Bikram Sex Scandal Rocks Yoga Community

    March 28, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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[UPDATE] The Bikram sex scandal has now gotten the NMA treatment.

Though the sexual roots of yoga have been all but purged from the practice the “spiritual” attachments have remained. This means that there are still “spiritual” leaders of certain styles of yoga. That, along with the teacher-student power dynamics inherent in yoga classes, can create an atmosphere ripe for the exploitation of authority.

This week, the yoga world was shaken by a lawsuit that has been filed against the founder of Bikram Yoga, Choudhury Bikram. According to a Gawker report, a woman named Sarah Baughn claims that Bikram sexually harassed and assaulted her during a yoga instructor training camp in 2005.

Baughn claims that Bikram came onto her during the camp, even going so far as to tell her that he knew her “from a past life,” and that he had a special type of feeling for her. Baughn rejected his offers, but claims she was later assaulted by the teacher. She states that Bikram “pinned her against a door” and humped her leg while kissing her face, neck, and chest.

The Bikram Yoga organization has released a rebuttal to the charges laid out in the lawsuit:

Bikram Choudhury has spent over 50 years bringing the benefits of Bikram Yoga to people through his teaching and the creation of his worldwide Bikram hot yoga organization.

He is disappointed by the false charges made in this lawsuit. However, the matter is in the hands of his attorneys, and he will not comment at this time.

Bikram expresses gratitude to all who have reached out to express their love and support.

  • jeff

    As a yoga teacher for 22 years, I can say with certainty that Bikram is the biggest loser, idiot in the yoga world. They don’t respect him in India at all, he’s a male chauvenist (sp?) He thinks Westerners are evil and say’s we can’t even handle meditation which is why he won’t teach it. Hard work-out in 104 degrees, not very smart. You guys, find another teacher who at least has an IQ above his shoe size, and keeps his thing in his pocket!!!

  • http://yahoo.com James Reyes

    This guy has turned a spirtiual practice of yoga into an exercise for sex addicts and perverts. He should be stripped from his profession for fondling women like if they’re porn stars. This guy is a philanderer and a letcher.

  • Elaine

    I agree, Bikram is a douchebag. One time I took one of his five day trainings at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Lenox, Mass. Everyone on staff knew Bikram was inappropriate and verbally abusive towards people and sometimes warned people who intended to study with him about how rude and mean he is. I went ahead and signed up to take his course after the one I had gone there to take got cancelled. I have a curvy body, and he said in front of the whole class, when you move around, a whole lot of moving and shaking is going on. To another student who was rather thick/heavy, he suggested, again in front of the whole group, that she eat nothing but a half a sandwich per day for the next six months. He referred to a tall, lanky man in the group as “Lamppost,” as if this were his actual name. I can’t believe someone hasn’t yanked him out of the yoga teaching community already. Bikram is the biggest douchebag yoga instructor I ever met and I hope this causes him to lose his business and any shred of credibility he still has.

    • joey

      most ridiculous thing i ever heard.

  • lizz

    What do you all expect… Yoga is of The devil..
    you all are clearly not christians or you would not be praticing yoga
    Whatever happened to plain exercise.
    Meditate on the WORD of GOD Yahweh…Read your bible. exercise self control for good eating habits
    I pray for your souls because when you practice yoga you a doing something satanic. Stop following everything that comes through the door …..you people are bored because you do not know the Most High God
    that is why you spend your money and time on these demonic things
    Try Jesus!!!!!!!!!!! he saves

    • joey

      responded to the wrong comment, but this is actually the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard.

  • lizz

    If you research all about yoga you will know that it is not of God
    Please westerners stop trying everything ….you are giving your souls away and your paying for it in more ways than money

    Please try the Holy Bible….Pray, Ask God to fill you with the Holy spirit,, live a godly life Jesus is the answer not yoga

    • eric

      Shut up you whack job. Go hop a comet

  • http://www.soniseo.com Soni Sharma

    Shame… Such people are ruining name and fame of India, its cultural values and religion. Yoga is the way to achieve God’s blessings. Bhakti is the only way to meet God in Kalyuga.

  • Peter

    The Bikram practice is amazing and I know I will be practicing it for the rest of my life. I’m 13 years in already and aging better then most people my age.
    Its a real shame that Bikram is the ego maniac he is. The guy could truly have it all and never will because of his inflated ego and lack of respect for others. I have no problem with him giving people hard and direct criticism. When I have been in his classes the people he chews out usually deserve it. Lets face it many of us need a kick up the ass at times and Bikram is sure to do it.
    I think he has a great sense of humor often below the belt and at others expense. He is very intelligent, no doubt about that. He talks way too much crap and often not the truth. He is classless and cheese beyond belief. I would imagine all the accusations to be true, given the stories I have heard over the years.
    Despite Bikram being a Cock in the highest degree his yoga practice is amazing and any human will benefit.
    I feel sorry for his beautiful wife and not an ounce of sorrow for Bikram. He’s had this coming for a long time!!!

  • http://www.classicalyoga.org Swami Param

    All this non-sense in the name of Yoga began by divorcing Yoga from its factual Hindu roots. Sound familiar? The M.O. of the usurper. Real Yoga is Hinduism; taught by Hindus and not for a fee.