Bieber Rips Carney On Twitter After Grammy Remark

    February 12, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Justin Bieber has shot back at the drummer for The Black Keys, Patrick Carney, following a remark he made after the Grammy Awards on Sunday night.

When asked about Bieber’s supposed “snub” at the awards show–which saw The Black Keys take home several trophies–Carney said, “He’s rich, right? … Grammys are for music, not for money … and he’s making a lot of money.”

Bieber promptly fired back on Twitter.

He must not be too mad, though, because soon after, he retweeted Stewie Griffin.

  • Paul

    justin is such a little controlling non talented geek he couldn’t even salp himself around….

  • FRED H.

    justin bieber needs to grow up. he hasn’t “earned” his stripes yet to be mouthing ioff.

  • Buck

    So who does he think is going to do the slapping? Does anybody think he can do it? He is just a little boy.

  • chester Dumass

    I don’t listen to pop music as generally it all is boring and for the making of money. Don’t know a single song by black keys, never heard of them before this article. Beiber is just awful. I heard him sing part of a couple of songs and try to dance to them… I thought he was like a Disney dude at first… Anyway, probably both these two guys are dorks, the drummer thinks he is smart and isn’t. If he was he would not have said a word. And beiber, well, he is not worth talking any more about

  • Alex Dunbar

    If Bieber didn’t look like something from a Tim Burton movie he might have a little credibility.

  • rlg

    They are both jokes who have no clue as to what real music is. Their “noise” is a waste of time.

  • Laura

    Look when it comes to Justin Bieber,I believe his comment was proof enough that the boy still has a lot of growing up to do.Right now he is at the age of hormones & self righteousness.Where he believes he can do no wrong and his fans will only be too happy to back up his delusions of grandeur.I don’t wish him any ill will just that he’s not my cup of tea ,as they say, Justin Bieber needs to be aware of something call karma.He may be surfing the wave of fame right now but the tide has a way of turning when you least expect it.I hope when that day comes (that day always comes eventually whether you want it or not)that Justin has thicker skin than this recent comment. Just because somebody made an off handed comment doesn’t give you the right to respond the way Justin did.Whether he was joking around or not~ a true artist would have found the comment to be beneath them and not respond to it in the first place or if you really truly have to respond to said comment then Bieber should have taken the higher road and said something like ” yeah it’s funny I am making money but only because people like my music & I wouldn’t be any wheres without my wonderful fans…enough said”