Bing Gets More Tightly Integrated With Facebook

    May 10, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Bing has added a bit more Facebook integration to its social search features. Now, you can comment on and like Facebook content right from Bing.

“Bing already lets you view Facebook updates and comments from your friends in sidebar, but now you’ll also be able to add your own Likes and comments to your friends’ Facebook posts directly from Bing,” a Bing spokesperson tells WebProNews. “This is yet another step in Bing’s efforts to make it easier for people to leverage all of the incredible information across the web and content within their social networks to help them spend less time searching and more time doing.”

“Say you’re a huge Beyoncé fan and are searching Bing to see what she’s up to, such as the latest on her trip to Cuba,” the spokesperson says. “While searching, you see a post in Bing’s sidebar from a Facebook friend who has an extra ticket to the sold out Beyoncé concert this week. With Bing, you can now comment on your friend’s Facebook post in one step, directly in sidebar, and claim the extra ticket. You’ve gone from simply browsing for news to attending the concert in one simple step. With Bing’s social search you can connect with your friends and engage with your social world to get things done – all in one spot.”

Facebook Comments

Of course none of this applies to the “Bing it On” challenge, which Microsoft just kicked off a new campaign for. The site, which lets you do side-by-side blind comparisons between Google and Bing results, strips out special features from each search engine, including Bing’s Facebook integration and Google’s Knowledge Graph.

Bing continues to be a major partner of Facebook’s, also providing the web search results to Facebook’s Graph Search.

  • http://www.rankwatch.com RankWatch

    With Facebook integration, Bing should be having their nose ahead of Google when it comes to social integration in search. With FB being the number one social network and almost all the basic features being integrated, it improves the personalized targeting and gets lot of people to keep on searching rather than itching to switch a new tab/window where FB is on.

  • http://www.designedgifts.co.uk/Novelty_c16.htm Novelty Cufflinks

    I fully agree with RankWatch, Bing should be far ahead with social network integration. Making life easier for the users should always be first priority.

  • http://www.articlesontesting.com viplav

    Bing is gonna play a pivotal role when search gets matured in terms pf socialization.

  • http://www.quantisoft.com Howard Deutsch

    This is just one more way that Bing will demonstrate that it is a better search engine than Google.