Biden Calls Malarkey, Chuckles During Debate

    October 12, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Joe Biden certainly didn’t disappoint those who tuned in to the vice presidential debate looking for something more than just a dry argument; his somewhat sarcastic, increasingly agitated replies to Paul Ryan are already the subject of web gossip and memes this morning.

It began with Biden calling malarkey after Ryan was asked to give his opinion on the Libya attacks on 9/11, saying, “With all due respect, that’s a bunch of malarkey. Not a thing he said was accurate.” The word came up several more times during the debate, with Biden substituting it for “stuff” at one point and making it clear that the term he really wanted to use wasn’t appropriate for the occasion.

Ryan seemed to enjoy taking small digs at Biden, alternately telling the elder candidate that he seemed to be under duress–to which Biden laughed–and responding to Biden bringing up Romney’s “47%” remarks with, “As the vice president very well knows … sometimes the words don’t come out of your mouth the right way.” Biden, in turn, chose to be feisty where Obama played it cool, not letting any topic go untouched and calling out the Romney campaign on several points.

With such an important election–and with Obama getting blasted by the media for a lackluster performance during his own debate–the pressure has been on Biden and Ryan to amp things up a bit, and it seems they hit the mark last night. The next debates will be on October 16th and 22nd.

  • johnsnare

    Joe Biden, made a complete fool of himself, and proved to America, how really, dumb,incompetent, and arrogant he really is. His stupid, smile, and smirks, were totally out of line, and was an embarrassment ot America.

    • http://yahoo carol

      You would have smiled and laughed, too, if you knew the complete pack of lies the Republicans are passing off as truth. Please, just check your facts. Don’t believe anyone on this blog including myself. LOOK UP THE FACTS! Then make an EDUCATED decision about whom you will select as your president.

      • patsyr

        Carol,please tell us,where can we po ole uneducated republicans find the facts? we needs yo help pleeeeese and please dont imbarrass me by scoleding me and currecting my misstakes tyks hunny GOD BLESS YOU! Let,s all pray for Carol……….

  • http://yahoo jonib

    Any one who keeps laughing so much is usually lieing.

  • http://yahoo jonib

    totally agree

  • Diane

    I agree withjohnsnare. The debate was about serious issues and I failed to see what was so funny about it to Biden.Biden is full of “stuff” and malarky!

  • http://webpronews.comreader nosnhojg@ymail.com

    If I had been Vice President Biden and listening to all the nonsense spewing out of Lyin’ Ryan’s mouth, I would have been laughing up there, too. The Republicans are hilariously absurd . First they gave U.S. taxpayers this economy by taking us to an unnecessary war with Iraq, a country that had nothing to do with 9-11, then they try to shift the blame on the Democrats who were brought into drag the Titanic up from the bottom of the ocean. Now THAT is laughable, folks.

    • Bill

      Guess what: Biden Voted YES on going into Iraq and Afghanistan.

      • http://yahoo robinson

        Vice President Biden did a good job.

    • Karen Marquardt

      Please tell me you are so shallow that you would have done what Biden did and insulted the American public. Debates are NOT designed for that. I believe the public was so lost in Biden’s unprofessional, abrasive behavior that the real issues, be them lies, fact, or conclusion, were not actually heard by the audience. Neither of them provided proper answers like the specifics, hows and whens, etc. It’s easy to finger-point, but it’s definitely more difficult to find a solution when you’re too busy laying blame.

  • tiredofbs

    Joe Biden is a pompus ass…he grins like a possum, lies like a rug and looked like a fool…this guy and his boss are un-fit for office.

    • john

      tiredofbs i think you are a pumpes ass

    • Karen Marquardt


  • ron

    i think biden done a good job he knows his stuff …:)

  • http://yahoo Thomas

    When you are around Romney and Ryan one needs to be careful not to step in all of the Malarkey.

    It has been amazing that the press has not called Romney on his casual relationship with honesty. He is a far cry from the straight arrow his father was. Williard Mitt Romney’s father, George Romney, truly valued honesty and integrity.

    • http://yahoo carol

      Amen to that!

  • Robert

    Biden is obviously following his President’s example. He shows a complete lack of respect for his office, for the seriousness of the current situation in the US and for the American people.

  • Bill

    the democrats and liberals are all liars, and dumb asses, most of them come out as Biden did last night, people who are like that you can not trust.

    vote republican and we won’t have to worry about any more lies from Obama and Biden, they both suck @ what they do.

    • http://yahoo carol

      No, you will have to worry about the lies of Romney.

  • Philip L Pearson

    I observed from a distance that when President Obama conducted himself respectful and presidential to Gov Romney, he was strongly critized for being ineffective and maybe weak he seem to lose points. On the other hand when Joe Biden was aggressive and spoke as he pleased, he too was critized for being just the opposite. I wonder if Obama is able to fit in the center of these debates, will the pondits or whatever one may call them, will be satisfied.

    • albert sperry

      Are you trying to tell me obama did not? Wake up

      • albert sperry

        If you saw the same debate as I DID obama could not answer any questions because he had no answers for his INCOMPETENCY

    • Karen Marquardt

      Obama was not criticized for being respectful or professional. He was criticized for not debating. Debating does not mean to be abrasive, dismissing, condesending, laughing at an opponent. That was clearly uncalled for. I love a good debate, minus name-calling, finger-pointing, eye-ball rolling. Kudos to Ryan for ignoring that behavior. Yes, Biden was aggressive. Wouldn’t you think assertive would be better than insulting? Phil, nobody is EVER satisfied with politicians or their choices. What we need here is for our political front (Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, etc.) to unify and work together to bring our great Country back to a comfortable state; boost economy, create and offer jobs with adequate pay vs. the cost of living, medical/dental/vision/hearing for every single American (however that can happen), and put priorities in order by need, not by what a politician thinks will give him a vote; anda then do nothing once in office. The greatest of these is to be honest with the American public so we know where we stand and how we can better help our own Country.

  • donna

    In my opinion Paul Ryan was evading the issues, would not say the real facts. Joe Biden was right on.

    • Pat Saur

      I think you should check the facts. Only bullies act the way Biden did during the debate. He was so dismissive of Ryan and even interrupted him several times. His actions are that of a bully…..

      • fred whitley


      • http://yahoo carol

        Which was exactly what Romney did in the presidential debate…and he lied to boot!

  • http://yahoo jk

    I think that VP Biden did a great job on Ryan. Romney and Ryan switchthings around and lie. They are lieing to the American people and they know it. They will do anything to win this election. If you lie you will steel, if you steel you kill. We need to have people in office that are true and care for our well bring. These two Romney and Ryan are unreal. They not concern at all. If you do it now its just a little to late. You all ready shown what you all about. American people would be crazy to vote for these man.We will suffer big times. We are trying to recover.

    • albert sperry

      What has that Moron obama done over the last four years? You must be a moron! every thing he said he was going to do he has not.

      • http://yahoo carol

        You cannot get anything done if you are working with the party who’s ONLY GOAL was to keep Obama from being re-elected. That’s exactly what was stated by the House leader. Go back to your Congressional Record and read who voted against everything Obama’s administration tried to pass…they even voted against the budget, which you HAVE to have enacted so the government keeps running. DUH!

    • paul

      they cant help it if they lie and cheat after all they are lawyers.

      • paul

        your right he has done nothing
        they will sell there soul to collect a check

  • ksvit

    jk said “I think that VP Biden did a great job on Ryan.” Is that REALLY what it’s about? Obama & Biden constantly lie. They will do anything to win this election. If you lie you will steal, if you steal you will kill. We need to have people in office that are true and care for our well bring. These two Romney and Ryan are the RIGHT ones for the job. You my friend are clueless & need a dictionary!

  • Ernest

    VP Biden shows the arrogant of a loser. He did not show proffesionalism and class. And with Obama said he did a good job..crap! Leaders like that put up a front, but when times gets bad within the united sates of america, the two of them put the blame on others. Shit! what are they doing about the embassy’s security. Crap!

    • fred whitley


      • http://Yahoo Charles

        if Obama is a Muslim. What the hell are you. A Mormom and that’ make you right?

        • http://yahoo carol

          Fred, you are wrong about everything you are saying. Do you have a top security clearance? Are you able to talk with someone at the State department? Call the UN..talk to the leadership there…you will believe Fox News but not unbiased news sources or people who actually know what really is going on. I guess you think Obama was born in a foreign country, that unemployment is actually higher, etc. You are totally misinformed; however, it does me no good to tell you that since you only believe what you want to believe and won’t listen to any other opinion or think for yourself. I feel very, very sorry for you and the other misinformed of America.

    • http://Yahoo Charles

      Get your facts straight and stop being ingorant by your dislike for other people. Ryan got angry, Ryan laughed at Biden, Ryan had some facts mixed up. Some what’s the problem STUPID PEOPLE. iT’S LIKE YOU STEEPED OUT FOR A CUP OF JOE WHEN RYAN WAS SPEAKING. DAH!! STOP BEING STUPID!!!

    • http://Yahoo Charles

      Give me a example of the obama administration blaming crap on someone else no more than George Bush where the blame belongs. Stop trying to feed the people that BS that you are doing. For the two republicains that you think is soooo right. BS

      • Karen Marquardt

        The “crap” started before the Bush Administration too. It’s now in the snowball effect.

    • http://yahoo carol

      You HAVE to be someone form the Mideast trying to get Romney elected ’cause you certainly can’t even spell States, as in United States of America. Biden is the one with professionalism and class, and he did not show arrogance…he merely stated facts.

    • William R. Murray


      Lindi is correct; those were lies that Biden told. The only thing you need to do is look the info. up. Take care.


  • Marc

    I would have laughed at Paul Ryan’s lies also, he and Romney are jokes. Biden beat Ryan at the debate with honesty, integrity, facts and experience which are all American values. Great job Mr. Vice President and welcome back for 4 more years of service!

    • paul

      let’s take away there perks and see if anyone runs for office

    • Lindy

      What lies? You mean Joe lying about health care not increasing for seniors? You mean Joe lying about Libya? How about Joe lying about unemployment when 1.2 million people are filing new claims for unemployment each and every month. How about the lies Joe told about the auto companies. I noticed that he left out the fact that as a condition of the bailout, Chrysler had to turn over majority control to an Italian corporation and Joe also left out the fact that GM took their bailout money and invested heavily in China. Meanwhile, American workers had to take concessions. You want to talk about lies, please do.

      • http://yahoo carol

        Where in the world did you see these lies? There is no truth in anything you said. The Republican machine is certainly turning out lots of propaganda to you who believe it without checking facts…try to find, from an UNBIASED source, the true facts of what you stated and then, perhaps you will see who IS lying.

        • William R. Murray


          Lindy is correct; those were lies that Biden told. The only thing you need to do is look the info. up. Take care.


        • Karen Marquardt

          Carol, Lindy is accurate. Did you know there is another auto dealer who did not take the stimulusm they made it on their own with their own in-house budget adjustments. Did you check the stats on those unemployed who no longer are looking for work, or who no longer report to agencies simply because they are not working. That unemployment drop immediately after the presidential debate is inaccurate and a coincidence it shows up the next day. I am among the educated and experienced who has no job and knows I will never be hired because of my age, which is 64. But I still have experience, knowledge, and professionalism. No jobs. No propaganda there. Truth only.

    • Bill

      Biden accused Paul Ryan of supporting two wars. However, did YOU know that (the laughing Hyena) BIDEN voted to GO INTO IRAQUE AND AFGANANSTAN!

    • Karen Marquardt

      Marc, Biden had no integrity that night. He may be knowledgeable and experienced, but as far as integrity, NO, that proved his lack of Americanism when he lied about Libya. The real truth is out there and was before the debate. But Biden continued to lie about it before the American people’s eyes. And if you read most of the polls, they say it was split; each won in different areas, but at the end of the night, it was a draw. You can say Biden won, that doesn’t mean it is so. Just saying …

  • Lindamari

    I did not know Biden was there to debate; I thought he was there to advertise for Botox and Dentures. He did an excellent job; I wonder if the tax payers paid for the dentures and will they be available as a new government benefit.

    • fred whitley


    • cyndi

      How you can say that after Mr Spray tan, dentures and bad wig made a total a$$ of himself with his Mad Hatter impression at the presidential debate is beyond the realm of any intelligent persons cognitive thinking. It upsets me that so many of you people may actually find the voting booth and put those two crooks in office. And then God help us all.

      • http://yahoo carol

        Couldn’t agree more, Cyndi. These people are actually going to VOTE for liars and millionaires who are out to do away with the middle class, take away social security and Medicare, send THEIR children to private schools, suppress the arts and public television, give even more breaks to big business, oil and banking industry, give themselves tax breaks, and add to the destructive policies started by George Bush 12 years ago. How can the average citizen be this stupid, be unable to think, listen to lies and believe them?

    • john

      Lindamari, you hit it right on the nail with the Bot ox, I was wondering if it was just me that was thinking that,but that and many other strange behavior I found odd !

    • Karen Marquardt

      That is a thought? Embarrassing that we have a V.P with such a limited mind.

    • patsyr

      hahaha hehehellyea!

  • John

    All informed persons recognize that Ryan was lying and dissembling. Biden was too respectful to Ryan’s insults to the intelligence of the voters.

    • http://yahoo Mary

      Actually, most Americans who are actually paying attention know that Obama and Biden have been getting away with lying for the past four years….hopefully, it will not take another four years for the uninformed to wake up.

    • Karen Marquardt

      Simply not true!

  • fred whitley

    well well , so the old man chuckles ……… we have a lot to chuckle about these past four years .these two bafoons tickle me they act as if GEORGE BUSH made the mess that they came into . ”THEY ” created a lot of it themselves .biden in the debate acted like a horses ass .[he is one ] someone who GRINS AND CHUCKLES like he done is either hiding something or hes afraid of something .i see nothing funny what soever about the state of our economy and the in general of the USA . people are hurting you dum as sob V.P. have some compassion for your fellow man .he and obama are disgusting human beings …….GOD HELLP THIS NATION IF THOSE TWO GO BACK IN …

  • fred whitley


  • Don Williams

    I am 77 years young and I am embarassed for Joe Bidens lack of respect for people and his lack of knowledge on facts. He did what a 10 year old boy would do if he didn’t know how to handle the discussion. Just Giggle like a senial old person or a little child. I’m sorry old people aren’t that stupid and children don’t no.
    God help our country if they are elected again.

    • http://yahoo carol

      First of all, it is “senile”; second, he is bright and compassionate. Third,it’s “know”. He, at least, GAVE an answer instead of pretending to answer but talking in circles, not giving an answer at all like your pal, Ryan, of the good OLD Republican party. Biden respects the middle class, not someone who is for the banking industry and billionaires, against womans’ rights, and the elderly; who wants to do away with social security and Medicare. Do you have enough money saved to live to 90+ without any assistance from the government? If you do, go ahead and vote for Romney/Ryan/.

      • Karen Marquardt

        We should not get into a “language dispute.” Even the dumb have a voice. However, four more years of getting nothing, not even hope or change, is far more important that misspelling words. Get back to the subject and the seriousness of this election, which obviously, Biden thinks is a joke. Good for Paul Ryan for being polite and professional. I hope I never see that ungodly laugh of Biden’s. Maybe Obama needs a more compassionate running mate.

      • nate

        It is entirely understandable why an Idiot, that’s I-D-I-O-T, like you would attack the form rather than the substance of a person’s arguments. It goes hand-in-hand with those tatics used by your favorite Dems. Also you disrespect a persons views by belittling and demeaning, instead of cogent arguments to the contrary…..Sounds very much like the cannot-didates you support

  • Don Williams

    He laughs about our Ambassordor and those good people being murdered in Libya. Obama and Biden should be tried for murder.

    • cyndi

      Right after they try you for stupidity.

    • Karen Marquardt

      Agree. Again, as when the massacre happened in Libya, this tragedy has been minimized by the Obama Administration and presented to the American public (and foreign governments) with lies and deceit. The American Embassy in Libya DID request additional security. The Obama Administration replied with: “You’re asking for the sun, the moon, AND the stars.” Really? Seriously? There were absolutely NO protestors that night; only armed terrorists. The Obama Administration knew that from the beginning. DUH!! Security cameras, eye witnesses, etc.

  • http://yahoo Mary

    As much as I dislike Obama, I hope nothing would ever happen to him and this idiot would become our president. He in himself is a sick joke. How old is Biden, two?

    • http://yahoo carol

      He’s someone who is unafraid to say what he thinks, has a little more experience than Raving Ryan, knows the middle class and is literate.

      • Bill

        Biden accused Paul Ryan of supporting two wars. But, did you know that Biden VOTED YES TO GOING INTO IRAQUE AND AFGANASTAN. He is not only a laughing Hyena but also a stupid liar.

        • http://yahoo carol

          Bill, it’s Iraq, Afghanistan…please get your facts and your spelling straight and maybe someone will believe you. Do you have his voting record before you? Do you have the voting record of all the other members of the Senate and House? Who else voted to go into Iraq and Afghanistan? ANY REPUBLICANS?

        • Karen Marquardt

          He’s hypocritical. He can see the stick in somebody else’s eyes, but can’t take the board out of his own.

      • Karen Marquardt

        Paul Ryan made very well be inexperienced, especially next to Biden. However, was not Obama inexperinced not only as a Congressman (serving only around two years before election of President) and definitely inexperienced as President and Commander-in-Chief (of which he never served in the military). I was insulted by Biden’s arrogance, constant laughter and proudly showing his dentures … but, I was proud of Paul Ryan for not letting the constant interruptions, eye-rolling, laughter and other body language, interrupt Ryan’s focus on the debate. I do not believe Biden’s behavior helped Obama. Again, politics is politics.

  • Ed

    Biden is suppose to be Vice President of United States, acted like a CLOWN. Can you image how the rest of the world thought of him. OMG! lets pray that Obama doesn’t die before the election, this jerk would really hurt Americans relations with anyone. He is embarrassment to the office of Vice President.

    • Honestly Speaking

      It is so funny to me that after the Presidential debate all I heard on television and in the newspapers was how M. Romney was assertive and how he won the debate. No one said anything about how rude he was and all the lies he told during the debate. Now in the Vice-Presidential debate Vice President Biden was assertive, and you say that he was rude. He chuckled at the lies and you said he shouldn’t have done that. Come on people, are you saying that as long as the Republicans do it, it’s ok? But the Democrats cannot because people might actually see that the Republican canidates are actually full of MALARKEY! Let’s talk about the plan that Ryan or Romney never explained. I don’t think they even know or have a plan, that’s the reason why Ryan kept drinking the water (a compensational reaction to the lies that he tells, hoping it will cleanse his tongue from the filth). Or,it just got a little too hot for him!

      • rc

        Mitt Romney was ASSERTIVE in the debate with Obama. To the contrary, Joe Biden was a rude and arrogant ASSHOLE. There was a big difference in how these men handled the debate. Obama showed his lack of knowledge and and Biden showed what a buffoon he is, again embarassing the American public. I am a registered Independent who voted for Obama/Biden in 2008. What a BIG MISTAKE that I won’t be making again!

        • Honestly Speaking

          And you are saying Romney wasn’t rude and arrogant? Also if you think Romney and Ryan are so knowledgable, please tell me just what is their plan. If you can tell me, maybe then you can call and let them know, because they do not have a clue! The truth is Romney/Ryan will tell the voters anything so they can get a vote. I’m sorry RC but with Romney, it’s not about you and I, it’s about winning and losing. Every fact checker will show that whether you love, like or hate President Obama; he spoke the truth. On the other hand, Romney either lied or refused to answer any questions concernig his plan on taxes and benefits for the elderly and middle class. There are pros and cons in every presidency, but to assume that the President is not doing his job because the previous eight years were so right-sided that one term isn’t enough time to correct them all is unrealistic. Unless you are wealthy and/or a private citizen, a vote for Romney/Ryan is a vote for breaking the back of America’s working class. Why hurt yourself?

    • Betty Berry

      Accurately said. Joe Biden truly is an embarrassment to our nation.

  • toby

    How old you when you use a term like “malarkey?!?!?

    • Karen Marquardt

      Can’t post the word. Biden REALLY wanted to used the right term; Irish or not. It has nothing to do with Irish; and everything to do with slang and the unprofessionalism of America’s Vice President. How utterly embarrassing.

  • Naya

    Paul Ryan debated with Joe Biden and I am proud that Ryan, the younger of the two, was more polite to the elder statesman than vice versa. We live in a world where we may encounter fiends and foes of the USA who are elder statesman and if Romney and Ryan win in November, I am glad we have men who will give them politeness shoul;d they deserve it.

  • http://yahoo dan ward

    Sure see a lot of Robo-Bloggers in these responses guess they wanted to make sure “us” surfers got their opinions… ok now you can shut up and wait to robo-blog on the next robo debate.

  • SuperDuper

    Im dying laughing at the butthurt Republicans. There golden boy got savaged mercilessly by that old dog Biden. Every lie you tried to pump out failed. Cry me a river. Biden beat that boy like it was his son that got caught spraypainting cars. C’est La Vie. You Republicants can say what you want but everybody sees and knows you are full of it. It’s a win for Biden nationally and internationally. Cry yourselves to sleep

    • Cindy

      So sorry for your remarks. Until you read and learn more about Obama, continue your classless remarks and you will look as bad as Biden did in the debate with Ryan. As far as the world, maybe you should visit and read from their true opinions of Obama, a muslin and believer in world socialism. People in Europe wish socialism on no one. They have no choice of doctors, education and establishing a small business due to high high taxes. I have lived abroad and believe me, I choose democracy over socialism. Obama wants to reduce our warheads to 0, while the remainder of the world has kept theirs. Obama did not bail out the Auto Industry, he continued the bail out from Bush’s reign, fact checker from the Biden/Ryan debate via CNN. Try watching the movie 2016, or read Obama’s bio Dream from my father which he states that he wants to follow into his father’s footsteps – muslin and socialism.

    • feet2thefire

      Biden is a cartoon

  • Willard Whiteman

    As a senior citizen I was totally embarrased by Biden.This political hack has stayed way beyond closing time.There’s the door Joe……stumble home for a nap.

    • edward

      edward bided has to be biggest nit wit as vp there ever was. every thing that comes out of that big stupid mouth is another good thing for rep. keep talking joe we love the help !

  • Patriot

    “When a wise person debates with a fool, the fool rages and laughs, and there is no peace and quiet.”
    -Proverbs 29:2

  • feet2thefire

    fake hair, fake eyelids, fake teeth
    Biden is the poster child for dishonesty……………..

    • rick fellows

      I am an Independent that has always liked Joe Biden even when he sticks his foot in his mouth. I am definatly leaning hard towards Romney. Obama has been the biggest disappointment of my life as far as aPresidential candidate. He has accomplished very little. He has done nothing to bring congress together. Sad. I was very disappointed in Joe Biddens demenor. He was a joke. I have no idea what he was trying to prove with the wierd smile and LOud mouth comments. I wouldnt vote for Bidden again. I thought Paul Ryan was a true professional. Very impressed. He gets my vote!!!!!!

      • JOhn

        Did you have a problem with Mitt Romney having the same behavior the week before. Mitt Romney was unprofessional and rude to President Obama and the moderator.

        • Matthew634

          Which one would serve the country best if heaven forbid, they had to step in as President? “Oh, malarky, I pushed the wrong button! Expletive, expletive, expletive… let’s see, who did I blame last time I screwed up? I need to pick another name, America doesn’t believe me anymore”.

          • Jim

            Matthew – Well said.

        • Danielle

          John your so full of Malarkey it isn’t funny. Mitt Romney showed more respect for the President than Joe Biden did with Paul Ryan. The only problem the President had at the first debate, is he stood there dumbfounded in other words a total dildo. DAH!!! DEMOCRATS FOR ROMNEY!

        • http://CNSNEWS.com Jerimichael J.

          Mitt Romney Did have his Joe Biden moments in his debate against Obama but what he did not do was smile and laugh about Americans who have passed on 9-11-12 and then lie about it. There were marines protecting our embassy in Barbados but not in a critical middle east country where THEY KNEW that there would most likely be an attack and were warned about on more than one occasion. Denying our citizens protection is no way to protect our country and look out in our best interest. Keep drinking Obama/Biden Koolaid because their four years of failed politics is right there for all to see you just have to actually do real research to find it and quit believing the government funded news affiliates. BTW I voted for Obama in ’08 and wish he would have been everything he said he would be but he let us all down. He didn’t kill bin laden either he just continued what the bush administration started. If he deserves credit for that than so do the American people since we ALL would have done the same thing.

  • Dan Halen

    Romney wasn’t chuckling and making goofy faces every ten seconds, or throwing his arms up and interrupting Obama every time he tried to talk. Biden redefined the term jackass.

  • Danielle

    The only person in the debate that was full of Malarkey was Joe Biden himself, what a jackass. DEMOCRATS FOR ROMNEY!

    • Jim

      How anyone can believe someone who started out answering the first question with a lie, won the debate, is amazing. Are those people as stupid as they seem, or do they believe this was a liars convention and he who told the most lies wins.

      These people seem to be much the same as the Bill Clinton supporters, who seem to have forgotten that Bill was impeached for lying.

  • Carol

    I think Biden won the debate, although Ryan had a lot of trouble shutting up. What a hog. Romney,Ryan will get us in unnecessary wars just like W. Bush did. They are too impulsive. Give me someone like Obama who is a true statesman and has enough brain to think first. The world view of Obama is way better than it was for Bush, and Romney,Ryan are warmed over Bush! Bush got us this huge deficit and Republicans are trying to blame it on Obama. He had lowered the deficit since coming into office, not doubled it as Romney lied. The trouble with our economy came with too much war and lowering taxes on the rich. Also the tax breaks given to big business to move their operations overseas has killed the economy.There is much more corporate welfare in this country than welfare for the poor.

    • Jim

      Carol – are you kidding. Joe started out, answering the first question with a lie, and seemingly never quit. This was not a contest to see who could lie the most. As to the remainder of your comments, it seems that your not keeping up with your medications, as you are so far off course with the remainder of your answers, I have to believe you’ve been spending you time in never-never land.

      • http://webpronews JD

        He only said malarkey cause screaming b*llsh*t is not acceptable!

    • william

      you know that is not true,you lie like obummer,and biden have they got you brainwashed,oh sorry you need abrain first.

    • Mark

      Carol what kind of drugs do you take? Biden had over 2 minutes more to blab than did Ryan, Biden was extremly rude to Ryan as was the so called moderatot. The world is very much disappointed in Obama, the arab world is in an uproar over the death of Bin laden and the bragging that Obama has done about it, The dems took over congress in 06, and that is when the economy tanked, and the real drug induced comment is that Obama lowered the deficit, it has increased by 1 trill and more per year since he has been in office, only lying and creative accounting can make it seem that he has done squat in this regard, look at facts and get your head out of the sand, theres more but I doubt you could understand anything pertaining to taxes, jobs, and the economy, just like your hero, 8% unemployment OBama.

      • peggyscott1944@yahoo.com

        mark loved your comment you are spot on with your remark to carol

    • peggyscott1944@yahoo.com

      anyone that votes for obama is crazy

    • mike

      Dear Carol,
      I can’t believe what you wrote in your blog so I have to respond. Lets start with “Ryan had alot of trouble shutting up” in the debate. Everytime it was his turn to speak, Biden, rudely interupted him with laughter, speech or a pearly white grin. Then you say that Romney & Ryan will get us into wars like Bush. I don’t know where you have been, but Obama, entered into a war with Libya using our aircraft carriers and jets and spent over 2 billion there in the 6 months that we were bombing. We have on going missions with boots on the ground in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and several other N. African nations. We have several aircraft carriers on patrol as we speak in the gulf and near the Strait of Hormuz. It is clear that Obama spent 6 trillion dollars a since he has been in office. There are no jobs in America because both parties have decided that products should enter the country tarriff free. As for lowering the taxes on the rich which you are fed by the liberal media, all of the tax rates were lowered in 2001. I make $50,000 a year and my taxes were lowered. Am I rich??? Also big business does not receive tax breaks for moving overseas. They save money overseas due to lower labor costs, lawsuits, insurance, property taxes, osha laws and regulations. If I sell an American made tool in Home Deopt for $40 dollars and a Chinese company sells a $10 dollars tool in Home Depot which one do you think will sell. Nothing is made in America anymore because we cannot compete with the cheap markets overseas. Did you know that Clinton signed a trade agreement with China in 1997 giving it Most Favored Nation (MFN) status. This alllowed goods to come into the country quota free and tariff free. Recently Obama just signed an agreement with Columbia, Panama and more detrimentally South Korea. On one hand Obama helped to bailout the auto industry, (that Bush started in the last months of his presidency) and then he lets automobiles from South Korea come into the country tariff free. Hyndaui and Kia have always been subsidized by the Siuth Korean government giving them uneven advantage over there American counterparts. Now the vehicles will come into the USA tariff free as the tariff starts to come off. We cannot compete against South Korea because it is cheaper to produce goods un that country. In terms of corporate welfare, GE Capital that went bankrupt during the mortgage scandal received a huge bailout under Bush & Obama. GE’s ceo Jeffrey Immelt was elected by Obama to be the job zsar. Recently, GE has closed down an x-ray factory in Wisconsin and moved it to China. (General Electric Co. (GE)’s health-care unit, the world’s biggest maker of medical-imaging machines, is moving the headquarters of its 115-year-old X-ray business to Beijing to tap growth in China.-Bloomberg)

      They are also building factories in Brazil to build locomotives. You could say they are in affect using US taxpayers money to invest overseas with Obama’s blessing. GM was bailed out at a cost of $182.5 billion dollars, then allowed by the Obama administration to declare bankruptcy. All of his union boss supporters benefitted and now GM is on the verge of another bankruptcy which will come after the elections. Everytime a chevy volt is sold GM looses $40,000 dollars. The Obama pushed this unprofitable vehicle along with its green job iniatives. All of the solar power companies he provided taxpayer bailouts to in return for capaign support have gone belly up. Tesla is the next company going bankrupt. The Obama adminsitration is currently restructuring the loan so they don’t go belly up before the election. By the way the owner of Tesla is filthy rich and doesn’t need taxpayer dollars.

  • craig

    Biden is an ARROGANT P RICK…which is why is attempts to run for POTUS FAILED

  • http://yahoo.com Tom Turner

    Joe was the only 1 that made any sence to me. He knew what was going on real time & was telling it like a true statesman.

  • http://yahoo Michael

    Maybe there should be mandatory drug test for washington!!

  • http://wahoo e giddings

    After watching the debate this is the first time that I have been concerned with Obama,s safty and well being.With,a snickering airhead like the v p. we dont need him to take over. Maybe nov 6 will take care of that.

  • dorothy wilson

    Biden was dishonest and rude, A democrat for years, Now a vocal supporter for Romney.

  • http://webpronews phil daniels

    Biden was either drunk , a clown , or maybe both. It is scary to think he is a heartbeat away from the oval office. He is a disgace to our country.

  • dude

    Imagine if you have a person who admits to a crime yet never regrets doing wrong?
    Would you give sympathy to that person?
    If you are not sorry when you were supposedly saved guess what?
    Do you want to help people to become saved? Want to go to church? You may not be saved.
    Why do we see this so many times in scriptures?
    28There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth,
    Look at the 10 commandments. How does God see sin?
    Do you consider yourself a good person?
    Have you ever stole what does that make you____________theif, have you ever look at a Imagine if you have a person who admits to a crime yet never regrets doing wrong?
    Would you give sympathy to that person?
    If you are not sorry when you were supposedly saved guess what?
    Do you want to help people to become saved? Want to go to church? You may not be saved.
    Why do we see this so many times in scriptures?
    Have you ever lied before? What does that make you?__________lier
    So if you died right this minute where would you go heaven or hell?
    All you have to do is call upon the Lord and ask his forgiveness and if you are sorry.
    If you believe you will be saved!

    • The Grinch

      Bible thumper, God has fallen on deaf ears. If he was listening he would not care about this crap.

  • patsyr

    Good to see some dcrats have a mind all your own!Refreshing You no longer belong to the JACKASS club………..


    Here is a You Tube link to my short film THE FOXORCIST which is now complete. PART ONE: FATHER MALARKEY vs ROMNEY-RYAN was shot BEFORE Biden made the Malarkey remarks in the Vice-Presidential Debates. A kind of kismet perhaps.

    It is an intentionally disturbing (if darkly comical) perhaps even repulsive and vulgar film, but it satirizes what is ugliest in modern American life. Our current polarized and twisted social climate where the simplest things that made us a great nation have been twisted beyond recognition.

    It is my belief that it is the artist’s role and job in society to indict its leaders and contemporaries whose conduct cheapens the human experience. I truly believe we have reached a nadir, a sickening crossroads of amoral and soulless conduct that has become too commonplace and which people seem to digest without incident.

    Have we become complacent? Or have we merely given up hope of recovering our basic decencies. Hence THE FOXORCIST is no holds barred, take no prisoners kind of film. PART TWO will be even “worse” as it’s final indictment will be without apology, nor does it seek to be forgiven.

    If the road we choose on November 6th, leads us down the path of a militant determination to break apart the freedoms and laws protecting our secular humanist charters in the Constitution, then I will be glad for having made my film and for purposely shaming and indicting the criminals who have escaped justice in having defaced, degraded, disgraced and disemboweled this once great land for the sickening in your face spectacle of a win at all costs game of power and money above all other human values.

    If this is all America has left to offer her people, then they deserve my film and more.

    I am a proud veteran of this nation, and have suffered too many ignominious chapters in my American life of late. While there is still the most sacred freedom of all, Freedom of Speech, I will never tire of pointing the finger where the blame squarely belongs for our mediocritization.

    With my deepest patriotism and humanity, I offer you:



    Yours truly:

    René Rokk
    Executive Producer
    Moonwalker Films, LLC