Biblical Flood Probably Really Happened, Expert Says

    December 11, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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A flood of biblical proportions more than likely really did occur around the time Noah built his ark, says one historian, and he has proof.

Robert Ballard, who famously found the wreckage of the Titanic in 1985 and was more recently involved in the search for Amelia Earhart’s plane, says there is a very real possibility that during Noah’s time period–about 12,000 years ago–massively iced-over lands collided with the sudden rising of the Mediterranean Sea, creating a wall of water which would have wiped out everything in its path with a force 200 times greater than that of Niagara Falls.

“Where I live in Connecticut there was ice a mile above my house, all the way back to the North Pole, about 15 million kilometers; that’s a big ice cube,” he said. “But then it started to melt. We’re talking about the floods of our living history.”

Ballard has been working on an underwater expedition to prove such a cataclysmic event occurred, and says he found an ancient shoreline 400 feet below the surface of the Black Sea. Carbon dating on shells discovered there prove there was an event powerful enough to bury the shoreline around 5,000 B.C., which is the time some say Noah lived.

“It probably was a bad day,” Ballard said. “At some magic moment, it broke through and flooded this place violently, and a lot of real estate, 150,000 square kilometers of land, went under.”

Ballard doesn’t hold out hope of actually finding an ark, but he does believe there are many treasures beneath the sea around Turkey and is making plans for more expeditions there. So far he’s found pottery and an ancient shipwreck which still held the bones of its occupants.

  • Dustin

    Can’t we just say large flood? Why the heck do we want to encourage some fable just because floods happen all the time.

    • Jamie Miller

      I wish we can but some people won’t let it go until they think their right

      • Chris

        Does anyone else see the irony in that statement?

        • Andre

          Chris, I thought the same thing as you (regarding the irony of Jamie’s statement) when I first read it. Ironic, too, that these are likely the same folks who would have had no problem with the headlines when an archeologist found the purported “missing link” bones which supposedly “proved” evolution. Would they have demanded to know why the press couldn’t just say “Archeologist finds Bones” versus “Archeologist finds Missing Link”? This was the infamous “Piltdown Man” discovery in 1912 which turned out to be an orangutan jaw mated to a modern human skull with filed-down teeth. More ironic is thst it took until 1953 for the hard-core evolutionists to FINALLY let go of this hoax and admit they were wrong, even though it was pretty well confirmed as erroneous by 1923. And thet say we Christians are blindly stubborn. Some people just don’t WANT to believe there’s a God or what’s in the Bible as it ruins their whole day with that pesky notion of “sin” and the fact that the God of the universe, despite His best efforts, will be forced to hold them accountable some day.

    • http://www.celticrosssociety.com Allan MacLellan

      Sure, we can say ‘large flood’. Then we wouldn’t have any idea of what Robert Ballard is up to, and I find the science fascinating and the biblical story intriguing. We have no story without suggesting a possible connection of those dots. A fable to you holds large truths for me.

    • Jeff

      There is nothing ‘Biblical’ about it. Ice age ends, seas rise dramatically. It doesn’t mean it rained and covered the entire earth. There are scientific answers and evidence to most of the major events in the Bible. The rest was written by a bunch of men trying to make sense out of the world to calm the masses.

      • Scott

        “There are scientific answers and evidence to most of the major events in the Bible.”

        Doesn’t this answer your question? if Science can prove that most of the events in the Bible happened why so quick to discount the Bible as False?

        “The rest was written by a bunch of men trying to make sense out of the world to calm the masses”.

        You realize that the men that wrote the Bible lived in many different countries, through many different decades right? They all confessed to believe in the same person who has worked in there lives.

        in your statement you have actually proved why you should turn to the bible instead of turning your back on the lord. He’s there when your ready.

    • Scott

      How do you know its a Fable?

      • James Miller

        how do you know it’s not

        • Dan

          How do you know?

  • Becky Chappelle

    Finally a scientist that realizes that God is the Great Founder, Creator, and that the Bible is true! A lot of studies would not take up so much of our tax dollars when the answer is written from the Beginning! Kudos!!!!!

    • Jamie Miller

      Um Becky he said nothing about “God”

      • Dustin

        This person is exactly what I mean. We have to be very careful with the words we use. People see what they want to see. And the religious are really delusional, lets not feed them anymore stories.

  • SAM

    Did the writer enter in the part about the “Biblical Flood”, or did Robert Ballard make reference to the “biblical” portion of finding evidence of a flood that occurred 12,000 yrs ago which gives some credence to EVERY “great flood” myth of many different cultures? This title is biased. It should have read “Great Flood of ancient times probablr really happened, Experts agree.

    • James Miller

      “wait don’t you know the earth is 6000 years old according to the bible” (Sarcasm has been used)

  • Francesca

    God is real people how may times does it need to be proven!!!!!

    • Jamie Miller

      what proof? just because a book records a flood doesnt mean everything in it is true

      • Roger

        Hey Jamie God is real it says so in the bible and its proven by this guy so theirs your proof so have fun in hell

        • Dustin

          Are you serious? If you are and if this whole religion thing is true, then you should be ashamed of yourself for treating people with threats of hell. And if jesus was here he would smack you across the head for your lack of love and acceptance.

    • SAM

      Allan, It has not even been proven once. get a new calculator

      • Jamie Miller

        lol Sam wrong reply line

      • http://www.celticrosssociety.com Allan MacLellan

        No one is suggesting proof here Jamie. The news here is that the great meltoff of the ice age would have produced some dramatic floods, it would seem. I am sure more than one flood occurred 12,000 years ago to 5,000 years ago. No calculator can spand a thousand years. Ballard is collecting evidence of a specific event about 5,000 years ago in that part of the world. I think its cool.

        • Jamie Miller

          I know it’s cool but I was commenting on Francesca post about how many times god has be proven lol

  • http://www.celticrosssociety.com Allan MacLellan

    Thanks Amanda! I am constantly amazed at the Bible and those scientists like Ballard with the vision and resources to investigate the ancient and unknown. We know there was a meltdown of the great ice age, how simple and plausable the explanation appears. Leave it to Ballard to provide some facts on this ancient story. Good work in sharing this story Amanda!

  • roger

    Dustin, ask the lord to open your eyes and know that the lord said he will never flood the earth like that again, so no floods like that one has never happened again,he promised

    • Dustin

      My eyes are open. And after I stopped drinking the cool-aid I could see there is a larger universe that is accepting and tolerant of all parts of it’s self. If you love the bible so much why don’t read a little more about it’s history. It was written by people and people make stuff up all the time.

      • Jamie Miller

        Dustin will you marry me >_<
        I love your comments lol

      • JenJo

        Dustin, Here are a few facts to consider about the Bible. It was actually inspired by God.
        1- The Bible tells us what is going to occur in the future with 100% accuracy- hundreds and in some cases thousands of years prior to the event happening.
        Jesus alone fulfilled over 300 prophecies. It told people for instance, where He would be born 700 years before His birth! What other book has been proven to do that?

        2- The Bible tells us and has told us for thousands of years scientific facts prior to mankind’s discovery of them-A few examples are that the earth is round-The prophet Isaiah (40:22) spoke of the “circle of the earth.” Solomon wrote, “He [God] set a compass [circle] upon the face of the deep.” Proverbs 8:27. In our century, Arabs spoke of infidels being pushed over the edge into space. About 3,000 years ago, our Bible said the earth was round. This was not discovered until 500 years ago.

        3-Matthew Maury, an officer in the United States Navy believed his Bible and became known as “the pathfinder of the seas”— “The father of modern navigation.”. Maury received his idea about ocean currents from reading Psalm 8:8 which was written about 3,000 years ago by King David. David wrote as he was moved by the Spirit of God and probably never actually saw an ocean.

        4- Since 68 BC it was thought that somehow thunder triggered the rainfall. Now scientists are beginning to realize that as stated in Job 28:26, it is lightning that triggers the rain to fall. Job knew this 3,000 years ago.

        Just a few random things tossed together but, as I say, there are thousands. Ask God to reveal Himself to you Tom and in His love and kindness, He will. He knows you and He loves you!

        • James Miller

          And other prophets also has been right so whats your point just because it’s tied to a religion its true

        • ket

          Great post! But as usual the anti-God will not be enlightened by that because they have made up their mind NOT to believe.

        • curtis

          I dont think that isaiah is talking about the earth being round, if that is the case then I guess that same verse is saying the Heavens are made out of Curtains or curtain like materials. Also the comment about David not seeing an ocean??? the verse YOU reference that Adulterer and conniving DAVID WROTE does not talk about oceans but the Currents of the SEA. But like most Bible people you elaborate more than what is even said and you devalue the important moral message of the Bible. STOP IT PLEASE if you want to add stuff make your own version King James and countless others did.

      • Dave

        yes they do make things up all the time…..evolution sounds pretty made up to me. Sounds like someone was desperate for an alternative to creation. If i dont want to be held accountable for my life by a “God” then come up with an alternative to God.

    • JenJo

      God is so amazing! Scientists are constantly scrambling to figure out what He created.

  • Ben

    Sure, floods happen all the time, but this one took place in the same time period and the same area as the flood recorded in the Bible. And, even if many of the stories in the Bible are fable and myth, they were based around events that did happen.

  • roger

    I believe what Jesus says. Not no man under the sun will never prove my god wrong,thank you lord god almighty.I have not one ounce of faith or respect of no human flesh.all man made I live in the sprite of god
    And what he does is true.

  • roger

    Every thing today is in the bible its like the news paper,the devil puts doubt in your mind, just believe all things are good your not losing anything and you could gain everlasting life. Just believe in the lord he will show you the truth.

  • elise

    Yes, The Bible makes it very clear there was a flood….Everything a person needs to know is in The Bible…You can count on The Word of God as Truth!!!!!!!

    • Matt

      How do you know that the Bible is a god’s word?

      Just because others say that it is written by a god does not make it truly written by a god.

    • Thomas McElhenie

      AMEN Elise!! Once again mankind’s science is trying to catch up with the truth of the Bible. So far the Bible has been proven at true and accurate at every point of science, and every point of prophecy. So it should be no surprise that the end times are drawing near and Jesus Christ is coming again very soon. If anyone will believe God and his word, the future holds no mystery for believers and anyone who will accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. This man may not have the facts right, but he does have the Fact of the Flood right. Praise God!

  • roger

    Is there another roger here?

    • Roger

      it seems like it only difference I see is is mine is Roger and yours is roger

  • roger

    Dustin grow up you are lost,your for all thing against the truth, every one on here that knows the truth,needs to pray for dustin

  • Mike

    So carbon dating is fine to use if it supports a religious agenda, but not reliable enough as evidence of evolution? What a double standard we have here.

  • ket

    The secular scientific community will never dare acknowledge any proof or even possibilty of Biblical flood because it will prove that the Bible as a historical book is true and more reliable than all the phony proof of evolution.

    The book of Genesis-the historical figures mentioned, the ancient cities- alone has been proven by archaeological evidences but they still treat it with contempt and denial.

    The secular scientists will no way pursue truth if truth means vindicating the Bible as a true source of historical truth.

  • josh

    You guys do realize the bible is right, it said that the earth hangs upon nothing in the Hebrew book of job, it describes the water cycle(can’t remember it off the top of my head) and this was mentioned thousands of years before any scientist could prove it right. And just because you can’t see the wind, doesn’t mean that it’s not there. It’s the same with god, we can see all of his works and marvel at them.

    • ket

      Agree with you but you have secular scientific community whose goal has always been to tell a creation with no Creator and to ignore and lie about the Bible to preserve their anti-God agenda.

      Godless people wants godless society and godless “history” and the Bible is the thorn that never leave their side therefore it has to be destroyed according to them.

    • ket

      Agree with you but you have secular scientific community whose goal has always been to tell a creation with no Creator and to ignore and lie about the Bible to preserve their anti-God agenda.

      Godless people wants godless society and godless “history” and the Bible is the thorn that never leave their side therefore it has to be destroyed according to them.

  • ket

    How can anyone explain marine fossils found high up in the mountains ALL over the world unless sometime in the past the world was covered by water…this alone is pure evidence of Noah’s flood but it’s a very uncomfortable question for the anti-Bible that they prefer to ignore it or just label it as false.

    • Michael

      Marine fossils are found on mountains because those mountains were once part of an ocean, sea, or lake bed. Over the past 240 million years, the geologically active earth has shifted it’s plates. Mountain ranges have risen up and others have fallen. The mountains did not acquire the fossils within the last 6000 years.

      • ket

        The millions of years you claim is not backed up by man’s RECORDED “historical” record which is only 6,000 years.

        Btw, if the earth and moon are millions of years and since the moon retreats away from the earth every year, we would have been flung off the universe long time ago and the astronomers would have drowned in the dust instead of walked on it if we’re millions of years as you claim to believe.

  • Marty

    Food for thought: How did it ALL begin? What was the very first thing that happened to put all of these things into motion?

  • Ace

    The bible is a fictional book written by cult members and their view of what took place .. you just cant believe a word of it .It’s cult gibberish !

    • ket

      Obviously not only you’ve never read the Bible but you’ve never CHALLENGED yourself to find out if history, archaeology, astronomy backed it up, which they do.

      Find the courage to disprove it, NOT BY YOUR FEELINGS, but by archaeological, astronomical, historical evidences out there.

    • ket

      I disagree with you. Science, archaeology, astronomy, history, has backed up the Bible but the secular world will never show it nor promote it. Even astronomy supported Joshua’s sun stopping and also recorded in many ancient records like the Chinese astronomy.

      Godless people will only promote godless agenda. It was like Marx, God was the first one got kicked out to build their communist utopia agenda.

    • Joel

      Some are given understanding to interpret the Word of God and some are not. I am sorry you are not called to have understanding. You just be speaking cult gibberish Ace – maybe you should ask God (whom you think is fictional) for a small portion of wisdom. He supplies liberally to all who ask. Be not afraid little soft soft.

  • I am not Jim

    I’m about as religious as a person can get. I’ve taught the bible at the university level, read scriptures every day, serve at my church, pray, etc. I do not believe that any effort should be made by scientists to prove the bible is true. That’s a waste of time. The goal of science is to prove previous hypotheses are false. That’s the only way it works. Science and religion are too different ways to find truth and both get corrupted when some try to mix them up. God can’t be put in a test tube or experimented upon. Otherwise smart people should stop trying to do so.

    If you want to know about the truth, turn to God, not to science. If you want to advance the goals of science, put down the bible. Eventually the two shall meet naturally. It can’t be forced.

    • Michael

      The purpose of science is not to prove anything true or false. It is to use the scientific method (Google it) to explore the universe in which we exist and seek knowledge. For over 1000 years, people have taken the various scriptures as fact. It explained the why and how. Through science, we have learned much about how things work with reproducible experiments and observations. If the facts disagree with what the various scriptures say were once believed as fact, then the scriptures are wrong, as facts are proven and not just believed.

    • Damonica Renee

      Amen and Amen again! I couldn’t have said this better myself I am not Jim. Kudos to you

  • Matt

    Historians have been saying all along that there was probably a massive flood in the middle east during that time(not a world-wide flood). Nearly a dozen different legends from that time period and region describe a massive flood, many written before the Torah. Most myths evolve from some sort of truth.

  • Bethany

    I think it is so cool that an actualy scientist is trying to find out truth no matter the answer. It’s tough to be objective when the subjects of religion or politics show up. Kudos.

  • curtis

    Oh ye blind religious zealots! Ye stout believers whom girded your loins ready to ignore and argue against everything scientific..UNLESS it has some assemblence of proving what you believe is correct based upon the BIBLE a book by the way that put together well after Jesus’s physical existence on this earth for social and political purposes of it’s timeframe. Go ahead ignore far OLDER middle eastern writings such as the Epic of Gilgamesh which speaks of the flood as a LOCAL event and the pairs of animals that were saved were sacrificial and domesticaed animals not EVERY animal on the planet. The Ark as large as it was would have been a crowded crowded place. the things that creepeth would have been squished underfoot, carnivorous animals would have starved to death, the amount of poop would have been insanitary and presented major health risks in that watertight and I would imagine airtight ship God sealed up. But we were not there, so maybe thats why Noah hit the bottle and got drunk and passed out after it was all said and done!

    • ket

      It cannot be local if even here in North America you got marine fossils found in the mountains here..but keep on denying if it makes you feel better.

    • ket

      The Epic of Galgamesh was not written as a “historical document” but as a legendary folklore and they wrote it with a locl concept and they believed it happened only to their region.

      The ancient writings prefer to focus on their own people’s history unless they talk about war or invasion. As for Noah’s ark, he didn’t get ALL the animals but a pair of each.

      The Chinese navy during the 1400s copied Noah’s ark when they built their navy and they never starved like the European voyagers because they got animals and crops stored as food for their years of voyages.

      • curtis

        Even a pair of every animal on earth improbable, because there were other continents right? did noah travel to north and south america, antartica for the penguins and seals australia for the marsupials, china for the pandas? Africa for the elephant and hippos? the galgappos for the iguanas and tortoises? EVERY pair of the things that creepeth which they estimate of over a million species exists? all the birds? Really? there are in todays world over 11 million INDIVIDUAL SPECIES on earth TODAY! Science says that even with that staggering number that is a fraction of the species that have ever existed on this earth and without a doubt there probably even MORE species living during the days of Noah! common sense people story is a story for around the camp fire

  • CSaw

    When are people going to realize that all religions are talking about the same thing? Quit arguing over who is right, who is wrong, and who is special enough to be let into heaven; this way of thinking creates wars. The argument saying: Since Noah’s flood is real, then everything in the Judeo-Christian is correct? What about the city Troy, it existed? Then Homers Iliad must be real. That argument sounds like something a child would fall for. Faith is one thing, but that doesn’t mean you have to turn your brain off and say it must Devil corrupting people with lies, because you don’t take the time to pick up a book. Floods have been mentioned in other religious text: Babylon – Gilgamesh epic, Egypt – Book of the Dead, Italy – Ovid’s poetry and these are just a few. I am not an atheist, but I am not going to stick my head in the sand and feed ego and fear; by saying that I hold the answers. Keep your mind open and don’t let fear rule your thoughts.

  • http://prophecykeepers.com William Scott Anderson

    The Torah says The Great Flood was a collision of boiling water and ice.

  • ket

    The Armenians in Turkey, even up to now, for generations believed Noah’s ark still there in the mountain and even the Armenians here in America believe that’s the story passed on to them for generations.

  • Kerry

    I have a feeling that a lot of people assume the Christian view of God is that just because He can do anything, that means He will do anything. Without any rhyme or reason. I believe the Earth did flood just as the Bible says, but how it happened is up for debate. Personally, I don’t see the importance as to *how it happened because the simple fact is it *did happen. Whether it was because of melting glaciers or just rain for 40 days and 40 nights doesn’t matter. God can make a glacier melt just the same as He can make it rain. Not every act of God is in the form of a burning bush or some apocalyptic cataclysm. God knows that little changes now can make big changes in the future.
    The same with evolution. I do not believe humans evolved from apes, but I do not dispute that we share similarities in our bone structure because it’s obvious we do. Evolution is real, everything evolves, everything changes and grows. Humans don’t look the same as they did in ancient times, and quite frankly nothing does.
    The point I’m making is that God can do great things through the forces of nature and a lot of it we don’t even recognize.

  • Dan

    Use your brain people. God gave you one. The bible was written by people who are just as flawed as any of us. God does not write books. There is no word of God. Its peoples ideas of what the word of God is. Do not let your judgment be clouded by zealots from both sides. Look at the evidence and make your own conclusion knowing that you can never fully understand what happened 6000 years before you were born. The bible has some valuable moral teachings. Outside of that it should not be used for scientific purposes. Sure a flood did happen. Just about every ancient culture has a flood story, but to think that the whole earth was flooded and we could get to the population levels we have now is absurd. 2 of every creature repopulating the entire earth on a boat with the abundance of life we have is a preposterous notion. And sorry everyone evolution is real. Obviously though it doesn’t necessarily mean it is for the better. Most of you commenters need more than Jesus. You need to open your eyes and use the brain God gave you. Take responsibility for your own thoughts and actions and stop relying on others to do your thinking otherwise heaven or hell will not matter unless someone else says it does. Have a good life sheeple.

    • ket

      If you believe in evolution and you believe you come from a monkey, I’m not gonna argue with that but I believe God created me and He didn’t need the monkey to create me.

      Btw,a woman’s body is made in such a way that it will reject any semen unless it’s from man….so a woman’s body itself rejects evolution.

      • xyluss

        You don’t understand evolution.

  • KJN

    The human mind is so small yet filled with such arrogance. We look at a building and know that a man built it, but we look at the world and think it has no creator. If there is a creator it is very possible that he divinely inspired the bible to tell people how they are to live their life. Why would every one of the Apostles die horrible deaths if Christ were a myth? They were not enriched by teaching about Christ. Many were told if they renounced their teachings regarding Christ they would not be executed. They did not, and all except John died horrible deaths. They had to have seen the resurrected Christ. Come on people don’t speak in ignorrance. Actually read the Bible and study the apostles. It is truely amazing! Ultimately you have to believe by faith. I am a nurse who takes care of people who face death. The atheiest patient is the most fearful of dieing because down deep inside they always wonder “what if I am wrong”. The Christian always dies at peace.

    • http://yahoo ET

      I am so tired of arrogant Christians. Christianity is an astrotheological religion.The son rising is literally the SUN rising.The 12 apostles,the 12 signs.It is completely recycled.These ideas and beliefs were around 3,000 years before Christ supposedly was.OPEN YOUR EYES AND READ THE FACTS! Almost every civilization had a god that was born on Dec.25 an astrological date,walked on water,born of a virgin,had 12 disciples,etc….. Look up Mithra or Horus.It all revolves around the solstices and the position of stars.

  • edwin


  • Michael

    The author here is being allegorical. There is no claim that the biblical flood happened, only that there is evidence for a massive flood in an area that has folklore about a massive flood. The world did not flood and 40 days of rain would not have caused it.

  • http://yahoo flatlander

    foscils are millions of years old. Noahs flood happened 5000 years ago. some one show me 5000 year old foscils, they should be found all over the world at about the same depth everywhere. why isnt this the case?

    • Joe

      Since you can not spell very well you may not be very educated. If you are well educated I am sorry to disrespect you, but if you look at all the scientific data on carbon dating you will see that is it very flawed. It has been proved that you can make fossils in two weeks that will date back millions of years.

      • john utah

        Please show me where fossils can be created in 2 weeks. I assume you didn’t pay much attention in science 101.

        • Nonayo

          You can create a fossil by burying a carcass in minerals in such a way that oxygen cannot get to it. The amount of time it takes depends on conditions such as temperature.

          • For Science!

            All you’ve done is to prove that you have no idea what fossilization actually is or the processes in which it occurs. The three standard types of fossilization, replacement/recrystalization, bioimmuration and permineralization, cannot be reproduced in 2 weeks by burying something anywhere under any conditions. They are processes that occur over thousands to millions of years. The other types of fossilization only occur in shells and plant biomatter. i.e.. have nothing to do with skeletal remains and also could not have occurred anywhere near your two week timeframe. I have no idea where you are getting your information, but you have been sadly misinformed.

    • Hank

      You idiot one human bones don’t last that long and two wasn’t nearly as many people

  • Alvin

    Interesting how science is helping to prove the bible. Whether a person of faith or not if you look at the entire picture it’s rather interesting.

    • danielle

      Except there is a scientific reason behind it, not just that “God is angry” I fail to see how this proves the bible right.

      • Jake

        Well then that makes Noah one great weather forecaster. The fact that humanity survived this flood would be evidence. Your statement only proves the saying “For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who refuse to believe, no amount of proof will be enough.”

        • susras

          How true!! :)

        • Hank

          So I’m guessing incest is how a four hundred year old man re populated the word right LOL

      • Jerry

        I don’t know what you mean by how you fail to see how the bible is “right.” If you are referring to whether there is a God, that is ultimately a question for each individual to answer. However, time and time again, the bible has proven to be a great source for historical events.
        In this case, a great flood that may have happened thousands of years before Christ were probably passed down by word of mouth before finally being written on paper. In fact, other cultures such as the Sumarians, have written accounts of a great flood.

  • Chase

    Until there is any shred of scientific and historical evidence that a man who claimed to be the son of god actually walked on water, turned water into wine, resurrected a dead man, and my favorite- put a “demon” into an entire herd of pigs and ran them off a cliff (why did all the pigs have to die??)- then I won’t bother listening to a damn thing the bible says.

    And remember good Christians. Unless you have given all your possessions to the poor, you’re not really doing what Jesus wants. Unless you’ve stoned a few homosexuals today, you’re not following the explicit laws of god, which Jesus touts.

    So good luck making those adjustments. Remember, stay poor, stay weak, stay loyal to your leaders, and after your dead, you’ll get a get a big dinner with santa claus.

    Oh, and I forgot, go ahead and rape. Your god didn’t bother putting it in his top ten things not to do (although don’t disparage HIS name), and actually he implores you to do it, especially if it’s for revenge.

    • Jake

      You clearly don’t understand the Bible if you truly believe what you just said. Jesus’ death for our sins saved us from having to be put to death (by stoning, for example) for our sins, as well as sacrificing an animal everytime we sin. Please show me one verse where God implores us to rape, as you stated. And keep in mind that the recommended tithe is 10%. I believe Jesus was using the rich man story to show that wealth is not where our priority needs to be – he knew that the rich man would not follow Him over his money.

      Using your logic, I could just as easily say “Until there is any shred of scientific and historical evidence” that we evolved from monkeys, I won’t bother to listen to a thing science predicts about the origin of life.

    • Steven

      I’m sorry for the bitterness, hatred, and sadness that must have been brought into your life by someone. Contrary to what you might have heard, God does not encourage rape, stoning homosexuals, or giving everything you have away. So you don’t believe, which is ok, but that means what I’m experienceing now is all I get. And I want more. As a result, I believe, and I’ve experienced His love and grace, and some day a perfect place. Or dinner with Santa. Whatever. Don’t give up. He’s still reaching for you.

    • Tony

      That’s why it’s called faith.
      And let’s admit it, the reason you get so mad and riled up is because in your heart you know it’s true.

    • susras

      I’m so sorry for your cynical attitude. I don’t know what Bible you were reading, and highly doubt you were reading ANY Bible, but you are horribly misinformed!! The bottom line of the Bible is love. God loves you. Jesus loves you. And I love you. So please, try this again, or for the first time, and pick up a good Bible and really read it!! The Message is a good Bible, written in simpler terms that any “regular” person can understand. It’s a very interesting book and the underlying message throughout the entire book is that God loves us. Peace. :)

    • Mark

      It appears that science to you is everything. However, when you stand before God what are you going to say? Well, I read the bible but I didn’t believe. You have never seen George Washington but I presume you believe he existed, so why is it so hard to believe that Jesus also lived among men. Scientist seem to have a cure for everything but they do not have a cure for death for they do not control the destiny of mankind. It is controlled and orchestrated by God. If God exists and you chose to say those things, one day you will eat those words. Have you tried looking at youtube “Life After Death” and those who have experienced it. Maybe you don’t totally believe in God but maybe their experiences can change your mind. Also, the parable that you quote about possessions has to do with where your heart is, you know the love of money. The guy had everything in life his possession was his God, he did not know the meaning of sharing. There’s more I could say regarding your theological background but unless you study the bible seriously you cannot make such statements. Does the bible actually, mention homosexuals and to stone them? Just as we have laws today for criminals, they had laws back then too. They were enacted as a deterrent for crime. Anyway, I hope that you would seek God for yourself and allow him to reveal to you who he is.

    • Carter

      Chase I can tell you are a very angry person and I am sorry that whatever happened to make you that way happened. I don’t even ask you to believe in god, which you obviously don’t just don’t condemn other people for what they believe, remeber it is just possible that you are wrong, wouldn’t that be a great thing to wake up to one morning. Anyway have a good day and get some help with that anger.

    • ron

      You have “selectively” read the Bible especially when you only refer to the portions that meet YOUR agenda and make up the rest.
      1. It’s easier to prove that Jesus lived than George Washington did. As to the miracles, there were eye witnesses to those miracles including his resurection. His disciples, except for one, all died horrible deaths because they would not recant their testimony.
      2. The “Demons” left humans and went into the pigs causing them to go over the cliff. The farmer that owned those pigs was greatly upset, but maybe not as upset by this development as you are?
      3. Christ asked only a few people to give all of their possesions to the poor in order to test them. He did say to “Rendor on to Ceasar what is Ceasar’s and to God what is God”, which is the Tithe 10% and I pay more to the government as a result.
      4. Rape??? This doesn’t deserve an answer especially when Christ asked those religious zealots that wanted to stone a harlot, “He, who is without sin cast the first stone.” The crowd disappeared.
      5. Since you’ve made the above decision, good luck to you when you do meet “Santa” after you have made your last exhalation of air.

    • Steve

      If I am wrong, what have I lost? If you are wrong, you have lost everything.

      • S.E. Decker

        You are wrong and you have lost freedom from religious bondage and a life that might have otherwise have been productive rather than nihlistic. We will end up equals when we die. Decomposing.

  • ankh

    There were no polar bears on the so called ark, the biblical accounts are contradictory as to how long it (RAINED). This guy is talking about something like niagra falls type of water. It really is very funny to try and prove a bunch of fragmented stories that were made up from earlier myths. Wake up sheep! lol!

    • Steve

      Better to believe in something than be a bitter fool all your life. If I am wrong, what have I lost? If you are wrong, you have lost everything.

  • Greaseguru

    Blessed are those who have seen and believe, but much more blessed those who havent seen and yet still believe… sigh proof proof proof… so frustrating and yet heartbreaking… to just believe is called faith…take love… you cant see it… you cant touch it… but IT EXISTS! May God bless you and your family…

    • Nonayo

      At last count, more than 300 flood legends from ethnic groups around the world have surfaced. They all share the story of one couple and their family being saved to repopulate the earth.

  • Roger

    So many anti-God/Bible folks in this chat room. I know..it hurts to know that the Bible is True. Satan does’t want people to know the truth…(oops)but wait, Satan isn’t real right? Non of the anti-God folks can’t give a logical reason as to why they exist, but to rather say it all just “happened”…The Bible even predicts that in the last days there would be (scoffers) non-believers who would say this is all but-a-fairytale.

    • Russell

      The article just said that A big flood did happen. They did not say it covered the entire planet. Right around the Mediterranean Sea was all. A lot of Ancient Religions have tales of A huge Flood. Read Gilgamesh sometime. Ya see, all of them are fairytales or mythology which is the Correct word. Often many Myths have some basis in Fact. Troy being another example. Doesn’t mean God flooded the world.

      • Roger

        Your ignorance is bliss

  • Stacie Lemley

    Science continues to confirm the facts contained in the Bible!! People…check it out for yourself…read the Bible with the same open mind you read anything else with…check out the prophecies that have been fulfilled…check it out for yourself, don’t just believe what you were fed in school. :)

    Serious scientists cannot deny the obvious design within the universe…the irrreducibly complex nature of microbiological processes.
    Check out the DVDs Unlocking the Mystery of Life and any of the Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution DVD series!

    Good work, Robert Ballard. Glad to hear you are examining the facts and examining the evidence. Now on to the problems with carbon dating…

    Everyone has faith in something. Atheists have faith in themselves and that we came from nothing. Other religions have their own ideas about things…but only one thing stands up under examination…Christianity!
    I believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. He is The Way, The Truth, and The Life. Do the research for yourself!! :)

    • Greaseguru


    • Carolyn

      So very true. AMEN

    • Dude

      This isn’t science, and this guy isn’t really a scientist. And he has no proof. It’s just a guy speculating on stuff. He has the same scientific weight behind these speculations as Kim Kardashian would.

      But just out of curiosity, how did Noah fit all those billions upon billions of insects on his boat?

      • Steve

        He didn’t,”Dude”. God did.

        • Nonayo

          The ark only was supposed to hold the creatures “in whose nostrils was the breath of life.” That does not include insects, which breathe through holes (spiracles) in their abdomen. In general, insects have extreme flood-surviving abilities–go to any place where there’s been a disastrous flood, and you’ll see that the insects are the first animals to be on the scene, having survived either underground or in/on floating debris such as logs.

    • For Science!

      Oh yes, I loved the Creatures that Defy Evolution series. I mean, the “expert scientist” is a freaking dentist! And most of the evolution information they mention is just false, out of date, or out right lies. Evolution has been thoroughly tested for the better part of 150 years and still passes. Can’t get much more truthful than that.
      As for these “facts” in the bible….stoned any disobedient children yet? Ever worn cotton and wool? Even once, when you were a child, did you denied the holy spirit existed? That is the one unforgivable sin from which nothing will save you…that’s Mark 4 22-30 if you Bible Thumpers don’t believe me.
      Speaking of doing the research for yourself, which you obviously haven’t done, Christianity has never stood up to examination….ever. It’s full of lies, logic fallacies, or denial of proof. No serious bible scholar will ever tell you to believe in the literal truth of the bible. I mean 2 of every species on the planet on a single boat? Really? And 7 pairs of every clean animal? And don’t give me that crap about they found the ark on Mt. Ararat. It was a rock formation, nothing else. They even have satellite pictures of it.
      Let’s not forget that although the Egyptians kept excellent record of everything else, even their grain stores for over 300 years, there is not a single mention of them holding the Jews as slaves. Not one. Or how about Jonah living in a Whale or fish (depends on the translation) for 3 days? Really? Come on! There’s no way you can honestly believe that!

  • shay casati

    It’s interesting that ‘science’ brings this up again, as this proof had been validated in the ancient stories handed down by diverse cultures and in their cave and petroglyphs. A great flood occurred that covered MOST of the planet, the native Americans have stories about it, the Kundun region of China has stories and evidence, geologists have written reports about it, there are stories from Africa etc.. Sure the Bible is right, however many people have tampered with the bible over the years…a case in point is the documented change made by King James, when he changed thou shall not suffer a liar to live, to thou shall not suffer a witch to support the way he wanted the bible to read. Atheism has no basis either in that you cannot prove a Divine being doesn’t live. While I am not a ‘religious’ person, but one that follows a spiritual path I do have faith in the existence of Divine beings.

  • Dick


    • Nanci Weeks


      • Tim

        You said it all in just those few words. That’s faith.

    • Angie

      Its easier to believe in something that doesn’t exist because you have no real argument to prove its existence then. I believe in unicorns.

      • Joe

        How can you say that unicorns never existed? What proof do you have that they never existed.

        • Jake

          ^ This.

      • Daniel

        you can’t prove that the big bang happened either, but you still believe it, don’t you Angie?

  • Nanci Weeks

    The Ark has already been found.

    • Joe

      Where is the Ark if they have found it?

      • Kyle

        They found the ark on Mt. Ararat in Turkey

  • Brad

    Honestly noone ever said everything in the bible was fake. Alot of events that are discussed in the bible actually happened, just not in ways the bible actually say. The bible is feeled with stories that surround true events just as story tellers do today. How bout everything that they have have found out that was left out of the bible. Esspecially the stuff that empowered women or made Jesus look human. It seems it was edited for a certain purpose. I do believe Jesus was a real living and breatheing person who was a big part in the christianity movement. But Im sorry he didnt turn water into wine. Those are the things you read in fairytales. Religion is something created to help people deal with death. I dont need to believe that Jesus was mythical to understand the basis of what they were trying to teach. When I was a kid it was my Sunday school teacher who really set me onto the way I think about the bible. When a child asks a question, please dont give them a stupid answer about you just have to believe. Im sorry but its kinda hard to believe in something that sounds made up and like basically a ancient sci-fi novel.

  • Brad

    Honestly noone ever said everything in the bible was fake. Alot of events that are discussed in the bible actually happened, just not in ways the bible actually say. The bible is feeled with stories that surround true events just as story tellers do today. How bout everything that they have have found out that was left out of the bible. Esspecially the stuff that empowered women or made Jesus look human. It seems it was edited for a certain purpose. I do believe Jesus was a real living and breatheing person who was a big part in the christianity movement. But Im sorry he didnt turn water into wine. Those are the things you read in fairytales. Religion is something created to help people deal with death. I dont need to believe that Jesus was mythical to understand the basis of what they were trying to teach. When I was a kid it was my Sunday school teacher who really set me onto the way I think about the bible. When a child asks a question, please dont give them a stupid answer about you just have to believe. Im sorry but its kinda hard to believe in something that sounds made up and like basically a ancient sci-fi novel..

    • Joe

      I am sorry that you are so jaded that you dont believe that Jesus turned water into wine or that the things that were said in the Bible happened that way. I will be praying for you.

      • Brad

        no need.. but thank you I know that praying is a big part of your religious beliefs. So in all honesty how many of you would have died for your religion? Because I could almost bet not one christian who has posted to this would sacrafice themselves for christianity. So Im guessing muslims have a leg up on you and seeing your religions are almost identical. You know just like almost all the other religions that start with virgin mothers, yes go look it up. Whats crazy to me is muslims (and please dont show your ignorance and confuse muslims with radical islamist) actually dedicate more of there life to religion then most christians would ever think to and Im thinking christians insecurity in there own beliefs is why they are so quick to try and bash others. I have seen more hypocrites at a church then any other place. Basically why I quit going. I was raised a christian, I live as a learning human being whose mind is growing everyday. I love information and I thrive on it. I look for facts and things of proof. My brain has a hard time wrapping around things Im told that I just have to believe.

        • http://www.tlc-fab.com Darryl Yates

          Don’t let your own judgement take away from your children’s grace.

        • Forrest Edwards

          Brad, I am sorry you feel this way. Something must have gone wrong in your life experience to feel this way about religion. You are very misinformed about all aspects of religion. It is not religion that God wants it is a relationship. I too was like you lost wandering through life thinking I had it all figured out. I pray you find Him.

        • Daniel

          You are wrong Brad. I would gladly give my life if it meant it would lead others to Him. I know where I am going when I die.

    • Marvin

      You should understand that there is a lot of things that took place in the world at the time of the bible that is not in the bible. The question is Brad, Do you believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and that the 3rd day he arose. If so you are good if not then you will take a different route home…God bless you my friend.

  • Angie

    This is science. If you want to argue about your nonexistent god, there are plenty of biblical loony tunes sites where you can go. Please don’t invade science with your wishywashy load of crap.

    • Steve

      Don’t see anything that says this is a science website. Besides, plenty of porno sites for you unbelievers to be on.

      • Steve

        It’s a NEWS site, with a science section. 😛

  • Greaseguru

    The Bible isn’t a sales pitch to get you to buy in… My goodness people either you have faith or you don’t. A chose will have to be made. My only plea is that you take the Bible very seriously and have an open mind and don’t let “Science” try to rob the only true thing that matters in this world… “Salvation!” John 14:6. May God bless you and your familY.

    • Brad

      No thank you. What matter most in this world is my family. Not a book. I will only be here a short time and Im sorry if Im gonna live my life for anything other then my family. I dont care what happens when I die because obviously I will be dead. Give me a break. Im not scared to die. I dont want to but Im not scared to. I love life. I have read the bible. My life was fine before I read it and fine now. I didnt see God getting me thru my situations, I seen me making my own decisions good or bad get me thru my life. You know free will. Religion is so open ended. Everyone knows how to live right we all know right from wrong. You shouldnt need a book to make you live that way. Obviously you have no self control.

      • Greaseguru

        If your chose is not to choose, the chose will be made… God tells us to tell others of His word…. My Prayers go out for you my friend and they will everyday… May God Bless you and your Family.

        • Brad

          again obviously a bored whatever he is playing with the lives of a lesser being. If what you say is true. And if your name is talking about the movie Grease, shouldnt the Grease movies be considered filth by christians? And go ahead and say no and show your hypocrisy.

          • Greaseguru

            my name is Greaseguru because im a mechanic…

          • Steve

            Choice, choice, choice! It’s CHOICE not CHOSE. Gah. And you expect people to listen to you.

      • Dicksie

        It is to bad that you are truly unable to see the good works of the Lord. When will people start realizing that it is not God that brings bad things unto people, but walks through the bad times with you.

        When are people going to realize the devil is the evil one and wants you to fail miserable as he will one day.

      • Jack


        God gives us the choice to believe or not believe and, sadly, you have chosen the latter. You seem like a good person who loves his family, but where does love come from and why are we even able to feel this emotion. We feel because we have a consciousness and, if you will, a soul or essence of being. That consciousness is not a biological or physical substance…it is a spiritual reality that we all experience. So what happens to it when we die? What if it continues on since it is not connected to the body. What if there is an afterlife and, because you have chosen not to accept God’s love, you spend it by yourself, alone and detached from the God who made you. I can’t even begin to fathom such a state of despair….true hell. My hope for you is that you can soften your heart and open your eyes and accept the truth that there is a God who truly loves you and wants to be in your life forever.

    • A REAL Christian

      EXACTLY! everyone must take the Bible seriously! all of you heathens and and fags will rot and burn in hell! God hates you all!

      “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them” (Leviticus 20:13)

      All you non believers who buy this “science” crap should die and rot as well!

      They entered into a covenant to seek the Lord, the God of their fathers, with all their heart and soul; and everyone who would not seek the Lord, the God of Israel, was to be put to death, whether small or great, whether man or woman. (2 Chronicles 15:12-13)

      Believers of “science”, muslims, buddhists, and every other religion are going to burn unless you take the Bible seriously like me and Greaseguru and all the other REAL Christians!!!!!

      “If your own full brother, or your son or daughter, or your beloved wife, or you intimate friend, entices you secretly to serve other gods, whom you and your fathers have not known, gods of any other nations, near at hand or far away, from one end of the earth to the other: do not yield to him or listen to him, nor look with pity upon him, to spare or shield him, but kill him. Your hand shall be the first raised to slay him; the rest of the people shall join in with you. You shall stone him to death, because he sought to lead you astray from the Lord, your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, that place of slavery. And all Israel, hearing of this, shall fear and never do such evil as this in your midst.” (Deuteronomy 13:7-12 )

      All you unclean, whores who don’t wait for marriage are going to rot in Hell according to God!!

      “But if this charge is true, and evidence of the girls virginity is not found, they shall bring the girl to the entrance of her fathers house and there her townsman shall stone her to death, because she committed a crime against Israel by her unchasteness in her father’s house. Thus shall you purge the evil from your midst.” (Deuteronomy 22:20-21)

      It saddens me that the government claims to be run by religious people but they’re just as hypocritical like everyone else! It’s is our right, according to the Lord our GOD to have slaves! Bring slavery back!! It’s God’s will!!!!!

      “However, you may purchase male or female slaves from among the foreigners who live among you. You may also purchase the children of such resident foreigners, including those who have been born in your land. You may treat them as your property, passing them on to your children as a permanent inheritance. You may treat your slaves like this, but the people of Israel, your relatives, must never be treated this way.” (Leviticus 25:44-46)

      “When a man strikes his male or female slave with a rod so hard that the slave dies under his hand, he shall be punished. If, however, the slave survives for a day or two, he is not to be punished, since the slave is his own property.” (Exodus 21:20-21)

      Oh, God, I long for the days when “Christians” didn’t cherry pick the Bible and actually took the Word seriously! What happened to these good old days when we could rape and kill women because they were our property?!

      “As you approach a town to attack it, first offer its people terms for peace. If they accept your terms and open the gates to you, then all the people inside will serve you in forced labor. But if they refuse to make peace and prepare to fight, you must attack the town. When the LORD your God hands it over to you, kill every man in the town. But you may keep for yourselves all the women, children, livestock, and other plunder. You may enjoy the spoils of your enemies that the LORD your God has given you.”: (Deuteronomy 20:10-14)

      “If a man is caught in the act of raping a young woman who is not engaged, he must pay fifty pieces of silver to her father. Then he must marry the young woman because he violated her, and he will never be allowed to divorce her.” (Deuteronomy 22:28-29)

      I can go on forever with other verses like these from our Lord that you people who call yourselves “Christians” choose to neglect! But I won’t because there’s too much that you hypocrites ignore. Thank the Lord your God and bless you and your family if you believe in only HIM. The Bible was NOT written by man. It is the WORD OF OUR LORD and He is INFALLIBLE! So I pray to all Christians to read the WHOLE book so that your eyes can be open, you can stop being hypocrites, and grow to become full and complete Christian as I am!! God bless you and to Hell with the rest!! Because GOD said so!!

  • Darrell

    To thoese of us who call ourselves childern of god, we all understand or should understand, “Hebrew 11:1. If you don’t know it ,read it for yourself. I say that to say stop the madness of I told you so or we knew it all the time. the statement of science is just confirming what we already know is just another way of saying I told you so. Even if thst’s not your intent, and I’m sur eit’s not that’s the way it reveals itself. to the non-believers i apologize for my christian brother and sisters, they mean well and want you to acept God as we do. Fro through him all things are possible. The fact is we know the flood happened because the word of our God said it did. The bible make another ststement , It was made to Thomas , by Jesus( who by the way, like most people you do believe lived in history) Blessed is he who believe with seeing. OOr proof in this case. That said I pray that all come to God and believe in him but, if one day in time you are standing in judgement, remember we all had the same chance to accept him.here’s the Point ; If you believe and God doesn’t exiest you have lost nothing, you can’t take it with you anyway. On the other hand if you don’t believe and by chance he is real, as real as I believe, you are not in a good position. God loves us all and will judge us all, weather you believe or not. PS: crying want help then. The Bible speaks of that also.

    • Brad

      Sir I respect your comment for how you gave them. But if God cant see how the world is and why people would feel the way they do Im guessing he isnt a very merciful God as potrayed so I could careless about living with him. Im tired of being told that there is a man in the heavens like a kid playing with ants with a magnifying glass. When I read the bible it seems as if he is very bored and playing games with all of our lives for the pure joy of it if what the bible says is true.

      • Steve

        “Careless” if you live with God, Brad? Enjoy Hell then.

        • Robert

          With your contradicting logic, you will be joining him.

      • Advocate1

        Brad you are not really reading then. Give yourself the time and the chance to gain an understanding of what ibeing said. You states that you have been told these things. have you researched for yourself to see if it’s true. Think outside the box for a second. Do something that others around you evidently dont’ care to do. Pray before reading it. You can pray right? We pray when the final kick of the last second of a football game is good, we pray when we really want something good to happen so try it before reading.

        • Brad

          I dont feel I should pray for something good if Im deserving of something good.. something good usually happens.. kharma.. lol

  • Jim Roling

    For all you believers of the religious faith of Christianity have you ever seen the movie Zeitgeist? if not watch it then really think about the bible. And second how does anybody with faith know for a fact that god wants you to obey him. The Almighty gave us the power of complex thinking and free-will but he does not want us to use those abilities for what reason? Are you sure its just not Satan or an evil force giving us these rules to live by and these stories from a book (which in case you forgot was written almost 2000 years ago and has been edited and revised throughout those many years countless times) to keep us always arguing and fighting, instead of seeking the truth. I know what you are thinking, that true faith is faith in god and god would never wrong you. But that is where you are wrong, if god is real then why has he never used his divine powers to prove to everyone he is real. Because if he did that there would be no doubt, no war, everybody would then have the same beliefs and there would be peace. But no instead this all powerful all knowing being just lets genocide happen, millions dead because all he wants is for everybody that doesn’t believe in him to believe in him. And he is ok with people like Adolf Hitler spreading the good word of the lord and eradicating everyone who chooses to have other beliefs. This doesn’t sound like a god to me, to let so much evil live and then to think that maybe Hitler was right and he and his followers are allowed into heaven while the rest of us burn in hell. And nobody can prove me wrong except god but his decision is to remain silent and allow slander in his name…

    • Mike Kuschel

      Read 2 Peter especially chapters 2 and 3. God is patient, but he is just. With God a day is like a thousand years. He will bring judgment on those who slander and profane his name. But he is indeed much more patient than you and I would be. He wants no one to perish, but to come to the knowledge of the truth that Jesus Christ is Lord. Human history is littered with the horrible depths to which sinful humans can sink, and yet God in his love does not leave us without hope, but patiently gives us his holy Word. And his Word, which has been passed down through the generations with remarkable precision, is not just some book that tells us how to live, but it shows us the face of his mercy in Christ Jesus so that we may know his patience and love and then gladly serve him in this life and in the next.

      • Nonayo

        Funny you should bring up Hitler as supposedly being on God’s side, since he was antisemitic, and because Jesus was a Jew, you can’t be antisemitic without being anti-Jesus. No matter how many times he claimed to be Christian for political reasons, Hitler was anti-Jesus.

        • Jim Roling

          ya u are totally right jesus was born a jew… then baptized at the age of 30 u dummy

      • Jim Roling

        he wants no one to perish but he gives us an expiration date on the day that supposedly the world ends.

    • zip

      you might wanna watch crapgiest debunked before you write this again…lol zipgiest is full of lies and no scholar would give it a moments thought. I repeat SCHOLARS not me or my friend or someone i watched on the internet. yes it’s a wellp put together scam but that is in fact what it is and i used to believe it must be true. but I did my homework and found out it’s full of lies with a few truths mixed in like they always do. As far as the bible being at least a historical factual document this blew me away I had no idea it could even possibly be true but I was completely wrong “Archeology:digging for the truth of the bible” there are literally mountain of evidence. how about for starters a 1700 foot tunnel dug through solid rock as told in the bible and is exactly where the bible tells us it was dugg…or how about confirmation of one of the craziest stories, the prophet Balaam, written on one of Israel’s enemies administration buildings. king davids house exactly where the bible says it is. or jashua’s alter found by a former atheist..watch it you’ll be stunned to say the least i was. and don’t get mad at the freemason who funded zeitcrap to fool everyone. It there responsibility as a zioist jew organization to attack christ. It writen in their books to do so(babylonian talmud among their others)so pray for them they need it

    • God Almighty

      Zeitgeist was funded by believers of the “New Age Movement”. They are members of the occult. The occult believes the devil is a good guy. So F zeitgeist. Their points are all crap. Research the people who funded this. Zeitgeist Addendum promotes communism.

      • S.E. Decker

        Yeah, history and science are all lies of the devil and if you don’t believe in jesus you’re a communist… which is weird since jesus taught communism to his disciples in the mythology of the new testament.

    • Mike

      @Jim Roling. You want proof God exists but you talk about the devil like you believe he does in fact exist? I think we all can agree that we ‘come from” nature and we’re intelligent. I think it’s obvious nature is also intelligent. How can intelligence come from non-intelligence. if the big bang was a-moral, as in not good or evil, then why do we live by an ‘inner’ code that discerns between good and evil. How can morality develop from something a-moral? the fact is God created you and me and evrything else and he also created angels, one of which tried to usurp the throne of the cosmos and was thorwn down and kept in chains on earth, hence the prescence of evil here and gthe result of evil things. like greed, muder, rape, hate, etc…In order to destroy evil God must destroy everything here as well. he wants to divide us from evil, extract us so to speak. in the bible, Jesus says ” If you think I cam to bring peace on earth you are wrong, I came to deliver a sword (the sword is the word of God, or Truth itself)Be seperated from evil or perish along with it. God is patiently waiting for us to come around and realize how vulgar our actions are to existence. What i mean by that is we are like a chainsaw being fired up and used to cut down a tree in the middle of a pristine forest – it’s violent and sad. God is tolerant and you don;t yet realize His patience. he will prove he exists on the day of judgement.

    • Advocate1

      If God had to prove anything to any of us then he would not be God at all. If you read the Bible he himself states that he does ot have to prove anything. Furthermore God showed many people who he was and they still did not believe. he even tells his disciples that he will not shoe people who he is because he wants them to dvelop faith and worship him. Read Genesis and Exodus and you’ll see that.

  • Collins Lewis

    Can any of you atheists be so kind to explain to me any of the following?.

    How they were 70,000 witnesses to the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima, Portugal in 1917?
    How the Virgin Mary statue shed tears in Naju,Korea in 1986 or in several other places?
    How the tilma at Guadalupe has lasted 200 years?.it normally only lasts 30 yrs
    How the eyes of the image at Guadalupe has microscopic images of Juan diego and 13 other people?
    How the colors of the painting of the virgin Mary at the las Lajas cave penetrate 3 ft. of rock?
    How the bodies of Catholic saints like Padre Pio and others have lasted 40 yrs or more without corruption?
    How the blood of St. Januarius liquefies on his feast day?
    How the millions of miracles and healings that have taken place throughout the world for centuries?
    How the image of the Shroud of Turin was formed?
    How a Eucharistic miracles (in 2001 in Kerala, India) can happen?
    Please google any of the above for more info.

    Or if you believe in Evolution? any one of these please??please?

    Why the best labs in the world cannot create life when evolution believes it happened by chance?
    How can a mixture of acids create life with a reproductive mechanism already in place?
    Why do whales have lungs and fishes have gills even though they have the same descendant?
    Why is it that the earliest human writing occurred only in 3000 B.C? -no record of human writings for millions of years?
    Why we are the only planet with life? SETI has searched over 200 trillion km
    How can frogs, fish and other creatures fall from the sky?How dead fish land up on shores?
    Why are humans the only ones who have an ability to develop an argument, follow a line of logic, draw conclusions and frame hypotheses .We have a marked faculty for language, of course, intertwined with our powers of reason.Our vocabulary is enormous, grammar complex, our conversations deep and meaningful.We have the ability to codify language in writing .We also have a strong spirit of inquiry and our research in the fields of astronomy, mathematics, medicine and physics is noteworthy.We yearn for meaning in life and devote so much of our time to philosophy, theology and ethics. We not only have questions of origin but also of destiny. We also have a refined aesthetic sense.Admire beauty and long to surround ourselves with it.We cultivate a garden, puts flowers in a vase, or hang up a painting, in expressing our love of beauty.
    We also have a strong creative impulse as seen in our poetry, painting, dance, drama and music and to a lesser extent our creativity is also evident in the way we gather in weekly craft groups to weave baskets, spin wool, knit shawls, and cover photo albums.Our sense of humour ,Our delight in the ridiculous and our love of a good laugh is plain .
    Reason, language, inquiry, wonder, longing, religion, morality, aesthetics, creativity, imagination, aspiration and humour … such intangible but fundamental qualities are so unique to us humans and yet you say we are an animal “evolved” from other species? Which??
    The most famous “transitional” fossil is the Archeoptryx.So far 20 have been found but they are all the same.Why?
    The bacteria flagellum it is 20 nanometres thick (1 nanometre is one millionth of a millimetre) it has a whip-like tail, called a flagellum, which it spins at approximately 100,000 revolutions per minute.This complex biological motor requires 20 seperate components to be assembled in “perfect” order for the motor to function and the organism to thrive.Since it is absurd to think that one single mutation could have produced this complex mechanism and there would be no biological advantage to a partially constructed one,the bacteria flagellum simply could not have developed through natural selection .So how do you explain that?
    If the earth was one degree too close to the sun ,it would have been too hot and one degree farther from the sun,it would have been too cold and yet you say –there is no God?

    Before you trust anything with your life and eternity.Make sure you have all the answers.Don’t lose your soul to the devil!.He is the prince of lies.

    • Greaseguru


      • Jesus Christ

        “For the enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy;
        but I have come so that you may have life, and have it abundantly.”

      • http://www.giveforward.com/abreastcancerfunraiserforourmouther. Janice

        I believe this is awesome. I had breast cancer and was healed. I know it was God like He have helped me out in so many other situations. There was a time in life when I wasn’t living for him but the past 10 years I’ve changed because I gave my life to Christ. I have found so peace of mind that I could never find before in my life. I am in a bad situation now but I don’t worry like before cause I know God is there. It’s so hard to explain how He have changed me. So much peace in the mist of all hell breaking loose. But yet, I can remain claim…never was I ever able to act that way….For all the non-believers, do you think my attitude is by chance too. Not me, I know it’s God. I pray everyone find God before it’s too late. Love You all My Brothers and Sister. Peace be with all of you!!!

    • David

      Easy, everything you wrote is completely false.

    • Jim Roling

      ok u gave some points of how evolution is disproved in ur comments, but with all your opposition it still somehow happened and the top 10% smartest people in the world are with me on this one. Prove that god exists, i want physical evidence

      • john

        once you truely believe in god and jesus christ he will show you all the proof you need, but if he is not in your heart then how could you see his light? i was once a credic, saying show me proof, the day i decided i needed no proof i got it

        • Forrest Edwards

          Amen, John. Perfect explanation I can see His light is in you.

      • Forrest Edwards

        It is called faith, we don’t have to prove anything to anyone, only God can judge. You are the doubter.

        • joy

          that faith exists IS the evidence.

          think quantum physics…
          science does more to prove the existance of God than to disprove Him. if you think otherwise, you haven’t learned much about science and/or scientists yet.

          Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

      • vp

        It’s called faith and until you find Jesus you want know what faith feels like! Sorry Jim no ones offering any physical evidence to you! God Bless You man….

      • Kevin

        You sir make no sense, “it still somehow happened and the top 10% smartest people in the world are with me on this one” are you kidding me? You say prove that God exists, and you want physical evidence? I can say the same to you, prove that evolution really did happen, and I want physical evidence? God clearly says in the Bible, “Blessed is he who believes with out seeing”

        • dhaverman

          Believing without evidence is not a virtue. It’s plain stupid. If someone on the street told you your dog died, you wouldn’t take it on faith, you’d check to see if your dog was dead.

      • Daniel

        Show me physical proof that the big bang THEORY happened. Or show me, without flaw, the methods that prove the THEORY of evolution. You non-believers claim to not believe in Him because you want proof, but yet there is no proof of anything I have listed, just THEORIES. You are hypocrites that look for an argument. Prove me what I have asked, without flaw, and you will win this one.

    • God Almighty

      God is real. Mary had other kids. She had sex. Joseph took her virginity. So you and all catholics need to stop calling her “virgin mary”. She is not a god or goddess of the sky. I’m sure all those people may have seen something, they saw Lucifer. The pope is a perversion.

    • Brittani

      Wonderfully put!! Made my day, going to show this to my husband when he gets home :) Thank you for taking the time to show how amazing our Lord truly is!

      • Brittani

        This was in response to Collins Lewis

    • jason

      Your a fucking idiot keep your idiot comments to your self you fucktard

    • S.E. Decker

      Dear Mr. Lewis,

      Fairy tales, lies, cons, societal control, delusions and you don’t understand the scientific method or evolution. Hope that helps you out.

    • Zosimos

      Whoo, that’s a mighty wall of text to cover but I’ll see what I can do. I first began this response by covering each individual question in full detail, but to do so would practically necessitate an inappropriately long essay. Given that most of your questions can be fully answered by a simple google or wikipedia search, I have come to the conclusion that you must have already read what I would have explained anyways and deemed it unsatisfactory. So anything I could say would probably fall on deaf ears. But I’ll provide an abridged version for the sake of completion.

      Miracle of the Sun: A combination of the power of suggestion, religious fervor, and the effects of the eyes’ prolonged exposure to intense light. This is a reasonable explanation to me, but putting that aside I guess I’m most bothered with the assumption that if enough people see something thn it must be true. You’ve already expressed the belief that human beings are the sole intelligent life in the universe, yet mass ufo sightings are far more common, consistent, and have even been recorded on video. Many people believe they witnessed alien activity, just as the folks at Fatima believed they witnessed miracle. What makes one more credible than the other? I’m very skeptical of alien existence myself, but I can’t help but question how you can believe one and not the other except that your religious beliefs conflict with aliens but not miracles. Your whole premise falls apart for me there.

      Virgin Mary Weeping: Mostly hoaxes, mistakes, or condensation. It’s apparently very easy to fake. They even sell kits to make them at home. In fact, the only one the Catholic church has ever endorsed was Our Lady of Akita, and from what I’ve researched very little, if any scientific analysis was done on that particular statue, nor was the phenomena investigated very thoroughly.

      Tilma at Guadalupe: From what I understand a tilma is some kind of robe. The fact that it has lasted 200 years doesn’t constitute divine intervention. Some things are just either well made or well maintained. Art is one common example of how the life of objects can be vastly extended due to human preservation, but there’s also the Iron Pillar at Delhi, the Sword of Goujian, or the Sphinx. All of these have held up remarkably well given their age and very would attribute it to the work of God.

      Images in the Eyes: There’s a water stain above my bed that looks like either a toothpick with an olive on it or a narwhal. People find images in random patterns. It’s a common human behavior. Without it ink-blot tests wouldn’t be used. The images in the eye hardly resemble what you allege they are, and could easily be many different things. I, for one, see a griffin with a scorpion sneaking up behind it.

      Las Lajas Cave: I’m having trouble understanding what this one is. The painting you describe seems to have only existed as a legend in the history of the church built there. I haven’t been able to find evidence that it still exists, or has ever existed as anything other than folklore. The only supposed tests done on it also exist purely in the legend, so I don’t think it even needs an explanation other than it didn’t really happen.

      Saint Decomposition: I don’t really know what others you’re talking about, but I looked up Padre Pio. His corpse held up well, but there was still enough decomposition that they had to give him a face mask when displaying his exhumed corpse. There are a number of varying factors that can contribute to a slow decay. After all, this phenomena is not solely attributed to Saints, nor do all Saints’ bodies exhibit this behavior. It is coincidence.

      Blood of St. Januarius: Easy. It’s not really blood. There’s no evidence the substance in question is blood, nor that it ever came from St. Januarius. No dna tests have been allowed out of fear that this supposed miracle might be “damaged”. It seems odd to me that the power of God can be undone by something so simple as opening a vial. I would think Christians were capable of more faith in his power. Of course he never liked people asking questions.

      Faith Healing: Most of them are hoaxes to get fame, recognition, or money. Some, I’m sure, are coincidences, some are the power of suggestion or placebo effect. Others are lies or legends. If there’s a modern faith healer who can actually and consistently cure the injured and disabled then why haven’t I heard of him or her?

      Shroud of Turin: Also a hoax. Radiocarbon dating concluded that the material dates between the 13th and 14th century AD. The weave is also not consistent with the type used during Jesus’ lifetime.

      Eucharist Miracles: Gross. Hoax.

      Labs, Life, and Reproduction: Give it time. We’re coming closer every day. We’ve already synthesized RNA enzymes that can replicate themselves indefinitely.

      Whales: It’s widely accepted that whales evolved from land-dwelling ungulates. Whale embryos possess vestigial hind legs, yet lose them as the fetus matures. That’s why they have lungs. Although you clearly don’t believe in evolution, so let me answer your question with another question. If whales were created exactly as they are by God, why do they have these ungulate hind-legs in utero and why did God give them lungs in the first place if they swim in the ocean with the other fishes?

      Writing: The Dispilio Tablet begs to differ. And things decompose and are lost over the millennia. Unless they’re set in stone and completely protected from the elements I doubt much would survive for that long. Plus the transition from language to writing may have been very long, and a relatively recent occurrence as far as human existence is concerned. It is a rather abstract idea. Plus humans haven’t even been around for millions of years.

      Life in the Universe: Astronomers have spotted many planets they believe are capable of supporting life. They are finding more each day. But obviously there are practical limitations on actually checking. It took us 35 years just to get a probe out of our own solar system.

      Raining Animals: I don’t know of any examples where this has happened recently. It’s likely an exaggerated myth based on small animals getting caught in wind storms. As for dead fish washing up on a shore, well…where else would they wash up? Fish die in the sea. Some are carried to shore.

      Humans are Awesome: I’m gonna cover the bulk of your explanation of human behavior here. First of all we’re not wholly unique. There was another similar species to Homo Sapiens, but we exterminated them in our early history. The neanderthals. As a species we share many traits with our animal cousins. Animals are capable of complex understanding and emotion, and have diverse means of communication. Some use tools and manipulate the environment to their advantage, or display complex problem-solving. These traits are amplified in humans, but they’re hardly unique to us. Oh, and we evolved from early primates.

      Evolution: First of all, I’d like to point out that we’ve physically observed selective evolution. Look to corn and the radical change selective breeding has had on it in the past 500 years. Dogs, also, have had desired and advantageous traits bred out of them to create the ideal pet. So just to be clear, EVOLUTION EXISTS. Now, can evolution explain the origin of life? To put it simply, yes. Just google evolution of flagella. As far as transitional fossils, there are more than archeopteryx. However, it is almost impossible to be sure that any form represented in the fossil record is a direct ancestor of any other. In fact, because evolution is a branching process that produces a complex bush pattern of related species rather than a linear process producing a ladder-like progression, and because of the incompleteness of the fossil record, it is unlikely that any particular form represented in the fossil record is a direct ancestor of any other. Perhaps you should read more on the nature of evolution before you reject it.

      Statistics: If the earth were one degree closer to the sun we wouldn’t be here to question it. Of course Earth is in a spot that supports life because it does support life. The position of our planet is completely random. Just because it’s in a desirable spot does not make it any less random. A poor poker hand has the same probability as a royal flush.

      Finally, I’d just like to sum up the core of the fault I see in your argument. Why is it when something cannot be adequately explained by science God becomes the de facto answer? Just because something is shrouded in mystery why does it become evidence for the existence of God? If every human thought like that we would still be in the dark ages. Throughout our history we have attributed unexplained phenomena to the divine, yet we’ve always been wrong. Thunder is not God bowling, and the sun is not pulled by a chariot. You’d think after all this time we’d learn from our mistakes.

  • tim cooper

    I believe George Carlin said it best.”Religion has actually convinced people that there’s an invisible man,living in the sky,who watches everything you do every minute of every day of your life.And he has a list of ten things he does not want you to do.And if you do any of these ten things,he has a special place full of fire and smoke and ash and torture where he will send you to suffer and burn and scream and cry forever and ever untill the end of time!…. But he loves you.
    He loves you and he needs money”.George Carlin

    • http://yahoo Peggy

      Sorry, But GOD sent CHRIST to die on the CROSS because he knew no one could keep those commandments. That was under the mosaic law which ended when CHRIST was born.

    • http://yahoo Peggy

      GOD sent CHRIST to die on the CROSS because he knew no one could keep those 10 commandments. Those were under the Mosaic Law. When Christ was born, Mosaic law ended.

    • Ozy Alvarado

      George Carlin is a comedian, not a genius.

  • Undertanding

    Think of this, if you believe in God then know that everything happens because he allows it. Science is not the opposition to God but the ways he makes things possible.

    • S.E. Decker

      Wrong. Science does oppose “gods” because science is based on evidence and religion is based on ignorance and folk tales.

      • laura

        If science is based on evidence then I guess the shells discovered there with the carbon dating back to 5,000 B.C. is evidence enough that a flood did take place, Right?

  • joy myers

    I have never doubted the great flood really happened. there is way to much evidence to support it.

    • S.E. Decker

      Floods happen. Was it the entire world? Was there a historical Noah? Was there an ark with 900 billion plus species of animals on board… in pairs no less? Is the Hebrew god master of the universe and the Jews the master race? LoL… no.If you said “yes” to any of those questions you are delusional and/or scientifically ignorant. Ballard is trying to raise money to treasure hunt. Christians are fund raising suckers. Enough said.

      • Advocate1

        Decker if not for God and the knowledge instilled in man your science that you believe in would not exist. it’s man that has taken the gifts of God and have tried to use them to prove that he doesnot exist.

      • Steven

        You actually believe it was 900 billion plus species? No you are mistaken. It was 2 of every “kind” of animal, such as 2 lions, 2 elephants, and 2 etc. It’s not every single different species of animal. I had this sermon not too long ago in fact. Also, God brought the animals to him, so don’t worry about that. The animals were all small and young to fit and live long enough to repopulate. I do believe in micro-evolution where over the past 8,000 or more years the animals made tiny adjustments to suit the environment. If you’re going to bash something religious, then do a bit more research.

    • Andy

      i am just curious, what evidence are you talking about?

  • stu johnson

    Actually the earth was surrounded by a thick heavy layer of water vapor. The one true god(Name withheld) caused that layer of water to come down and it took 40 days for all that water to come down as rain, a deluge(really really HEAVY rain), and it changed the earth a lot. It had a lot of weight and force and of course made the oceans much larger. Before the flood it didn’t rain(mist) and the sun didn’t shine as much on the surface then as now, and that’s why after the flood there was a rainbow where there were none before.
    Have a nice day.

    • Lederbaer

      Actually – it DID rain before the flood..! Living, thriving agricultural communities were quite common at that time – cities, even..(Ur, Babylon, Alexandria, Rome – just to name a few well known ones.. & if not those specific cities – then the precursor communities of those cities..!). How did crops grow without rain? Or the trees, grass, etc.? There is no evidence that the earth was arid & desolate before the Great Flood.. Yes, the earth did change after the flood – what flooded place doesn’t? But the rainbow – the “bow of promise on the cloud” was God’s promise to NEVER flood the ENTIRE earth again!
      KJV – Gen.9:11-17 : “And I will establish my covenant with you; neither shall all flesh be cut off any more by the waters of a flood; neither shall there any more be a flood to destroy the earth.” “And God said, This is the token of the covenant which I make between me and you and every living creature that is with you, for perpetual generations: I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth.” “I do set my bow in the cloud; and I will look upon it, that I may remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is upon the earth.”

  • Dennis

    To all those who do not believe that Jesus IS the Son of God

    Consider this and try as best as possible to be objective…

    If Christ was NOT the Son of God, then He never rose from the dead. That would be a statement every human can agree on.

    Now where is the proof one way or another?

    Here is my answer…HIS DECIPLES. What did they all have in common? They all spoke with and touched Jesus and ALL of them were martyered for their belief that Christ was the Son of God (ie, that He rose from the dead).

    So why would 11 men be willing to commit suicide in defense of a postion that they know couldn’t possibly be correct, namely that Jesus rose from the dead, if it never happened?

    What I mean is what advantage in this world or in the next world would these 11 men have by lying and holding on to their testimony. Not only would they be certain that Jesus died like any other human but more importantly, why would they need to continue the lie? For what purpose/ It doesn’t make sense to believe that all 11 of them were willing to die for what they said wasn’t true. I can understand one or two being delusional, but all 11? I don’t think so. What are the odds that all 11 men would be willing to die for a lie you told? Exactly, you couldn’t even find one let alone 11. Think about it. People are willing to die for a cause, but no one is going to die for something they witnessed wasn’t true.

    Wake up sleeper ..behold now is the day of your salvation.

    • Dave Heston

      Ever heard of Heaven’s Gate or Jonestown? They would have neither been the first or the last to commit suicide in the name of someone they viewed as a savior – for whatever reason. Eleven is a small number in comparison to many others.

      • http://yahoo Peggy

        The BIBLE says there will be many false prophets.

      • Jim

        Dave, with all due respect even Heaven’s Gate nor Jonestown had/has the number of Christians world wide whose beliefs are based on eye-witness accounts. Faith in a REAL LIVING Savior can be felt in your heart just like you can feel the wind on your skin. The difference is you won’t make it to Heaven believing the wind just because you feel it. Both of your examples were relatively short lived cults, Christianity is NOT a cult.

      • random person

        Very true, just people are to blind to see the truth cause they need it to be proven.. they just gotta know when they die where are they going?

    • Ash

      History repeats itself. Salem Witch Trials…. 17 people died because of what 6 girls believed they saw. Not to mention the church was on these girls side.

      One other thing… I believe I can find 11 other people that would die for me. It’s called family.

    • Advocate1

      Dennis they find it easier to believe that it’s okay to drink ca cup of kool laid and die as a martry than to believe what you are saying. They find it easier to believ that the lottery will solve all of their problems, they find it easier to believ that wer are here to just live and then die. They actually believe that even though there is proof that we have a soul (your body weighs less when you die), that Noahs ark is real, and that it’s okay to say and do wahtever you want because there is no God.

  • Dave Heston

    I hate to disappoint the man but there WAS no Noah. The story in the Bible was very closely based on a far earlier story from Sumaria (a wild series of stories found in tablets), the Epic of Gilgamesh. There was also a Sumarian story that closely resembled the creation of man and the garden of Eden, including the eating of food offered by the female and the presence of a snake. It is quite apparent that many of the stories in the Bible came from earlier and more mundane writings and fables, then applying literary alterations to turn them into good Bible stories.

    • Advocate1

      Dave, Gilgamesh and Sumaria are both in the bible. No matter what you may believ came before the Bible there is only one true living word and that is the Bible. The bible is a living breathing document. Evrything you say and the rest of the people that have chosen not to beleive is in doumented in thebible. it’s documented that you will act this way and say the things you say. I inly hope and pray that you and all of the rest of the people who have exercised their free will to stray away from God will come to terms with that decision and repent before your life ends.

  • Rudy

    It seems people here are misunderstanding Christianity for what it is. It I not merely believing there is a God and the the God of the bible is the only God. Gods word says this James 2:19
    19 You believe that there is one God. You do well. Even the demons believe—and tremble!

    Simply Believing there is one God Is not Christianity. Even demons believe and they even tremble before him! They still choose to rebel.
    Christianity is not simply believing in jesus Christ for the sake of believing he is real. It is also believing that Jesus Christ was sent by God to forgive every human being of their sins! The sons that separate us from a holy perfect God. Jesus say that we MUST turn away from our sins. Confess with your heart that you are a sinner and plea for forgivness.We all rebel against God And without Jesus Christ there is a very heavy price to pay when each person stands in front of God to give an account of all the sins in their life. Yes, tremble before this almighty God. Praise be to God for Jesus Christ! He has provided a way out of this terrible judgement that we deserve for OUR wrong doings. You choose to accept his wonderful gift or you don’t. It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe it is true because judgement day will come weather you want it to or not. Time is short don’t turn away from forgivness. It is for whoever truly wants it. This is the Gospel!

    • Edie

      I couldn’t have said it better !!! Thanks, Edie

  • I Am

    I call heaven and earth as witness this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live:

    • Rudy


  • Michael

    “Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it.Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.

    Brad I will pray very hard for you in the next couple of days! Not because I wanna argue with you, but because I would love to see you come to the saving faith in Jesus! Because believe it or not, even when you say I careless! He still loves you very much and died for you brother! There was many many warnings about a eternal place called “hell” and Jesus preached alot about it! Why you ask? Because he loves us!!!

  • lol

    We can’t even agree to respect other people’s opinions. Can’t get a deal done to fix a national catastrophe in the form of debt. Can’t keep from getting at the throats of random strangers on the internet. As a scientist I believe in data, testable circumstances and experiments to add credence to an idea. It’s difficult to have data on something that happened so long ago without having primary sources to point us in the direction. Does that mean it didn’t happen? NO. It just means that as good human beings we should respect and understand that just as strongly as you may believe something, someone else out there believes the exact opposite with the same degree of commitment. I think though that if anyone is going to blast the data of anything, they should find out for themselves through testing so that when they declare themselves more intelligent than the people who devote their lives to it, they have some weight on their argument.

    • Rudy

      Sometimes our trying to reach out to people out of love is misunderstood as attacking or pushing a belief on

    • Rudy

      Sometimes our trying to reach out to people out of love is misunderstood as attacking or pushing a belief on people. If you saw a blind person on a path that you knew ended with them walking into a pit of fire would you not try to warn them? What if they were convinced that they were not on a path that led to thier destruction and if you tried to tell them otherwise they would be offended or angry at you. Wouldn’t your love for that person cause you to warn them of reality regardless? That is heart of a true Christian.

      • Justin

        Or maybe the Athiests are warning you, you could be spending your Sundays watching football instead of filling the pockets of a pastor and praying for an imaginary ghost to save you.

        • Colto

          Justin, show respect. If you do not believe in A god, Ok, that is your choice. But lets respect other people here, I know respect on the internet can at time be hard to find, but don’t be part of the problem. If you have something to say, say it with some manner of intellect, not the obligatory “You believe in an imaginary ghost and unicorns.” If you have a point to say, say it intelligently.
          Good Day

        • Rudy

          I guess you have to ask yourself who risks more. The man who is striving to live his life for God accepting his mercy and grace, And if wrong all he lost was temporary pleasures. Or the man who chooses to live for himself ignoring God and his mercy and grace, and is judged for it and spends ETERNITY in it? Choose wisely

          • Colto

            I am Christian, but I do like open discussion on things. As long as it is civil and intelligent I love discussion. I know that we are all loved by the lord and so I try to have that attitude in discussion. The subject is sensitive, as long as it is treated with the due respect and intellect it deserves, I am ok.

          • Rudy

            Colto I very much agree with you friend =] my reply was directed toward Justin I might have replied under your comment? Anywho, Godbless =]]

      • sysncm

        Yeah, that’s what the Christians tried to do during the crusades. If they wouldn’t go on the right path they killed them.

        • Rudy

          Please understand that just because someone titles themselves a christian doesn’t make them one.

          • dhaverman

            I’m sure the people who carried out mass killings of people in the name of a deity had the same conviction in their god as you. There is one thing in common with all religions, the ability for their followers to dehumanize the followers of other religions. Much like Hitler achieved in Germany which enabled many christians to do unspeakable things.

  • jackie

    The Bible does not need to prove itself. As for atheists, they don’t know where they came from, why they are on this planet and where they are going. According to them, this universe with it’s systematic organisation, every living creature with their different functioning systems, etc is all purposeless, meaningless.No God, no accountability. Eat, drink and be merry is the Godless culture. Keep it up guys.

    • Justin

      There used to be a bunch of folks who believed in gods on Mt Olympus too. How did that turn out? Just because you were born in a country that’s primary religion is Christianity doesn’t make you any more right than the Indians who worship cows.
      Have another cheeseburger and keep on believing in unicorns and devils.

  • nita

    NEVER HAPPEN!!! Yhea the NIle River Flooded!!! As a matter of fact none of the stories in the BIBLE r ture. They stole everything from the Egyptians (Kemet). Tell me y u can’t find a hair follicle, tooth, or bone from @ least 1 person who was supposelly lived in those times in the BIBLE? Do u know how many ppl will go see Jesus (his name after the 1611 kjv bible) is he was in the measume like King TUT!!!

    • jack black

      you just sound dumb

    • whoditbe

      Nita. Many of the stories in the Bible have been proven scientifically, such as Sodom and Gomorrah; but you are certainly entitled to your opinions here. Yes, there are true stories in the Bible. Please buy a copy of the Book Evidence that Demands a Verdict. It would be enlightening to you.

    • Ronald McDonald

      Nita dear, may I first suggest you enroll in English classes to grasp a working knowledge of grammar and spelling. Secondly, study and learn of that which you feebly attempt to criticize, namely the Holy Bible. Then, tell your Mullah or Islamic tutor that they are full of mistruth and/or down right lies. By the way, I’m sorry to burst your 3rd world view bubble but the stories in the Holy Bible are true. There is hope for you and your kind my dear, so put down that Quran and pick up a King James Bible. Then I would ask you to read, ponder and pray about it. If you do, you will find the truth before it’s too late. God loves all his children.

  • The Virgin Murray

    Let me get this straight. The Old Testament God was pissed off at us so he sent his only son down here to save us…and we tortured him to death. And that’s a good thing? That’s what makes you feel good about what’s going to happen when you meet the Big Fella?

    You better hope God has a short memory.

  • sysncm

    Ok so the bible is supposed to be a historical record of the world? Then why isn’t there any mention of a dinosaur in it? Just once you would expect to see something like ‘John and Mark were walking down the road when they were startled by a T-Rex’, John sayeth to Mark ‘Dang, that’s a big freakin lizzard’.

    • lk

      I wonder too why there isn’t too much about the dinosaurs but maybe that’s not something God decided to include in the Bible. There’s a lot of other more important things talked about, like how to treat eachother and how to get forgiveness of sins and enjoy eternity in heaven. Maybe we’re not supposed to have all the questions answered. Maybe we’re supposed to have faith.

    • Steve

      They are mentioned – Job 40:15-24 and Job 41:1-34

      • K

        Leviathan and Behemoth are mentioned in the book of Job which is the oldest written book of the Bible. They fit the description of dinosaurs. Behemoth “moveth his tail as a cedar”. A tail the size of a cedar tree sounds pretty darn big to me :) Leviathan actually sounds kinda like an amphibious dragon.

    • Liam

      the word dinosaur was invented in 1841 BEFORE that word was invented people called dinos “Dragons” and there are many mentions of the beasts within the Bible.
      The word dragon appears 21 times in the old testament you can even find a unicorn in it, as well as sea monsters. (the unicorn that pops in to your head when you hear it is not what the Bible describes as a unicorn, think more like Rino or perhaps Triceratops)
      Are they talking about the “dragons and unicorns” we find in fairy tales today No, just because we invent a new word for something does not mean that it didn’t already have a name.
      We can change word meanings (and over time we have in abundance) and and even create new words to replace others but when you don’t include the details about a word (and its true meaning) you bred a level of ignorance that becomes widely accepted. the knowledge is there but only for those who wish to have it.

      and although the Bible never mentions Noah (or John or Mark but seeing as how they were after the flood the dinos were lessened at that time it would have to be Noah) saying that is a “big lizard” but i am sure if one of his sons brought home a stray they had a REALLY big shovel to clean up after it. –be thankful that we have reltively small dogs and not T-rex dung in our back yard

  • KIKI

    Dinosaurs are mentioned several different times in the Bible. They just weren’t called “dinosaurs” at that time.

    • sysncm

      Humor, another thing Christians just don’t get.

      • Bree

        sysncm, oh trust me, we Christians do have a sense of humor in laughing at pathetic losers, like you!!

  • sysncm

    Water is two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen. What if someone says, ‘Well, that’s not how I chose to think about water.’? All we can do is appeal to scientific values. And if he doesn’t share those values, the conversation is over. If someone doesn’t value evidence, what evidence are you going to provide to prove that they should value it? If someone doesn’t value logic, what logical argument could you provide to show the importance of logic? – Sam Harris

    • Brian

      Your an expert in no fields, so listening to you is a bigger waste of time.

  • http://slrman.wordpress.com James Smith

    As so often happens, being expert in one field leads a person to think he must be expert in all fields. Basically, Ballard is full of it.

    It never happened and there is not a single bit of archeological or geological evidence to support either the impossible biblical flood or Ballard’s version, either.

    • http://yahoo wade

      And yet you probably believe in evolution and the big bang theory which have no evidance at all and in fact have been disproven by many non religious scientest lately.

      • nathan

        wow… you are spectacularly ignorant. there is tremendous evidence for evolution by natural selection and what is now called the hot big bang theory. have you bothered to inform yourself by looking at the evidence for either??? the information is out there and there is no reputable scientist that disputes the validity of either of those two theories.. you can’t be this ill informed.. please, i implore you, go read a modern biology textbook.. learn about the human species’ relationship to its closest cousin the chimpanzee.read about how all reproductive life is related
        . learn about the cumulative power natural selection has to build complex features like an eyeball or a wing.. it is unbelievably interesting. it is pitiful to read semi coherent nonsense like what you just typed without any regard for how dumb you come off.

        • locohoya

          Give it up Nate … you’ll never convince the 47% who believe God created the world in seven days …

          • john

            6 days

        • rollie

          It’s amazing what you just said. To give the credit for an eyeball to mere chance is totally ignorant. If someone told you that they discovered a chair and that it existed because of explosion at a lumber yard, I guess you’d believe them too. Life and all that make it possible is far too complex to have just happened without someone directing it. Even scientists say the probability of amino acids coming together in the correct amounts is astronomically high! I’ll stick with logic which says only life can make life. It doesn’t and can and will never be proven to spring from nonliving matter.

          • Uhno

            Bull. Everything you said was nonsense that would be embarassing to you if you had enough education to understand what you were talking about.

          • dhaverman

            1st you clearly don’t understand evolution please take a little bit of time reading about it https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evolution. 2nd yes the odds of amino acids combining in the correct amounts is very very small but when the process is over hundreds of millions of years it is much more likely to happen. 3rd if by your logic complex organisms can only be made by more complex “beings” that asks the question how did such a complex thing come into existence in the first place? if it came out of chance then it would be even more unlikely than if humans came out of chance(which they didn’t).

  • Jeff

    Ron Wyatt found Noah’s Ark in the late 1970’s maybe 1980 on a hill top in Turkey. He also found where the Israelites crossed the Red Sea while getting away from the pharaoh.

    I should also mention he found the rock Moses struck to get water in the desert for the Isrealites and finally he found the Arc of the covenant with the 10 commandments inside and Jesus blood on the Mercy seat which he took to a laboratory that confirmed it was Jesus blood. How did they do that? Well, after adding saline solution to the dried blood and mixing it at body temperature for 48 hours, they looked at it through their microscope. Dead Blood will not give a chromosome count. DNA yes – Chromosomes No.

    We have 46 chromosomes 23 from Mom – 23 from Dad. Jesus blood had 24. 23 from Mary and 1 from his father – I guess that musta been a big one to carry everything Jesus needed in one chromosome to make him Jesus? Think about that.

    This was in 1983. The reason it hasn’t been revealed is because it will set all the other religions on their ear and cause a lot of unrest and tension between religions.

    It was found in Jerusalem and the Jews don’t believe Jesus was the son of God. it even screws up their whole belief system! There is no denying it’s Jesus blood. The people holding all the proof just don’t know how to present it so the other religions don’t go off. It will mean their entire faith has been on the wrong person. That’s not something they will want to hear.

    • kevin

      Thank you for the valuable info and I am looking forward to the physical proof and all evidence of Jesus being God. Though some will still not believe. All of creation speaks evidence there is a God but many choose not to see Him

    • Uhno

      So what you are claiming is that because Christians can prove that their religion is true the other religions will be afraid and so Christians will hold back from converting everyone on the planet because it would hurt people’s feelings?

      What nonsense. Please, stop listening to those lying priests. It makes people dumb.

    • Andrew

      That would be amazing if a single thing you had just said was true.

  • Tamika LaShonda Hilson

    The bible says that the flood occured than it did. When you take the contents of the bible than you are being guarded by faith. We know that Adam and Eve were in paradise garden but was cast out by God after they did what they wanted. God placed two angels to guard “the Paradise” so that humans can never be in that place again until God comes back and claims earth. So is this archeologist going to find the garden of eden also? Are the same to angels still guarding that spot? The point is that time passes and the world changes. Things get covered up, earth collapses within itself. Thousands of natural desasters have occured and yet we are still searching for answeres. The bible is the only answer. God had the bible to answer questions.

    • Charles

      LaFonda, you need to take some English and Spelling lesson’s. desasters? to angels? than it did? come on this not Ebonics. Good luck with your GED test.

      • Lawrence

        Chuckie. You should take a course in common decency and respect. Obviously, your parents did not teach you anything with respect to valuing the opinions of others. That being the case, your arsenal is to belittle people by refusing to recognize their legal name and/or inability to spell correctly. This forum is not a “Spelling Bee” contest. Nor is it one for bigots like you. Chuckie!

      • http://yahoo wade

        Why the anger? Are you trying to show that you are superior? Just remember that sometimes you make mistakes and there is probably someone correcting you but hopefully that person will be more compassionate. I pray God helps you see how much He loves you.

      • Bree

        Charles, first of all, before you go correcting other people’s spelling, why don’t you check your own, dumb ass? Since when is it spelled “lesson’s”? I believe it is “lessons”. You didn’t even spell her name right, idiot! Go back to school, stupid!

    • William

      My only question is whether you believe in free will or not? For if you believe in free will and believe in the Bible, then you are a fool. Mankind was not granted true free will, if he is to punished for exercising it. Adam and Eve, if the story is true, were cast from Eden for seeking knowledge which was forbade to them by God. God also destroyed the Tower of Babel and scrambled the language of man so that no two groups could communicate, for he feared that nothing was beyond mankind if they worked together, and I quote Genisis 11:6-9 “6 And the Lord said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.

      7 Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech.

      8 So the Lord scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth: and they left off to build the city.

      9 Therefore is the name of it called Babel; because the Lord did there confound the language of all the earth: and from thence did the Lord scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth.”
      You hold faith in a God that has punished mankind from the beginning, a God that would keep mankind ignorant and waring, and you call him benevolent and kind.

      • Adam

        @ William God gave man free will, He gave them a choice because we would be mindless drones without it and Adam and Eve were told not to eat of the tree because He wanted them to have a choice to put their trust in Him or gratify their own desires. Thier was free will in what they did, they chose to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Genesis 3:2-3 ” the woman siad to the serphant, we may eat fruit from the trees in the garden, but God did say, you must not eat fruit from the tree taht is in the middle of the garden, and you must not touch it, or you will die.” Eve had a choice and to eat of the tree and willingly chose to eat of the tree even though she knoew God did not want her too. Secondly in the tower of Babel man tried to become in the likeness of God by building something so great. However, God could not let them compare themselves with Him because they willingly chose to disobey Him and that is why they were scattered across the earth.Thirdly we deserve punishment because God gave us everything we needed and even more like dominion over the earth and yet we wanted more we wanted to be like God and know what He knew. He did not keep us ignorant, He kept us perfect and gave us the choice to defy Him and we did. Then because man could never become righteous He sent His Son a perfect God and to take the form of a man to pay the price of sin which is death to satisfy God’s justice in order that man could have a second chance and even though you will probably never read this William He gave his life for you because he loves you so much that he would take my place and your place on the cross and pay the price of sin so that we might have true life again.

      • http://yahoo wade

        You make mistakes in your reasoning. 1. Free will does not mean there is no consequence. A child can choose ( free will) to disobey mom but will get spanked. Just the fact that there was punishment and they still choose to disobey proves free will, the ability to choose.
        2nd, the garden of eden and tower of bable had nothing to do with gaining knowledge and everything to do with pride and become god themself. Look at what Satan tempted them in the garden. Satan says if you eat that fruit you will become as God. The tower of bable they said letter us build a tower to reach God. Which when looked close at was a very pridfull act. God has really only 2 laws that we need to keep. Love God more than anything and love everyone else more than self. And both of these examplws failed these. I pray God reveals His love for you.

  • Victoria

    Probably? Of course it happened! If it didn’t it wouldn’t be in the bible. Duhhh

  • William

    Yes a localized mass flooding event probably did occur, but nothing that endangered the entire earth. And to all you that say “of course it happened, or it wouldn’t be in the bible”, stories of such a flood existed before belief in your god. The Sumerians, Assyrians, and others that lived in the area that is now Iraq, Iran, and the Sinai Peninsula all had stories of a great flood, as well as stories of Gilgamesh and others that appear in the Bible. There are no new stories, just different story tellers.

    • http://yahoo wade

      First of all, you staiger, such stories existed before belief. In your God. There was noone before Adam who believed in God. You stilll have no logical explanation of creation. We know that God created aol,God created the flood,Jesus is real, and someday you will know for sure but will it be too late?

      • James

        God created aol? Wow, did they use his voice for “You’ve got mail”?

        • http://none normalpersonwithcommonsense

          you are such a genius what about the people who lived before christ….. who created them???? ahhhhh yeah i thought so. none of you preachers know exactly how, when, or where life was created and started so shut up

          • bflorida

            Such anger toward Christians. Where is this coming from? We love you, our fellow man. Don’t waste your emotions with anger toward us, but rather spend that energy more productively. Best wishes.

      • brandon woodring

        Man seriously “belief in your god” i hurt for you

      • Uhno

        Actually you really ought to read your bible. The oldest story of Adam is the one in Exodus, and in that story there is no Eve, there is no snake. Adam is a king, and you can’t be a king without followers. The version of the Adam story that you are familiar with is clearly a modified and expanded story based on the earlier Adam story. How do you feel now? In that earlier story, there was no claim that Adam was the first man. That got added later on. Here you are, believing a lie, because you haven’t educated yourself on what your bible actually says.

        Go read up on your so-called holy book.

  • Dumbfounded

    UN…..FREAKING……BELIEVABLE!!!! The things people will argue over having ABSOLUTELY NO TRUE KNOWLEDGE OR EVIDENCE!!!!! “FAITH”?!?!?! TRY AND ARGUE WITH THAT PEOPLE!!!! YOU CAN’T!!!! YOU LOSE!!!! ALL SOMEONE HAS TO SAY IS “this is what I BELIEVE” and that’s it…….arguement OVER!!! NO ONE……is EVER going to be able to make someone “BELIEVE” in something other than what has already been DRILLED into their heads by “the Church” for their entire lives!!! SO WHY TRY?!?!?! STOP WASTING YOUR BREATH!!!!!

    • Randy

      Hey dumbfounded, There is one person who will one day make a believer out of you, When you stand before him !! The CREATOR !! GOD !!

      • nathan

        i hate you.

      • Uhno

        Odin might beg to differ. When you meet the elder gods in the afterlife and sit at their table drinking mead you will learn just how wrong you were, heathen.

  • Dumbfounded

    Oh…….and THANK YOU “Lawrence” for calling “religion” and “faith” what they TRUELY ARE!!!!…….. OPINION!!!!!!

    • http://none normalpersonwithcommonsense

      i know its so funny how christians take their religion as fact. There are a million religions try reading up on some scriptures or other viewpoints before you just take anything in one book as a fact. Its your opinion!!! I bet most of these preachers havent even read their own bible from start to finish! you go to church every sunday for 15 minutes and you think you know something as fact. you just make yourself sound like a complete fool!

      • http://none normalpersonwithcommonsense

        read the scriptures and you might begin to understand where the bible originated from. God I cant stand idiots!!! hahah

        • Bree

          normalpersonwithOUTcommonsense .. So I take it that you can’t stand yourself, then.

  • michael

    Proverbs 15:21 Folly is joy to him that is destitute of wisdom: but a man of understanding walketh uprightly.

    • http://none normalpersonwithcommonsense

      I wish I was in church with you when you quote these verses, I would embaress you! Go and read the scriptures you know it all

    • http://none normalpersonwithcommonsense

      instead of educating yourself more, you stop. And then quote verses and pass judgement on others. I have been learning about religion every saturday for 10 years 8-10 hours a day. You wannabe preachers and know it all are worse than the people you call sinners.

      • http://gdupclothing.com ProductOfThe90s

        Shut the fuck up u crybaby lil bitch

    • http://none normalpersonwithcommonsense

      LUKE “Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven

    • http://none normalpersonwithcommonsense

      Corinthians Therefore judge nothing before the appointed time; wait till the Lord comes. He will bring to light what is hidden in darkness and will expose the motives of men’s hearts. At that time each will receive his praise from God.

    • RrK

      If any of this were empirically testable, there would be one solid explanation, above reproach and absolutely proven. Since it is not, we must admit that it is simply outside the jurisdiction of science. We cannot observe or test now what happened (or didn’t happen) so long ago. Let’s all just admit that we don’t really know, and that whatever position you take (regardless of the scienTISTIC rhetoric or terminology thrown in), it is ultimately taken on faith.

      • Uhno

        Uh… because that isn’t true. We have gotten as far as we have because we didn’t wuss out and stop asking questions the moment some religion got all huffy about it. Rather than admit that you have to pretend that science, base on experiment, is actually based on faith. That nonsensical claim has been debunked so many times that if you just google it you will be able to get yourself an education. Please do. Honestly, you could use an education.

  • James Earl

    Ballard’s understanding of geologic time is disturbingly juvenile. There were fishing villages on the coast of Texas 15,000 years ago. There was not a 1 mile high ice cube over Connecticut. The vast ice sheets that formed the great lakes have come and gone many times in 20,000 year polar orbit cycles.

  • bethany

    oh my word you people are ridiculous, arguing about this. by the looks of it we need another biblical flood to “cleanse” the human species.

  • Eric

    This is some really Crum-my writing. Not to mention piss poor ‘rithmatic. 5000 BCE and 2000 years AD do not add up to 12000 years you twit.

  • T

    So…there are accounts throughout the world (secular and sacred) to support a massive flooding that would have had a great impact on the world right around Noah’s lifetime. Also, there have been other events in the Bible that have been proven by the scientific community.

    A little off topic, there was a previous mentioning of judgement from Christians… I would love to just put this out there – God clearly states in the Bible that HE is the only judge. I don’t presume to judge others however on occassion I may do so. That does not make it right and I will be judged by God someday myself. You may come across Christians that have lost their way and do judge very severely. I’m sorry that you have to encounter that negative image and that you are presuming to “judge” ALL Christians by the poor representation of a few. I am human and sinful and while God knows that I am sinful by nature and he understands I will falter, He also requires that when I recognize my sins that I confess them. God loves each person but we all know that sometimes love isn’t enough. God sent his Son Jesus to die for our sins to show us how much he loves us. When we make the decision to recipricate, we are truly blessed beyond measure.

    Considering this is not a discussion on faith/religion… I find it absolutely fascinating that this gentleman has found an ancient shore so far below the current shore and that there are interesting artifacts to study!

    • RrK

      Love the point you brought up! Regardless of whether or not one believes the biblical flood account, there are hundreds of world religions that tell of a global (or at least near-global) flood from history. I know how much the naturalists love to treat bible-believers with that “smarter than thou” condescending attitude, but to discredit the flood is to discredit historical accounts that span the globe. Just because they are intertwined with spiritual principles does not make it stupid to give them some credit, or at least the benefit of the doubt. It’s funny; most of the comments yesterday about the fella who built the ark replica (impressive) were know-it-alls proclaiming that science disproved the flood. Ho bloody ha! Now they have to discredit science as well.

    • Kaplutus

      Funny how christians believe in science when it works to thier advantage.

      • fernjoker

        That`s because science eventually always works to our advantage.

        • Optimus Prime

          I am afraid you could not be more wrong. Think of Galileo. Or Darwin. I respect your religion but science almost always disagrees with Christianity.

          • Martin

            Galileo nor Darwin argued against a creator. They both were religious men. The leaders of their society, namely the Catholic and Anglican Churches condemned them for the perceived heresy. Again a fallacy of man.

        • Uhno

          Then why is it that you always wind up altering your religious beliefs in order to match science, not the other way around?

    • caseyjones

      T, You could not have said it better. I am a Christian and I do love God so much, but I am in no position to judge. I make mistakes all the time. I am not better than anyone else. I don’t care how much I read the Bible, how many prayers I pray I will never be in a position to pass judgement on others. I think some people might think if you are a Christian you have to go to church all the time, listen to Christian music, pass judgement, shove God down a persons throat if they don’t believe. They might think of God as this person that is waiting for you to mess up and that he expects so much of you and you can’t have any fun. As I learn more and more I realize how much of a friend God really is. I can get mad at him or ask questions about things I don’t understand. He gave me these emotions and he knows I am a person that is going to make mistakes all the time. I try to do the right things, but sometimes I do the wrong things and every time I go to him just like a friend and just talk. Sorry, I didn’t really mean to go on and on and my comment on this doesn’t even compare to yours. You worded it so perfectly. I guess I had to comment because if there is someone out there that might not want to be a Christian because they think all Christians are judgmental I hope they might change their minds. Sorry, everyone that I got off on religion. I find it fascinating as well what this man has found.

  • locohoya

    I’m outta here … too many bible-thumping zealots who take the Word at face value …

    • http://yahoo troy


  • Christian

    After sin God Punished the serpent too. Genesis 3, 14
    Read it and decide for your self if this is what happened
    to the dinosaurs. does your lizard crawl on his belly?
    After the flood then Babel, does it make sense that all over creation in all languages there is knowledge of a great flood. The Bible (Gods word)I believe. Not by proof of some scientist. But through the word of God
    “the bible” I received Faith given to be by the Holy Spirit. And trough Faith I believe In Jesus Christ
    as my redeemer. Not all is revealed to you before you are ready, and you may not understand this. All you have to do is read the Bible and then see what you believe
    and what you understand.

    • Uhno

      All of the world was mud, actually. Underwater mud. Then a goddess piled lots of mud on the back of a giant turtle and it became the land. I know this because some religion believes it, and since some religion believes it it must be true.

      Go study the real bible. The one that doesn’t claim Mary was a virgin, because that virgin lie is based on a mistranslation to Greek about 1700 years ago. This is a well known mistranslation, I guarantee you your religion is aware of that lie. The problem is that if they admit that isn’t true then it casts doubt on all those other lies they made up, like the immaculate conception, which was invented to back up the lie about Mary being a virgin.

      Study the facts. Those who study the bible as a historical document have shown countless mistranslations and errors, and you really ought to know if your beliefs are based on a lie.

  • LindaKaye49

    This whole conversation between people argueing makes me sick to my stomach. Didn’t Jesus teach to love one another, not to condemn. I take the Bible word for word and that is my choice. If someone wants to believe otherwise after hearing the word, just move on…Jesus wouldn’t approve of all this argueing. Christians should use the power of prayer as all things are possible through our Lord. Pray for the non-believer, don’t argue. Remember what Jesus said, love your enemies. I have had so many personal experiences with the Lord, I just know the truth and refuse to argue about it. You either except Him or you don’t……there is freedom of will. God’s blessings to all.

    • Uhno

      If Jesus stood right next to you right now, the historical Jesus and not the modern myth, you would think he was an ignorant savage. He believed in sacrificing animals to send a pleasing smoke to his god. He was not anti slavery. He thought women belonged to their fathers until they were sold into marriage.

      You have no relationship with Jesus. You have an imaginary friend that you just think is Jesus. Jesus would reject you as a follower because you are not a Jew.

  • areyouserious

    religion…? BOTTOM LINE. i don’t know and NEITHER do you! the shear ignorance that is religion and the bible that people based their ENTIRE LIVES ON is nothing short of mind boggling. you people believe these obsurdaties blindly, and for what?! do you think you’re regarded as special because you believe in talking snakes? TALKING SNAKES!!!!! well you are, only little yellow bus special. and the ark… a man gathering two of every animal? animals that exists in completely different geographical locations on the earth??? do you know what happens when you put a lion and a giraffe in the same room????? IT’S NOT PRETTY!

    • http://yahoo troy

      wait a minute there areyouserious thought you said you did not know, but you then immediately go off into the nether world on a tangent of the depth of your wisdom off things you truthfully say you know nothing about. “It is better to be thought the fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt”.

    • John

      You may as well beat your head against a brick wall. Brain-washing is real and it starts at an early age. At some point, parents tell their kids there is no Santa Claus. If the parents went on pretending to believe in Santa, many kids would continue to believe it all their lives, because their parents did. After a while they would begin to rationalize how flying reindeer can exist and how Santa’s workshop could remain hidden at the North Pole, and if you disagreed with them, they would all call you blind and ignorant. So unless you just like to argue, you may as well stop arguing with people of “faith.” No matter what the religion, you can never win.

  • Arnastu Buttwehak

    Hm. I’m not convinced that Ballard actually said “Biblical flood probably really happened”. This is the Black Sea deluge theory – not a new one. It has been a contender for The Flood since it was first advanced, simply because it might have been a heck of a flood. Big flood, that part of the world, long ago … who knows, maybe that was the origin of the legend. Or maybe not.

    This piece gives both 12,000 years ago and 7,000 years ago as Noah’s time – which was longer even than Noah’s mythical long life – and suggests that Ballard has proof just before he goes on to claim “a very real possibility”.

    We already know that the Black Sea was once very much lower than now – Ballard’s new proof of this is not a discovery. But whether the breech of the Strait of Bosphorus was gradual or catastrophic is still up in the air, and whether the rise of the Black Sea could in any way be equated with the Flood story (caused by heavy persistent rain, not by a gradual rise of the Black Sea) is still entirely speculation.

    In short, “Biblical Flood Probably Happened, Expert Says” is actually “Marine Archeologist investigating Black Sea deluge says ‘Yep, there was some sort of flood here, a long time ago, maybe 7000 – 12,000 years ago’ “.

  • ojibway

    The vast majority of these comments clearly demonstrate why science and discovery are held in such low regard.

  • eryk gee

    thank you lord, for making me part of the human virtues, as well as the stupidity and ignorance, and all those other faults ,I have.
    let me not contradict those with superior knowledge,but let me learn from them. if there was a flood okay ,if there was not okay,
    for you place me here ,not to argue or demerit any one ,but be joyous knowing that made us better than sponges.

  • mike

    People always say such a flood could never cover the entire earth. Forget that for a minute. To the people who gave the account, the flood covered their entire universe.

    • oc

      great point, humans look at things from their perspective.

  • oc

    66 books written by different people that fit perfectly with no mistakes, you figure it out.

    • Andrew

      Okay, in Matthew 2, the Bible says Jesus was born a minimum of two years before the death of King Herod. We know this because Herod ordered the slaughter of all the male infants approximately two years of age or younger, because that was approximately how long it had been since the Magi had visited Jesus. We also know, before anyone gets around to saying “there was more than one person named Herod”, that it was Herod I because Matthew 2 says Archelaus succeeded him.

      Herod I died and Caesar Augustus appointed Archelaus Ethnarch over Judea, Samaria, and Idumea in 4 B.C.

      Luke 2 says Mary was still pregnant with Jesus when Caesar Augustus commanded a census be taken, and Quirinius took a census of Judea.

      Caesar Augustus deposed Archelaus and appointed Quirinius governor of Syria, with orders to consolidate Judea and the surrounding regions into the province of Syria, in 6 A.D.

      By custom, the Romans did not conduct a census on client kingdoms (which Judea was under Herod and Archelaus), instead leaving the reigning monarch to collect the appropriate tribute and forward it to Rome. Jewish law forbade the taking of a census, so neither Herod nor Archelaus would have taken one, meaning the tax census conducted by Quirinius when the province of Judea was consolidated into Syria would have been the first census taken of the people in the area.

      That means the dates given by Matthew and Luke give irreconcilable dates twelve years apart for the birth of Jesus.

      Want to try that “no mistakes” bit again?

      • Andrew

        “That means the dates given by Matthew and Luke give irreconcilable dates twelve years apart for the birth of Jesus.”

        Slight correction. This should read “that means Matthew and Luke give irreconcilable dates….” Omit the first “the dates given by.”

    • Korage

      it didnt fit perfectly. LOL You do the math. You’re not even the largest religion. Take that.

  • http://yahoo troy

    hear that thumping? it is me and my Bible. I will thump it till it is real to all.

    • http://www.bonanza.com/joestreasures Joe Leach

      I feel sorry for those of you who mock and disbelief, for you will get your just reward. My prayer for you is that your eyes will be open to realize God loves you and want you to be saved through his Son Jesus Christ who died on the cross for you and me and all of humanity. The truth will set you free.

      • Korage

        I hope christians wake up and see the truth. Enough of their fairy tales. The whole world evidently was never covered in water. They lack history of science and Chinese.

        For better understanding. Look at the world today.
        Seculars/Atheist/Agnostics/FreeThinkers/Skeptics/Non-Religious continue to dominate.
        Muslims dominate the religious world.

        Those christians have no chance.. their not even the largest religion anymore. A complete failure.

        • ksbjmom

          I find it interesting that you claim that Christianity is a failure. What you say maybe true that other “thinkers” are becoming stronger. However, what you say is something that was recorded in the Bible thousands of years ago. How did they know that back then huh? There are many prophesies in the Bible that are coming into fruition, and those that say that there is no God, are called “fools”

      • Eric

        Take your prayers and stick them where the sun don’t shine idiot. There was no jesus christ. No noah. No moses. No garden of eden or exodus. You bible is a conglomeration of fairy tales meant to be used a s political tool by Constantine to help hold his empire together. It was collected by a bunch of misogynistic child molesters who traveled to Nicea with young boys as sexual companions. It was all the rage back then. So your bible is obnoxious tripe and you are a fool.

  • http://aaaeta.com Travis Morris

    This doesn’t even come close to the commonly accepted description of the “Biblical” flood. In that flood ALL the surface of the Earth was covered by water.
    There is a tribe of peoples in India that has a song passed down through generations that describe a great flood. When archeologists checked the area described in the song as being the place the flood came from, they found an abundance of evidence that an Ice Age Glacier Dam had failed there, which caused a great flood in pre-history.

  • Kebe M

    The fact that he found the Titanic, doesn’t enable him find Noah’s Ark. He is looking for something that is not there. I think you understand me .

    • Eric

      You are a tiny brained ignoramus. There is no evidenc ANYWHERE that there was a worldwide flood all at the same time. Your bible is a fairy tale for morons like you.

  • Andrew

    So, Bob Ballard has evidence A flood happened, not evidence NOAH’S flood happened.

    Seriously, first, let’s do some math. It is the year 2012 A.D. According to the article, Mr. Ballard has found evidence of a flood that occurred approximately 5,000 B.C., which the article claims is also the time some say Noah lived. Of course, as every 3rd grade child can tell you, 2000 + 5000 = 12,000… wait, what? That’s 7000, not 12,000, so which is it? Does he have evidence of a flood that occurred 12,000 years ago, or does he have evidence of one that occurred approximately 5,000 B.C.?

    Secondly, there’s this:

    “150,000 square kilometers of land, went under.”

    Am I the only person who’s read the Book of Genesis?

    Genesis 7: 18-20…

    “18 The waters rose and increased greatly on the earth, and the ark floated on the surface of the water. 19 They rose greatly on the earth, and all the high mountains under the entire heavens were covered. 20 The waters rose and covered the mountains to a depth of more than fifteen cubits.”

    The surface area of the Earth is approximately 510 million square kilometers. The surface area of the land is approximately 1,000 times greater than the area Bob Ballard claims flooded, and it certainly wouldn’t have been enough to cover the mountains of Ararat to a height of fifteen cubits for nearly six months.

    Check the topography of the region. The mountains of Ararat (where the Book of Genesis says Noah’s Ark came to rest) are surrounded by some really gorgeous downward sloping land that empties straight into the Caspian Sea, Black Sea, Red Sea and Persian Gulf.

    The details in Genesis are specific enough to preclude “it was just local” as an explanation. If you haven’t found evidence of a global flood, you haven’t found evidence of Noah’s flood.

  • Mary Takaoka

    Ballard should get together with Mr. Ken Ham, who has been studying this for almost his entire life. Also check out Dr. Henry Morris at Answers in Genesis and/or Institute Creation Research.

  • Eric

    I noticed that this idiot didn’t include the date Ballard found this evidence. This story was in Discover magazine years ago and on the Discovery Network as well and this nitwit acts like its fresh stuff.
    Wow,did you hear the latest on Nancy Reagan buying new china for the Whitehouse?

  • brian

    First of all: The biblical flood is a myth. However, it may have actually been inspired by this event that had been proven to have happened by scientist/archeologist long before this guy. I took anthropology and geology and I have known about this “Black Sea” theory, if you want to call it that, for at least a decade. So, yes this is old news. If the Biblical story was inspired by this event it was passed down thousands of years before it was ever written by the Jews. The Hebrew version was copied from the Babylonian version which is much older. This event most likely took place at the end of the last ice age as the sea levels rose.

    Now second of all: Although there is actually evidence of other massive floods, they did not cover the whole earth and are just local events. One took place around the border of Washington st. and Idaho. Ever seen the cartoon Ice Age where they are trying to escape a flood that breaks through a melting glacier? That really happened in Washington and Idaho but it hardly flooded the whole world…lol.

    Now, back to the event in the Black Sea: When the levy broke and poured through the Bosporus straight, this would have been a terrible event probably for anyone living near that area as the water poured into the Black Sea basin. However, the Bosporus straight where the water poured through is very narrow (look at a map!). The Black Sea is over 700 miles wide and at least 300 miles north to south. This would be like filling up an Olympic size swimming pool with a garden hose.
    This is one of the BIG problems with trying to even use this to prove the Biblical flood as a local event. People in the eastern part of the Black sea, next to the Caucasus Mts. and northeastern Turkey, would see the water rise very slowly over days, weeks and even months. They would not need to escape in a boat, they could just simple walk (not even have to run) away. You simple cannot flood this area fast enough to have drowned people living there. So, as the Bible says, people may have really laughed at anyone trying to build a boat to get away. They had good reason to laugh as they simple walked to higher ground.

    What I just described is a scalar issue. Other scalar issues involve the simple fact that there are too many species, both living today and extinct, to fit on an ark that is described as being about the size of a football field! Oh, despite these nice pictures of the ark with several windows, the Bible says the ark only had one window that was one cubic square (a scalar issue regarding ventilation). Not going to happen! All these other arguments about dinosaurs and dragons and even the dates are really just specious logic. Even the ancient Greeks were aware of fossils of extinct animals. So, dinosaurs FOSSILS very well may have been the inspiration for “DRAGONS”. This proves nothing.

    Finally, one of the most obvious scalar problems with a literal interpretation of a global flood is…..WHERE DID ALL THAT WATER GO? Even if the polar ice caps melt because of global warming, it will not flood the world as most literalist believe it did in the Bible. At best, the sea level will only rise a few more feet than current levels. Of course during the ice age the sea levels were much lower and areas like the Black sea and even the Mediterranean Sea would have had more land exposed that is now covered in water.

    • Josh

      Your logic is merely based on human understanding. Scientist will never be able to fully understand the logic of God. Without Divine logic, we perfectly understand nothing.


  • Jim Roling

    so if jesus christ was gods only son, why was jesus’ story stolen from a godson named horus who lived around 5000bc. heres a few for comparision
    Some parallels between Horus and Jesus Christ:

    1. Horus born of a virgin. Jesus born of a virgin.

    2. The foster father of Horus was Seb or Seph. Jesus was fostered by Joseph.

    3. Horus was of royal descent. Jesus was of royal descent.

    4. Horus birth accompanied by three solar deities [star gazers] who followed by the morning star of Sirius bearing gifts. Jesus birth accompanied by three wise men [Zoroastrian star gazers] who followed by a star “in the east” bearing gifts.

    5. The birth of Horus announced by angels. The birth of Jesus announced by angels.

    6. Herut tried to murder the infant Horus. Herod slaughtered every first born in an attempt to kill Jesus the forthcoming messiah.

    7. Horus is baptized at age 30 by Anup the Baptiser at a river. Jesus is baptized at age 30 by John the Baptist at a river.

    8. Horus resists temptation by the evil Sut [Sut was to be the precursor for the Hebrew Satan] on a high mountain. Jesus resists temptation by Satan on a high mountain.

    9. Horus had 12 followers. Jesus had 12 disciples.

    10. Horus performed miracles like healing the sick and walking on water. Jesus performed miracles like healing the sick and walking on water.

    11. Horus raised someone from the grave [his father Osiris] Jesus raised Lazarus [notice the name similarity] from the grave. Lazarus is short for Elasarus – the “us” on the end is romanized. Elasarus was derived from “El-Asar” which was the name given to Osiris.

    12. Horus was buried and resurrected in the city of Anu. The place Bethany mentioned in John was a derivative of the words “Bet” and “Anu” which translates “the house of Anu”. The ‘y’ on the end of bethany is interchangeable with the letter ‘u’.

    13. Horus was killed by crucifixtion. Jesus was crucified.

    14. Horus was accompanied by two thieves at the crucifixtion. Jesus was crucified with two thieves.

    15. Horus was buried in a tomb at Anu. Jesus was buried in a tomb located in Bethany [Bet-Anu].

    16. Horus was resurrected after 3 days. Jesus was “said” to resurrected after over a period of three days.

    17. The resurrection of Horus was announced by three women. The resurrection of Jesus was announced by three women.

    18. Horus was given the titel KRST which means “anointed one” Jesus was given the title Christ [Christos] meaning “anointed one”

  • dhaverman

    Have you ever wondered how we know the things that we know? How do we know, for instance, that the stars, which look like tiny pinpricks in the sky, are really huge balls of fire like the Sun and very far away? And how do we know that the Earth is a smaller ball whirling round one of those stars, the Sun?
    The answer to these questions is ‘evidence’.

    Sometimes evidence means actually seeing (or hearing, feeling, smelling….) that something is true. Astronauts have traveled far enough from the Earth to see with their own eyes that it is round. Sometimes our eyes need help. The ‘evening star’ looks like a bright twinkle in the sky but with a telescope you can see that it is a beautiful ball – the planet we call Venus. Something that you learn by direct seeing (or hearing or feeling…) is called an observation.

    Often evidence isn’t just observation on its own, but observation always lies at the back of it. If there’s been a murder, often nobody (except the murderer and the dead person!) actually observed it. But detectives can gather together lots of other observations which may all point towards a particular suspect. If a person’s fingerprints match those found on a dagger, this is evidence that he touched it. It doesn’t prove that he did the murder, but it can help when it’s joined up with lots of other evidence. Sometimes a detective can think about a whole lot of observations and suddenly realize that they all fall into place and make sense if so-and-so did the murder.

    Scientists – the specialists in discovering what is true about the world and the universe – often work like detectives. They make a guess (called a hypothesis) about what might be true. They then say to themselves: if that were really true, we ought to see so-and-so. This is called a prediction. For example, if the world is really round, we can predict that a traveler, going on and on in the same direction, should eventually find himself back where he started. When a doctor says that you have measles he doesn’t take one look at you and see measles. His first look gives him a hypothesis that you may have measles. Then he says to himself: if she really has measles, I ought to see… Then he runs through his list of predictions and tests them with his eyes (have you got spots?), his hands (is your forehead hot?), and his ears (does your chest wheeze in a measly way?). Only then does he make his decision and say, ‘I diagnose that the child has measles.’ Sometimes doctors need to do other tests like blood tests or X-rays, which help their eyes, hands and ears to make observations.

    The way scientists use evidence to learn about the world is much cleverer and more complicated than I can say in a short letter. But now I want to move on from evidence, which is a good reason for believing something, and warn you against three bad reasons for believing anything. They are called ‘tradition’, ‘authority’, and ‘revelation’.

    First, tradition. A few months ago, I went on television to have a discussion with about 50 children. These children were invited because they’d been brought up in lots of different religions. Some had been brought up as Christians, others as Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs. The man with the microphone went from child to child, asking them what they believed. What they said shows up exactly what I mean by ‘tradition’. Their beliefs turned out to have no connection with evidence. They just trotted out the beliefs of their parents and grandparents, which, in turn, were not based upon evidence either. They said things like, ‘We Hindus believe so and so.’ ‘We Muslims believe such and such.’ ‘We Christians believe something else.’ Of course, since they all believed different things, they couldn’t all be right. The man with the microphone seemed to think this quite proper, and he didn’t even try to get them to argue out their differences with each other. But that isn’t the point I want to make. I simply want to ask where their beliefs came from. They came from tradition. Tradition means beliefs handed down from grandparent to parent to child, and so on. Or from books handed down through the centuries. Traditional beliefs often start from almost nothing; perhaps somebody just makes them up originally, like the stories about Thor and Zeus. But after they’ve been handed down over some centuries, the mere fact that they are so old makes them seem special. People believe things simply because people have believed the same thing over centuries. That’s tradition.

    The trouble with tradition is that, no matter how long ago a story was made up, it is still exactly as true or untrue as the original story was. If you make up a story that isn’t true, handing it down over any number of centuries doesn’t make it any truer!

    Most people in England have been baptized into the Church of England, but this is only one of many branches of the Christian religion. There are other branches such as the Russian Orthodox, the Roman Catholic and the Methodist churches. They all believe different things. The Jewish religion and the Muslim religion are a bit more different still; and there are different kinds of Jews and of Muslims. People who believe even slightly different things from each other often go to war over their disagreements. So you might think that they must have some pretty good reasons – evidence – for believing what they believe. But actually their different beliefs are entirely due to different traditions.

    Let’s talk about one particular tradition. Roman Catholics believe that Mary, the mother of Jesus, was so special that she didn’t die but was lifted bodily into Heaven. Other Christian traditions disagree, saying that Mary did die like anybody else. These other religions don’t talk about her much and, unlike Roman Catholics, they don’t call her the ‘Queen of Heaven’. The tradition that Mary’s body was lifted into Heaven is not a very old one. The Bible says nothing about how or when she died; in fact the poor woman is scarcely mentioned in the Bible at all. The belief that her body was lifted into Heaven wasn’t invented until about six centuries after Jesus’s time. At first it was just made up, in the same way as any story like Snow White was made up. But, over the centuries, it grew into a tradition and people started to take it seriously simply because the story had been handed down over so many generations. The older the tradition became, the more people took it seriously. It finally was written down as an official Roman Catholic belief only very recently, in 1950. But the story was no more true in 1950 than it was when it was first invented 600 years after Mary’s death.

    I’ll come back to tradition at the end of my letter, and look at it in another way. But first I must deal with the two other bad reasons for believing in anything: authority and revelation.

    Authority, as a reason for believing something, means believing it because you are told to believe it by somebody important. In the Roman Catholic Church, the Pope is the most important person, and people believe he must be right just because he is the Pope. In one branch of the Muslim religion, the important people are old men with beards called Ayatollahs. Lots of young Muslims are prepared to commit murder, purely because the Ayatollahs in a faraway country tell them to.

    When I say that it was only in 1950 that Roman Catholics were finally told that they had to believe that Mary’s body shot off to Heaven, what I mean is that in 1950 the Pope told people that they had to believe it. That was it. The Pope said it was true, so it had to be true! Now, probably some of the things that Pope said in his life were true and some were not true. There is no good reason why, just because he was the Pope, you should believe everything he said, any more than you believe everything that lots of other people say. The present Pope has ordered his followers not to limit the number of babies they have. If people follow his authority as slavishly as he would wish, the results could be terrible famines, diseases and wars, caused by overcrowding.

    Of course, even in science, sometimes we haven’t seen the evidence ourselves and we have to take somebody else’s word for it. I haven’t with my own eyes, seen the evidence that light travels at a speed of 186,000 miles per second. Instead, I believe books that tell me the speed of light. This looks like ‘authority’. But actually it is much better than authority because the people who wrote the books have seen the evidence and anyone is free to look carefully at the evidence whenever they want. That is very comforting. But not even the priests claim that there is any evidence for their story about Mary’s body zooming off to Heaven.

    The third kind of bad reason for believing anything is called ‘revelation’. If you had asked the Pope in 1950 how he knew that Mary’s body disappeared into Heaven, he would probably have said that it had been ‘revealed’ to him. He shut himself in his room and prayed for guidance. He thought and thought, all by himself, and he became more and more sure inside himself. When religious people just have a feeling inside themselves that something must be true, even though there is no evidence that it is true, they call their feeling ‘revelation’. It isn’t only popes who claim to have revelations. Lots of religious people do. It is one of their main reasons for believing the things that they do believe. But is it a good reason?

    Suppose I told you that your dog was dead. You’d be very upset, and you’d probably say, ‘Are you sure? How do you know? How did it happen?’ Now suppose I answered: ‘I don’t actually know that Pepe is dead. I have no evidence. I just have this funny feeling deep inside me that he is dead.’ You’d be pretty cross with me for scaring you, because you’d know that an inside ‘feeling’ on its own is not a good reason for believing that a whippet is dead. You need evidence. We all have inside feelings from time to time, and sometimes they turn out to be right and sometimes they don’t. Anyway, different people have opposite feelings, so how are we to decide whose feeling is right? The only way to be sure that a dog is dead is to see him dead, or hear that his heart has stopped; or be told by somebody who has seen or heard some real evidence that he is dead.

    People sometimes say that you must believe in feelings deep inside, otherwise you’d never be confident of things like ‘My wife loves me’.
    But this is a bad argument. There can be plenty of evidence that somebody loves you. All through the day when you are with somebody who loves you, you see and hear lots of little tidbits of evidence, and they all add up. It isn’t purely inside feeling, like the feeling that priests call revelation. There are outside things to back up the inside feeling: looks in the eye, tender notes in the voice, little favors and kindnesses; this is all real evidence.

    Sometimes people have a strong inside feeling that somebody loves them when it is not based upon any evidence, and then they are likely to be completely wrong. There are people with a strong inside feeling that a famous film star loves them, when really the film star hasn’t even met them. People like that are ill in their minds. Inside feelings must be backed up by evidence, otherwise you just can’t trust them.

    Inside feelings are valuable in science too, but only for giving you ideas that you later test by looking for evidence. A scientist can have a ‘hunch’ about an idea that just ‘feels’ right. In itself, this is not a good reason for believing something. But it can be a good reason for spending some time doing a particular experiment, or looking in a particular way for evidence. Scientists use inside feelings all the time to get ideas. But they are not worth anything until they are supported by evidence.

    I promised that I’d come back to tradition, and look at it in another way. I want to try to explain why tradition is so important to us. All animals are built (by the process called evolution) to survive in the normal place in which their kind live. Lions are built to be good at surviving on the plains of Africa. Crayfish are built to be good at surviving in fresh water, while lobsters are built to be good at surviving in the salt sea. People are animals too, and we are built to be good at surviving in a world full of … other people. Most of us don’t hunt for our own food like lions or lobsters, we buy it from other people who have bought it from yet other people. We ‘swim’ through a ‘sea of people’. Just as a fish needs gills to survive in water, people need brains that make them able to deal with other people. Just as the sea is full of salt water, the sea of people is full of difficult things to learn. Like language.

    You speak English but your friend speaks German. You each speak the language that fits you to ‘swim about’ in your own separate ‘people sea’. Language is passed down by tradition. There is no other way. In England, Pepe is a dog. In Germany he is ein Hund. Neither of these words is more correct, or more truer than the other. Both are simply handed down. In order to be good at ‘swimming about in their people sea’, children have to learn the language of their own country, and lots of other things about their own people; and this means that they have to absorb, like blotting paper, an enormous amount of traditional information. (Remember that traditional information just means things that are handed down from grandparents to parents to children.) The child’s brain has to be a sucker for traditional information. And the child can’t be expected to sort out good and useful traditional information, like the words of a language, from bad or silly traditional information, like believing in witches and devils and ever-living virgins.

    It’s a pity, but it can’t help being the case, that because children have to be suckers for traditional information, they are likely to believe anything the grown-ups tell them, whether true or false, right or wrong. Lots of what grown-ups tell them is true and based on evidence or at least sensible. But if some of it is false, silly or even wicked, there is nothing to stop the children believing that too. Now, when the children grow up, what do they do? Well, of course, they tell it to the next generation of children. So, once something gets itself strongly believed – even if its completely untrue and there never was any reason to believe it in the first place – it can go on forever.
    Could this be what happened with religions? Belief that there is a god or gods, belief in Heaven, belief that Mary never died, belief that Jesus never had a human father, belief that prayers are answered, belief that wine turns into blood – not one of these beliefs is backed up by any good evidence. Yet millions of people believe them. Perhaps this is because they were told to believe them when they were young enough to believe anything.

    Millions of other people believe quite different things, because they were told different things when they were children. Muslim children are told different things from Christian children, and both grow up utterly convinced that they are right and the others are wrong. Even within Christians, Roman Catholics believe different things from Church of England people or Episcopalians, Shakers or Quakers, Mormons or Holy Rollers, and all are utterly convinced that they are right and the others are wrong. They believe different things for exactly the same kind of reason as you speak English and someone speaks German.

    Both languages are, in their own country, the right language to speak. But it can’t be true that different religions are right in their own countries, because different religions claim that opposite things are true. Mary can’t be alive in the Catholic Republic but dead in Protestant Northern Ireland.

    What can we do about all this? It is not easy for you to do anything, because you are only ten. But you could try this. Next time somebody tells you something that sounds important, think to yourself: ‘Is this the kind of thing that people probably know because of evidence? Or is it the kind of thing that people only believe because of tradition, authority or revelation?’ And, next time somebody tells you that something is true, why not say to them: ‘What kind of evidence is there for that?’ And if they can’t give you a good answer, I hope you’ll think very carefully before you believe a word they say.