Bill Gates’ Old Porsche Sells for $80,000

By: Shawn Hess - June 7, 2012

According to Wolfgang Humer, a representative from Dorotheum auction house in Vienna, Bill Gates old Porsche 911 aroused quite a bit of interest when it went up for auction. Apparently there were bidders from all over the world, but it was a German bidder who snatched-up the vehicle for a cool $80,000.

Also according to the auction house, this vehicle’s typical resale value falls somewhere between $50,000 and $63,000 Fortunately for them, this one has something a little extra you don’t get with most late 70’s Porsche models. Included with the car came a complete series of letters to and from Microsoft and Porsche, and the original Washington State USA registration documents naming, none other than Bill Gates himself, as the owner.

Apparently Bill Gates is still a fan of Porsche, because he purchased another one. When he’s not trucking around with his family in their minivan, he has a Porsche stowed away for more appropriate occasions. In fact, it’s a dandy of an automobile, valued at over $225,000. Check out Bill Gates’ current ride, a Porsche 959:


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