Beyoncé: Gay Marriage Support Shown on Social Media

    March 28, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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When even Bill O’Reilly is conceding that gay marriage supporters have a compelling argument, it’s clear that a tipping point on the issue has already been reached. Even so, prominent celebrities are lending their voices to the cause this week, as the U.S. Supreme Court over the last two days heard arguments in two different cases involving gay marriage.

The latest celebrity to lend her support is singer Beyoncé Knowles. On Tuesday she posted one of the red equality pictures seen all over social media the past few days to her Facebook and Instagram accounts. She followed it up with a clever handwritten message reading: “If you like it you should be able to put a ring on it.”


The statement is, of course, referring to Beyoncé’s 2008 hit song “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It).”

Coming off of her Super Bowl halftime performance, Beyoncé’s popularity and cultural relevance are as high as ever. Her support for gay marriage will undoubtedly influence the millions of followers she has on Facebook and Instagram.

  • http://non youth

    So that’s the so called civilization!!!!!!!!!!!Oooooh God help the world from Beasts.

  • http://www.yahoo.com louis

    no Christian should in any way condemn a person for being a homosexual. It is against scripture for us to condemn anyone for any sin at all. But, it is also true we are not to close our eyes to sin so homosexuals should not be allowed to marry in a church or hold a leadership position in a church. Neither should adulterers alcoholics theives or other sinners that are unrepentant in their sin. If someone has turned from their sin then we must assume they are right with God so if a homosexual has turned from their sin they will stop being a homosexual.

    • http://N/A Miss Hines

      Amen, I think that is sick and Demon forces!

  • david

    Did you people think SHE was against it. She is a Freak-en Liberal. My Question to her would be Is it OK for HER OWN CHILD to be GAY and Possibly become AIDS Infected. And Really WHO CARE’s WHAT SHE THINKS. People need to think for themselves and not be lead by someone else.

  • http://N/A Miss Hines

    I think that GOD made a companion for a man which was a woman. Not a man for a man. I think that gay marriage is a ill disease and need to be address and two men can’t have kids. It take a woman and a man to be productive to produce a child.

    Regardless is if someone likes they don’t need to put a ring on it. Meaning man for man, no GOD did not make us that way and it’s sick for whom ever feel that this should be a supporting issue. How about feeling, clothing, and sheltering the homeless. That is a productive issue.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Don’t let destruction Hit you will FOOLISH.

    • Josue Griego

      Right on

    • ROLO

      Miss Hines, I think you are missing the mark(s) and sort of spanning several major topics.

      I would prefer to marry my partner of 10 years, but if the “powers that be” prohibit our uniting in the that way, then so be it. There ARE advantages of our marrying, but there are also some advantages to our NOT getting married. I choose to look at the positive –you might try that, too!

  • kesi samson

    Those who consider gay marriage are spiritually
    bankrupt. They are worse than animals because even
    animals do not marry same sex.

    • me

      Actually, animals don’t get married at all.
      Animals do, however, engage in same-sex sexual relations. There is number of birds and mammals that show homosexual behavior, for example monkeys. There even was a same-sex penguin couple in the Central Park Zoo in New York that raised a perfectly happy and healthy penguin baby together.

      • Denise

        So…we should do it because chimpanzees do?

      • ogo

        I think you are mad, and the madnes of your heart has taken the better part of you. Have you forgotten that God after creating every other thing used a specific language before creating man? Oh let me remand you, He said, come let us make man in our own image and after our likeness. The bible also recorded that when He made them He made them man and woman. Be warned! he who thinks he stands should take herd least he falls. The bible made it clear that in the last days perilious times shall come, men shall become lovers of themselves more than lovers of God and because iniquity shall abide the love of many shall wax cold….. I need not to remand you also that it is also in that same holy book that there is a way that seemeth right unto a man but the end thereof leads to destruction. May God help us all.

  • Sp4de_

    The great thing about business is that everyone needs to mind their own.

  • elkino dawkins

    That statemant must`ve been a early April Fools prank!

  • wow

    you cant not get AIDS simply from being gay , wow stupid people commenting. and if beyonces kid were gay or had AIDS im sure she would still love her own child, because love for your children should be unconditional. and also you do not have to be extremely promiscuous to get AIDS, it could happen to anyone; stop the stigma. and since when are church and state together? even if you think it is religiously wrong, this is america and laws shouldnt be formed based on religious beliefs.

    • Jess

      And this is exactly why America is slowly going down the drain each and every day. No one lives a perfect life and issues are always on the rise, but it is never too late to find a way to end it! This includes gay marriage, marriage out of wedlock, and so forth. As Americans, we have lost our morals! Couldn’t you agree? Look at what you see on televison, hear the music these days, look how folks interact with each other. It is not the same and I know change is constant, but why this change? Why go backwards and not forward? I am trying to understand how people can relate interracial marriage to gay marriage…that is outrageous!!!! An interracial couple can have a beautiful baby boy or girl the NATURAL way…no problem! A gay couple…simply can not! LOL But yet, we are suppose to accept that it is right anyway. Yea Ok.

  • Deena White

    If you are truly a Christian, you would know that supporting homosexuality is a sin before God. By condemning it doesn’t mean you are hating them. You can still pray for them to change (yes it is not right). If you read the Bible and are a true Christian you should know God weeps for the sinners and want them to change. But whoever says God is in favor of a sexual/marriage union btwn two men or women are very very wrong and should read the Bible again- if they call themselves Christians or claim to know God. If you can care less about your faith in Christ and the one true God Yahweh (bless HIS name) then go ahead and support them. Like mentioned before God gave us free will to choose whatever we want. It is our choice to do what HE wants or what WE believe and want due to social pressures and our own indulgences. But always remember the path to sin is broad and always appealing than the narrow right way…lets wake up people, there are heavenly evils and principalities are work in the spiritaul realms that we can’t see, but they are there, so is God and so is the devil. Choose wisely. God keep you.

    • cory

      do you live your whole life by what god says?? hopefully you were a virgin until you were married, and are against children out of wedlock, as well as interracial relationships..and hopefully you are submissive to your husband…o ya and a man and a woman who marry could very well not be able to bare children…perhaps they shouldnt be married either

  • Cheryl Harrington

    I absolutely DO NOT support the gay movement. I don’t consider it normal… I love gays and know many and they know me and they know where I stand..there is no problem with that. I also ABSOLUTELY oppose having children being taught about gay lifestyles!! In my opinion, talking to children about the gay lifestyle should be left to the parents and not in any other setting. It’s amazing to me when children see gays men or women kissing and embrasing each other they ask the question…why are they doing that they are two men or two women? They shun it because it appears it is not natural. I am from the southern bible belt..I stand on the bible and judeo-chistian ethics..and I don’t apologize for that. As far as gays…I love the person but not the lifestyle..I am not a hater…this is my opiniion.and with the comment “If you like it put a ring on it” sounds great but with our society and the way it is can be something of concern…

    • Jessica

      I agree! I also see it as this and it just makes sense…if two people cannot naturally produce a human being into this world…then it is not right! God made it that way for a purpose. If he wanted two males and two females to be able to have children the natural way, then it would have been done. However, He did not do that and why? Because it is in His favor. So with that being said, it is not right or moral to be gay or support gay equality. :) Like you, I have gay friends as well, but I make it clear to them that I do not support their lifestyle. People seem to forget that AIDS and STDs come about strongly from a sexual encounter in a homosexual relationship than a heterosexual relationship. If it wasn’t for medication and what not, to be a homosexual would be very dangerous. They are understanding of it, but refuse to stop their habits of being romantically involved with the same sex as them. All I can do as a friend who cares is pray that they’ll be redeemed :)

  • Denise

    If beyonce likes it, then we should all like it? I think not.

  • Denise

    Just because someone has a nice voice does not make them a good person. Listen to what this woman and her husband sing about. They aren’t decent people so ofcourse they promote immoral behavior to our children.

    • Cheryl Harrington

      Denise and everyone you took the words out of my mouth!!!…Is her God fame and fortune? It’s wonderful to have all that money and fame but to me there is a attitude that “Whatever it takes to make a buck and put me in the limelight” I’m going to do it? NONE of my young ones are allowed to have any access to anything she’s got and that’s it…I am not a hater but you REALLY have to monitor what children are exposed to now a days…especially on the internet…

      • Jessica

        I agree with the both of you! And lets not forget her latest song when she is telling people to bow down to her because she is the self proclaimed “Queen Bee”. Just pray for her that someday she will wake up!

  • Cheryl Harrington

    What goes around will come around…..God Bless!

  • http://TK-Owens.com T.K.

    I believe equality includes both genders.

    • Razzle

      You are correct, when a man and a women get married they are equal in there venture.

  • http://yahoo.com Bushy Leneir

    I do believe at some point media pressure plays a part in some of the ways stars respond to certain issues in the world. Perhaps Beyonce felt it would boost her already giant popularity with the Gay community. I was told it is not our job to try and convert or change anyone regardless of their lifestyle or way they choose to live their life, but leave it up to the creator of all things which is GOD. All we NEED to do is Pray for them. We are not qualified to judge anyone. God does give us free will, but know for certain he is coming back again, he will judge each indivisioule….bottom line personal relationship is the key…(strictly my opinion)

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  • http://na preferred user

    Who cares what beyonce’ thinks
    write about something that matters !

    • Patricia Salter

      You Do!

  • Kathleen Ganiel

    I will be 50 years old this April. My late Uncle was gay and so was his late partner of more than 50 years. I loved both of them very much but I do not believe in that life style. God is very specific in the Old Testament and New Testament that that life style is immoral. I agree. Also why do we have to announce what our sexuality is anyway? Should that not be a private matter? I mean do we go out and say “Hi, I am gay.” or “Hi, I am heterosexual?” No. We don’t. That again is a private matter.

    • http://facebook Nell Hard

      I agree w/ Kathleen our sexual preferences are private and need not be exposed as this…who cares if this singer..who ever she is…if she is a gay ..for same sex marriage, i say hell no it is wrong…wrong wrong..and one day…she and many others will pay the price for going against Gods commandments and rules. We will all stand before the WHITE THROWN…FOR JUSTICE…AND PUNISHMENT FROM HIM……I pray for the world to see what is in front of us…and Repent while we still have time….i AM 77 YEARS OF AGE…AND STRICTLY DISAPPROVE OF THIS UNGODLY ACT AND LAW THAT HAS BEEN PASSED…Lord HAVE MERCY ON US..WHO DO SUCH THINGS AND EXPECT IT TO BE O K WITH OTHERS…God is our only answer for salvation and Peace..and happiness ..Amen ~~

  • http://Yahoo Joel

    There’s nothing strange about this. Everyone in Hollywood is gay. Not all be you know what I’m saying. You would expect anyone in the business to support the Gay movement or they will be blacklisted. It’s been that way forever. No I don’t support it at all but I do think it will happen in the near future. Allot of them don’t agree with it but they can’t view their opinons for fear of retaliation. It’s sad that people on this and other social media sites get their only news for these sites. We need to get smart again.

  • reginarenee

    As time passes on we shall see when Bey child grows up what her mother and father has mold her to be. If they will be so carefree with their daughters choices and or grandchildren by then. Its easier said then done. “What goes around comes back around my baby”!

  • http://yahoo.com audrea

    we are living in the last days….the bible says that men
    will become lovers of themselves
    2timothy 3:2.our SAVIOR also said for all of us to LOVE one another
    and not to be in jugde of each other. thats our SAVIORS place.
    l don’t agree with same sex relationships or marriage.our savior
    only wants us to love and stay prayerful for one another. it is the
    men and women of God, place to tell us what thus saidth the lord.

  • b

    My God help some of those who post idiotic remarks on this article. Some of you are right about one thing………people need to learn to think for themselves … just say’n

    • william

      who cares what beyonc’s thinks,she and her husband are immoral
      any way .listen to what this woman and her husband sing about

    • gary

      Beyounce is also in favor of Premarital sex, Pregnancy before marraige and Divorce. She may also be in favor of abortion and other sins against all religion.

  • http://ATT Joe

    Really who cares about Beyonce – she is just going with the trend – Obama called her and asked her to tweet this – Beyonce would not know how to spell CAT if you spotted her C and the T!

    • http://None mickey

      Shut the fukk up

  • cali

    Who do these celebrities think they are? They should Keep their opinions to themselves when it comes to things that can affect someones life forever. A lot of people see these celebrities as role models and follow their steps, like if they can’t discern good from wrong. That’s why parents teach your kids all the time about what’s good and wrong so that they don’t follow anybody’s steps. God Says.”Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea. 7 Woe to the world because of offenses! For offenses must come, but woe to that man by whom the offense comes!”

    • http://None mickey

      You shut your fukking mouth idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • http://Yahoo Gary

        Mickey . . . Is that all you can say? A person who finds it necessary to be vile and rude obviously suffers from low self-esteme . . . Maybe YOU should heed your own advice!

    • http://yahoo.com Sassyt

      I agree with you Cali, most stars are just saying what they think people want to hear You are right about the Bible, but for some they will have to find out the hard way!

  • David

    Cali, I couldn’t have say it any better. God’s speed to you, my unknown friend. We’ll see each other heaven one day.

  • Janae

    I hear alot about this in the bible. But the Bible talks about gays and lesbian. I feel if they are in love with their significant other why not? Gay and lesbians were out back in the day but they are more open in public eye and people dont like it they are humans just like everyone else. Please let them enjoy each other.

  • shawn

    It also says for husbands to do the same. Be careful how you interpret. Where does it discourage or condemn those of interracial relationships? Even If you can’t be fruitful god has work for each of us to do…


    Everyone knows that gay/lesbian behavior is WRONG, even those that practice the lifestyle! They are bringing down our world with their sin. God didn’t like it in Gomorrah,and I’m pretty sure after destroying all those people, he hasn’t changed his mind!

    As soon as gay marriage is past, they are going to continue to shove it down your throat! Gay commercials, movies, kissing in public, cartoons, and everywhere you look.

    We can prepare to start letting more than 2 people get married, because it is coming. What will happen, when 3 men want to be together in marriage, what about their rights! I’m sick of it!

    While all this mess is going on, I’m going to be waiting on Jesus to return! This physical life is short, but the afterlife is forever!

    For all those people following Beyonce to hell, I challenge you to wake up, and get to know the Creator of creation!

    • http://yahoo Melissa Lewandowski

      You are so right… What have we gotten ourselves into…

  • http://Yahoo Gary

    If an actor said it, the odds are great that it is either 1) a lie or 2) totally meaningless and nonconsequential.

    • http://Yahoo Gary

      Opps . . . I should have said a celebrity, not an actor!


        If a celebrity says it, you should run the other way! They are just puppets for the real people controlling this world. Somebody needs to tell Beyonce that she is human flesh, and she will die one day, and when she does, ALL of her work (singing and etc..) will be in VAIN.

        I don’t think you can get into Hollywood without being gay and smoking crack! If you are not willing to get high, then you can kiss your chances of worldly success goodbye. Most people in Hollywood don’t even know who THEY are! I feel sorry for these people because they are so rich, that they wouldn’t listen to TRUTH if Jesus approached them personally. They would be like the rich man in the bible, that after being told he had to give up all his possession to follow Christ, just turned and walked away.

        These celebrities are lost, and you are lost if you are following them!

  • bob

    Somebody please tell this bitch to shut up already!!!!! big mouth for somebody who fucked over her old group. money hungry hor!!!

  • http://yahoo Melissa Lewandowski

    It is horrible what is happening to our society. Just because most of the young people are for it does not mean it is right. It should absolutely NOT be called marriage. Once again human beings are trying to change what God intended. Just think how messed up our kids and genders are going to be. Females will be like males and males will be like females. Study the goodness of God in the Bible. Do we live a life of integrity, humility, self-control, goodness, honesty, truthfulness? Seems like we are totally off base. If parents taught their children it is not a great life style to be in when they are young–and reading the bible. I somehow feel–because of the outcome in our society–more division–getting away from God it is somehow not right. Man and wife were meant to have children naturally from each other, not a sperm from someone you don’t know–and others carrying your child. And their organs were made for each other like a puzzle.


    “If you like it then you should” CONSULT GOD! It’s no wonder the divorce rate is so high!

    What is marriage equality? God gave us marriage, He is the only one that can change and/or rearrange it! I know God and I can tell you, that he has not changed His principles on marriage.

    People fail to realize that God made one man and he was both male and female (like God), but Adam saw that the animals had mates so God decided to give him a help mate too. He laid Adam down and took women out of Adam! That is why they attract to each other like magnets. Sex is a symbol of the unity that God made before (those two pieces coming back together). This is why gay marriage is wrong, because two men and/or women cannot come together, the pieces don’t fit. God made man in HIS image, what is man doing? That’s why he destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah!


      Have some respect and some perspective for people who aren’t Christian. Marriage is not a religious institution; it’s very clear. You cannot deny rights to OTHERS on the basis of YOUR religion. How is it righteous that you preach to people who are not Christian that they cannot be married because your own God who they do not even think exists, says it is wrong?

      How would you feel if some group of people come and tell you to stop being in a healthy relationship with a human being you love, because of some God who has nothing to do with your life?

      Try and respect the religious freedom in this country.
      Just because you’re a Christian and you believe in God, don’t try and shove it down other peoples’ throats, and especially, ESPECIALLY, don’t take away their right to love.

  • http://naturalhandcraftedsoap.com Natural Handcrafted Soap

    I agree with Melissa…It is horrible what is happening to our society.

  • Advocate

    @Nobodycares…..you are doing exactly what they want you to do. How is saying that you don’t agree with gay mariage shoving religion down someones throat? How is speaking about reliogion and the beleifs in the practice of a ceretain religion wrong. You are trying to first off take away the right to religious freedom. Second you feel that it’s okay to verbalize your thoughts about religion and Christianity but it’s for for some one else to do it. Third you say that Cheistians dont repsect or have perspective for gays. Really? you should lok at your comments and say the same for yourself with Christianity. So you’re saying we need to respect something we don’t believe is right? You’re saying we need to respect something that is against our beliefs? I respect a lot of people in my community. Not becuase they are gay. But because they are good upstanding people. Guess what some are gay and some are not. They know that I believe different than they do and some agree with me. We both learn to disagree. Your post is not about what Lord saves said it’s really about your non belief in Christ your hate for Christ and the guilt of the sin you commit and don’t want to acknowledge as sin. That’s the same for any sinner and sin including homosexuality. Why do you think coming out the closet exist. It was a way for gay people to try amd make being gay look like this nice respectable thing that is okay to do. WRONG