Bill Clinton Appears in New Ad For Obama

By: Sean Patterson - August 24, 2012

The re-election campaign for President Barack Obama this week released a new TV ad featuring former President Bill Clinton. In the ad, Clinton endorses President Obama’s economic vision, comparing it to his own in the 90s.

The ad begins with President Clinton framing the election in terms of job-creation. “This election, to me, is about which candidate is more likely to return us to full employment,” said Clinton. “This is a clear choice. The Republican plan is to cut more taxes on upper-income people and go back to deregulation – that’s what got us in trouble in the first place.”

This short speech is followed by fast cuts showing working-class Americans and President Obama interacting with them in a friendly manner. Clinton speaks over these images and strongly associates Obama’s economic plan with the one he had in the 90s.

The choice to focus on job creation is an interesting and potentially risky one for President Obama. While the economy has recovered slightly over Obama’s first term, in absolute terms it still has a long way to go before it could be called “good.” This type of economy generally favors the challenger in presidential elections. However, as University of Colorado political scientists Michael Berry and Kenneth Bickers point out, job creation, historically speaking, is an issue that can swing votes for Democrats. Their election prediction, which yesterday pegged Mitt Romney as a clear winner, was based on state economies. It took both unemployment figures and changes in real per capita income into account.

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  • http://webpronews moose1220

    Don’t understand Bill Clinton leaning toward Socialism. Are all Democrats so blindly led down this destructive path with a president who came from nowhere and has put our country in a downward spiral. There are more people than ever on gov’t. assistance programs, business incentives being squashed, seniors hurting financially..what a disaster to be supporting. Waiting for some courageous Democrats to make a public break but, if they can’t handle that, at least do it in the voting booth. (or are they really Socialists?).

    • Rob

      Absolutely. Fascism is a much better option.

      • Henri Rojas

        What I don”t understand is that your telling us democrats that we are fascism and blind.Well I am not neither.I elected our President just as millions others did.He was elected but never treated like a President. Everybody just started to denounce him in what ever he does or say,I grew up in the 50’s.I see prejudice all over again.It’s actually starting to get racial.So if your trying to say we are blind and fascism you better take a good look at how you are talking like a communist.

  • http://webpronews moose1220

    Bill Clinton defending and promoting a Socialist???? Hope he and many other Democrats wake up in the voting booth. Our country is in trouble with the path Obama is taking us on.

  • http://webpronews Barbara P

    Bill Clinton promoting a Socialist??? Hope he and other Democrats vote for America when in the voting booth. It blows my mind!

    • Doug

      Barbara, could you please tell me what a socialist is? I hear it on fox and morons keep repeating it but I just dont see it. Is it because they take our tax money?

  • R.Moore

    I like Bill Clinton. I’m not worried about O’s economic plan , near as much as his MUSLIN AGENDA for this country. Bill wake up. Please run again for president. We need U more than ever.

    • Jon in Milwaukee

      Are you insane? That was the moron (Bill Clinton) that teed up the housing bubble to burst by, among other things, finishing killing off the Glass-Steagall act. We need either Bill Clinton OR Barak Obama like we need the black plague coming back around!

      • Jim

        you dont have the right to call a president a moron. he did fine in office, but made wrong choices out of it

      • dave


    • Doug

      he is not eligible

    • sue in madison

      There is no Muslim agenda. Where do you get this kind of “information”? Provide us with any credible example to support this propaganda. Obama cares about this country and the American people. He has moved the economy forward since dubbya allowed the finance and mortgage industries to run the economy into the ground at the expense of +90% of us. No one could have straightened out the dubbya mess in four years. While Obama has worked tirelessly to do the right thing for Americans, congress has done anything and everything to prevent progress. The Republicans single goal for the past 4 years has been to do whatever necessary to prevent Obama from being re-elected – not to improve circumstances for the bulk of the American people.

  • deka

    His Bad

  • debbie

    His Bad

    • dave


  • Jim

    I personally think that Obama has been an OKAY president. he has shown that he can lead the USA in war, and he has drastically slowed our increasing debt. No one can immediatley stop and lower trillions of dollars of debt within four years. he deserves more time because the USA is headed in the right direction.
    HOWEVER, Bill Clinton does not qualify to speak much politics in my opinion.

    Also, Romney is not a good choice for president. He is trying to lower taxes for the rich who have the money that can help us. Also he immediatly lost my vote when he said he doesnt support same sex marriage. Dont get me wrong. I’m Christain and not gay, but in the United States we have freedom of religion. they should be able to do what they want according to their beliefs as long as it doesnt physically harm anyone.
    Americans have three specific rights that cannot be taken away unless done so by the law.
    you have the right to (1)life, (2) Liberty, and (3) the pursuit of Happiness.
    Marrying someone you love is Happiness. Am I wrong?

  • http://n/ gene hodge

    what a mess. people dont know what they beleive anymore. we have no good choice to elect for president, boils down to lesser of evils.
    Dont think it will matter who is elected, our country is so far down the tubes it wont make it. we are just repeating history of former
    nations or empires that became great, began liberlizing and allowing
    open trash in society and spending billions on sloths too lazy or stupid to work. history repeating itself, they failed and we are headed that way with our pedal to the metal.

  • Edgardo Roman

    Bill Clinton knows that Obama is doing okay with dealing with the Republicans that they dont let him work like he wants.

  • shibbler

    AS I recalled the economy was way down the drain when President Obama got elected and we will not see the results of his efforts for a few more yrs. This process is going to take a while whether we like it or not do to the prevoius eight yrs that our former president messed up in. Yes people have lost their jobs, businesses have closed, employment after college may suck(yes I am part of those graduates who is still seeking that wonderful job that all of our money went towards) :(, but really. If it was mccain or hillary in the office same sh*t would have applied. Hell it’s no pleasing of the country no matter who’s the president as it seems. We can not fought him cause we aren’t patient enough for immediate results.

    • Ben Ferrer

      Obama gave us his best shots during the difficult times, he wants to let America win. Romney is giving us his shifting story lines to get votes, he is a contortionist; his efforts are all directed to winning only, without any clear commitment to the electorate. Mitt is like his blimp that fell in Florida, he is running out of air to becloud the real issues.