Bing Ads Get Keyword Destination URLs

By: Chris Crum - October 18, 2012

Microsoft announced today that it has added keyword destination URLs in Bing Ads for all markets. Bing Ads now support a dedicated field to manage them, and it lets advertisers set specific landing pages for each keyword and match type combination.

The feature, Microsoft says, has been one of the top requested features from its customers. The company’s Ravi Modalavalasa writes on the Bing Ads blog:

Bing Ads has been supporting {param1} as an interim solution to store keyword specific destination URLs in addition to supporting {param1} as param replacement (similar to param2 and param3) in other parts of ad creative. The use of {param1} for keyword URLs requires {param1} to be referred to in the Ad Destination URL field, which is considered an additional task for users (and was often prone to human errors). The use of the Keyword Destination URL feature, however, does NOT require any reference in ad destination URL, as keyword destination URL by default overrides ad destination URL by default.

bing destination urls

The feature is available in Bing Ads and Bing Ads Editor.

A report released by Kenshoo last week found that Yahoo Bing Network CTRs and CPCs are consistently higher than Google.

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  • Richard Cruz

    I called Google 1 day to ask about advertising they told me that it would be 900 a month which I think is un believably alot for monthly Advertiseing. I ask them if they have any cheaper form of advertising and they said no. the next day my listing under places was gone. it’s been gone for a month now despite numerous phone calls. They say its under investigation but we haven’t heard anything from them. they said that the mistake was from there end then it might take from 4 to 6 weeks. no apology no nothing and who pays for the month that I went without advertising.

  • xavier

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