Bill Cowher: The Next Coach for the Redskins?

    December 31, 2013
    Jennifer Curra
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Many have speculated as to who will become the next head coach for the Washington Redskins. So, let the speculations begin! According to ESPN 980′s Chris Russell, there is one main candidate, and that candidate is Bill Cowher, who is currently an analyst for CBS’s The NFL Today. “There is mucho evidence to point to Bill Cowher being the leader in the clubhouse,” Russell said.

James Brown has followed the Washington Redskins, and went on WTOP to voice his opinion.

“First of all, he [Cowher] would be an excellent candidate for the job. No, I do not think Bill Cowher has met with Mr. Snyder at all, in person. He may have had his people, his agents, listen to what it is. And Bill Cowher has never said he’s ‘never’ going to return to the sidelines, but he’s enjoying his life. However, he said if he were to go back to the sidelines, it would have to be with great ownership in place, have to have an absolutely strong quarterback upon which and around whom to build, and clearly he would have to be paid handsomely. So you determine how many of those elements have been met,” Brown said.

There is no official word from Cowher on whether he would consider a coaching opportunity. Even though Cowher has not coached a NFL team since 2006, supporters have faith that the former coach has the capability to handle the responsibilities related to resuming a head coach position. While Cowher continues to appear in discussions regarding possible options other candidates have also been subjected to speculation.

Zac Boyer from The Washington Times compiled a list of potential candidates that in addition to Cowher includes: Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden (brother of Jon Gruden) as well as Ken Whisenhunt, who is the former head coach for the Arizona Cardinals. Who do you think should be the next coach to guide the Redskins?

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  • Well

    I think Cowher would help any team. In fact, I wish he would go back to Pittsburgh. It is not that I don’t like Tomlin because I do, but really Tomlin won with Cowher’s players. Now that those players are getting older and retiring, the Steelers are having difficulties. I think the Steelers are find with Tomlin as long as LeBeau sticks around. They just need to get younger.

    However, in Washington, I think the problem is much deeper than just the coach. I think the read option is a bogus offense. It is a gimmick offense. Once defenses completely figure out that all you have to do is pound the QB, it will be done for. Look at all the Super Bowl QBs —- all are drop back QBs that can throw under pressure. None, are running QBs. Even Steve Young, who could run very well, was primarily a drop back QB. Don’t tell me someone like Russel Wilson is a running QB either. Russel Wilson stays in that pocket. He is very good.

    Read option is great in college where certain schools have superior talent. But in the NFL, all the players are superior talents. Even the undrafted guys that make the league are exceptional. We talk about those guys as if they are scrubs. Please. You don’t make the NFL if you suck.

    Drop back QB + ball control offense + good defense frankly wins championships. Controlling that clock is such a key. Get a lead, run the ball, and kill that clock. That is why Big Ben doesn’t have record stats. The man can throw that ball and has great receivers and a great tight end. He could kill teams if he did nothing but run the no huddle. But what Pittsburgh does is get a lead and it pounds the ball. It has lead to 6 Superbowl wins and 8 appearances. It works.

    This by the way is why Detroit will never win a Super Bowl with Stafford. This is why Atlanta will never win a Super Bowl. Yeah, they put up video game numbers, but at the end of the day, if that offense is not on, it puts a lot of pressure on that defense. They can’t control the clock. Look at every team that wins in the playoffs. Even the Broncos and Seattle and even Philly. The all have backs who can control the clock. How do you think New England is winning. Running back by committee and a QB that can make plays when he needs to. The only exception is New Orleans. Drew Brees is exceptional, but if he is off or if they run into bad weather. They won’t win. But New Orleans has the best tight end in the league and they can control the clock with him, so they at least have a shot.

  • julie

    who cares he’s a washed up relick that needs to stay out of football..

    • Anthony

      Cowher is an exceptional head coach and knows the game of football regardless if he’s been out of the NFL since 2006. He struggled to win in Pittsburgh until Big Ben arrived, but the Steelers beat Seattle in SB XL with great D and pounding rock with Bettis. If Cowher has a great QB, a young power running back and a good defense, he can win. The Redskins have 2 out of those 3 components. Obviously they have a great QB with RGIII once he gets healthy, they have a solid young running back who puts up great rushing numbers and stays healthy in Alfred Morris. Now they just gotta get that defense together and they can challenge not just for the NFC East crown but the other great teams in the NFC. Dan Snyder will spend money to win everyone knows that, it’s just a matter of getting a coach who can put it all together and find some leaders among the players. You need that emotional player that can be the heart of the team and inspire players when things are tuff. A rah rah guy like Ray Lewis was for Baltimore or Michael Irvin was for the Cowboys. The Redskins lack and great D and leadership. I think Cowher can bring that to Washington. He’s the perfect guy for the job. Dan Snyder is going to have open up his check book and pay him some serious scratch to leave CBS that’s for certain, but it’ll be worth it

  • no arms no legs

    I wish yahoo would publish fact not fantasy

  • Victor

    Cowher would have to be crazy to go to the Redskins. If he wants to get back into coaching there are better places for him to do it without having to deal with Dan Snyder. Detroit for one.

  • http://webpronews Slim

    Lovie Smith or Mike Singletary. Enough said.

  • Dave

    With a lot of players up for contracts, cuts, older players.., no draft choices, and a backup QB who will not get them any draft choices, because he cannot throw a wet ball; Iam afraid it will be quite some time before they are viable again no matter who they hire as a coach.

  • http://n/a Vin

    As long as snyder is owner, the Skins will continue loose. I’m amazed the guy made it in busines as did. He just continually throws good money after bad.


      It’s LOSE, not loose,

      Simple grammar, LEARN IT!

  • gary


  • Jim Logan

    Trade RG3 for some defensive backs, a pass rusher, a tall fast receiver, and a replacement for Fletcher.Cousins can get it done.Control the ball on offense and have a strong kicking game. The skins have a lot of talent. Just a couple of key players away from a championship.

  • Greg Mahosky

    If a successful coach such as Cowher would consider trading his nice cushy job as an analyst for the grinds of an NFL head coach then he surely would want a team with a bright future such as Detroit or Houston. He would be a great fit with the Lions and not have to deal with the circus that is RG3. Kirk Cousins is a much better pro QB and time will tell that. The Lions are a team in need only of thing…. discipline, and what is Bill Cowher noted for…. DISCIPLINE!

  • hbtpen


  • Felix hernandezjr.

    Who cares just win !!

  • Felix hernandezjr.

    No disrespect to rg3 , but I think capt. Kirk is a better pocket passer. Don’t trade him , trade Snyder if possible. Rg3 needs qb. Coach to teach him , Matt lefluer sucked he was a div. III player in football.

  • Felix hernandezjr.

    Just kick dal ass’s ass. I hate’em !!!!!!!!!!!!