Beyonce Halftime Show: She Broke The Super Bowl

By: Amanda Crum - February 3, 2013

Beyonce appears to have won over quite a few of the haters who were complaining about her lip-synching scandal at the inauguration with the insanely energetic, sweat-filled workout she gave us at the Super Bowl’s halftime show; Twitter and Facebook are teeming with posts about the performance, which has apparently sucked all the energy from the Superdome.

Perhaps it was the huge screens filled with images of multiple Beyonces, or the skin-tight outfit she was rocking, or the sudden appearance of Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams onstage despite rumors that they wouldn’t be able to appear for the much-touted reunion, or the band full of lovely ladies, one of whom was playing a guitar that shot sparks from both ends…any one of those things could have easily caused a power outage. Of course, as soon as the lights went down, the internet lit up with comments, jokes, complaints, and speculation. Something this big happening at one of the biggest events of the year is bound to get people talking, and as fans start to squirm in their seats after nearly a half-hour of downtime, let’s check in to see what everyone’s saying.


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  • Dan Apted

    I am sooo bored sitting here watching the Halftime show. They have this thunder thighed chick tromp and scream amid flashing lights for more time than it took the first half to be played. They need to keep the half time to the alloted 15 minutes. Nobody in their right mind wants to watch more of the loud mouthed screamers than they have to. Its as bad as those grammy,CMA, emmy, golden globe, Toni, Oscar, VMA blah blah blah aint we special shows that seem to go on and on forever.

    • Nora C

      Aw. Somebody has a little penis. And you’re understandably upset. But there’s no reason to take it out on beyonce. Not everyone can be the huge John Mayer fan you surely must be.

      • Nora C

        Best ever? Say what? Was I even watching the same thing?

        If that was the best Super Bowl Halftime Show ever than I think that we have all set the bar way too low.

      • Lip Synchin

        At least John Mayer plays an instrument. BEYONCE LIP SYNCHED THE NATIONAL ANTHEM. What a disgrace to the country and an insult to the President.

        • oj reynolds

          Big deal no one cares about her lip sync, the states are divided anyway.

      • Nora C

        And I’m also a lesbian who is attempting to adopt a child from Mali as we speak so Beyonce will stand up for my rights. Crazy in Love is about mam haters if you read the story of how Rowland and Beyonce went shopping and met a womans lib lawyer. It was her inspiration! The blackout was planned as part of her show. She is a geniois!

    • bbaddiebey

      ii think you should get your panties out the bunch…we see how boring you are :/

    • oj reynolds

      Your wife gotta be ugly, Beyonce is beautiful. Hater.

  • Beyonce was BORING

    Same old moves, same old outfits, same old songs. BORING!

    • oj reynolds

      Stop hating and get a job

  • Twitter Iz 4 Twits

    Since when do Twitter posts by random punters count as legitimate news content? Stop cutting and pasting tweets and do some actual work for once.

  • Michael

    Nora C, great you are a lesbian, who cares..why do you feel the need to throw that in peoples faces? You homos and lesbos wonder why people are intolerant of you, my goodness get a CLUE. Stop having parades, throwing it in every ones’ face and demanding they accept it!! And as for the performance if lip synching and women gyrating on stage in victoria secret is entertainment to you (I am sure it is, wink) then don’t expect those of us that appreciate REAL music yes like John Mayer and others that can play an instrument and COMPOSE MUSIC to like that mindless talentless dry humping charade Beyonce put on!

  • Jim

    This half-time show was the absolute worst I have ever seen! What a joke! I’m surprised the narcissistic wench didn’t just get on stage naked & use a pole. Perhaps next year we can all look forward to a giant orgy on stage, eh?

    • Nel

      I totally agree!!!!!!!!
      Soooo stupid

      • oj reynolds

        stupid is you for agreeing

  • Bob

    All of the entertainment for the 2013 Superbowl sucked!! Even Alicia Keys didn’t sing like she’s capable of! Not nearly the good commercials this year either. Worst Superbowl ever……….not meaning to be prejudiced; but why were all of the entertainers black?

    • Sunshine

      Sp there was never a Superbowl where all the entertainers were white?

    • oj reynolds

      So, It is Black history Month, HATER

  • oj reynolds

    Peta do you not know that almost everything is made of animals. i know Peta are not vegetarines so shut the F… up

  • Tyronicia Miller

    First of all the lights went out due to ELECTRICAL DIFFICULTIES! She is not no DAM!Magician! Whats wrong with you people? It’s not all that whats cute about that shit any way? how we know it wasnt staged for us to add to her magnificent performance?Don’t always believe what you see look closely at what you may think you are seeing and listen closely just because a singer lips is moving doesn’t mean that that singer is singing.No one can see in the dark or hide sight.