Bill Nye Battles CNN Host Over Climate Change

    May 7, 2014
    Mike Tuttle
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After a much-hyped debate with creationist Ken Ham last month over whether creation is a viable model of origins in the modern scientific era, scientist Bill Nye is once again taking on science naysayers; however, this time the debate is about climate change.

Nye appeared on CNN’s Crossfire on Tuesday evening, the day that the White House released the new report on climate change, to speak on what can be done to mitigate the negative affects of global warming.

Conservative Crossfire host S.E. Cupp came out of the gate immediately challenging the report and what Nye was there to speak about. “Even if what the White House is saying is all true,” Cupp said, “the scare tactics have not worked.”

Cupp then showed Nye a March Gallup Poll that read that only 36 percent of Americans think that global warming is a serious threat to our way of life, in which Nye continually asked her to look at the facts.

“How do you want to get public consensus on this?” Nye asked when Cupp stated that it was needed. “By saying that it’s not happening, that it’s not serious, that the shore lines aren’t flooding?”

Nye went on to speak of those who have already been affected by climate change, such as those in Oklahoma who have experienced several deadly tornadoes, and those living in Manhattan when Hurricane Sandy flooded the bottom half of the city.

The Obama Action Plan to reduce carbon pollution and prepare the U.S. for the impacts of climate change confirmed that it is not a distant threat, but is affecting us now. The report focused on temperatures continuing to rise across the U.S. and carbon dioxide levels rising.

“We can choose to believe that Superstorm Sandy, and the most severe drought in decades, and the worst wildfires some states have ever seen were all just a freak coincidence,” President Obama said. “Or we can choose to believe in the overwhelming judgment of science — and act before it’s too late.”

Heritage Foundation’s Nicolas Loris argued that while climate is changing, there are questions as to whether the extreme weather trends are a part of that.

“More importantly,” Loris said, “is the policy prescription, these greenhouse gas regulations coming down, prohibiting building new coal fired power plants, it’s just going to less equipped, less economically prosperous to handle these problems.”

Nye came back saying that they simply didn’t “agree on the facts.”

“This third report came out, saying it’s very serious. Science, researchers say yes. You say no. There’s the essence of the problem,” Nye told Loris, after which Cupp pointed out that “science guys attempt to bully other people.”

To read the report and research the scientific facts yourself, visit the White House website and the detailed report on climate change.

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  • chri$t

    Facts are facts. There is no agreeing nor disagreeing. That’s what makes them facts.

    • queenb

      so wrong. if uve ever had a statistics class u would know u can essentially make the data “prove” any point.

      • Giancarlo Carini

        I’m sorry but do you live in fantasy land? Climate change is a serious danger and a fact. If humans do not change their arrogant habits it’ll be their own downfall. Learn how to read.

        • JamesT.Kirk

          Climate change is an enormous fallacy and you’ve bought in hook, line, and sinker. There is very little data to support climate change. Earth has temperature cycles. It’s very simple. Humans are not destroying the Earth. The Earth will be here LONG after humans are gone.

          • youfucktards

            very little data still doesn’t make it false. why would scientists come forward to say this is a serious problem if it weren’t? yes the Earth has climate cycles, but the cycles that are happening now are the ones that, in the end, will end up with us dying off a lot quicker than nature intended.

        • Michael

          You think lowly humans can destroy earth? Something a meteor blast could not? Pretty arrogant.

      • charlie

        Educate yourself.

    • threadysparrow .

      the ad numerum fallacy states that just because most people don’t believe in something doesn’t make it true. You don’t vote on facts. There is more scientific evidence for climate change than for evolution, which is pretty much proven.

  • Paul

    “This third report came out, saying it’s very serious. Science, researchers say yes. You say no. There’s the essence of the problem,” Nye told Loris, after which Cupp pointed out that “science guys attempt to bully other people.”

    Well there’s yer problem!! HA!
    Is global warming as serious as some of the events associated to it? No, because we’ve had droughts and hurricanes before.
    IS global warming real and headed in a direction that it WILL become a serious issue? Yes, yes it is. There are facts that can prove it and the science community can show them as facts.
    Sounds like big lobbying industries, like oil, might be paying off politicians to ignore these facts.

    These talk show hosts aren’t experts on the subjects they report on.

    • CynicFan2

      The only way to cook a frog is to put it in cool water and turn on the heat. It will jump out of hot water, but it will convince itself that everything is okay in cool water, that it is just a natural event that temperatures are getting warmer in pot. We aren’t frogs and we should stop trying to nay-say this. Even if the science is wrong, there isn’t any reason not to try minimizing our impact.
      How is a path created? Slowly and by repeated use. The Atmosphere is just bigger and more complex so it takes longer for the repeated emissions to show up.

      • KenB

        Europe and the US have DECREASED their emissions of greenhouse gases … China and India have SIGNIFICANTLY increased their emissions. How do you propose to curtail their emissions. China is putting online a coal fired power plant EVERY WEEK. Unless you can convince them to abandon their path to economic growth you will have NO impact on increasing CO2 levels from man-made sources. Besides man’s contribution to greenhouse gases is 0.28% … INSIGNIFICANT!

        • CynicFan2

          Ribbit- Keep arguing that there is no effect from Man. You’ll be able to make sure the water isn’t getting warmer that way!
          Poking aside-We are humans on a planet. We have huge wealth and capabilities but waste our potential on feudlism. We work together
          0.28%-Interesting but unsupported and un-verified number. If someone punches you every day at the same place on your arm-not hard, just enough to make contact, and keeps it up everyday for years, at somepoint your arm will be too sore touch. Atmospheric chemistry is the same. A big punch-a volcano-hurts immediately, but the system adjusts and heals. The constant annoying little punches don’t trigger the clean-up reactions and cause sigificant subtle damage which is harder to fix.

          • Craig Laes

            You just contradicted yourself.
            The planet can only heal from major eruptions of a volcano but as little as man puts in as CO2 compared to a volcano and the planet can not adapt?? Read what you write…

          • CynicFan2

            The Earth is a system. It can heal from its natural imbalances. It could heal from man’s injections as well if they were to stop. However, there is no guarantee that the healed condition would support human life.

    • KenB

      The last 17 years or so have the temperature has not increased and may have decreased the last year or two – even though the “scientists” predicted it would continue to increase with increasing CO2 levels. Arctic ice levels were predicted to go away and they appear to be rebounding. Man’s contribution to the global warming greenhouse gases is 0.28%. If the climate were so precariously balanced that man’s contribution would throw it into disarray life on this planet would have ceased to exist long ago due to natural processes.

      • CynicFan2

        Your argument is a logical fallacy. The effect is global, the duration long.

        • Craig Laes

          Where is your logic to refute Ken’s claims?
          You can not cause it true, past decade has seen no increase and this past couple of years we seen significant increases in the arctic ice.
          Just as claiming we are ignoring the facts how about looking at the current facts that refute the long duration models these climate hacks produced. It a theory that being debunked by nature that is why.

          • CynicFan2

            A natural system can recover when the imbalancing factor is removed. A forest path can disappear if unused long enough. However even a rare use of the path will delay recovery.
            Logical fallacy is generalizing the specific to refute the general. It is a common fallacy seen in politics. A program helps 100,000 people but hurts one-the failure is presented as the complete failure of the program.

          • Craig Laes

            What “imbalancing” factor was removed?

          • CynicFan2

            In this case it would be the removal of carbon dioxide emissions coupled with lessening the destruction of the forests which re-inter the carbon.

          • Craig Laes

            You do realize that every Mammal on the planet exhales carbon dioxide right?
            The majority of emissions from fuel emits carbon monoxide, right. you realize there is a difference.
            Carbon monoxide does not even register as a particulate of our air. Google it!

    • Craig Laes

      Than explain the last 10 years of no warming?
      Proven, oh that right we are in a stall.
      I just experienced the longest cold winter in decades, oh wait that was climate change see not global warming now it climate change, changing the name does not make the science valid.
      Pig in dress is still a pig….

      • CynicFan2

        Logical Fallacy-You experienced cold=no warming. Austrailia experienced deep drought and wildfires at same time. Local data does not prove global. Global temperatures are rising. Doesn’t really matter if Man caused it or affects it, Fact is Man as a species can only exist in a narrow temperature range. If there is the slightest chance we are causing it, we need to stop. .

        • Craig Laes

          Explain the last 10 years of no global mean temperature increase?
          And over 2/3rd of the northern hemisphere experienced the same extreme winter this year, half the globe.
          Did you also miss the stranded vessel at the South Pole, which the sounthern hemisphere is in their summer months, stranded in ice??
          Narrow temperature range what are you talking about, We humans as a species can survive in a vast range as we adapt and over come. We been to the Moon and bottom of the oceans…

  • JamesM43T

    Who knew that Bill Nye was such an angry, bitter old man. Recently he has been very disrespectful to creationists and now this Cnn host. You can’t prove or disprove the existence of God. I’m saying this as a person with no religion. Bill Nye should have some respect for other peoples’ views. He obviously does not. He lost a fan.

    • DonotfearScience

      Disrespectful? If a man has his eyes closed and claims that he’s blind, it’s not disrespectful to tell him his eyes are closed.
      And if by “Bill Nye should have some respect for other peoples’ views”, you mean he has to consider that it is equally valid to his own views, then not only are you ignorant of how fundamental science works (in which individuals holding opposing views are invited to try to develop and present solid evidence that refutes a give position – like the overwhelming evidence that the Earth is round has shattered the position that it is flat and the overwhelming evidence that the Earth orbits the sun has shattered the position that the Earth was the center of the universe), you are also representing a hypocritical position of the very religious conservatives who believe in creationism and likewise feel that there is no room in the world for homosexuals or abortions.

      • Jordan Holliwell

        James didn’t say anything about homosexuals or abortions. Nor did he mention anything about the earth being flat. You are simply a judgmental person with a chip on your shoulder. Not to mention that you hate conservatives, and it shows. One only needs to watch Nye in his debate as well as interviews to see that he has no respect for other peoples’ opinions and theories.

    • Tyler Nguyencuu

      Please this guys isn’t bitter, I just saw him given a lecture at our University. Creationist are holding back society and he is totally correct. If you actually think climate change hasn’t happened yet then you sir have not read up on the facts

      • notastupiddem

        Bill is getting frustrated because scientist before him have cry wolf and none of it has come true. Bill is being paid to promote something that everyone is laughing at and for good reason. These fools can’t even predict rain in an hour and you want us to believe you know what is going to happen from Mother Nature in a 100 year. Same scientist have been wrong for the last 40 years.

    • Giancarlo Carini

      Sorry, but Bill Nye is 100% correct and the only angry bitter old man here is you. Nye is an upbeat person with a eccentric personality. Bitter and angry is something he’s not. And creationists? Creationists are only disrespectful to themselves for holding such silly views. Creationism is silly and has no real evidence to it. Please get a reality check. Also climate change is a fact. It’s proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

    • LookItUp

      How has he been disrespectful? Sure he has been in several debates with some creationists, but he was literally INVITED to these events. He hardly even raises his voice other than when he is excited or passionate about something so I’m not sure why you’d call him angry either.

    • Clint R

      you say that bill nye is disrespectful to creationists, why do you not also point out how all the creationists are disrespectful to science

  • Retardblogger

    “After a much-hyped debate with creationist Ken Ham last month over whether creation”

    >Last month

    that was in February, this is now May. Can you proofread your facts before you post a blog. Terrible journalism on the first sentence. You should be ashamed.

  • Anthony Harvey

    where the heck is Obama and Ale doing the interview at? In the projects? you would think they would lose the sirens lol.

  • asdfsadfsdf

    To hell with CNN, that “discussion” is a prime example of toxic journalism.

  • Noah R.

    Bill Nye is rude and ignorant. Maybe he should respect other people views, whether or not he agrees with them.

    • vonnegut

      You only think he’s rude because he disagrees with you and is spouting science. If he were waxing poetic about a created world where God will have the last word, you’d say liberals were being intolerant.

      • Noah R.

        No, I actually used to love his work, I even grew up with it in school. The problem I have with him is the way he addresses people and his attitude towards the opposition.

        • Tyler Nguyencuu

          did you not see blackburn, called him an actor and then dodged questions like a politician

        • Giancarlo Carini

          Oh really? Nye is very civil with the way he conveys FACTS. The problem here are the myth creators who peddle creationism and climate change denial. People need to learn the facts.

          • DaveAustralia34

            Creationism is not a myth. It’s a theory, just like the big bang theory….which has not been proven true because you cannot use the scientific method to observe it. Climate change is a complete lie. There is almost zero data that backs it up. Temperatures vary year to year as well as having different patters over decades and even centuries. You use the term “facts” to describe opinions because YOU do not respect other peoples’ theories and beliefs either.

          • Noah R.

            Exactly, it is ALL theoretical, whether science or religion. They are called “scientific theories” for the same reason Creationism is a theory.

          • LookUpTheseTheories

            There is more evidence for evolution than creationism.

          • Noah R.

            There have been plenty of religious artifacts found, which at least solidify the accuracy of religious texts to an extent. The same goes for science, they have found pieces of the puzzle, but are far from solving it. Either way, you aren’t more correct than the other, they are simply different views.

          • notastupiddem

            People are not buying what Bill is selling because Bill has been wrong on everything the past 30 years.

      • notastupiddem

        Bill Nye is rude and a jerk I have seen him on many shows. He over talks and if you don’t agree with him he tries to destroy you. People are laughing at him because everything that scientist have predicted has not come true. These fools can’t predict what will happen tomorrow. Bill Nye is a hack…
        A tornado destroy most of my city in 1975 was that due to global warning. In 1975 Bill Nye was predicting global cooling

    • Dimit

      You can believe in God and science guys, and even if you think you are right you need hard facts to back things up. Bill Nye comes off as rude because he doesnt use MATH.Math is facts, what you gleam from the facts are opinions based on facts, but that implies its the truth even if you are wrong. Self confirming bias is too high in a human being to accurately interpret facts, our own bias always shows up. If bill would just explain the math and information collected then NO ONE could argue with it…..and this is all from a man who believes in god…..before you jump outa your skin telling me i cant believe in science and God please know there are 168 different bibles, not counting the numerous revisions and books, so realize anything that your want to blame God needs to be blamed on man. God doesn’t make mistakes, Homosexuals have every same right as man, but man is never prefect. We have follies, thats what makes us human. You people all need to step back and have respect for someones beliefs. I dont berate you for watching the jersey shore and waiting in line for the new iphone when people need help in this world, and if a man of God berates you know that its the man doing it, not god. If he comes in the name of God he is a blasphemer and and liar. Jesus was pretty clear on the rules. People stop blaming god for man!!! You cant claim to be a vegan and eat cheeseburgers, and how fucked up would it be if a cheeseburger eating vegan pissed you off and you blamed it on vegan ism? Think things through and let the math do the talking.

      • CynicFan2

        Even Math is a theory. Geometry requires belief that an infinitessimal point in space can exist. Statistics is math but it is predicting trends or averages on data which can be skewed by the measurement. Shroedinger’s cat is dead if you open the box. Math depends on assumptions and models. Given a well understood system, math will yield a consistent result.Given a complex system, the results will change based on assumptions. The argument lies in the assumptions. Take any simple calculation and add variables. Ballistics, change air density and add a deflecting mass. Not as easy. Add more variables, wind speed changes, solar impingement, changing gravity, and it getss harder.

  • Joe Pro

    The first thing she did is attack Bill’s profession. And @5:50, she just completely dodges the question. What a complete joke, she cares more about money than Earth. Guess what, no Earth = no money.

  • efe

    Easiest way to help someone understand climate change at its CORE. Park your car in your garage, open all the windows, start the engine, and sit back and relax. 2 great outcomes will come out of this, either the individual will at some point realize its getting hot and harder to breathe and hopefully get out. Or best scenario for the rest of the human race who does believe in climate change, that individual will die from monoxide poisoning and we will have eliminated a dud from the rest of the gene pool. Thank you.

  • charlie

    I understand why Bill Nye wants to go on these shows to state the facts but it’s pretty pointless when these uneducated hosts don’t even let you talk. S.E. Cupp belongs at Fox News with the rest of the clueless, fear mongering crew.

    • Jen3433873

      If you think there are better mainstream news channels than FOX News then you are quite uneducated yourself. All news channels lie, distort facts and use a spin to convince everyone of what to believe. They all cause division among the people. Msnbc and Cnn are cesspools for brainwashed liberal swine. Fox News is a cesspool for people who call themselves conservatives.

      • charlie

        lol. Let me guess – you are a fan of the “No Spin Zone”. Like YOU just pointed out, all news channels BS. The difference is that Fox News goes a step beyond, several steps actually, to get ratings. If you watch them to get ANY facts, you’re doing it wrong.

        • bird brain charlie

          Why would you come to the conclusion that she likes Bill O’Reilly after she just said that ALL news channels lie and cause division? She just said she doesn’t like any news channels….and this is your response? You said nothing of value whatsoever. It’s obvious that YOU favor some news channels over Fox News, which means that YOU watch news channels to get your “facts” and news. You are the hypocrite here. Not Jen. And you aren’t very intelligent.

          • charlie

            Great rebuttal there. Too bad your reading comprehension is horrible. Fox News is the gold standard of misinformation. Other networks come really close but they can’t match the sheer embarrassment of that channel. So ironic how you consider my comment to be “nothing of value” when your comment epitomizes that statement. Try again.

          • KenB

            @charlie Sounds like bitterness without any evidence … like the man-caused global climate change believers

          • charlie

            Hello troll. Your name gave you away.

    • notastupiddem

      Bill Nye has not predicted one thing correctly. Please name one thing and prove it.

      • charlie

        That is the most vague response I’ve seen yet. What hasn’t he predicted correctly? Totally unrelated: Have Christians been able to prove the existence of Jesus Christ? Exactly.

        • notastupiddem

          Why do you liberal socialist and Bill Nye care so much what people believe. I know Christians are united and that is the problem. People that are united are harder to control then people divided. Stop attacking Christians for their believes and worry about your own problems. Bill is a highly paid scientist trying to divide people so they can be controlled. In the 70’s Bill was predicting global cooling and world wide famine by the 80’s In the 80’s Bill was claiming the hole in the ozone caused people would melt the earth but then it closed all by itself. In the 90’s it was global warming and now it is climate change. Bill Nye has lied for decades and he has been wrong every step of the way. Bill can say what ever he wants I just laugh at him. Bill will be wrong on climate change and come up with something else which you will believe.

          • charlie

            Harder to control? What are you blabbing about? Nobody is trying to control anybody. What the scientific community is doing is trying to educate people on the consequences of their irresponsible actions concerning pollution and inefficient use of energy. You making a lot of accusations about Bill Nye – so do one thing: CITE YOUR SOURCES. If you are stating those things as facts then you should also explain where you got that information. Any right wing blog or publication can make stuff up to feed to their masses. You’re the same as the people who thought the Earth was flat. Pathetic.

          • notastupiddem

            Man, they have sucked you in big time. What am I doing that is so out of control that is destroying the earth? I love people like Bill Nye, Obama, Al Gore and all these left wing lib nuts that fly around on private plans, driving around in big SUV’s and live in huge houses tell me and everyone else to live like peasants. Obama does more harm to the planet in one day then I will do in a life time. You are blinded by control. Bill Nye is a paid worker bee and he knows he is lying. And you are soaking it up like honey.

          • charlie

            You are completely delusional and your lack of any ACTUAL sources just proves my point even further. Keep avoiding that part and just blame Democrats because Republicans are angels, lol. Talk about desperate. Stop taking crazy pills. You’re disgracing this country.

          • notastupiddem

            Your handlers are laughing at how easy it is to control you. Obama says jump and you are in the air. You have no clue how much of a sucker you are being played. You really think Obama cares about your health. Obama cares so much when your parents get sick he said they can take a night night bill. Obama cares so much about your health that he lied to you about keeping your doctor and hospital so he could get reelected. Obama cares so much about you that the rich have gotten much richer and the poor and middle income people have all taken steps down. This was all predicted before he was elected in 2008. So far every republican prediction has played out to be true. But you can still blame Bush for the horrible economy and for the gain of 2 million sick people that now have low priced insurance. There are still 48 million to go.

          • charlie

            “OBAMA THIS! OBAMA THAT!” You sure like to whine a lot. Here’s a nice fact for you: More jobs have been added under the Obama administration than in Bush’s entire 8 years. Look it up on independent sources. Oh wait, you’re a Republican, you don’t care about facts. The Earth isn’t flat buddy. If you don’t like who’s in office, you can leave the country. Nobody is stopping you.

  • MadDogHowser

    Lets assume there is ‘abnormal’ climate change, there is ZERO evidence to show how man affects it, and there is ZERO evidence as to how it can be managed. The earth has a long history of climate change – much, much more drastic than what we’ve seen and looooooong before man had any supposed control.

  • fucktards

    even if you don’t believe in it, why wouldn’t you just attempt to do something about it along with everyone just to see if there is a change? you know that thing that everyone does… trial and error? why bash on people who are way smarter than you because you’re too ignorant to see the truth

    • KenB

      The greatest greenhouse gas is water vapor accounting for 95% of the total effect. 4.72% is attributed to natural causes (animals, plant decay, oceans, etc.), the remaining 0.28% is attributed to man’s activities. IF man’s input would result in a catastrophic change in climate the natural process would have long ago destroyed life on this planet long ago. It is also HIGHLY egotistical of man to assume that they have any significance on this planet.

      People talk of the CO2 levels rising. CO2 is a MINOR gas in the atmosphere with recent levels around 400 parts per million (PPM) or an atmospheric concentration of 0.04%. Throughout history CO2 has been a LAGGING indication of the climate, increasing AFTER the temperature increased and decreasing AFTER the temperature decreased. At times the CO2 levels were much higher than they are now and we had glaciers while at other times with similar CO2 levels there was almost world-wide tropical jungle.

      So what science should we believe … the observation (which is the basis of science) or the models that predicted no arctic ice and temperature increase over the last 17 or so years when the temperature has remained constant and may have decreased the last couple of years?

  • Ron Powers

    If I have to hear, “If you don’t believe in global warming, you need read the facts,” one more time I am going to scream. I have read the facts, they are very contradictive. Nobody knows whether global warming is man-made or if the Earth is going through a warming cycle. “Scientists say,” does not mean all scientists. Now everybody shut up and stop acting like you know what is happening.

    • notastupiddem

      You have read the facts from the same scientist that gave facts in the 70 on global cooling. The same facts from the same scientist that said by the 80’s there would be world wide famine. The same facts from the same scientist that predicted the hole in the ozone would melt the earth and it closed up by it self. The data is a lie and Bill is being paid to spread the lie.

  • Dan Reagan

    Lets not pretend that the congresswoman isn’t aware of the reality of climate change. What she is more concerned with is that her constituents do not believe in climate change, so her public position is going to reflect that, because she wants to keep her career as a politician in tennessee.
    Bill Nye is taking this woman on good faith and trying to show her the error of her ways, but she is not going to pay any attention to that, because her constituents don’t.

  • damien

    Climate change and global warming is horseshit!!!!

  • Heretic

    Why did everyone stop calling it Global Warming and now call it climate change? Is it more politically correct to call it climate change because the facts arn’t matching the rhetoric? I’m pretty sure the earth’s climate isn’t a “constant” its always in flux or “change”. I just lived through one of the coldest winters in decades. Another example that irks me is: take the amount of hurricanes over the past decade. We were all told by the climatologists that global warming was going to be increasing hurricanes exponentially but this has not happened they have actually decreased in frequency. Even if global warming is true, what is the US going to do about it? We have a population of 320 million people…The world population is 7 billion! I can assure you the rest are not going to do much about it because they can’t afford it. Its just like the Y2K issue a few years back where we spent hundreds of billions of dollars to be prepared for the worst and the rest of the world spent a small dismal fraction on the so called “oncoming catastrophe.” The problem is that this idea of catastrophic climate change/global warming is so ingrained into peoples psyche because that’s what they’ve been told over and over throughout our lives. Its almost like a religion that is blasphemous to question. Well I’m a heretic

  • AreYouSure

    Every time I read one of these articles I can’t help but giggle since it reminds me of a joke.

    2 scientists, a president (politician), and a banker walk into a room.

    Both scientists say ‘We have a problem with X’

    Scientist1 says the reason is in his theory1.

    Scientist2 says the reason is in his theory2.

    The banker agrees with Scientist1 because he can make some money off of it.

    The president agrees with Scientist2 because he believes it’s what “the people want”.

    A couple decades go by and the scientists call up the banker and ex-president…

    The Scientists, completely ragged and disheveled with 2 foot long beards and red eyes from the persistent lack of sleep and massive intake of caffeine from 20 hour work days both stand up and smile.

    They say that they were both completely wrong and completely write at the same time. It was actually a combination of theory1 and theory2, which they call theory3.

    The president doesn’t care because he’s only remembered for an act that originally was about health care (or whatever the current president is about at the time of the telling) which has been rewritten, reworded, and misquoted so many times that it’s only function is to fund a whale study group at a college no one has even heard of before.

    The banker gets extremely excited because he’s just got the greatest insider trading tip in the world and a new federal bailout from the current administration because of all of the investments that are about to flop because of this new study… so his yearly bonus is about to skyrocket.

    So… What’s the punchline, you might ask?
    That’s what happens to the hard work that came from the two Scientists since they’re the only ones remembered for anything.

    To me, climate change is real. The reasoning behind it… well, we have a very small field of view and extremely limited dataset due to technological limitations. The fact that humans exist at the same time as the change does not prove they are the reason why (correlation does not imply causation) but it is a starting point, and it is an easy experiment that will not directly impact the planet in a negative way.
    Instead of everyone debating and discussing the issue – try it out. Worst thing that happens is the 1% moves their investments into a different area, some middle class get rich, some middle class get poor, more jobs are opened up and more jobs are closed down… A few years later, if it doesn’t work… we’ll have more theories and will have other things to test out…
    Hey, it almost sounds like science… you know… that involves theories, experiments, testing and factual results… rather than talking, paperwork and people shouting change but then doing nothing except change their wardrobe and vacation spots…

  • notastupiddem

    In the 70’s scientist predicted global cooling and world wide famine by the 80’s. In the 80’s it was the hole in the ozone but it closed up all by itself. Now this scare threat by liberals to scare people into believing they need government. Bill Nye is a joke and a liar.