Bieber Moons Camera For Instagram Pic

    January 21, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Justin Bieber got a little randy over the weekend, and luckily there was a camera around to document it.

The “Boyfriend” singer, who recently broke up with longtime girlfriend Selena Gomez, peeked over his shoulder as he mooned the camera; he posted the picture on his Instagram account, but later deleted it, much to the dismay of his millions of Beliebers. Bieber’s manager had a good sense of humor about the whole thing:


  • don doran

    Looks like Bieber is acting more like Black kid who hasn’t grown up yet… Don’t what he is trying to prove… Is he getting worse from marijuana?..

    • pete

      At punk ass Doran,why does he has to be acting like a black,why couldn’t he be acting like your punk ass ,

  • http://Yahoo! Marci

    Does this not show the maturity level of this kid or what? Anyone who is always being pursued by the media hounds should know better regardless his/her age. Wonder what his Mother thinks of such a display?

    • Maria

      His mother is probably too busy spending his money. If she were a good parent, she would have exerted more control over his behaviors over the years. She’s not a mother. Good mothers don’t allow such behaviors. If he were my kid, I’d be so ashamed of him. My kids would never be able to go this far.

  • http://Yahoo! Marci

    He hasn’t grown up yet. He is still a spoiled little boy. Here he was having some kind of relationship with a little older female and I think it was a for show mostly. His agents wanted him to appear a little more mature so a relationship was a way to do this. However, with this display I hope most parents will look at him in a different light. ‘Pop star kids’ ‘Role Model’ Sounds like a Oxymoron to me! Nothing about this kid should remotely be categorized as role model.

  • Mary

    This kid just gets more disgusting every day; If I were his mom, I’d be asking him is he already tired so tired of having fans that he’d risk them doing this kind of dumb shit? Seriously! boy, grow a brain!

  • sioux

    Who wants to see his skinny white little boy ass anyway. He needs a good spanking from his mum.

    • Maria

      I agree but I think him mom is just as sick as he is. I don’t think there’s much right about her either. Didn’t fall far from the tree.

  • dexter

    darn—now i’m harrd

    • Maria

      maggot with an eff

  • Maria

    He’s just a nasty little boy headed for a lifetime of trouble. Kids like him never learn and never develop right. He will either end up on drugs or in prison. Sometimes kids like him spiral out of control to an early death brought upon by their own out of control actions. He just seems to have such an attitude and displays such disrespect for anyone and anything. He’s a disater.

    • Lauren

      Did you miss the article about him a week or 2 ago? The fool has already been caught doing drugs and there’s even pictures to prove it

      • Brian

        what are you going to go cry about it? hes not your son, he can do whatever the fuck he wants so stop your bitching and moaning

  • Maria

    He smokes weed, speeds with his cars and gets stopped by the police. He is disrespectful, acts like a total fool, acts like animals raised him, has no real parental supervision or guidance. All you have to do is read all the stuff that’s been written about him. He’s a snotty little spoiled brat that has no boundaries. If any of my kids acted out the way he has, we’d be known as the white trash family. It’s only when your kids are supervised and taught how to act like they’re supposed to that they don’t shame you. I’d hate to be his mom. He’d hate to be my son because I would have laid the law down a long time ago. A good azz beating and 9:00 bedtime for him. Chores around the house and church on Sunday. He needs discipline. What a nasty boy whose butt is that of a little boy….far from having the butt of a real man.

  • Matt

    Stop Hatin on this guy, you’re all just jealous and weed is legal in CA so enough. This “kid” I guarantee has done more with his life in 18 years and made more $ then all of you put together! Don’t hate cause you ain’t people, now go back to your jobs at Wal-Mart and McDonald’s!

    • Dan

      Hey Matt….?

      just confess your homo love for this tool.

    • Ocean

      You have some serious problems. You need to grow up just like Justin does. This is NOT okay. Not even close, and if you’re trying to defend him for doing such idiotic things, I bet you do exactly the same thing.
      Now, will YOU please go GET A JOB.

    • james doe

      Ok listen Matt, before you start hatin on the people at Wal-Mart and McDonalds, i happen to actually like having a job there. It’s money right? And second, don’t stand up for Beiber! He should’ve realized that what he did was a childish joke. Is he out of his mind! It’s like after he and Selena broke up, something just cracked in him.

    • Travis

      … weed isn’t legal for recreational use in California, so unless he has a medical reason for it he is smoking illegally just like the rest of us.

  • Garrett

    Nice butt. I’d do him.

    • Mark

      Give me just .50 cents of that . . . As long as I have a face, he has a place to set 😉

    • scott carlton

      douchey tool ?? you sound like a big winner…Hes done in
      a few years more than youll ever do in youre pathetic life
      you LOSER!!!

  • James

    Wow, when you couldnt think this child could lose anymore respect than he already has, he goes and shreds what little respect he MIGHT have had left. This child is a complete douchey tool and thinks he’s God just because some hormonally confused little girls have a misplaced crush on him. What a loser

  • Travis

    not the most important part of this pic, but for never wearing sleeves he has some little kid arms hahaha

  • Bob

    Pants that are half way down your butt crack if a sign that his butt is available for attention from his butt buddies. This is a prison fact.