of this, it hardly portrays an accurate representation of either Google or Bing results.

Meanwhile, the jury’s still out on the Million Short It On challenge.

  • http://www.greyolltwit.com/ Grey Olltwit

    I am exclusively using Bing now as it is proving to be so much better than Google. I’ve also found that Bing maps and image searches are much more relevant and easier to use.

  • Toni Chambers

    Bing is a joke to me, I get so frustrated not being able to find the things easily that come up right off the bat when I use Google. I laugh at Bing, but I hate it and any browser that adds it as a default, I change the default search back to Google.If I cant I wont use that browser period.

    The most obvious things, just don’t even come up where you can locate them easily. Especially drivers. It might be good for someone though.

  • Tony

    Bing is to Google as WindowsPhone is to iPhone. LOL.

    • Anon

      Your analogy would have been accurate… A year or two ago. Windows phone is poised for the greatest launch since the iPhone, come October 26. When you’re still being a sheep walking around with your shiny new (but technologically challenged) iPhone, you can try using that analogy again.

      I’ve used Bing since I stumbled on it in Google search results because google maps couldn’t find what I was looking for. That was 3 years ago. Right away bing found what I wanted and introduced me to Birds-Eye view, 45° aerial photography that Google is finally just laying out in limited locations now. Since then my experience with Bing has been superior enough for me to never look back. Bing uses a natural language search algorithm, so if you can phrase (coherently) what it is you’re looking for, as a question, specifically ordered excerpt, etc. Bing’s results are rarely beaten.

      Anyways, every Google search is monetized now. My family had a small imternet business that got hammered because they wouldn’t pony up big money to be limited in google products. As a result, google severely punished our site in core search result algorithms. Suffice it to say the business is down the toilet because of no one other than google and their profit machine.

      TL;DR take your “LOL” back to your eight grade classroom, get yourself up-to-date on what’s really going on in the technology world, and most of all, stop being a sheep–of Google, Apple, or anyone else.

      • Mick

        So it’s Google’s fault because you’re not a sheep?

        Doesn’t sound like you make very good business decisions, maybe that had something to do with it. Ever heard the phrase “You get what you pay for”? Just saying…

  • AJ

    Bing images better than Google images? Nah, that’s not true at all. I can describe an image in words on Google, and I get what I am looking for. Bing gives me garbage in such cases. Try long tail queries, terms that not more a couple of dozen people in the world would have tried. It’s in such cases that Bing is clueless. And those long tail queries are very valuable for me.

  • Tom

    The most hysterical thing happened when I took the challenge. First thing I found funny was, Bing won one round, Google won four.

    But not only that. With one of my searches, Bing didn’t display any results. And when no results were found, the Bing logo was shown in the corner revealing which site it was. (So much for the blind test. Plus the fonts for each is different, so you can tell which is which…)

    Then I took the challenge again, and I searched things I ordinarily search using Google all the time. I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT! The results were actually different from what they normally were. I then opened another window and searched like I normally do. Google came up with the same results it always does.

    I’m not saying people should use Google (though I prefer it), but somehow this challenge just doesn’t seem to be the way to find out which is better, lol. (And no, I will not be taking that lol back to my “eight” grade classroom Anon. :) Just poking some fun)

  • http://nicolehamilton.com Nicole Hamilton

    Microsoft’s claims that Bing’s results are better than Google’s in a blind taste test are obviously cooked. You can get any result you want if you cherry-pick the queries and, clearly, that’s what they must have done. And I say that as the engineer who wrote the query language and ranker (the part that orders the results) for the first release of MSN Search (since relabeled as Bing) in Jan 2005.

  • Carlos

    Just marketing hype to get people to try Bing. I got suckered in. Basically you can find what ever you want on the internet these days, just like when you had to go to the library and look for it.

  • http://bob.com Max

    I have to say, I used this blind test 4 different times and each time, Google turned out to be better. Bing got one AT THE MOST. Also, it just kept saying “Google may have one this time, but Bing is better.” That really annoyed me.

  • Name (required)

    “We aren’t keeping track of the results from the Bing It On tool, because it’s non-scientific and was intended to be a fun way for customers to experiment with both search engines”

    read that as, “the bingiton site failed miserably and we are poorly covering our ass”

  • no

    I kept getting google

  • http://briniton Penn

    They can’t even find thier own site. Try searching for “Bing it on”. Google bring you the right list for the site and Bing show you just the bing.com site. Failure!!!!

  • http://bingsucks.com bingsucks

    the only thing bing is used for is serching google

  • Paola

    I wouldn’t take the test. Sometimes I find devices that don’t have Google (rarely) as a default and let me tell you something, you notice it….
    I have to type Google and go for it!

  • lol