Bill O’Reilly Divorce May Involve the Catholic Church

    March 19, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Bill O’Reilly is best known as Fox News’ headlining prime time pundit and isn’t a stranger to controversy (loofah, anyone?). Though individuals may disagree with his politics or views about the world, it’s clear that O’Reilly is a passionate man. Over the years he has demonstrated his passion about his politics, his religion, his ignorance of physics, and doing it live.

It serves to reason that O’Reilly is equally passionate about marriage, and, now, is very passionately involved in a post-divorce custody battle.

Gawker this week reported that O’Reilly and Maureen McPhilmy divorced in 2011, but that the pundit couldn’t let go. He allegedly tried to get the Nassau County Police Department to begin an internal affairs investigation into his ex-wife’s new boyfriend, who was a Nassau County detective. There are also allegations that O’Reilly hired the couple’s court-appointed “neutral therapist” to be nanny for the couple’s two children, who are part of a shared custody arrangement.

Beyond these alleged infractions, the report also states that the couple’s battle has been taken up by the Catholic Church. McPhilmy is reported to have received a formal reprimand from the church, stating her divorce and second marriage preclude her from receiving the sacrement of communion. O’Reilly is reported by Gawker to be seeking an annulment of the couple’s marriage, which would invalidate the marriage in the eyes of the Catholic Church.

  • Barbara

    OMG somebody actually married this loud mouthed fool? Some people really don’t want to be alone.

    • PaulPiwonka

      $$–thats ALWAYS the deal…. remember follow the $

    • Anne Benevento

      If you are referring to his wife, ponder this, when you marry a physician, most of the tme you are alone. The same refers to newsmen or noewwoman reporters. They are assigned to cover stories no matter where in the world it may take them. Get involved in the community or civl affairs to keep busy. It takes two to argue and two to make up so consider the circumstances.

  • http://aol don

    Bill probably saved America from the onslaught of liberal thinking which is a sickness.Thank GOD Fox News came along when it did..It really was needed as a voice for the americans who were about to get slaughtered by the far left crazies….We love ya Bill..God bless..






    • Marie

      Watch out Don, he’ll eat you, too!!

      • Andy

        wow, such vile hatred Marie….you don’t own a gun do you?

    • Anne Benevento

      Yes like I respoonded to the above, he is always looking out for the folks.

      • Tiamo

        He’s only looking out for himself and his pocketbook.

  • Jo ANn

    Scott Brown will certainly not be somebody that I will watch.

  • John

    The annulment is an aggressive move to harass her. He is quite a snake.

    • Anne Benevento

      You do not know the circumstances surrounding this so wait until the facts come out then you can comment.

    • S. Crews

      Did you ever consider that this would benefit her as well and she may be a part of getting the annulment? Did you miss that part where she can not partake of the sacrament? That might actually be important to her.

  • Richard Muise

    Another stalwart from the party of family values gets divorced. How ironic!

    • Anne Benevento

      Ok folks consider this we do not know the details of the civil divorce. According to the Roman Catholic Church Canon Law, she is married civily to another person, so the Church has the right to deny her communion. As far as an annulment is concerned, we do not know what the outcome will be. Mr. O’Reilly is a fine newsperson, looking out for us all (the people). I sometimes disagree with him and that’s why he reads his e-mails both negative and positive so cut him some slack.

      • Mike Brown

        Bill O’Reilly a fine newsperson?! Bill O’Reilly is NOT a new person. A newsperson reports the news as truthfully as possible. O’Reilly makes the news up to fit his agenda; truth is not part of equation.

        • S. Crews

          Mike… Says the avid MSNBC avid watcher. He is a “newsperson” or journalist, and certainly more fair than most on the the networks. But his show is an OPINION show. He OPENLY advertises this. A far cry from shows that purport to be straight news, then give you an extremely slanted opinion. Oh, this week yet ANOTHER pole showing all the news networks and how much opinion to straight news and how balanced they are. ONCE again, Fox news is almost straight down the middle. You don’t see them reporting that on the other networks do you?

  • Mark

    He’ll get the annulment. He should contact a right
    wing bishop–maybe Cardinal Dolan. The money should be
    delivered to St. Pat’s cathedral in a pape bag in a pew near the confessional, under the watchful eye of the sacristan.

    • Bill

      This so called “extremist” has complimented O’bama many times, and has always called out conservatives who have acted poorly. How is that extreme?

  • johnnie

    there isn’t a woman in the world who could live with this right wing slobbering extremist.

    • Andrea

      I could!!

    • S. Crews

      Could you give ONE example of his “extremism”? I mean, I’m sure you have TONS. So please share some with us Johnnie.

  • http://none Andrea

    It is is like Bill always says if a kids parents gets a divorce there life is going to be ruined so they’re parents should never get a divorce.

  • Public Respondant

    And why is any of this wrong unless you are a worthless liberal?

  • Jake F

    Once a slime ball, always a slime ball.

  • Jackie

    The grass may be greener on the other side of the fence but it’s usually weeds.

  • Stan

    Your serious! Someone married that slime ball?

  • Frank

    I see the Clintonite Moralist are out.
    Kneel Monica,Kneel.

  • tom

    the same people that dont talk facts dont watch his show but have so much to say
    very emotional with hatred thoughts

  • John Dbro

    Everyone who has worked with him say he is very difficult person to get along with. Former fellow workers feel sorry for him, felt he must have been abused as a child and has a split personality, as his ex will attest to.

    • S. Crews

      John, You say “everyone that has worked with him say(s) he is very difficult person”. Can you at least provide ONE shred of proof to back that up? Oh, there will always be personality conflicts and I doubt anyone he has fired will be ecstatic about him. On the contrary, just a teeny-tiny bit of research on your part would have shown you that he has a core group that have been with him for YEARS. He takes EXTREMELY good care of his people, they get paid above the norm, and the benefits he provides go above what is required as well. He does an incredible amount of charity work and gives MILLIONS to those charities. I know he’s not perfect, I doubt you are either. But don’t be a hatter. ;o)


    Ni modo paisano te chingaron.eso le pasa por culo…

  • Sam

    You can’t get an annullment if you have a child together :( sorry Bill, but the rest of the BS here is just that…. Let them move on and mind our own business!

    • gina

      Oh yes you can, even with grandchildren.

    • S. Crews

      Sam, you don’t know what you are talking about. He certainly can get an annulment. Especially if it is open knowledge, which apparently it is, that SHE cheated on him, then married the guy. All of which violate pretty much EVERY religious tenant I know of, whether Catholic or not.

    • minni

      If one was not a catholic but became one to get married to a person through the catholic church, then the person did not fully understand the rules of the catholic church. The real Catholic person can apply if he wants to annull the marriage, can apply for an anullment and it takes like at LEAST over one year. It is a slow process. If the other person is bitter or angry they may not want to sign the agreement for annullment, because probably to them it does not matter, especially if they have gone to be married outside the church. If the person does not get an annullment even if they get divorced n she marrys someone else, the real catholic person will always be married because the catholic church does not recognize a civil divorce, so he would STILL be married to his ex-wife as far as the church is concern. Most ex-catholic people that were marrid by the catholic church that get divorced go find someone outside the catholic church n get married , then they start going to the other religion then to justify their actions the criticize the catholic church. But we know what they are doing. As for Bill, GOD bless him cause getting an annullment is no picnic. There has to be a good enough reason for the catholic church to give an annullment to someone, but the catholic has the power to give an annullment even without a spouse signature fi there is good cause.

      • LCoffman

        Enough money takes care of everything. Just ask the Pope. Seems as though quite often I’ve read about large cash settlements coming from the Catholic Church for lawsuits. In many cases large sums of money muzzles some people.
        Believe it or not. Enough money given=annuliment.

    • loretta l.

      yes you can get an annulment in the catholic church if you have children. gad I wish people would just shut up and leave Mr. O’
      reilly alone.

  • Peter

    So they get divorced and Bill will not let it go? Over a year later, he wants an investigation into his ex who is now dating a detective, after the fact? What was his ex wife divorced doing, holding hands or kissing in public? He is requesting the marriage to be annulled so he has no more responsibility and will pay zip, though it was his alleged verbal abuse (surprise) that led to the break up.

    • Anne Benevento

      According to the artical, she has since married to someone else outside of the Catholic Church, so he has to seek an annulment in accordance with the Church canon Law. It’s been 2 years and Bill I am sure has let go and moved on, but he must get an annulment from the church. The Catholic tribunal may consider this a special circumstance situation. As far as child support, New York Law states he must support his children until the age of 21 or the children are attending College.

  • Kathi

    Most of the comments about O’Reilly seeking an annulment of his marriage in the Catholic Church have no idea of what they are talking about. His getting an annulment has nothing to do with whether or not they had children, or whether he has to pay anything. In the Catholic Church for a marriage to be valid & forever, both of the couple have to have knowingly made a covenant whereby they are both bound to that marriage for life. If one or both of the couple went into that marriage with anything less than the commitment to a permanent covenant, the marriage may be annulled. It doesn’t matter if there were children, it doesn’t make them “illegitimate”. It doesn’t mean he hates his ex-wife. It just means that if grounds for annulment in the Church are found, he may later be able to marry again in the good graces of his Catholic faith. The other option is to marry outside the Church and “live in sin”. Whose business is it if he wants to follow the rules of the Church he belongs to. He’s not asking everyone else to do it. Last time I checked, we still had freedom of religion in this country.

    • Anne Benevento

      I agree with your comment.

      • Kathi

        Thank you. I wish all the “Catholic” haters out there at least had some idea of what they are talking about. But of course, if they did know anything that is truth, while they might not want to be Catholics, they wouldn’t be “Haters”.

        • James Hart

          Annulments aren’t even in the Bible. It is the Catholic Church’s way of getting around divorce and remarriage, which, according to Jesus, is adultery. Once again, the CC is inventing things out of whole cloth.

    • bixxt

      oh don’t throw around “freedom of religion” like that pertains. famous people can exercise their religion legally however they choose – and to the extent they do that in public the public can ridicule and berate them for it. or cheer them on. “freedom of religion” is a guarantee that the state won’t mess with you over religion, not that your neighbors won’t razz you about it.

  • Estella

    Bill O’Reilly, That I watch on TV, reminds me of a Bitter, sometimes hateful man, no patience, he twist the truth, ONLY VIEW MATTERS, IS HIS, and if this is his personnality on TV, it also who he is, in private, good for her, for getting out.

  • Anna S

    To the people who posted comments and had no idea about previous reports, here it is: Oreilly’s ex-wife had a detective boyfriend while still married to Bill O. And they were still married when Bill O reportedly had the detective investigated. Right after they divorced, the ex-wife married the detective.
    To me, the ex-wife is a s*ut. They have two kids and she had an affair with another guy? They were married for more than ten years. People here are saying she left Bill because he”s verbally abusing her? Is that her solution to the problem? Have sex with other men? Cheaters will always fault the other partner just to justify the cheating.

    • p.opal

      Anna yours are the only sane comments to this article.

    • http://yahoo robert

      I liked your comments Anna you are right on.

  • http://www.nevadadivorce.org/ Las Vegas Divorce

    Bill O’Reilly is such a hypocrite, conservative Christians who get divorced shouldn’t be allowed to slander gays who want to marry.

    • Tiamo

      Oreilly is not a conservative Christian, let’s make that clear. And yes, he’s a hypocrite.

    • Traci Scottsdale

      He’s less of a hypocrite than you are an ignoramus.
      He’s not a conservative, he has said repeatedly he’s not against “Lenny and Louie doing whatever they want”. He doesn’t slander gays.

      You might actually want to know what you’re talking about making a LIBELOUS comment accusing someone else of SLANDER. smh