Bill Cosby: African-American Men Should Love Kids

    September 16, 2013
    Lacy Langley
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For the past few months, CNN Anchor Don Lemon has courted controversy with several segments pegged to his general agreement with comments by Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly, aimed at solving problems within the black community. On Saturday night’s edition of CNN Newsroom, Lemon continued that controversial trend with comic legend Bill Cosby, no stranger to controversy, who has also felt the heat of controversy on the subject.

Cosby has also stirred controversy by airing grievances against his community, but neither Lemon nor Cosby have backed away from their criticisms. In Saturday night’s interview, Lemon asked Cosby to reflect on the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, and what kind of African American leaders are needed now.

“I think it has to come from the universities,” Mr. Cosby began. ” I think, women, strongly because when you see 70%, in research, that says they are the leaders of the household, what we need is for people to realize I want to raise my kid. I want to go back and get my three kids. I want to take on that responsibility. I want to love my children.”

He added that one of the sights he’d like to see more of is what he saw at the recent Essence Festival, “walking around to see, yeah, to see a black male with his child on the shoulders and holding.”

He also encouraged young people who might not be able to go to a prestigious college to “go to community college. Okay, you backed up and didn’t do well. You quit school but now you find you need that high school credential. Go to the community college.”

Cosby related the idea of personal responsibility to his own experience, adding that “At age 19 and a half, I knew I didn’t want to do certain things. It is not what they weren’t doing to me, it’s what I wasn’t doing. It’s a very simple thing.”

Later in the interview, Mr. Cosby talked about what he sees as an overemphasis on medicating juvenile inmates, versus counseling. “If you drug these people, and then you release them, and there’s no prescription for them to get to take to do the same thing, and they go back to the same place,” he said, adding “Now, about this time, this is when you hear the no-groes jump up and say ‘Why don’t you talk about the good things?’”

“Because the good things happen to be taking care of themselves pretty well,” he answered. “We are trying to help those genius’, those not genius’, people who deserve, because they are human beings on this earth, in the United States of America, we are trying to get them in a position so they will understand and want to.”

When Lemon asked “Why is it so hard for some people to get that message, to hear that message, to receive that message, and without lashing out?”, he replied, “Well, it’s because they feel, I think they feel embarrassed,” and related a story about Sammy Davis, Jr. “We were in playing in a routine, and I told him I knew something. He said no you don’t. I said yes, I do. I said it. He said no, that’s not the way it goes. I said the same thing louder. He said, ‘Bill, saying it loud don’t make it right.’”

“And so, every loud voice you hear yelling about something,” he explained, “and saying ‘Well you just — you lost us. You became a millionaire,’ the reason why I’m giving you this information is because I was living in the projects. I was not taking care of myself in terms of managing my education, and once the door opened and I saw quote, unquote, the light, I started to become very successful.”

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  • Angie

    Cosby’s a joke and a hypocrite. This is a many with MANY out of wedlock children that he never supported nor cared about and certainly denied. (There was a well-known case in 1996 where one of the girls he fathered outside his marriage sued him.)

    He is also notorious for sexually harassing all of the women during the Cosby Show run. Again, women have attempted lawsuits regarding this. I’m sick of this old, sellout. Just go away, Cosby. You’re not funny and you’re not ethical either.

    • reality

      So what you’re saying is that you believe his message is wrong? Sell out? How about 70% of Black kids being born out of wed lock for other people to raise and get that free government check? Sounds to me that is the BIGGEST sellout! How is what Cosby is saying, not true? Take responsibility for your own lives and stop blaming everyone else for your failure. It IS NOT my responsibility to take care of you! Raise your own kids.

      • Shannon Ambler

        Bill Cosby is allowed to have his own personal mistakes without the criticism of other people. He still brought a lot to American Culture and black people. Bill Cosby shined positive light on little children and black families. All to often we forget what a person has done positively throughout their life. Why is him having a daughter out of wedlock more important for you to point out than what he has done for black society. Really.

      • Shannon Ambler

        @reality. I could not agree with you more.

      • cg chase

        Let’s straighten a few things out. I’m black and all the blacks I know have raised or are still raising their kids without government assistance. Your issue with the black man is inappropriate and lays all of the responsibility for having un-protected sex on the male half of the equation. Daughters need to be taught more self respect the majority of you out there have watched Maury Povich and seen women on the show go through multiple men to identify the father of their child. It’s an American cultural issue not an African American issue. When I was a teenager your parents made you take repsonsibility for a child you father whether you were in love with the other person or not it was still your blood. Today however, It doesn’t matter to the younger generation, the first thing out of their mouth is its not mine. We need to teach our younger generation that sex is not about having fun it has consequences that must be faced. The girls are worst than the guys some of them get pregnant by total strangers they had never seen before, or even know their real names. The only way to end the deadbeat dad syndrome, a syndrome that is now definitely cross-cultural, is to teach the youngsters to have more self worth. After all folks men can’t have babies and if they could the population would definitely be in jeopardy of extinction.

        • Gina

          As a teacher in a predominately black school (most of our students are on government assistance) and I see so many beautiful young ladies engaging in inappropriate attention seeking behavior with male students. Most of my young ladies do not know their fathers or either their whereabouts. I know if these young ladies had benefited from a loving relationship with a father, there would not be this need to seek male attention. They are starved for it. It breaks my heart everyday.

          • Miss Tee

            That is sad.

        • D. Nable

          I partially agree w/you. But BOTH people need to do whatever to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. The guys tend to be lazy because they are not the participant who will get pregnant. I worked in a GYNE unit for a few years, responsibility works both ways. Women have more than preg. fears to deal with. Many young women have multiple STD’s, which can lead to Inflammatory Pelvic disease. Very painful, requires IV antibiotics, that are caustic to their veins. My teaching was for the female to be protected, w/condoms. Other BC methods won’t protect her from STD’s. They said “he” doesn’t like condoms; I asked, who is in here every few months, in pain, being treated? Also, men need to be treated too, or they just pass it on back. But I digress.

          • Miss Tee

            Birth control is not 100% the only thing is abstinence. Yes I got pregnant by a deadbeat my only child but he’s getting taken care of by me and if you have sex period those are the risks that you take black or white.

    • MV2000

      Why should shoot the messenger? He never said he is Saint Cosby, they asked for his opinion, and he gave it. And He only meant to inspire people. Those who have ears will listen.

      • peter leonardis

        he is a real inspiration cheated multiple times he admits to. the women claim he drugged them he says no just sex. a great husband inspirational. forsakes his child inspirational. he tells young blackmen do not wear you pants so low when he can not keep his on.

      • cg chase

        Bill Cosby is from another era. He didn’t have to deal with women who get pregnant for insane reason’s like trapping a boyfriend or to get public assistance. During his day young ladies didn’t attend sex parties or sell themselves for drugs. Bill acts as if he knows these young black men personally and they are all irresponsible, news flash Bill, most of the deadbeat dads in our community don’t even know their dads and the other half are locked up.

        • D. Nable

          cg, you think that you invented all this? All of these problems have existed for many years. Back when, we LEARNED to be adults w/ ability for delayed gratification. Then the 60’s or 70’s came along w/ “If it feels good, do it”. Ya’ll just have no true notion of responsibility and consequences. Frankly, most statistics put the lie to your comments.

    • Gary Street

      Base off the replies, I think we all know who the JOKE is.

  • peter leonardis

    bill cosby is a bum. he preaches to black men about fatherhood and he is a child deserter. he had a child out of wedlock never saw the kid for 20 yrs and gave the mom 20000to shut up. when she found out she confronted him and he had her falsely arrested for extortion she has since been released. he has had multiple affairs he admits to. women claim he has drugged them for sex. he tells cop there was sex no drugs. great husband great dad. this lowlife goes around preaching to black men to be good dads .cosby is no cliff huxtable he is just another deadbeat dad .

  • M

    He must think we forgot that he fathered a daughter while he was married and kept her a secret until she tried to extort money from him. So all the time he was trying to have this persona of being a great father figure both on and off the screen, he was living a lie. I wish he would just shut up.

    • http://YAHOO SHELBY


      • peter leonardis

        yes it is real great hearing a deadbeat dad say don’t be a deadbeat go away cosby let real fathers talk. hang your head in shame instead of telling others to

    • D. Nable

      Gee, M, how does it feel to be perfect? Me, I have never been burdened w/ perfection. I have made lots of mistakes, but that doesn’t mean, someone else cannot LEARN from my mistakes, if they will just LISTEN!

  • Herb

    If you’re bagging on Cosby, you are precisely what’s wrong. Did he EVER claim he was perfect? He’s 100% right. Get it together, black people!

    • peter leonardis

      he always professes how great he is he is bum a cheater a deadbeat dad get real men to preach white or black not this lowlife

    • Magic

      like white people have everything together right

    • Genki

      So since one has to say ‘get it together black people’ does that mean black people have an issue that is socially wrong?

      • Michelle Harrison

        Yeah, their skin color. Slackers come in all races. Let’s just face facts. When black people were “freed” from slavery, laws were actually enacted to imprison them (Black code) and force them to work off their “debt to society”. Vagrancy (not having identification) was the most common. When the slaves were “freed”, they were not issued legal identification which immediately put them in violation of this stupid law. This was the beginning of the systemized funneling of black males into the prison system. This practice continues to date. Now that the prison system has become privatized, our schools are turned into something resembling puppy mills where the black male children are deliberately misunderstood and set up to fail. They jump from a flawed school system to prison. And slavery continues…

        • mike

          this might all be true but i think that Cosby is saying that given an unfair world, the only way to succeed is by one’s own pluck and courage. waiting for the world to right itself and become fair will not put food on the table and will result in a bitter unfullfilled life.

  • Jackie

    DR. Cosby, keep on talking.

    • peter leonardis

      how can you listen to this hypocrite cant you find someone decent

  • John Dale

    When you start taking care of all the children you make, I will start listening to you mr. cosby.

  • Bryant Turner

    Strange…ever since his son was murdered by a non-black person, he’s taken it upon himself to lecture Blacks on every perceived ill of black society.

    • Miss Tee

      He’s being asked a question and tells his opinion. If you don’t agree so be it, but let him speak his mind.

  • Jim

    Bill Cosby: African-American Men Should Love Kids

    Tell that to Floyd Mayweather Jr. He threatens his kids—period.

    • Matt

      Floyd Mayweather Jr. is all black men?

  • peter leonardis

    he tells young blackmen not to wear their pants so low and he cant keep his pants on. he is a bum telling men to be good dads when he is a deadbeat child neglecter

    • Miss Tee

      Pull your damn pants up stupid!

  • David Taylor

    Cosby hit the nail on the head with the word embarrassment. Black people look embarrassed every time you mention fatherlessness. I don’t care anymore. They need help and sometimes being confronted by people who want blacks to do well and succeed is a good thing.

  • David Taylor

    Cosby hit the nail on the head with the word embarrassment. Black people look embarrassed every time you mention fatherlessness. I don’t care anymore. They need help and sometimes being confronted by people who want blacks to do well and succeed is a good thing.

  • Maryanne

    Lacey– Why do you refer to Bill O’Reilly as a “Fox News Personality” but you lable Don Lemon as an anchor? Are we a little biased…?

  • David Taylor

    The government can help solve black fatherlessness by stopping the requirement that to receive welfare there cannot be a man in the house. That’s ridiculous. Give these people a better platform to build on and they will succeed.
    They always lash out if you talk about any of their short comings because of embarrassment and a feeling of powerlessness to solve such big problems.
    We need fathers in black households for success to begin to take hold in the black community. Kids without dad’s guidance feel that its “white” to do well in school, that its not “cool.” At that point all is lost.

    • D. Nable

      Welfare? How about job training? How about a GED? My brother’s best friend worked a full-time job and 2 part-time jobs, when his children were young. His wife was able to be a stay-at-home Mom.
      Fast-forward 20 years, he now OWNS the business that what his original FT job. As you can see, it didn’t happen overnight. It all requires COMMITMENT. Our culture has pretty must lost that value.

    • mike

      you are right i think. the law of unintended consequences. in the 60’s we decided we should help single parents by giving them a place to live so they could raise their children and get back on their feet. a great idea right? no, Wrong! given this incentive many couple decided not to marry so that the mother and her kids would not lose their housing. fast forward 50 years and we have a culture where boyfriends come and visit their girlfriends and kids at the housing project while officially living elsewhere. it is the cheapest way to live for a bunch of people barely getting by. all ethnic groups that have been caught in this poverty trap have reacted the same way. it is just conspicuous in the black community because of the high percentage of poverty in this group. Let’s stop penalizing marriage. lets not make public housing, food stamps, welfare etc. a lifestyle and make these programs into programs that help people lift themselves out of poverty

  • peter leonardis

    Now Theo practice safe sex and have the girl ask her mom if she slept with me. She could be your sister lovingly Dr. Huxtable

  • Maria

    I am black and I agree with Mr. Cosby one hundred percent! Black folks hate when they are being called to the carpet! STFU already! Black men need to be fathers to their children and stop making babies that you cannot afford. Stop the whining! I never depended on anyone for anything! I work hard for everything that I have! I am college educated and successful! Get it together black people and stop blaming the others for your mistakes!

  • Dr James Hines

    I agree men need to be fathers to their children. However, the socio-economic set-back have to change as well. I know I have a doctorate graduated top of my class, and still had the work extremely hard to get my job. Why, because there are still racist people out there who will do anything to sabotage you. I know several black men trying to become firefighters, knowing that the white boys in the academy are getting preference at test that must be taken, because they know another white person pulling the strings from the inside. Black men do love their children, black men do want to work and be successful, but for that to happen white men must be fair as well. This society is not just based upon working hard its also filled with the most racist men in the world, choosing the less talented white guy for the job. Don’t say it isn’t true when it is. So maybe the Black community is having problems with family, and maybe the white community is having problems with racism do the math, it equates to unfair job opportunities.

    Black people who have done well, still suffer injustices, discriminatory mortgage fees, car fees, bank fees, get it right Mr. Crosby. Not just one race of people should do right, all races need to do right, then all will be RIGHT!

    • Michelle Harrison

      Well Said!! It’s easy for him to sit on his lofty perch and pass judgment. Same mentality as house slaves vs. field slaves…Once slaves were “elevated” to house status, they felt above those who were not.

      • Miss Tee

        What are you talking about?? Are you really black?

    • Fredo

      ‘White boys’ huh?
      You’ve obviously got a bit of a racist side too.
      BTW, I took a test to become a Firefighter a few years ago. I scored a 94% which would have been enough to pass that part of the test and move on to the physical.
      Problem was, every minority got a 10% bonus on their score due to affirmative action. Even if I had scored 100% I would not have qualified because the minorities only need a 91% to beat any ‘White Boy’.

      • Miss Tee

        Where are you? Never heard of such a test. Is that just in your town? How stupid your comment is.

      • http://gapoblog.wordpress.com/ Gary

        Well that’s your life completely derailed, isn’t it. What on earth will you ever do now to keep body and soul together, now that the very last door available to you in life has been slammed in your face?

      • http://gapoblog.wordpress.com/ Gary

        Well that’s your life completely derailed, isn’t it? What on earth will you ever do now to keep body and soul together, now that the very last door available to you in life has been slammed in your face?

      • http://gapoblog.wordpress.com/ Gary

        Wow! Well that’s your entire life completely derailed, right there. What on earth will you ever do now to keep body and soul together, now that the very last door in the whole wide world available to you has been so cruelly slammed in your face? It must be so devastating. You have my total sympathy, trust me.

    • http://yahoo jojo

      Dr. Poor white people who have managed to get their degree also suffer injustices. Poor white kids have many of the same experiences as black children. There are many white children whose fathers have walked away. These children end up in jail because they cannot afford attorneys. Maybe not in the same numbers as your race but, they are treated just as unfairly. It is not just racism that is stangling our society, it is an economic system that now, only works for the wealthy. A rich society that has no sense of what is happening to the country as a whole. A justice system that also, only works for the wealthy. When the economic system and justice system is skewed to serve only the wealthy the country will eventiualy crash. It has happened to every government in every country in history. Equality has to start with educating all citizens, feeding all children, good health, and infrastucture builds nations, not police, prisons, and a wealthy few.

  • Dan Kelly

    Over the years I’ve come to see Dr. Cosby as a wise man, a man of experience, of acquired insight.Starting life as an ignorant kid, I learned a lot from this man as I grew.I am grateful. We in America need to start listening to the wiser people among us so we may move forward and evolve.In Buddhism people like Dr. Cosby are referred to as Boddhisatvas, people of wisdom who choose to remain among the people to share their wisdom.

  • Sean

    BIll Cosby say that father should stick around after they bring kids into this world so that they can take them out.

    • D. Nable

      Sean, are you joking? Or truly corrupting his message?

      • Michelle Harrison

        His message is corrupt from the jump…

      • KevinG

        You know Sean is referring to a part of Bill Cosby’s comedy right? He once joked saying ‘I brought you into this world, I can take you out’

        • GABI PATEL

          that was hilarious!

    • Steve

      Is this typical of the “intelligent” African race? Friggin brilliant response. No wonder you have to blame others for your stupidity.

  • Albee

    So the messenger has flaws get over it— People keep reiterating the obvious and that is he is not perfect… but that does not mean he is not perfectly on point about the subject, and it does not negate the plain truth that men in general need to step up and take responsibility for their actions. If they father children raise them and break that cycle. Kids need both parents in their lives. They need stability and a sense of shelter and peace in order for them to thrive. Its just that simple whether its coming out of Bill Cosby’s mouth or someone else’s mouth the plain and simple truth is NOBODY should father children and walk away from them only to have someone else THE AMERICAN TAX PAYERS raise them. Only sends a message to their offspring that their mothers were just either one night standers or not important enough to their fathers to stick around…what a great legacy for a man to leave behind… NOT!

  • http://yahoo olivia fernand

    mr,cosby is right, why do Black people get mad because he gives advice. he is black so he is talking to black people, i do not get mad when a hispanic talks to hispanics, thats what wrong with Black people they do not want to be told anything, all they do is blame everything that hapens in their life on slavery, get over it, we the hispanics were also discriminated ,you don’t hear us crying all the time about it, get behind out their to work and take care of your family.

    • Michelle Harrison

      The reason black people get angry at some of the illustrious Bill Cosby’s comments is because he blames the victims. There is no question that since Blacks have been in this country the deck has been stacked against them. Oh sure, a couple of us may have been allowed celebrity status, but far more are crushed beneath systemic oppression. He was one who was talented and his talent elevated him to a position where systemic racism doesn’t touch him. But surely he hasn’t forgotten what it is like when you don’t have celebrity status. Surely, he realizes that not everyone possesses comedic talent and not everyone will be a celebrity. In every aspect of American life, black people face obstacles that their white counterparts will never face. School systems in minority neighborhoods let our children down so that they can become modern-day slaves to the criminal justice system and privatized prison systems. It is sad that such a talented man feels so helpless that he has to turn on his own to remain relevant.

      • GABI PATEL

        African Americans aren’t the only minority to face racism and discrimination. let’s get this straight. This Community needs to get it’s act together and begin valuing the family and education. Why don’t they support each other instead of tearing each other down? The most damage is not ‘the white man’..it’s w/in themselves. When I was applying for college scholarships and financial aid, the majority of Aide was for AA, HIspanics and Native Americans. There’s no excuse for not getting educated in this nation. I admire Bill Cosby and always have.. btw, I am an Indian adoptee. GO GO GO DR. COSBY!

        • Maria

          That is because black folks want to place the blame game on everybody else instead of looking within themselves. There is plenty of opportunities out here but we are so busy focusing on the negative but get mad when other people who are not from the USA go to school and make something out themselves. I am so sick and tired of hearing about it. Black people seriously need to get it together.

        • amy

          I would like to paint a simple picture for you, as well as everyone else who I have read that is saying the same thing you are. My cousin and I are the same age. To make a long story short, we both went to take a practice test to receive our diplomas. I was way ahead of her on the test in every single category. Do you want to know why? Because I grew up attending white schools in the suburbs while she went to school in the projects. Do you see what is wrong with that picture? I can go on and on about advantages that whites have over us. You don’t understand that it’s not about blaming anyone. It is partially us blacks fault, but not COMPLETELY! Besides, other races do the exact same dumb shit that we do just as much. What’s their excuse? By the way, I am so sick of other people of other races trying to tell us what we should do. Mind you fucking business and stop taking up for America’s one-sided, capitalistic, selfish society. Keep in mind, the one’s in power in the country don’t like you anymore than they like us ‘niggas.’

        • http://webpronews/life amycrumedy

          Gabi, you are so correct. at one time people could blame the white man for certain things , but today there is no excuse I am not saying that racism is still not among us, only that there is more of a chance for people to make life better for themselves today. I think people get frightened of the unknown of actually trying and making a change, maybe of failure or even success.

      • Anna

        Please, stop your whining. Black people, as well as other races, are given special privileges that white people are not. Why not take a look at affirmative action for instance? I’ve been to many government offices where the clerk hardly seemed smart enough to pick her own nose, and was rude and unhelpful. But she got hired just because she was black. Scholarships are offered to numerous “minority” groups that are NOT offered to white people. So shut up with this “the deck is stacked against me” crap.

        Plenty of blacks have gone out and made something great of themselves, because they CHOSE to. They saw themselves as worthy and went out and did what they wanted to do. It’s a free country with equal opportunity and has been for years now. Pull your head out of 1960 in Mobile, Alabama you whiner. Self-pitying dead weight like you is what unfortunately still gives some black people a bad name.

        • Anna

          this comment was directed at Michelle the whiner, not Gabi

    • Miss Tee

      Who are the black people that are supposedly mad? I’m black and most blacks that I know aren’t mad, we agree with Bill Cosby.

    • Marisha

      I agree with Mr. Cosby, because what he is saying is true and it is true for everyone not just the black community. I am African American and I was raised to try my best and follow the right values in life and never stop trying. But I disagree with @Olivia fernand because anytime something goes on in the Latino community they say that they are being racially profiled and when the Latino people do not get their way they start to protest in front of state buildings. They come over illegally and think it is ok because they feel they do not have to follow the rules of the law. I see it all the time in the state that I live in and on the news. Working your but off is working, not smuggling things in the country and human trafficking. Slavery is one thing but breaking the law is another and I did not realize that the black community always blamed slavery on everything. So people should not be so negative about other races because no one is perfect. Everyone needs to try harder and stop looking for a hand out and a free ticket. All people have a chance to better themselves, and the way they chose to do it is their way, but it should be the right way, not making excuses for anything. People need to just try in life to be better and have better morals for themselves, so the world can be better for everyone.

    • http://gapoblog.wordpress.com/ Gary

      Okay you’ve covered what’s wrong with black people. Now please fill us in what’s wrong with other ethnic groups?

  • Douglas Root

    A quote from a Dr. Benjamin E. Mays says it all!

    “It’s not your environment, IT’S YOU!
    It’s the quality of your mind, the integrity
    of your sould and the determination of your
    will that will decide and shape your future.”

    Stop the BLAME GAME, it holds the African American hostage.

    Simple put by NIKE, “No Excuses, Just Do IT!”

  • K Graves

    Dr. Cosby is spot on where this issue is concerned. It also applies to every race! Without the family nucleus, children have more issues throughout their lives. I had my oldest at a young age so I grew up, started college and a career in broadcasting. I raised my daughter and was involved in her life every single day as she grew up. These social problems begin in the home and the solutions must start in the home as well. I applaud Mr. Cosby for having the courage to speak out honestly about a topic that desperately needs to be addressed. As for his personal life, I feel he has more insight BECAUSE of his experience. Most great therapists and counselors lived through and survived terrible decisions and behaviors…that is why they are able to achieve success.

    • Beyond-The-Political-Spectrum.blogspot

      However, black people lead the numbers in most negative statistical areas…teenage childbirth rates, crime in communties, incareration rates, infant mortality, deaths by homicides, droput rates, single parents, etc. This is why it applies more to us.

      • Miss Tee

        Yes you’re right. It goes for all men but especially black men.

      • jp

        do more research, I can tell you never been in the hood and have middle class parents. those numbers are based on percentages of people in small areas.

      • amy

        THAT IS NOT TRUE,HOMEY!!!!!!! AT ALL!!!! Someone obviously misinformed you because whites are twice as likely to kill each other than we are. I think you are feeding into stereotypes. We do not do anything anymore than anyone else does, we just get the stigma of it!

  • Miss Tee

    Bill Cosby is so right. He’s right about most things and I think he’s an excellent role model. I had my 1st and only child in 2012 by Andrew Fisher in Mobile, Al and he told me to abort my child and that he didn’t want anymore kids because he already had 3, but really only had 2. And to this day he’s never seen his son, paid anything or ever been there. Some black men need to learn to be unselfish and caring for other people.

    • RH

      I think you also need to be cautious of who you have a baby with. Why are you laying down with this man if he already has children he isn’t taking care of. What happened to waiting until you are married to have children?

    • cindre

      As a woman, I feel that women hold the key. Do these men ask you to have their children? Just because you have a sexual relationship with a man doesn’t mean you have to get pregnant. It is caused birth control! No wonder the men run away. Some of these women need to stop romanticizing sex. “Oh, he loves me and I just know he is going to love this child.” Get to know him and see how he takes care of his other children. You won’t be any different, I guarantee it. Come on look around and see how your mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, and friends have to scrimp and scrape to make ends meet being single mothers. Children are precious and they have to be taken care of. WAIT AND THINK ABOUT GETTING PREGNANT! Get your education,travel,a job, and enjoy being single and free to do some things you want to do. Parenting is 100%.

  • jp

    what about all the men of other races? that are the same way. do any of you feel the same way? if not you are racist

  • ShyGirl

    Bill has hit the nail on the head. We as individuals, irrespective of ethnicity, need to take responsibilities for ourselves and our actions. I was born to parents who did not want me beginning from the first breath I took. My ‘father’ never met me. My ‘Mother’ never let me forget her hatred of my father by physically and mentally taking out her anger on me. I left ‘home’ at a very young age … as the abuse was escalating. I chose not to have children. I chose to go to college and complete my Bachelor and Master degree. I did this without any financial assistance from my parents. I found a way through my employment. Yes, one of the lucky ones. However, I took responsibility for myself. I could have decided to feel sorry for myself and become one of the statistics (unwed mother of many children on welfare). But I chose not to.

    • ShyGirl

      For those who just have to know … I am Native American / Hispanic.

    • Jazzz

      Good for you ShyGirl! Sorry for what you had to go thru, but greatly admire how you have come out! I’m sure it had to have been a fight, and you could have easily gone down the road of being the victim, but you didn’t! And because you didn’t, you are leading so much of a better life! I feel confident to say, good things will come to you! I admire you! You go girl!!!

  • http://webpronews/life amycrumedy

    I think Mr. Cosby is right on track; However a lot of these young women need to stop sleeping around and get back to being ladies. if the dude you have a child with may not have the funds at the time to help provide; you need to let them still be a father and help discipline their children at least. a lot of these young women will not let the fathers do this just because they are not contributing financially they chase them out of the picture. something is better than nothing at all.

  • Big Ron

    I am shocked by some of the comments on here. It seems like there are excuses being made for Black men not taking care of their children. There is no excuse. I grew up in North Philly and West Philly. My father worked at a warehouse moving boxes. He never left me. I have two children and I would never leave them. Black men need to step up. Racism does not give any man an excuse to not take care of their children. These men Bill Cosby are referring to have left their children. He said 70% of Black households are headed by women. That is crazy.

    • BJ

      I have a novel idea – stop having babies that you don’t want to support and raise. I made the choice not to have children and have never regretted it. Raising and supporting children is a huge responsibility – so please don’t take it on if you aren’t up for it.

  • Name

    I think personal responsibility should be discussed more. No one is held accountable for things. This goes for all issues – everything from race to sex to our children to parenting. We wonder why things never improve — it is because we never hold people accountable for their choices.

    You ever wonder why our teenagers are so messed up today? They make fully aware choices to do the things they do, but no matter what, we always have the built in excuse that they are just “children” and that they don’t know what they are doing. The teenager will even admit that they knew what they were doing and we still assume that they didn’t. We see them freely choosing to do everything adults are doing and it is right before our eyes, yet we simply never hold them responsible. We don’t deal with the reality of the world today. We delude ourselves and construct a built in excuse. I can give you a ton of examples of this. Problem is that when you do this nothing every gets better and we see that evidence around us every day.

    This works the same way with race. We all need to be more personally responsible to ourselves and those people around us.

    • Marisha

      That was said really well, because it is true. Everything these days people try to justify what they do. Someone might know what they are doing is wrong, but they will make an excuse why they did it or look over whatever it was that happened. I appreciate another well rounded person in this world.

  • chug

    These are black community issues and shouldn’t be discussed amongst outsiders. Shame on Mr. Cosby for airing such dirty laundry on such an open public platform.

    • @Chug

      Chug —- we are all one community. We are all human beings. Americans divide themselves way too much. Actually, all humanity does that.

    • Bird

      I feel these conversations should take place on a local level beginning with churches and schools in Black neighborhoods. We need to reach the Black community internally and not on a worldwide stage. I believe a person’s motivation is questioned when these comments are made on a major cable news program or a national platform. These statements encourage White people to feel justified in their negative opinions and feelings towards Black people in general. We need to work from the inside in a positive way to empower and motivate the Black community.

  • Lillian Walton

    This will come as a shock to many people, but Bill Cosby’s words are controversial to nobody. Even the irresponsible African American parents he’s talking about know they should do better.

    What keeps the cycle of poverty going is that too many people in poor neighborhoods make poor choices when they are very young and by the time they realize they should have taken their educations more seriously, they have a family to support and are stuck in low-paying jobs.

    Some manage to bootstrap themselves up into the middle class, but many spend all their energy just surving. The hard part isn’t convincing some poor people that education is key. The hard part is to discourage folks from digging themselves a hole that is hard to climb out of.


    I agree with what Mr. Cosby is saying. However, the women who are raising the children as HOH are also collecting major gov’t assistance money. They like it that way. If the Dad was to return the she would either have to share it or forfeit it because he works. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen these black women ( few together at a time) shopping at Walmart with their kids in tow. Shopping carts FILLED to the brim. There has to be 400/500.00 worth of stuff in their bins every time.

    • Voice of Reason

      Questions for you:

      How do you know these woman were on govt assistance?
      How do you know the kids fathers were not supporting them?
      How do you know that these woman would choose to stay on govt asstance over working things out with their kids fathers?
      How do you know they “like” it that way?

      Did you walk up to them and interview these woman to get this information?
      Or are you just using racial stereotypes and making assumtions based on you racist opinion?

      Don’t you think YOU are a big part of the problems with Americas race relations?
      What can YOU do to prevent the spread of hatred and misinformation?

      Don’t you think you should stop posting ignorant rants online when you have no idea what you are talking about?

      Answer these questions then get back to me.

    • http://webpro lee one

      Most of these losers have seen other losers bang and leave women all of their lives, they thinks it’s the macho thing to do, sleep with a bunch of women with no consequences and high five each other, this comes from being raised by ignorant people…On the other hand you have these young girls wanting to have babies spreading their legs for these thug trash boys, not being taught to make your life better and love will come later!

    • http://yahoo Angie

      See t’s people like you that assume just because a Black Women is in Walmart shopping and her basket is filled to the rim does not MEAN she is on some kind of assistance. I shop at Wally World all the time and my basket always look like that and I’m a hard working black women who does not get assistance. So what’s the problem, if you saw that then you were there shopping too. There are somethings I do agree with Bill Cosby and some I don’t, but it’s not him who is assuming it’s people like you. He knows about black people and how some have it hard and some don’t but that goes with every other RACE out there but nobody wants to point the finger at them.. If you do some checking then YOU would know that the most poeple receiving assistance are WHITE people. SO RUN TELL THAT!!!!!

  • Ronnie’d

    Another black child will be stereotyped killed thxs bill Cosby. For making this a race issue..Racism is still alive

    • Jazzz

      You bet it is! Racism is alive and well thanks to the black folk who just won’t let it die! All you have to do is look at the Chinese, Vietnamese, Polish, Irish, Italians etc to see that if a race wants to rise above, they just get on with their life and quit blaming everyone else for their troubles!

  • Ronnie’d

    Sad to say this is not a post racial.. We got a long way to go

  • John Doe

    Bill Cosby’s opinions go no where if he is not making a significant contribution to help make men, women, and families better. They hear sermons every Sunday but see few people actually showing them how to do what they are being told they need to do. Talk is cheap and if it what’s being said is so valuable put some of your millions with it, as a matter of fact put all of your millions with it because you should be smart enough to make all over again. The issues Cosby is speaking of are not black, African American issues, they are people issues. I serve all races in a social service capacity and people of all races have the same issues. How we have determined these are black issues I’m unsure; maybe because that’s how he really feels about black people. Just because a person is a certain color doesn’t mean they identify or have relate with their race. Also, many black women are single because that’s what they chose, not because their children’s father left the family. My wife divorced me and we had two children; she didn’t care, all she wanted was to have her way at any cost; whether it meant ruining and splitting our family or not. When you make big statements you better know what your talking about because some people love being the victim and they only need a little bit to fan that flame. Many black people don’t go to college not because they are ignorant or lazy but because college and universities make it difficult to get in; especially when people like Bill Cosby offer his two cents perpetuating the stereotype that black are lazy, ignorant, baby having people on welfare which is also common for whites, Mexicans, and others have the same problem too. I am an educated, divorced African American man who is father to his children. I don’t talk about what I do for and with my children I do it because it is a privilege to be their father.

    • Jazzz

      Quit looking for a hand out, buddy! Bill Cosby IS making a great contribution by telling folks it’s all about character and not what someone else can or can’t do for you! IT’S UP TO YOU TO MAKE THE DIFFERENCE! NOT anyone else! Just how in the world is someone suppose to “show” you how to take interest in your child…to be a Dad or a Mom…how are they suppose to “show” you that you owe it to your child, and to the rest of America to take a financial interest in your child, get a job and pay for their upkeep?!? Just how in the world do you expect someone to show that to you?!? Funny, because you are also asking him to donate his millions to you to educate you. You are disgusting!

  • Erin

    Bill Cosby actually cares enough to say the hard things that need saying. He is brave enough to endure the criticism of all those who would rather blame anyone but themselves for their troubles. He has done more for kids in America (of every race) than most celebrities. Too bad the loud, apathetic few will do whatever they can to silence him. The world needs more men like him.

  • hydee

    O’Reilly needs to concentrate on solving the problems in the white community…that group of people who have everything and still aren’t satisfied…so they shoot up theaters, schools, post offices…etc…they take out whole families, rape, kill and dismember the so called prized white women because they’re evil, angry, disgruntled and tetched in the head and everybody makes excuses for their behavior. I grew up in the all black projects and everybody had a daddy either at home or who stayed in their children’s lives…so Cosby can kiss the crack of my black butt and take his appeasement with him…He ain’t exactly father of the year either…ask the wife he cheated on!

  • L.

    To some other commenters. There is a difference between being a good husband and a good father.
    When 70% of children are born to single mothers in any demograghic there is a problem. Statistically most children born to single parent households are at a disadvantage from birth. Bill Cosby is recognizing this problem. He also recognizes that opportunities often aren’t given but need to be recognized when available. I truly believe that almost anyone from any background is capable of achieving their goals but it is up to them to put in the time and work.

  • Jazzz

    I praise Bill Cosby for standing up telling folks they need to take responsibility for their own lives! I am so sick and tired of hearing about the black race card that I’m almost becoming prejudice because of it! Thank God for people like Bill!

    • TruBlackConservative

      Something tells me by reading your statement that are were already prejudiced against black folks in the first place.

      There are a lot of ‘us’ that are like Mr. Cosby. People that refuse to lay on our black ass and not do anything with our lives and at the same time kissing white ass thinking it is going to get us “somewhere” long term.

      Nice try, sir.

  • Michelle

    amen Bill Cosby! American adults, whatever race or ethnicity, need to take personal responsibility for themselves and their children. There is no better indication of a child’s future than the character of the parent.

  • http://my.telegraph.co.uk/areyeastinfectionscontagious/ Scottie Schutt

    Hmm it looks like your website ate my first comment (it was super long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I had written and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I too am an aspiring blog blogger but I’m still new to the whole thing. Do you have any recommendations for rookie blog writers? I’d genuinely appreciate it.

  • AP


    In case you may find it to be of
    interest … listed below is a link
    to an essay which notes how
    — Bill Cosby is NOT the person
    that his “America’s Dad” image
    (created in Hollywood) has
    worked to portray him to be.


    He seems to have a lot of issues with
    “woman” in general; the true notion
    of ‘fatherhood’ and with being
    truthful about his ‘credentials’.
    It’s sad how Hollywood creates
    these ‘icons’ and then parades
    them around to condemn and
    scold the ‘lesser members’ of
    society yet — all the while — these
    ‘icons’ are living the same lifestyle.