Bikini Onesie Gives Your Baby the Body You Secretly Wish You Had

    July 5, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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A bikini onesie that’s currently on-sale at Gordman’s department store in Mississippi has outraged area parents, many of whom feel this sort of clothing does nothing more than sexualize children. The piece in question, which was designed for children up to 18 months, features an image of a curvy body sporting a bikini positioned on a white background. It’s not unlike the goofy adult-oriented T-shirts anyone can purchase at various novelty shops online. Although it’s kind of amusing when grown-ups feel the need to cover their body with this sort of silliness, the whole scenario darkens considerably when you place it on a baby.

According to the Gordman’s website, the company states that it currently provideds “trusted products that meet the standards of discerning parents everywhere with our unique blend of quality style and value. We’re constantly working to create fresh, new products that reflect the ever-changing experiences and lifestyles of babies and their families.”

Of course, many parents who spotted the offending onesie weren’t too thrilled with the idea of seeing a baby sporting attire with a curvy female body plastered across the front. In fact, some even claimed that they would take great offense if they encountered parents who allowed their child to wear such a thing.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate for a small child,” Cathryn McKee explained to Action News 5. “I just think that is a little ridiculous that you would put that on your child.”

Neither Gordman’s nor the onesie’s manufacturer, Bon Bebe, has commented on the controversy.

Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee

  • KryptoniteBalls

    I like to think stories like this prove how far we’ve progressed. We’ve tackled a lot of problems in our long run as a nation, and it’s gotten to the point we just make up stuff to try and fight. Kind of dangerous in a sense.

    • Trish

      The only thing kind of dangerous about this, K Balls, is the fact that it might excite the ever growing number of pedophile living amongst us. It is beyond irresponsible, and certainly a problem worth tackling for those of us who are sane!!!

      • SeriouslyComeOnAlready

        Um actually i think this would repel pedophiles since they want children who look like, you guessed it children. Hiding your child under a fake woman body might actually do the opposite of what you’re saying would happen. I think people take everything way too seriously and blow them out of proportion, this onesie is obviously made for a laugh. If you dont like them, don’t put one on your children, but making this a newsworthy isue is just as laughable as the product itself. If this is the biggest problem in your life well then you are one of the luckiest people in the world so smile.

      • KryptoniteBalls

        It’s a onesie shirt. Pedophiles have always been “among us”, it’s just now we have a wider range of media and laws to out these pedophiles. Not sure what that has to do with a baby onesie. Pedophiles have a psychological problem, don’t think a t-shirt with a bikini on it is going to drive them any crazier than they already are.

        Again, if the only battle we can fight is infant fashion then I think it shows how far we’ve made it in the fights that do matter. Again though, it’s dangerous to make everything out to be a problem that needs fixing. Is this onesie in bad taste, and would I recommend to a parent? No. But it’s far from being “offensive” and worth our time to fight.

        • Celexapoo

          Instead of worrying about what the appropriate clothing may be for babies, use this energy and effort and go volunteer at a shelter or rehab clinic in your area or be a mentor to children by volunteering at the Boys and Girls club. Folks, I think as a society, we have bigger issues, such as children being born addicted to drugs because mothers are using while pregnant, or children who have no parent figure or positive role models to look up to. The onesie is super funny. That was the intention. Find a better outlet for social concern folks.

        • Don’t think so!!!

          “Pedophiles have always been “among us”…” So basically you’re saying this fact is just something we need to accept and deal with? Yes Pedophiles are “crazy” but why temp them by putting out children on display. Now that we are more aware of how many perverts are out there we should take more precautions on how we expose our children in public and among strangers. Worst is that sometimes people we think we know are the ones we need to worry about the most! I don’t know about some of you idiots commenting on this page but my children’s lives are way too valuable to put them an ANY kind of risk!!

          • Tijjy

            I feel sorry for your kids. They’re going to grow up thinking everyone’s out to get them, to make snap judgements on complete strangers based on whether or not that stranger sees eye-to-eye with them on certain subjects, and they’ll have a retarded helicopter mom who should’ve not had her fucking kids in the first place because she panics if someone makes eye contact with them.

            Face it, sweets. Those little bastards of your should never have been born. Can they spell “abortion”? Because you should’ve had one and spared them the misery of growing up with you as a failure of a parent and a failure of a person.

          • Tim

            So basically what you are saying is that you are not going to let your kids go to school (cases of molestation), go to church (don’t even get me started), go to camp, or go to college (Jerry Sandusky anyone?). Not to mention the fact that most child molestation cases are done by family members or people close to the child and not strangers, means your kids will sit in your house do nothing and not even get to live and then spend their lives with the paranoid sense of views that you have. Why did you even have kids? You should be up for the parent of the year award.

      • Diana Chatman

        No…a baby dressed as a baby would excite a pedophile. This item is a complete non-issue for normal, sane people. Fanatics are the ones that blow up about insignificant crap like this.

        • Kit-kat

          Soooo true. But, some of these people appear to have a few loose marbles. Seems like they should be taking a long look at themselves if they think this “sexualizes” a baby. Something just not right with THEIR mentality.

      • Tijjy

        If you bitches would stop having babies nobody needs and overpopulating the damn world, maybe the number of pedophiles wouldn’t grow. Take the fucking pill or something, DAMN.

        Besides, I really doubt putting a stop to this onesie would deter pedophiles. You’re on the internet, honey. Why not fight ACTUAL CHILD PORN instead of a novelty item you can’t handle seeing because you were, well, probably abused as a child, and now you can’t handle not feeling like you’re in control.

  • .Den

    ok, don’t scream yet, lets look at the other point of view…aren’t fashoinist allowed to experiment with the market, like wise with other professionls….give the ppl a break, they are trying something while i have 2year old, i am definatelty not going on the band wagon with the idea, but….people are allowed to make mistakes and learn from it, give the ppl a break, they are only trying it and if you dont like it, the choice is there, not to support it….geese ppl….

  • Jane

    Don’t like it don’t buy it, simple as that. People really need to start letting the small stuff go. There are bigger issues in the world.

    • Don’t think so!!!

      I would say child rape is one of those bigger issues!! I don’t care whose child it is… it’s a crime against all of us.

      • Tijjy

        So stop having kids for the bastards to rape. The world’s overpopulated. You know why? PEOPLE KEEP HAVING TOO MANY BABIES. Mostly stupid people, who raise their stupid, useless kids with stupid morals like “We need BABIES BABIES BABIES something’s wrong if you don’t have BABIES, life isn’t complete without BABIES BABIES BAAAAAAAAAAAAABIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSASASASASASA”, and we’re in today’s situations.

        And it’s all your fault.

  • Karin

    Wow, that is in REALLY bad taste…

    • Josh

      Wow, you have REALLY bad taste…

      • Don’t think so!!!

        Josh, I’m pretty sure you’re a pervert that loves to see kids dressed like this!! Grow up, be a man, go get a job and stay away from children for God’s sake!!

        • Kit-kat

          You just keep on out doing yourself with the stupid comments. You don’t even KNOW this Josh…..he may have a job and be a better person than YOU. Quit the name calling and acting childish. Try some of your own advice GROW UP!!

        • Tim

          You again with the stupid comments. I happen to agree with Josh and I have full time job, going to school, and am former military. I have a son and a niece. Maybe I should grow up and be a man too. Or maybe you are the one who needs to climb off your high horse and stop being naive. You seem to think its perverted to think that nothing is wrong with this, I happen to think it is perverted to think that people think something is. Only a pervert would make the leap to think that this sexualizes children.

  • Paula

    I am horrified by this line of clothes. It is as if they are promoting sexualizing children. I would want to look into the backgrounds of the people designing this line.

    I can’t imagine the parents that would think this is ok for your child to wear. Its almost sending a signal to child molesters to come and get it. It is very sick.

    • Morgan


    • Josh

      Let me guess….you’re a middle american religious nut? Nail on the head?

      If you think this sexualizes children, you are a child sexualizer.

      • guest

        I bought one for my grandaughter who isn’t even born yet, the thought of something like sexualizing a baby is rediculous, is your mind always in the gutter. I bought it cause it is to cold for a baby to have areal bathing suit on and didn’t want her to feel left out when the rest of us are sitting around in our bathing suits. Get a sense of humor!!!!!

      • Don’t think so!!!

        What does religion has to do with someone being concerned with children being sexualized? Women/girls are constantly being encouraged to be “sexy” to get attention and to start doing with baby’s too is just going too far. Josh it’s YOU and you’re fellow pedophiles that are the very reason we are concerned about this kind of stuff!! With every post you give yourself away. I hope the website can find a way to trace your location and have your computer confiscated so that you can be arrested for all the child porn you more than likely have on it and in your home too!!! Sick prick!! Get a life!!!

        • Kit-kat

          And so far this is the stupidest comment I have seen yet calling Josh a pedofile and hoping they trace him. Personally it sounds to me like you should be traced and have a brain scan or something to see what the heck is wrong with YOUR mentality. People who see this as sexualizing children.. you are the ones with some kind of problem. Get a grip. It’s cute and meant as a cute joke outfit. If you see anything else.. you might want to take a good hard look way down deep inside yourself. Something just isn’t right with YOU.

        • Diana Chatman

          @ Don’t think so….you are sooo proving to everyone that views your comments that you are a major fanatic. People like you get so uptight and angry and blind yourself to actual REAL issues and problems with our world and focus on insignificant things like this. Remember this is a ONESIE we are talking about here. It’s like a billion other onesies. But because it has a picture on it that YOU don’t like, you expect everyone else to share your opinion. You are the one that needs to get a life. I think you have some angry issues as well.

    • Tim

      How is life up there on your pedestal? Maybe you should try coming down off it and living with the rest of us. Those who think that it “sexualizes babies” must have a pretty sick mind to even make that jump. I see it and think oh that’s cute, people like you look at it and say oh that is sexual. Who is the one who is messed up in the head?

    • Don’t think so!!!

      Paula, I’m with you dear. Do you notice how many men are commenting on this…and are seriously angry at the people who are against it!! Especially JOSH!! I have often wondered how it is that so many pedophiles keep getting access to children constantly and the attitudes that I’m seeing on this site is probably an indication of why. Dangling a scantly dressed child in front of a child molester is like putting drugs or alcohol in front of a drug addict or alcoholic. You need to be more cautious with your children now that you’re more aware of how many child rapists our among us and not temp them even more.

      • Kit-kat

        Oh Good Grief another outrageously stupid comment. Did you know there are probably in reality JUST AS MANY WOMEN whom molest children as MEN? If you see this as sexualizing a Baby a TODDLER…..then you’re the one with mental issues.

      • Tijjy

        I can’t tell if you’re a troll, or retarded. You seem to have a chip on your shoulder for anyone who disagrees with you and calls you out. OH! I’M DOING IT TOO! Guess it’s time for you to make snap judgements about me and my life – like, say, accusing me of being a pedophile based on zero evidence – because I called you out too, and you can’t handle being told how wrong you know you are. THAT much is obvious based on your remarks.

      • Tim

        @Don’t think so!!! Are you so naive to actually compare drug and alcohol abuse to child molestation? You put drugs or alcohol abuse in front of an addict and yes they will take it but it is also a victimless crime. Child molestation is not. You should actually do some research in to the subject and educate yourself instead of relying on your diluted notions of right and wrong. Yes parents should be cautious with there children, but there is a difference between cautious and being paranoid, which seems to be where you have fallen.

  • Ana

    I think it’s ridiculous that people are getting this upset over this. Instead of giving the company more publicity just don’t buy the thing.

  • cris masowick

    People cry about anything they want now! there is not a thing wrong with the shirt! Stop crying people!

    • Chelsea

      As a mother of an infant. I find absolutely nothing wrong with this. If I saw it in a store in my area I would probably buy it. It’s not in bad taste, or sexualizing children. It’s supposed to be funny, people are putting way too much into this. Is it dirty or nasty for a little girl to wear a two piece bathing suit? Or shorts? Or tank tops? I worry about the people who look at this and see it as “sexual” rather than just a funny onesie. P.S. a pedophile would be attracted to a child wearing a burka…

  • Diana Chatman

    People that are getting “outraged” at this need to get a life. Don’t buy it and put it on your baby if you don’t like it. Live your own life by your own morals and standards and move on. What is the point in getting all upset over trivial stuff like this???

  • http://n/a/ Denny

    OH PLEASE FOR HEAVENS SAKE!!! Right now I can think of at least 20 things you really should be worried about instead of this!! Back-when this might make it on the news if it were a “slow newsday”, but because we are now into “24-7” news cycles, we have to put up with garbage like this passing as a news story. I say we all make a pact that we will watch nothng but sports,weather,PBS & informuricials between 9AM to 5 PM. daily!!!!!!

  • http://n/a TC

    Why could they not chose popular Anime or Cartoon characters instead? Oh, right, some of those wear even less clothing.

  • Morgan

    at first when i saw this i was thinking it was kinda weird but then after i started reading about all these people who are upset about it i just started laughing! are you kidding me i think its funny…imagine a cute little baby boy in a little outfit with muscles…this would make some women giggle and think aww how cute your gonna be such a little heart breaker. i know some of you UPTIGHT people are getting wayyyy tooo upset about this….cant you just TRY to see the humor in this? if not then u really need to get a life. just saying….

  • Morgan


  • jennifer tyson

    Looks like a sexual predator designed this. The people that take
    this lightly are the same people that wonder why younger and younger
    children are being victimized. Wake up!

    • Morgan

      get a life

    • Josh

      Your an idiot. This product promotes rape just like chocolate dirt promotes cancer. Please kill yourself.

    • Josh

      Your an idiot. This product promotes rape just like chocolate dirt promotes cancer. Please kill yourself.

  • Cali

    Now, I have seen some cute bikini onesies… ones that aren’t like this cartoonish “ideal” woman. If i had a baby girl, I might buy one of those, but I would not purchase this one. Just like I do not purchase tops they make in my size (way too large to be normal) that have a similar figure on them. It is a choice. If you like it, buy it and laugh. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it… but keep your mouth shut on the matter so the company does not get free publicity.

  • Peoplearecrazy

    Okay this is terrible. I would never let a child wear this, I don’t however think that it is sexualizing babies. How can you sexualize a baby? They’re babies! I love our country, but sometimes I also think we have too much freedom and time on our hands if we’re going to get outraged about something like this. There are way bigger problems out there in the world, and also in our own country to worry about.

    • Josh

      You’re whats wrong with the world today. Its not sexualizing a baby. Its putting a funny bikini on a onesie. Babies cant wear bikinis, so its a joke. god your dumb

      • Tijjy

        Well, it’s a good thing she agrees with your point that it isn’t sexualizing a baby! That’s why she SAID EXACTLY THAT, VERBATIM.

  • BobC

    This reminds me of the talking baby commercials which I find funny. This item might make your baby pedophile proof because it makes the baby look like an adult which should not interest a pedophile.

  • Courtney

    My daughter has a very cute bikini onesie that my boyfriend’s parents bought for her. However, it isn’t like this. It doesn’t have the woman’s body on it, just the bikini with a white background. I was actually skeptical about it because he and I saw it in the store before it was given as a gift and I was nervous about buying it, but grew to like it. This is too much for babies.

  • Shut Up And Just Make A Choice

    Sheesh. Personally, I would not buy it, and not for the reasons that everyone is in an uproar about. I think it’s ugly. I get the joke. People that is why I am so grateful I HAVE A CHOICE. All else is drama.
    Either you buy it and like it, or you don’t. NEXT.

  • http://webpronews.com Mandy

    I actually think its overly dramatized about something so cute and for goodness sakes it just a Onesie NOT A BIKINI!

    • KY Mom

      You are such an idiot. This is not a good way to make a point.

      • KY Mom

        Sorry. New to website. The previous post was for PED E PHILE…

  • http://yahoo Ped E. Phile

    I don’t see a thing wrong with it. I like it. I also like it that parents think it is cute. I enjoy those parents that let their 5 and six year old wear makeup and dress like grown women in pageants are wonderful. after all, all those people taking pictures of you kid on stage are all parents right? right…..I also like it when they think it is okay for the eight and 5 year olds to walk home from school alone. After all it is only a few blocks from the house. What could go wrong? Ah parents what would we do without you? Everbody else lighten up, stop making something out of nothing!

    • CSFLN

      You sound more like a “Thumper” than a Pedophile. A “Thumper” wanting to make the world holy by making parents feel this onesie is more than it is. However, you did achieve showing the audience you have a sick mentality.

  • KY Mom

    ALL the people who are OUTRAGED about this onesie are narrow-minded hipocritical prudes who obviously don’t have a sense of humor. A person would have to have an unimaginably sick mind to ever associate the word sex in any form with the word baby. Secondly, I bought this for my daughter a while back and she is one year old. She looks very cute in it and you know what, anybody who thinks that is wrong is an idiot. At least my child is covered up. Hey, while we are at it lets get rid of everything our kids wear and just make them wear uniform onesies. According to some of you, this sexualizes babies. What about the little onesies with curse words on them? My mom is hotter than your mom? Do yourselves a favor and get off the bandwagon. Go involve yourselves in something that really matters instead of trying to fight about a onesie.
    P.S. Look at these kids who are coming out with lingerie lines like Miley Cyrus’ little sister. What the hell does a child need lingerie for?

    • Tijjy

      Sex is the most common way a baby is created. Some parents want the sex of their baby to be a surprise, but there are those who wish to plan ahead and learn the sex of the baby via amnio or an ultrasound, among other methods.

      There. I just associated the word sex with the word baby. Hey, you never said which definition.

  • Josh

    Get over it people. America is a land of freedom. This product doesn’t promote pedophilia or the like. It is a garment, with a bikini on it. Let me explain further…..ITS A CLOTH SEWN TO FIT A BABY WITH A BIKINI ON IT. If I have a tshirt with painted muscles on it, am I wrong? NO! Because its not a thing! ITS A SHIRT WITH MUSCLES.

    How about all your moronic self-endulged parents take responsibility for your children, instead of pushing it off on other people. Dont like the product, dont buy the product. Simple as that. Child rape doesnt stem from a bikini onsie, it stems from your shitty parenting.

    • irvinggirl

      IKR!!!!! IDIOT PEOPLE!! 😮

  • Erica

    This onesie is hiliarious. I totally get the joke. I’m offended more by the acutal bathing suits they make for infants and young girls. Why do they need triangle, string bikini tops?

  • irvinggirl

    OH COME ON!!!!!!!
    Are people NEVER happy!? Why must they complain about EVERYTHING!? WHO cares about the “Onesies” what is it hurting!? If is NOT PERSONALLY causing you harm then mind your own and let others ALONE!! Morons!!!!

  • meghan

    If I saw a baby wearing that on the beach or at a pool, I would get a good chuckle out of it. I think it’s funny.

  • Jim

    If it’s OK for older girls or adult women to wear on the beach, it’s OK for baby clothing. It’s simply humor, not sexual.

    • http://yahoo karen smith


      • http://yahoo.com moi

        Karen…you’d have a stroke if you ever saw how we enjoyed the summer as kids. Out on the lawn with either just a diaper or panties on running thru the sprinkler.
        Again, get over yourself!!

  • http://yahoo karen smith

    you folks who say this is all nonsense and people who don’t get the joke, well the joke is that the peophiles get it! they get off on this stuff and whoever puts this “adult” style out there in any way shape or form are doing a disservice to children.

    • http://yahoo.com moi

      I think the real problem/disservice is parents who don’t know enough to watch/protect their children. A pervert will find his jollies where ever he can. I don’t think a onesie will set someone on a sexual rampage.
      It’s cute and I got a chuckle out of it.
      Karen, you just need to get over yourself.

      • http://yahoo Maria

        You got that right!

    • onesies are awesome

      Lemme guess. You agree with this comment in the article:
      “I don’t think it’s appropriate for a small child,” Cathryn McKee explained to Action News 5. “I just think that is a little ridiculous that you would put that on your child.”

      Lemme guess, you are also the parent that puts the monkey leash on your kid and drags it around like a dog.

      • kelly

        really omg disgusting why? what reason and what parent would put this on their child? I fear for my young daughter everyday because of all the sick wierdos out there, I would definitly not add fuel to the fire has no one heard about these freaks raping 3 month old babies they get off on this we need to protect our children not make them bait!!!

    • joe

      With all do respect you may be holding on to this a little too tight. What makes the onesie humorous is that no matter how you dress up a one year old she will never look like a sexy woman. It is no different than dressing up your cat.

  • Mrs. T

    Fact of the matter is there are normal folks who can see this for what it is and move on. THEN THERE ARE SICK PEOPLE WHO VIEW THIS AS FUEL TO PREY ON LITTLE GIRLS! The sex trade is real! Child sex slaves are real! But corporations don’t have a conscience! So things like this or thong underwear for kids (yes that exists too) just goes to show MONEY is valued over people, period! As long as there is a market for this stuff, they will make it available. The real issue is then about the people who are demanding this stuff!

    • Patricia Brown

      You go girl! You nailed it on the head!

  • Mr B

    Get over yourselves pedophiles prey on little children because they like little children period. not because of anything else. if you believe anything else your kidding yourself

  • http://yahoo Maria

    They make real bakini’s for babies, and have for many years. I don’t see why this is any worse. People are getting too protest happy. Get over it already.

  • Opinionmom

    I noticed in the article they went out of their way to say child and not girl when talking about who this thing is for.

    Are they promoting these things for little boys, too? Now THAT would be funny!

  • ilene

    I think that if people are going to get upset over the fact that this onesie has a piture of a bikini on it, then they should get upset at the fact that there are bikinis for babies perio, and that people take their babies out in public in just a diaper. As for people thinking it’s going to make pediphiles “crazy,” they are already crazy and I’m pretty even if the baby was in a parka that they would still get excited over it. Just like everything else this is a fad tht will soon go away because people will most likely think it is silly and not worth spending their money on.

  • Sherri

    You want it off the shelves? You want it off the market? DON’T BUY IT! Good Lord! Is it that hard to comprehend???

  • Doug

    its for the decerning parent who has to much time on their hands to complain

  • Tyler

    I can see the humor in this outfit and I don’t think it was designed to be seen as sexual but humorous… If I had a little girl I would buy it

  • No Mas

    I have a kid and i thought it was cute, people need to calm down.

    • Diane Good

      Your comment shows how little you know about pedophiles. Sexualization of children is a huge problem. The Ramseys learned only AFTER their darling 6 year old was raped and murdered in her own home, after she was paraded on stage looking like a miniature sex bomb. Athey had the best of intentions too. You are a great advertisement for licensing parents before they get to leave the hospital with a baby in their arms. We expect more responsibility from pet owners.

    • Laura

      Perfect attire to have on a baby,toddler, child, as the sicko pedophile is raping/sexually torturing them ! Disgusting! Wake up people! And this happens more than you think. I see this behavior very often in my work. Stop offering up your children to these animals!

  • w.valinch

    Nothing else going on in your life?