Bindi Irwin Incites Feud With Fashion Advice

    June 24, 2014
    Brian Powell
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Bindi Irwin, the 15-year-old daughter of the late Australian wildlife expert Steve Irwin, has remained in the spotlight over the years due to continuing her father’s work and for beginning an acting career. However, Irwin may have gotten herself in an unsavory spotlight recently due to several comments she made concerning the outfit choices of teenage girls.

In an interview with News Corp Australia, Irwin revealed her opinion on the current fashion stylings of other girls her age:

I’m a big advocate for young girls dressing their age.I mean, for me, I look around at a lot of young girls that are my age and they’re always trying to dress older. Whether it’s wearing revealing clothes or hardly wearing any clothes at all, I feel really bad for them. It kind of has the opposite effect in some ways … it kind of does the opposite where it makes you look younger and like you’re trying too hard… I almost wish I could tell young girls, ‘look, in 10 years when you look back at yourself, you’ll cringe honey, honestly’. A lot of times I want to grab these girls and say ‘look … in 10 years you’ll regret this. Just dress like who you are. Don’t try so hard. A pair of jeans and a T-shirt is just as gorgeous and even makes you look classier’… The way I choose to dress, I want to influence other people around me I suppose.

Perhaps Irwin’s fashion stylings derive from her 86-year-old soul, or perhaps it is due to her having to wear khaki outfits everyday of her life. Whatever the reason, former Neighbours star and current Reign actress Caitlin Stasey took offense to Irwin’s comments, launching a social media battle the media relished:

Stasey’s animosity toward Irwin stems from her outspoken and vehement feminist beliefs. If one takes a glance at Stasey’s twitter feed, one can see how much she supports the #YesAllWomen and #FreetheNipple campaigns.

After all of the commotion caused by the media, however, it quickly became apparent that Stasey was more upset with the media’s interpretations of her feud with Irwin than Irwin’s actual comments:

To show that it was not Irwin she was upset with, Stasey took to social media to issue a peace-offering to Irwin:

Throughout the ordeal, Irwin has decided to participate in the exchange indirectly through the use of applicable quotations and aphorisms:

Whatever the means of voicing one’s opinion, the position of both sides can be summed up through one Instagram post from Irwin herself:

Image via Twitter

  • 12know

    I agree with Bindi. For someone so young, she has a good head on her shoulders. She sees what girls her age are doing to their reputations by dressing provocatively. It sends a bad message to everyone, especially boys, who are quick to judge girls, based on their looks and how they dress. It isn’t always about freedom. It’s also about responsibility and the consequences of one’s actions.

    • NameCantBeBlank

      Then maybe the BOYS should EVOLVE and change their behavior. There’s a thought. NEWSFLASH: Men aren’t perfect.

      And consequences of one’s actions? You mean like she deserved to be raped based on what she was wearing? How droll…

      • theTARDISisonfire

        Thank. You. I’m so tired of hearing, “It’s going to tempt boys!”

        How about instead of “Don’t get raped” we teach “Don’t rape.”

        • Been there done that

          She didn’t say raped. Clothing always speaks about who you are. You go to a job interview in clothing that says this is important or I am the one for this position. You go on a special date in special clothing. You say I’m athletic; I’m trendy; I’m serious. You put on ogle me clothing and that’s what you get. You are telling boys what to think of you and telling the world about yourself. Girls, use your beauty to teach boys how to respect women, how to pay attention to your heart and mind rather than just your body.

        • wile coyote

          How about STUPID GIRLS should being RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ACTIONS for a change!! I’m sick of women walking around in NOTHING then expect men not to notice? You sound STUPID! Ah newsflash, men are visual beings, good luck getting men to NOT notice half naked girls around, stupid!! What make women think that society/men should change for THEM because of what they do? BUT WAIT!! If men DON’T notice you, then you’ll complain how MEN DON’T NOTICE YOU!!!! You are more proof that feminism has burned up your brains!!!

        • 12know

          We can teach “don’t rape” all we want. But young men are motivated by what they see on the Internet and television. If advertisements feature women dressing provocatively, and acting trampy, then young men will assume that is the norm and act accordingly.

      • wile coyote

        Evolve? Are you kidding me? Just because ‘female’ wants to skank around doesn’t mean that men/boys have changed. Good luck changing chemistry and design, stupid. Yeah, men/boys should just walk around either with their eyes closed or looking down, so they don’t notice half naked young girls everywhere, right??

        Why do women think that society should be tailor made for ‘THEIR’ needs ONLY?? “I want to breast feed in public, I want my own gym, I want to go topless, I want to go around half naked and if somone says something to me about it, it’s ‘THEIR’ problem ‘THEY’ should adapt to what ‘I’ do because I should be allowed to do WHATEVER ‘I’ want. I don’t have to follow laws, rules and regulations”. You have a typical female response. But if a boy/men came around your daughters with a left nut hanging out, you’d be the first to call them a pervert and call the police, right?? Women are worthless and stupid. Continue to validate my point, you’re doing a good job.

        • lisa

          don’t generalize all women and say they’re ALL stupid and worthless; how sexist!

          • BB53

            That’s beyond sexism. That’s full-on moronic.

          • Jeff

            I agree. Wile is an asshole. Some prick that couldn’t get a date to save his life so he hates women. I agreed with some of what he said until the women are worthless statement. What a complete and utter jackass.

          • wile coyote

            I don’t give a rats arse what you call me and unlike ‘you’, I don’t and NEVER have had to scrounge around for female attention, I HAPPILY avoid it on purpose! I hate when women “try’ miserably to hit on me. You’d probably shoot your brother in the back just to get laid, wouldn’t you? Take the ‘S’ off your underoos little man. We don’t have to do that anymore. It never ceases to amaze me how ‘today’s’ men are still in the stoneage. What next, slay the dragon? Take the bullet?

            Oh wait, next you’ll be calling me dreaded “gay” thing, right? (Ooooooh, I’m terrified!) That seems to be usualy response if a man is strong enough or don’t find female company pleasant, right? I’m supposed to jump at anything with a pulse and assume that they whiz Dom Perignon and crap golden eggs like you do, right? There’s nothing a woman can do for me that I can’t do for myself. Wake up.

          • wile coyote

            Nah, it’s truth. Look around, if you can drag your miserable self out of the vaginal vortex for a minute.

          • wile coyote

            How ‘sexist”?? You have gall.

        • Jonathan Trivette

          I agreed with your comment until you said “Women are worthless and stupid”. Women are just as important as men. It takes both to carry on the human race. Neither men or women are perfect and there can be some real losers out there but don’t characterize all of them as being worthless and stupid.

          • wile coyote

            Maybe my words are a little harsh in that regard, But I’m sure if the roles were reversed, no one would have a problem with that statement. Think about that. Don’t blame me, I’ve been made this way, it was never inherently in my nature. Sad, I know. Now, I best just avoid the female gender tot the best of my ability, I’ve gotten too the point where I find I have more passion for a head of lettuce.

        • $484424

          Lemme guess: All that Vaseline from your-heh- “solo social life” has infiltrated your central nervous system and poisoned your brain.

          • wile coyote

            Ohhh, boy, ‘ANOTHER’ little lost man who equates a female, what he does for them and how many times he gets laid to his manhood. You guys truly need to find your way out of the vaginal vortex, it’s pretty sad. Still attached by the umbilical cord, huh? Are you still drawing the ‘S’ on your t-shirt, little man? Still have dreams of slaying the dragon??

          • $484424

            “Slaying the dragon”? What is that, geekspeak for some obscure ritual guys like you indulge in to assuage those jealous twinges whenever you cruise by a club riding shotgun in your mom’s minivan? Figures that even the most mundane aspects of human interaction would somehow be gifted with a vaguely fantastical appellation like that by someone named after a bumbling, solitary cartoon canine.
            “Vaginal vortex”? Really? That would imply involuntarily being drawn in by something wouldn’t it? Dude, I’ve penetrated more willing vagina without even trying hard that a kilo of ex and a prepaid 10,000 dollar Visa could EVER net you on purpose.

        • me

          Right on the nose.

          • wile coyote

            The above post applies exactly to you as well, little ‘BOY’.

      • 12know

        Name, I NEVER implied that women who dress scantily get what they deserve. I’m just saying that as a society, we judge people by the way they dress and act. Men are no different. Men are hard-wired to be visual. They will notice a woman who dresses provocatively, as opposed to a woman who dresses conservatively. As for consequences, that could be interpreted many ways. The serious and troubling consequences would be rape and negative name-calling of a woman. Young girls who dress older than they are very often are looking for attention. Unwanted attention is what often happens. A 15 year old is not old enough to handle the oogling of men as someone in their twenties would. They are still a child. Rape can happen to anyone, regardless of how one dresses. That is wrong. But if a woman does not want men to make nasty comments based on how she is dressed, then she needs to change how she dresses.

        • wile coyote

          MY GOSH!!! FINALLY!! A ‘MAN” who’s not trapped in the vaginal vortex! I couldn’t have said this better myself!! Thank YOU!

          • $484424

            “Trapped in the vaginal vortex” is just your way of saying “Guys NOT like myself, who couldn’t get lei’d getting off a plane in Hawaii”.

          • 12know

            Wile Coyote, I’m a woman. But I still stand by my comment(s).

      • ronchris

        Ms. Irwin never mentioned rape, she was referring to women not looking like sloppy trash.
        It’s not all about your imaginary 1 in 5 crap.

      • me

        Sorry disagree. My son is 13 and sees many girls at school dressed like street walkers. Mothers do not need to let their girls dress like this to express themselves. When my son sees his sister dressed as cute as any girl and then sees a girl at school sucking on a banana what do you think he is going to think?? He will think just what the girl is hoping because society hyper sexualizes girls buy making such skimpy clothes for them and glorifying trampy attire in “Hollywood”.

  • redemption

    Ahhh…just let’em go out like the Kardashian girls….hardly out of middle school and showing all kinds of skin. Where is Bruce Jenner….I can tell you my 16 year old daughter would not be instagraming and wearing stuff like that…not until she is 18 anyway.

    • weekends

      I believe Bruce is in the process of a sex change. He’s always wanted to be one of the girls so he & his daughters could take turns showing everyone their stuff.

  • Barry M. Duggan

    God Bless Bindi !! Thank you, Bindi. Your Dad in Heaven is sooo proud of you. We all are. Thank you.

  • Jay wood

    Easy for her to say when she isnt all that attractive. But thats beside the point. I understand what the other girl was saying about freedoms. It is very relevant. Guys can wear virtually anything that is designed for men without receiving criticism. Women cannot. Who do you all think they get these clothes from? They arent making them themselves. Stores sell specific sized clothes for that demographic. The only thing that boys get criticized for is sagging. If a woman got raped but was dressing so called “slutty” everyone blames her. No! Blame the coward and monster who raped her. Idc if she was naked, that does not mean that u get to abandon self restraint. Id happily kill a rapist and sleep well that night.

    • deebo1492

      “Easy for her to say because she isn’t all that attractive”?? Wth she’s 15! What’s the matter with you?. She seems to have a ton of common sense and good morals, and it’s a shame that she’s being slammed for it

    • Jeff

      Her being attractive or not is your opinion. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and some people are one. What does being attractive have to do with dressing “skanky”?

    • Guest

      I’ll bet she’s a lot more attractive than you are!

  • deanomh

    Bindi is such a sweet, beautiful and wise soul. She’s a true class act.

  • sabkarburt

    I agree with Bindi. WOW what a smart girl she is. Those that are bashing her for not standing with her fellow sex are complete idiots. A 12yr old has no business wearing a thong, a mini skirt let alone a pound of make up to make them look like a 21 yr old street pro. Worry about school not how sexy you look and how many boys/girls you can hook up with! KUDOS TO BINIDI for not backing down and standing her ground. She is a true role model. NOT THE KRAPDASHIANS whos only real claim to fame is their father being on the simpsons trial and a sex tape and their mother who used this…

  • BGibbon

    I must say, I’m impressed with Ms. Irwin’s maturity in this situation.

  • bettieleetwo

    This is the worst article – making Bindi out to be a villain of some sort. I’m ashamed I clicked on this tripe.

  • Cindy Tobey-Hunter

    I agree 100% with Irwin. First, she has the right to her own opinion and second, its refreshing to hear that come from a girl her age. To many young girls out there doing exactly what she is talking about! To have respect for yourself and your body is a wonderful thing. And it doesn’t mean that you don’t embrace your body or your sexuality however girls of that age should not be “embracing their sexuality”!!

  • Oldtimer

    Bravo Bindi! I hope other young girls take your message to heart. We are judged by how we dress and if a young girl dresses provocatively the message she is giving the opposite sex is “come and get it”. There is plenty of time to dress to attract. Find yourself first.

    Men are judged by how they dress as well. We don’t have the same opinion of a man wearing jeans and a t shirt as we would of a man wearing a Suit. Those of you familiar with the TV show The Big Bang theory don’t the costumes the characters wear just scream NERD?. Baby boomer ladies remember the game Mystery Date. Remember how no one wanted the guy with the coveralls and in need of a shave. Geez I just aged myself .


    I think Bindi is a smart young lady with a great head on her shoulders. I took my daughter whom is 7 shopping. And I was flabbergasted at a lady who brought a 4 year old in dressed like Julia Roberts in pretty woman. I would never allow my daughter to dress like that. But the good part is she said Mama and I bent down and she said that little girl should not dress like that. I was very proud of her. Yes I know that she is only 7 but the seed is sown and whether 7 or 15 she will not be going out in public dressed where she is exposed. Truth is woman or girls should be able to dress any way they wish without unwanted comments. However that is not the world that we live in. And I prefer that my daughter be a bit sheltered and be covered than to have some pervert looking at her or worse.

  • al

    I agree with Bindi it seems today if you don’t dress promiscuously or choose to cove up you’re some kind of bad guy. It’s endlessly frustrating and she’s right young girls her age don’t need to be showing that much skin. I hate how young duckling are using women right as a reason to dress older and wearing whatever they want.

  • Artichokeee

    Article was way too boring to read…..going straight to bed once I’m done pooping…and hoping to read something with more substance till then. No?

    • michele

      You sound like a jerk, BUT you gave me a really BIG laugh thankyou!

  • Jay

    Bindi is right, everyday I see tweens dressed like they’re in their 20’s, it’s disgusting. What is the hurry to grow up and why want to dress like sluts? I was a tween, teen once back in the 80’s and never wanted to dress like a sleeze, don’t know why so many girls want to look like trash now days. Good for Bindi!

    • Deborah Burke

      I agree if you dress like a slut you will be perceived as one.

      • NameCantBeBlank

        So if you dress like a racist, should you be treated like one?

        • Jonathan Trivette

          I’m curious, how does a racist dress?

        • Jeff

          Name, I can tell by your comments that you aren’t very intelligent. You should just stop before you embarrass yourself further.

  • T.Dufey

    Bindi voiced her opinion, I agree with her, others are free to dissagree. Try to do it with some thought to what you are typing. All the dads I know would love to have their daughters think like her. Not be influenced by the slutty dress of the “beautiful people”

  • 12whitestar

    She is right and good for her for speaking up. AND, just because she does not run around like Miley Cyrus does not mean she has an 86 year old soul!!moron.

  • michele

    She is right on with the modesty thing, BUT IF it is true that she partnered up with Seaworld, honestly she has lost me and all my respect. Seaworld is about money, not animal conservation…if you dont believe me check facts on how many yrs are lost to a killer whale kept in captivaty.IT IS SHOCKING! Shame on her. I love sea life too, but unless it is hurt and being doctored I want to see it in the wild….doing whale stuff, NOT jumping thru hoops and foing tricks for stupid humans. I have never been to seaworld by choice. Seeing whales in tanks when they seasonally roam the ocean makes me just plain sad!……no longer an Irwin fan…..

    • 12know

      Michele, the problem is if we release all wild life now in captivity, it will be a short time before they are all extinct! Poachers abound in Africa and Asia — places where most wild life originated. So, for their own protection, wild animals are kept at zoos. I just wish more zoos would make the effort to try and understand these animals and give them more room to roam and swim. As for Seaworld being about money, one could make that argument for ALL zoos in all parts of the world. They need money to keep these zoos open; that’s why they charge admission. So, as much as I would love to see the end of zoos, we need to keep them in order to keep the endangered animals alive.

    • Bart

      Michele, I would say shame on you for voicing such an uninformed moronic opinion.

  • JDB

    Good for you Miss Bindi. You keep that attitude. You will be able to look back on your teen years with dignity and grace. Many of these girls who are young to mid teens and dress like pole dancers will most likely be just that. Or they will be single mothers who never got to experience their teen years. The sad part is many of these poro girls have mothers who push this behavior.

  • Guest

    There’s a lot of young girls who want to look grown up and there’s only few Bindi Irwin in this world. Dressing up like Bindi for my would be 15 years old 4 years from now, it something that would be proud of.

  • Abigail Marie

    I would be proud of my daughter if she would dress up like Bindi. There’s only few Bindi in this world compared to young girls dressing up to look older than their age.

  • Golfjunky

    Pretty much agree with Bindi. I see 13 to 18 year olds all day who dress in outfits (and lack of outfits) that just put way to much out there. I see way more make up on 15 year olds than I do on 25 year olds. I am also fully aware of the makeovers that occur after many kids leave their homes and the full reversals that occur before they return. Just wonder if kids will ever be kids again. As for Caitlin,, I don’t even know who she is or what her 15m claim to fame is.

  • Kat

    I wish more young kids were like her – stop letting it all hang out! I think her parents raised her right – sounds like a smart, bright young lady with morals

  • wile coyote

    Yeah, Because we all know that if ‘female’ is told she can’t do something or that what she’s doing is wrong, we all know that it amounts to some sort of sexism or oppression. Heaven forbid ‘female’ covers her body or acts like a ‘LADY’. If ‘female’ did, they wouldn’t have anything to complain to society about how they are treated by MEN. Not surprised that ‘female’ is complaining. When aren’t they??? If not this, it would probably be that MEN are breathing too close to them etc…

    • law1ply

      Do you just really hate women? All your posts are really showing a very low opinion of females….I’m guessing you must have had a bad experience but please, understand that all women aren’t like you describe them. Please don’t lump us all together—there are bad men just as there are bad women, but not everyone is the same.

      • Jeff

        It’s no use trying to show logic to someone who is too stupid to understand it.

  • MommaK

    Bindi was talking about girls her age, not the entire population of women. Caitlin needs to chill out a bit. Young girls don’t always use the best judgment when dressing which is part of growing up. And that is exactly what Bindi was talking about. Sometimes people just need to keep their excessive remarks to themselves and/or wait before responding. Teaching young girls to dress appropriately is helping them to become better and more respected women in the long run.

  • wile coyote

    I keep reading comments from dumb women on this board who wants to blame men/boys for being what they are and responding to the ‘FEMALE’ body as they do when seeing half naked attractive women in public, saying it’s they who should “change”. (YOU GIRLS DO KNOW THAT MEN TYPICALLY ARE ATTRACTED TO THE FEMALE GENDER, RIGHT GIRLS??)

    For all of you I’m going to walk around with my left nut hanging out around a group of females from 3 to 60 and when they complain or call me a pervert, I will yell back at them, “I’M NOT TEMPTING YOU AND IF I AM, IT”S YOUR PROBLEM! ‘YOU’/ WOMEN SHOULD CHANGE WHO AND WHAT YOU ARE SO THAT ‘I’ CAN WEAR WHATEVER I WANT!!” JUST STOP BEING “FEMALE” IS ALL I’M ASKING OF YOU!! SOUND LOGICAL, GIRLS?!!!!

    • Jeff

      Calling someone dumb when you can’t even use correct grammar shows just how much of an idiot you are. You make some valid statements and then you ruin it by making ignorant sexist statements. Grow up and get a better education. You are acting like a child and should be ashamed of yourself.

  • OkSure

    I am 100% in support of her statement.

  • Nydia

    It wasn’t Bindi who “incites feud with fashion advice” but the media who published part of her words precisely with that purpose.

  • LeahKW

    Feminist is not synonymous with exhibitionist. You can assert your independence and strength of convictions without showing your skin. She isn’t advocating dressing like a nun, she is advocating age appropriate clothing.

  • Jonathan Trivette

    Bindi is exactly right and I don’t know why anyone would criticize her for this. Girls should not expose everything on their body just because they want to be noticed. Modesty goes a long way if you want a real man to notice you. Sure you will get the ones who are only interested in sex if you are scantily clad but that relationship is not going to end well.

  • norcaltc

    Would you want Bindi or a Kardashian to be the role model for you daughter’s or granddaughters?

  • Deena

    If more stars were like Bindi we wouldn’t have 6 year olds dressing like Britney Spears. Go Bindi!

  • BB53

    Anyone who thinks feminism means fifteen year olds going around wearing f*** me clothing has NO idea what feminism means!

  • kiarah mcpherson

    How you dress says a lot about you it may not be true but that’s how you look from a strangers pov.If you walk around looking like street booty then that’s how men will treat you.You have to respect yourself before a man can.

  • bara

    I love Bindi. She has her head on straight and knows what she wants to do. She, in my opinion, is the role model I want for young ladies in my life. Her ambition to follow in her father’s footsteps is great and what she does is wonderful. Too many girls advertise and one of these days someone is going to answer those ads. Granted, boys need to be taught respect and restraint. But with girls prancing around as some are they’re attracting the wrong kind of man.
    Bindi, keep going. Your dad would be so proud!!

  • cvc613

    If a boy has their pants hanging low and showing off their butt I find it just as tasteless as a girl with her boobs hangout out. It’s not always about being sexist it’s about what’s right. Back in the day parents told their kids what was right and wrong to wear. Now parents don’t seem to care and kids think they are entitled to wear whatever they want. It’s not about expressing who they are when they have a skimpy outfit on. It’s about attention. Same with these young boys covered in tattoos. How about teaching kids the consequences of these actions and that you can express who you are in a tasteful way. Then when your 18 you can make your own choices.

  • guest

    Finally, a young role model in the public eye who doesn’t have to validate her worth by showing her half-nude body. We need more young girls who aspire to greatness in activities of value, volunteerism, worthy goals, and being role models with enough pride to know that love means sharing your assets with the one and only person you can’t live without.

  • Em

    So that unknown actress, or whatever she is mad because bindi said girls should dress a little nicer and not look like street walkers or show too much skin….yes shame on bindi for putting her opinion out there. Young girls, stop dressing like Miley/hookers and parents stop trying to be “cool” and say NO!

  • Heather Troxler

    I agree with Bindi. Young girls are growing up way too fast in todays world and that’s due to societies pressures of making women think that if they don’t wear clothes that make them look 10 to 20 years older than their actual age that they are nothing. Young women need to be real, have values and be true to themselves. So many times, I see girls dressing half their age just to impress others which is due to a photoshopped magazine that they try to be like. It’s wrong. Be yourself.

  • keri

    She’s jst saying what every grown classy woman already has come to know, most times learning the hard way and lookng back and cringing. Tasteful and classy is always in, you attract back what you send out and u can cry abt that all you want but it’s time ppl realize we aren’t in a perfect world and it’s dangerous and ugly out there and there’s no changing that so stop expectng the world to change bcuz of how YOU feel it shld be and set an example to other girls and women abt respect, that of yourself and of those that have to see you. You don’t see men dislplaying portions of their testicles and buttcheeks, if u did, what wld u think? theres nothing that screams desperation and need for attention than barely clothes to go along with ur stillhetto heels and porn star dance moves at the clubs. Stay classy San Diego.

  • Neff Jacobs

    I find Bindi’s advice useful and common sense. Today’s girls are bombarded by advertisement and music videos that say; show a little skin and learn to shake your bottie and you will have reached the epitome of female achievement. Certainly the girls who do this well achieve success quickly but usually at the price of being dependent on some man to the point of near slavery. Bindi is growing up and has noticed girls in many 3rd world countries are being forced into marriage and child bearing at an early age. I think Steve’s little girl has grown up enough to recognize our western form of gym toned, half naked slave girls for what they are and is trying to save as many little girls from that fate as she can. Maybe some don’t want to be saved. It was only advice to girls Bindi’s age and younger.

  • Digital_Dream

    I side with Bindi, it is refreshing to see such a young girl rebelling against society’s stance about sexualizing young girls. We already are seen as sex objects all the time, judged by our bodies, the sizes of our behind, breasts and attire. By dressing more ladylike, it gives us more respect and credentials, and people will take us more seriously. Think about it: who looks more professional as CEO: a woman walking around in Miley’s twerking outfit or the lady in the business suit? Not only does the lady in the suit look classier, but smarter and she looks like someone who respects herself!

    Compare someone like Emma Watson, who dresses classy, with someone like Kim Kardashian, who dresses like trash. Who looks classier, more respectful, elegant, and worthy of getting to know, the one who looks like a LADY (Emma) or the one looking like a streetwalker (Kim)? I bet the men will agree with me that the lady they’d want to enter a relationship with would be the cute, down to earth Emma, rather than Ms. high maintenance need attention 24-7 Kimmy, that’s the kind of woman you hump and dump.

  • http://www.facebook.com/faeslildreams Amy Lynn Schryer-Feek

    Wow, so many strongly worded one sided comments… I agree with Bindi, to be honest. I have 2 teenage girls that have both decided themselves to go the modest route with their clothing choices purely because they want to look cute and pretty but don’t want their looks to distract whatever guy they’re talking to. “If a guy is staring at your breasts peeking over a barely there top, they aren’t seeing the gorgeous color of your eyes or the intelligence behind them” (my 14 year old daughter’s words, not mine). I’m not saying that if a girl is raped that it’s her fault for dressing too sexy, that’s most definitely the guy’s fault for lack of self control. But, I am saying that if you want to be taken seriously for what’s in your head perhaps showcasing what’s on the body too sexily may detract from that. I guess it boils down to whether a woman wants to choose to be looked at for her intelligence or her appearance, and that is the choice of each woman, but there’s nothing wrong with a woman choosing to be modest if she wishes. It didn’t sound like Bindi was pushing it on others, just that she felt the same thing I do when I see girls try so hard to be sexy, that it’s sad that they feel they have to do so in order to be noticed when what’s inside of them should shine instead.

  • Kenneth Miller

    That young lady has STANDARDS concerning her life , only your family can instill that in a young person , RIP Steve you have a great kid .

  • What?????

    I think the whole point was Bindi’s comments were directed to “young girls”. Adult women have the right to wear what they want. When my 11 year old daughters are adults, they will decide. As for now, I have final say as to whether it’s age appropriate for someone their age. I think Bindi was correct in advising girls to be who they are. There is already too much pressure and exposure to grow up too fast. This Caitlin is a hot mess, a media whore and is just ridiculous. I don’t stand by her….

  • Laura Van Zilen

    good for her. Why is everyone so upset? Am I the only one that sees teenage girls who look more like 50 waking around? Act your age and dress your age and shut up.

  • FakeOne Dust

    Finally a young lady with a brain.

  • Darcseid

    Sorry but take today’s young women and drop them off in India for a day. Americans have some self control but just by recent events in other countries especially India they may think twice where that self control just doesn’t exist.

    Not saying the whole country is bad but those who do bad are clearly representing and clearly stating “We do what we want!”

  • Bobcat Booth

    She is being raised to have self respect ,I commend her for speaking out just what young girls need to hear . Her Father would be so proud of her ..I love how she is following in her fathers foot steps as an animal rights activist. .Keep doing what your doing Bindi ….

  • beancrisp


    Bindi Irwin Incites Feud With the cold hard facts.
    P.S. I challenge Disqus to logically explain to me why when I copied and pasted the first five words of this comment from the headline it ended up the line below instead of the first line as I intended.

  • KyVet

    Bindi is correct. She’s also much smarter than the people older than her who are slamming her.

  • da what

    Bindi for president . of course dressing “provocatively” (slut y) is no cause to get raped and you are and idiot if you think that’s what she meant. girls, little prepubescent children dressing like a street walker is good ? and you would let your daughter dress that way ? Miss Irwin is the last person that you should think of as being bossy or putting others down. she is young and might not word things as well as she could but hey, she is what 15 ? and yet she is an old soul at hart. don’t jump to conclusions so fast. she is a good soul as was her daddy. who i miss tremendously and this world is less because of his absence but she (Bindi) is like a counter weight. and this planet is better with her open and honest insight that she so selfishly is willing to share.

  • me

    I think Bindi has a great head on her shoulders for one so young. I have twins who are 13 (boy and girl) and we are teaching them both about respecting their bodies and other people’s bodies, about privacy and what is appropriate but no matter what I teach my son about respecting a woman when he sees girls at the age of licking each other suggestively at school, holding hands and kissing, what is he to think? Bindi is absolutely right that girls dress very suggestively and try to look and act way older than what they are. There is nothing wrong with a 12 or 13 year old girl dressing pretty, punky, skater, trendy, etc but when their pants are showing their thong, when they are already wearing low cut shirts to show a padded, push up bra that is unnecessary and yes inappropriate. Grow up and discover who you actually are before you start trying to use your body.
    Apparently according to Caitlin Stasey to have respect for your body is denying yourself, that you should “show your nipples” whenever you want, no matter your age because hey we all have them??? Even young girls should do this because by denying themselves they are not believing in themselves???

    While I agree that woman have been hurt many times by men (I was molested at a very young age by a man from my church) going to her extreme is not the answer. How do you raise a boy to respect women when they have no respect for themselves??? The answer is as it always is, in the middle.

  • Dr_Zarkov

    I also agree with Bindi.

  • Guest

    Bindi should ignore the little sluts like Caitlin Stacey and the other pro-naked idiot women on here that get offended, and keep preaching modesty. She has nothing to apologize for. I’m sick of seeing girls and young women walking around with everything practically hanging out; too bad no one arrests them.

  • Dad of 3

    Amen, children should dress and act like the young people they are… not trying to look and act like little adults. I applaud Bindi for saying what more people should realize for their own children. She sounds like she’s turning into every bit the wonderful human beings her parents are. I really do miss Steve. Love ya young lady.