Billy Scott Dies at 70, “The Prophets” Singer

    November 19, 2012
    Chad Sweely
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Many fans of the 60s and 70’s blues band The Prophets mourn today as the news of talented singer Billy Scott’s passing spreads around. Scott contributed to the band’s “beach” sound, which was what The Prophets were mainly associated with.

Prior to Scott’s fame with The Prophets, he sang with many groups while serving in the U.S. Army. After his discharge in 1964, Scott started to perform various songs with his wife Barbara, and scored their first gold record together in 1968 with “I Got The Fever.”

Performing as “The Georgia Prophets” at this time, other well-known hits they produced were “California” and “Sea Side Love.”

On November 19th, it was reported by Bill Kopald (North Carolina Music Hall of Fame) that Billy Scott had passed away due to pancreatic and liver cancer on November 17th, 2012, at the age of 70. Many fans of Scott’s music have left their respects via Twitter:

  • Daniel


    • RG

      It was the “Georgia Prophets” the record went gold, that does not mean it charted at #1 it means it sold a million copies, big difference.

  • Dino Slaughter

    Who? I never heard of him. My Billboard books have no listing of any such guy (or group called The Prophets). He got a gold record for something called I Got The Fever? Yet, it did not make the R and B charts or the Hot 100 charts. Odd.

  • islandgirl

    If you are baby boomer living in the South and love “beach Music”
    you would know his music. Soulful fun and a great entertainer. His songs were popular in the 70’s but his music inspired many others. Still played today. Saw him 5 weeks ago and he sounded as great as he did 40 years ago. His talent will be missed.

  • RG

    It was the “Georgia Prophets” the record went gold, that does not mean it charted at #1 it means it sold a million copies, big difference.

  • toriannsteele

    oh lord oh no this is horrible and not good news but we all can’t live forever

    • Carol Currence

      Go to hell !! How can you be such an asshole when someone has passed!! Your day is coming and I’m sure you will be going straight there.. Billy Scott was one of the most loving persons you would have ever met,obviously you never met you sob!!

  • http://No Harry RIchard

    Who gives a crap? He sucked anyway. Screw him.

  • http://yahoo F R A N K A U T E N

    Billy , was and is the kindest down to earth sprit filled gentleman ive known . He fought the good fight Kept the faith and finished the course …He was not scared of meetinf God ..thru many hours we spok of his faith and his dream …..to keep beach music alive …As it was said in the movie Shawshank redemption ……i will miss my friend …God bless Billy Scott FrankAuten Clover SC

  • Ellen Miles

    RIp Will miss your sweet voice but will always hear it in my mind.

  • j platt

    I was one of billy old drummers in the late 70’s. I played with his backup band Maco,I just left NY to join the group and right off the bat Billy and I got along great.There was no better man to work for at that time and he was liked by all the local beach bands of the past and future.Billy always cracked me up when I called him by his real name not his stage name,I guess he did not like his real name.But I will always know him as Billy Scott my true friend and a great talent.miss you brother rest in peace.