Bikini Basketball League Is Coming

By: Amanda Crum - September 28, 2012

Who doesn’t like to look at attractive women in bikinis?

That’s probably the thought going through the heads of those in charge of the Bikini Basketball League. Because what could make that picture even better is a good dose of sports.

Yes, this is a real thing, and coming on the heels of the Lingerie Football League, it might just be something of a success. A novelty, sure, but a success all the same. There are currently seven teams residing in six U.S. cities–two in L.A. alone, because of course–and the owners are recruiting players through social networks like Twitter. In just over a month, we could be the proud viewers of a bunch of bouncing, dribbling ladies in itsy bitsy bikinis.

The current teams are: Chicago Desire, Orlando LadyCats, Miami Spice, Los Angeles Ice, New York Knockouts, Hollywood Hotties and the Atlanta Fleet Angels.




Amanda Crum

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  • John C

    The Bikini Basketball League sounds like a dumb idea to me. There are plenty of excellent female basketball players who play real basketball. This bikini league sounds like a stunt to get money out of dumb guys.

    But hey, that’s just my opinion!

    • sandy

      and its a good opinion too. i totally agree.

    • Peggy

      HAAA. A guys name thanks John. It’s dum. I don’t think it will last anyway. Ill give it 6 months to a year. It will be a total waste of a phase !!

  • Airport Limousine Toronto

    Every one does like to look at attractive women in bikinis.It’s a good idea to support team like Chicago Desire, Orlando LadyCats, Miami Spice, Los Angeles Ice, New York Knockouts, Hollywood Hotties and the Atlanta Fleet Angels.

    • sandy

      ya. it is a good idea to support your teams. but cant you still support them with their clothes on? typical perverts dont have to go to far out of their way to see half naked women anymore. just turn on tv. who cares about morals or decency anymore anyway,right??????

      • Peggy

        There is no morals left sandy !!!

  • Servicios seo monterrey

    ohhhh its really imagine news for the youngster everyone want to see this we are also excited to see and enjoying with friends.

  • cate marin

    I don’t think is appropriate for kids I think woman should be dress consecutive

  • sandy

    of course all the “men” would want to watch this… that kinda goes without saying…just another way to get the ratings up. forget morals. tv has really turned to crap anyway. try watching tv with your kids or grandkids, and you really have to be careful about what your watching. is “wholesome” obsolete? think so!!!

  • Peggy

    Well. Thouse attractive half naked woman can’t complain. If they get raped !! I would not feel sorry for them !! It’s going way TO far now. Just have the whole tv naked and get it over with !!

  • Hunter

    Sandy — these women choose to be in the league. You can complain all you want that men like the idea, and that some women choose to be in it. But all of it is consensual.

    However, Peggy, rape is never consensual. To say they deserve to get raped is like saying your child deserves to be murdered. It’s a stupid thing to say, and outright cruel.

  • Mark Tomlin

    You had better believe that someone saw the attention that the women’s beach vollyball received and said to themselves “There is MONEY to be made here”!