Beyonce Tweets Support For Obama

    November 7, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Beyonce came into the Twitter world much later than the rest of us, because she was busy being married to Jay-Z, having the most talked about–and least seen–celebrity baby ever, and generally ruling the world. But when she joined, she made sure to come in with a bang.

Bey and her man are famously supportive of President Obama, and she made it known on the social media site that even though she’s from a red state, that won’t stop her from showing him some love.

Also, she inexplicably wore nerd glasses, but no one batted an eyelash, because she’s Beyonce and she’s allowed. Note: new blunt bangs are getting a workout on the web.


  • kim poole

    I think I would like following twitter but i don’t know how to get started but i will keep trying. my daughter is a computer geek but she wont take the time to show me “stuff”. she just grabs the computer straightens out the problem and hands it back. i never get to see the process.

  • Linda


    • Janet

      You’re looking in a mirror, right?

    • Esi

      Who? You i guess. So we can call u Linda idiot huh. hahahahahaha

  • alex

    Linda is right. Beyonce is an idiot. And no, Janet, I don’t have a mirror.

    • Sydney

      Beyonce is RICH, INCREDIBLY SUCCESSFUL, and VERY INFLUENTIAL. What about you Alex? Looks like you’re just some ignorant, unsuccessful person who likes to attack people who have accomplished things you can’t even dream of.

  • Jay

    when you support him be ready for more taxes like the rest of us are going threw now…

    • Sydney

      You idiot, our taxes are lower than they have been in 30 years!! Get the facts and please stop showing and spreading your ignoranace.

  • Sara

    Beyonce, get lost. Once and for all, get lost.

  • Lewis

    Beyonce is over exposed and under talented.

    • Tanya Williams

      What does that have to do with her trying to get votes, nothing!

  • Maggie Pearl

    Beyonce is campaigning hard for a spot in respectability. Where can a uneducated hoochie dancer and retired drug dealer get respectability, on a campaign trail.In America you can buy anything.I assure you Mrs Obama will not encourage her babies to follow this woman no matter how many “I want my daughter to look up to Mo. Obama”. Believe that. Tis true , there is no talent there,sex sells in this country.

  • peace angel

    Jay-Z and Beyonce and GAGA and many more entertainers are Illuminati and very involved in destroying the nation—AGENDA 21 sheeple

    He was involved for a decade in lying to blacks in Brooklyn to allow the gov to level 22 blocks while promising 15,000 jobs and affordable housing for everyone there and he and lots of agenda 21 community organizers stole the homes of Brooklyn residents and paid them half of what they were worth and built stadium for the losingest team in the NBA and then leaving a huge hole on those 22 blocks—there were no jobs and no housing and never will be

  • http://yahoo.com Tina Goodson

    I have met very few black people who don’t support Obamanation. I didn’t make this campaign about race. How bout them?