Betty White Going Up Against Eastwood At DNC?

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Betty White is one of the most beloved actors people of our generation; she’s funny, she’s brash, she’s graced our televisions since before most of us were born, and, at 90-years old, she’s a part of our history, yet she manages to never take anything too seriously. Also, she has friends in high places.

White hasn’t made it a secret that she favors President Obama, and now Change.org is hosting an online petition to get her to introduce him at the Democratic National Convention. After Clint Eastwood’s speech at the RNC–which didn’t go over so well–the Dems are looking for someone unassuming yet whip-smart, funny yet kind, with a good reputation in the celebrity world. Betty White fits that bill perfectly.

The petition states:

Clint Eastwood, the Republican’s “mystery guest” at the RNC, gave a bad name to older Americans everywhere with his absurd and awkward-to-watch introduction of Governor Romney.

You know what?

Governor Romney can have Clint Eastwood and his improvisational skills because President Obama has the one and only Betty White!

Take action today if you want to see a real [old] Hollywood icon get a political introduction right!

With almost 6,000 signatures, the site just needs about 1,500 more. And as some of you may remember, White was drafted to host “Saturday Night Live” in 2010 because of a petition very similar to this one. The power of the web.

Betty White Going Up Against Eastwood At DNC?
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  • mary

    I love betty white and hope she does not allow herself to be
    used in this way. if she does I don’t think I’ll be a fan any more. clint was already in politics and even he shouldn’t have gotten involved. PLEASE BETTY DON’T DO IT.

  • Bryan

    Please don’t do this. You’re above all these shenanigans.
    Yours Truly,
    A Democrat and Betty White Fan

    • party line

      Well I am 81 yrs old and I always liked Betty I
      will put her on my stupid list if she sinks to
      a speaker for a lying Obama he puts out his bull
      and never does intend to carry out the words later.

      • http://yahoo sandy d.

        I agree she should not do this, but about your comment about “lying” It’s hard to tie your shoelaces while your hands are tied in back of you. Look at the road blocks congress has put up these past three years. This is ALL they have accomplished this term, and I might add they still get to have the best health care And collect their paychecks.

  • Randal Phillips

    Hey, maybe we can watch her and Sandra Fluke get it on on stage! The dems should LOVE that!

  • Riccardo

    The old broad shows her senility by suporting nigger obama..come on Betty..way past time for you to lay down and die….you’ve totally lost it, had it not been for Allen L. you wouldn’t even be known…

    • http://yahoo sandy d.

      racist pig!!!

      • mary


    • T Moody


      YOU ARE A STUPID SON OF A B****! It doesnt matter how to claimed her fame how did you get yours. Oh noone knows your dumb ass!!

  • Gretchen Stokes

    Love Betty White, AND she’d be perfect for the DNC! Why not have a REAL celebrity?! There’s nothing wrong with having a celbrity at the DNC…they’re no different than anyone else when it comes to keeping the right man in office…celebrities VOTE and are equally concerned about the future of our country as the next voter! Go Betty, and get ‘em girL!! OBAMA 2012!

  • Rosie Gee

    You have to remember that Betty White is also a National Treasure. And she has done everything from t.v., commercials and movies. Good for her if she can say a few kind words for Obama. And she certainly will appeal to older Amiricans. A lot people know who she is and will hopefully agree with her politics. Betty doesn’t need a damn chair to talk to anyone. Clint Eastwood should go and have his brain checked. I think he lost it when he turned 80….lol. At least seems to have all her senses in tact. And Clint is just another old fart, has been actor. Need I say more?

    • mary

      Because she’s a national treasure she should stay pure and not be defiled by a den of democratic loons.

  • gidget

    I think Betty White introducing President Obama is an excellent idea. She has grace and is respected and is a perfect example of aging gracefully. I just hope she does a dignified introduction,with humor, of course, and not stoop to the level of what the Republicans did.

  • http://google Della Burnette

    Betty White, Please don’t do this.

  • Robert Jones


    • Amy

      Your poor grammar and ALL CAPS only demonstrates to the rest of us how STUPID you truly are! xo

    • Amy

      Your poor grammar and ALL CAPS only demonstrates to the rest of us how STUPID you truly are! xo

  • June

    Betty better think twice before endorsing Obama.
    He did take money out of Medicare to use for Obama Care.
    All Obama wants is to turn this country into a Dictator Ship.
    He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  • d long

    Why must the Democrats want to copy the Republicans by having a celebrity do the introduction of the candidate. One would think they would want to go a different way…not just try and outdo what the other party has already done. Be original..perhaps that is what Americans are looking for in a candidate..not copycats.

    • http://yahoo larry

      because dumbocrats are not original.

  • Pam

    Aw, come on Betty, you are so much brighter than that. How can you back a loser?

    • http://yahoo sandy d.

      Got news for you…(especially since you are a woman) you’d better hope he wins. Ever here of the saying the devil you know, and the devil you don’t?

      • http://yahoo larry

        whaaat? and its hear. here is where something is. no wonder people can’t vote for the right person no one can read anymore.

  • sheila

    Betty White is just as stupid, as when he was Rose.

    • http://yahoo sandy d.

      She had you fooled.(the stupid act)

  • June

    I love Betty too but, I think this is a wrong idea.
    You people don’t know how much freedom your going to lose if Obama is voted back into office.
    This man scares me.
    I pray the Good Lord will anwser our prayers that the Christians are praying for a President that is a good Godly person and can bring this country back to where our for Fathers would be proud.
    We need God back in this country and a President and Vice President that can lead and help the people with jobs and healthcare.
    Not only for us but, for our Children and Grandchildren.

    • Tanika

      June and Sheila..your idiots!

      • Dan

        Tanika-You call June & Sheila idiots, yet YOU’RE the one that can’t tell the difference between “you’re” (as in “you are”) & “your” (a singular, possessive pronoun); to aid in overcoming your illiteracy, here’s some more confusing words:

        Here-a pronoun designating a place, not to be confused with “hear”, which you obviously didn’t do when your teacher explained this to you in school.

        There-another pronoun designating a place, not to be confused with “they’re”, which means “they are”, or “their”, another possessive pronoun.

        No-The opposite of “yes”, not to be confused with “know”, which you obviously don’t.

        Knew-Past tense of “know”, as in “Tanika knew the difference, but didn’t care”, not to be confused with “new”, which is the opposite of “old”.

      • Julie

        You are too! You only support Obama because he’s black! Remember…vote the person, not the race!

    • Marion Dudley

      Amen! June you’re a wise Christian. Obviously Betty needs to talk to the Lord before she goes anywhere. Let’s pray for her because I do think that she needs Jesus. Especially because she’s nearing the end of her life, she needs to make certain that she’ll go to Heaven! She needs to realize that we are praying for a president who believes in God.

    • Mattie

      I like Eastwood’s movies, but NO ONE will tell me who to vote for
      not him or Betty this is a freedom of choice thing and we should
      be old enough to discern that for ourselves.
      celebrities have their vision, but the fact is when you’re in that
      voting booth they won’t be there with you or vice versa
      I believe GOD will help us put into that office who deserves to
      be there, one person one vote.. use your own discretion..not
      swayed by someone else’ convictions… get a grip

      • http://yahoo larry

        yes one person one vote, but not people in the grave already,enough of the illegal voting.

    • Michelle

      Have you ever heard of separation of State and Church? It’s not a religious battle! It’s a battle of intelligence and solving problems. These are the reasons we have the retards up there for election now, you all lose track of the real issues that matter. No man will legislate morality to me period! Nor will one ever tell me what I can and cannot do with my body or in my bedroom! Those are issues that shouldn’t even be issues. We all have sex, let it go! Take your religious ideals off the political battlefield. What all of the American people are forgetting is that there are more than two choices. We don’t have to vote for either one of these lame ducks. Gary Johnson has the best chance of being the one to focus on the real issues and commit to change, not these low life tactics everyone is using.

      • http://yahoo larry

        sorry, but Gary Johnson is just a distraction, a vote for him is a vote for Obama.

    • ST

      June we know… Everyone is scared of black people! You are sad. How in the world does he scare you? Really. Get a life and see past the 1960s. You are Pitiful and every other person who constantly makes ups lies and spread deceit.

  • June

    Oh, yes
    I really liked Clint Eastwood speach.
    I thought there were points that really hit home about Obama.I know there are other clebs out there that are not for Obama also. They should start speaking up also.
    I thought Chris Christie did an excellent job too.
    He tells it like it is.
    Rubio was great too, also Maria from New Mexico.

    • Tanika

      June..please stop with the comments..not one person cares!

      • DENISE

        THANK YOU!

      • Julie

        I DO!

      • http://yahoo larry

        that is the problem, nobody cares. if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem

  • George

    We need a few more million babies slaughtered in their mother’s wombs. Let’s get Betty to help us re-elect president Obama!!!

    • S

      How are YOU going to feed, clothe & provide care for those million babies if Romney gets his way? They usually end up in the system some way or another as the wombs can not and will not provide them the care they need. You just end up with more drain on the economy with those million mouths to feed.

      • http://yahoo larry

        problems feeding children does not excuse murder!

    • KT

      George, when you obtain a womb, you can have an opinion. Otherwise….

    • DENISE

      your crazy do you know what they do to babys in africa ? especially girls ,I sure Obamba doesnt care either. NO man has the right to tell any woman what to do with her body ! and im a REP…..

  • Linda

    How can people who “love” this lady, or Clint for that matter,get mad, disrespect or have negative feelings toward them just for exercising their first amendment rights? Everyone has their opinion and should have the opportunity to express it if they should feel the need. I like Clint and Betty and admire both of them.each of them have earned my respect. I do not respect them any less for their political choice.Their speaking at the conventions will not sway my vote. I will vote for whom “I” choose. It will have nothing to do with Hollywood. just saying……….Linda

    • Michelle

      Let’s not forget these people are both being USED!

    • DENISE

      AMEN!!! I truely hope she turns them down.

  • Beth Johnson

    I agree that Betty White is smarter than that, or at least she used to be. I love Betty White. She can get by with almost anything because of her humor and underlying sweetness. However, I will never view her in the same way again if she backs someone as inept and yet diabolical as Obama. He cares nothing about the citizenry; he cares only about himself. He has accomplished absolutely nothing positive and 100% negative for this country. He needs replacing, not reaffirming. I pray that senility has not entered my formerly beloved Betty.

  • wikedthng

    Ms. White has the right to support whom she sees fit as does Mr. Eastwood.
    I have the right to disagree with either of them or both and vote the way I see fit. If you are ignorant enough to base your vote on the POTUS on what a celebrity says, you should not be voting.

  • http://gene Gene Wier

    Come on Betty. Give ‘em hell. Eastwood is good actor, but not so smart. You are both good and smart. And concerned for good of everyone.


      I Hate Socialist with a passion

      • ST

        Hating is a sin

  • Marion Dudley

    Betty! I never thought you to be a stupid woman! I’m so ashamed of you! Obviously, we need to pray for you not only to get some brains but most importantly to know Jesus. You’re 90 years old, where will you go when you die? I’m praying that you will accept the Lord and realize that He died for us if we believe on Him. When you will do that, then you’ll realize that we are praying for a president who knows God rather than a muslam who actually hates America. Betty: wake up before it’s too late!

    • REX RICH


      • ST

        It’s some SAD people commenting on here. So Obama is Going to get you all in hell?? WOW Get some brains and 1st learn how to spell and use correct English and 2nd please admit- stop making excuses and say you are prejudice. Your a racist and that is the only reason you dont want Obama as President. Be real with yourself. The truth is better then making reasons. The same reasons almost every other politician/pres/OUR govt as screwed up our country-but you point out the Obama crap. He is black!! My last name can fool you too but I am American. Grow Up. Stop wih the heaven and hell talk! You segregated evil carnal minded people will break hell WIDE open. Read all of The Bible! Good luck in life. Judging is a SIN!!! Hello…

        • DN

          Obama is a muslim. He doesn’t believe in the Bible…Wake Up!

          • ST

            I’m up. Where did you learn he doesn’t believe in the bible? Serious please share a legitimate source.

        • ALLEN GRAY

          I guess St really stands for STD kind a like Obama = Osama

          Be a man if your socialist get out ……….

          • ST

            No ST knows and is living in the real world. I have not one STD (lol) never have. What’s real is if Obama is a communis, so was Bush. There is only one difference with him but of course we won’t say what many of the negative people are actually saying behind closed doors.

        • http://yahoo larry

          Bull, don’t play the race card, people don’t like his polocies, has nothing to do with race.anyway he is not a black man, his mother was white, stupid,but white.

          • Mary

            ‘play the race card’= call someone who is being racist what they are – which is racist; point out racist behavior that the racist really thinks is not clearly showing.

    • KT

      Marion, You call yourself a Christian? Shame on YOU for being so judgemental. I’m quite sure God loves and accepts Betty White. As for you? I wouldn’t bet the farm as to where you might spend your afterlife!

    • nancy nix

      Marion, I can’t believe you have the nerve to call yourself a Christian. I mean really,who are you to judge anyone. You have been watching too much fox news get off the koolaid. As an older person I would think you would be concerned about medicare and social security. If you think Robme and lying Ryan are I am afraid dementia has already taken hold.

      • http://yahoo larry

        Romney and Ryan are the only hope of saving medicare and social security as on the present course will be insolvent.do some research and quit buying all the liberal spin

    • benjamin armstrong

      marion who are you too call mis white stupid.looks like you are the stupid one for puting uot this add obviously,you need prayer.mis white knows how old she is and with a heart like theshe got i know where she is going when she die.you just make sure you got the same heart too.it is time that people like mis white stand up and let america know the whole truth.here you are Judgeing the President,who told you that he is a MUSLIM?YOU you are just like the rest of the republicans.you,donald trump,clint eastwood,chuck norris,two of those guys were my child hood heros but no moreyou all need to wake up and get you’llhead out of each others ASS this would be a better place to live in.and yes let the president do his JOB.

      • http://yahoo larry

        it is time to let him go. it is you who has his head in the dark spot.

    • DENISE

      thats true !

    • Sue

      Where is Betty going to go when she dies??? I don’t know but wherever it is that’s where I hope I go too!!! Hell would be listening to you pontificate for eternity

  • cjk

    so … what is she going to do when she finds out he has eaten dog, common dish in some of the places he has lived or visited?

    • http://yahoo larry

      feed Obama to her pet crocodiles!

  • jacniceli

    Shut up, Tanika

  • Sue

    Betty YOU GO GIRL! Show them how its done!

  • Edie

    Betty White is a perfect spokeswoman for the DNC. She’s intelligent, caring and can rock “the house” like no other. As for the “fundies”…aren’t you supposed to NOT judge others? Whatever happened to “judge not, lest you be judged”?

    • Eddie

      Ann Romney said that She and Mitt love cockroach. Its on T.V. How do you joke on the chat.

    • http://yahoo Sharon

      The fact that she is intelligent, caring and can “rock the house” does not mean she should speak at the DNC. It’s like a rabbit speaking on behalf of a very hungry, very angry tiger. Can the “judge” thing…you’re in the wrong party to be talking quotes like that.


      Edie i agree . I love Betty white if she feels she has to speak for the Dem’s. god bless her . I respect her as an senior and a dear lady even if i don’t agree with what she says shes more genuine than Mar O.

    • http://yahoo larry

      don’t you know you will judge angels?

  • Michelle

    I will never sign a petition allowing you to USE a person, especially to sway American’s to vote for your “hidden” agendas. Not for you and not for the RNC. This is sad that you are so uncreative that you can’t find something unique to do, instead you just copy and try to one up! It’s a sick little teen-age like game!

  • Patricia Gragg

    And I thought that Betty White had it all together,but I was wrong.Sad

    • Dean

      That’s ok we all make mistakes, You have seen the light before it is too late

      • http://yahoo.com knightress57

        She’ll figure it out, when you do!!!

  • N R

    And I thought Betty was super! I just can’t believe she is backing this communist! When are these actors/acresses going to figure it out!!!

    • Dean

      Washington and Hollywood are 3000 miles apart

      • http://yahoo.com knightress57

        When you do!

      • http://yahoo larry

        but ever so close

    • DN

      I don’t think he’s a communist, but he is a muslim and wants to see America fail!

      • http://yahoo larry

        at least you see that much,he is worse than a communist. that just doesn’t cover it. watch 2016

      • ST

        Lol. What makes him Muslim? Enlighten where you learned that he is a Muslim. FYI.. America and several other countries are considered melting pots. My last name fools people all the time. I am born and raised as an American in AMERICA. I can’t help my ancestory.

  • http://yahoo Darlene Knooihuizen

    She has all the money in the world what dose she care about us. At least Eastwood see’s what’s going on with the average Joe! BOO BETTY!

  • http://yahoo sandrakizer

    go for it betty and no matter what anyone says you have your god given rights.so you can back up and say what ever you like.go for it girl,with you all the way

  • https://www.facebook.com/martin.pasko/info Martin Pasko

    The only thing I can think of that might be more inspiring than the mere presence of Ms. White at the lectern would be her delivering a speech to an empty SUIT labeled “Clint Eastwood.”

    All joking aside, it seems to me that with Kal Penn reaching out to the younger demographic, White is the perfect icon for closing the sale to the opposite end of the spectrum. (And to those who suggest that Change.org is trying to “use” her, I’d humbly suggest that this “grass roots campaign” could not have gotten this far without a signal from Ms. White’s publicist that she’s available.)

    • http://yahoo larry

      it was a democrat congress that got us into this mess,educate yourself!

  • Mattie

    It amazes me all the hate. All the lies and disrespect. The Republicans have stated no solutions. They have blocked every effort of Obama and the impetus for everything is to get the Black man out of that office. They care nothing for the women or the poor.I note somehow they are all rich when they leave office.None of these was important as BUSH lied us into war which killed so many of our people. If I say I’M sorry that should suffice.unfortunately one cannot heal an evil heart.They try to turn the lies into MONEY. THE hate helps them succeed. SAD situation!!!

    • http://yahoo.com knightress57

      Mattie, I agree with you. It is so sad that in 2012, there are still people that can’t seem to get beyond a person’s skin color. Just imagine ,if we could take the hatred out of the hearts and box it up and turn it into love for one another, this world would be awesome. I cannot believe Pres. Obama is hated so much. The color of his skin? Come on people. This is embarrassing. Every other nation looks to us as Americans. Why can’t we. There will always be a division amongst us. It is so sad.

      • http://yahoo larry

        craziness, you people are not listening, and Obama himself just graded himself an incomplete, of course he thinks he should be given 4 more years to complete the job( the destruction of America that is).are people in this country really so stupid???

    • http://webpronews/gaming carolyn

      these are all my thoughts and you said it so well and so truefully,even were i not a democrat,i could not vote for rommney or any republican.all they are concerned about is pollicits they have made it very clear to anyone with half a brain what their concerns are and the people or this country are not their concern and remember who got us in this mess to start with, we all knew it would take a long time for this to get fixed, the republican president and his v p has gotten the whole wourld in a tail spin in more that just financally, and just plane murder.

      • Sharon

        Sorry Carolyn you are not using your brain. ALL politicians want that. BOTH parties.

      • ST

        Well said Carolyne

    • ST

      Thank you Mattie! All hate but so not MAN enough to say it! I am not an Obama fan. However, what is the difference between his goofs of America and the countless goofs of the Presidents before him. Sad people just sad. Say what you are really feeling. It’s so SAD when a person is hiding their true feelings about race, creed or religion just say you were born and raised to hate anyone that looks diff. Because (lol) how many times will someone say he isn’t black.? Really ? I didn’t know… Guess what?… that’s what he looks like. He looks different. Be real. It’s free to be yourself.

  • Retired Vet

    Obviously Betty White is not thinking right. She is pretty old. Obama is a threat to Americans and the United States of America!
    See below.


    God Bless America and Americans!

  • Kristy

    I love Betty White and I think she could make anything better including a polical convention. She is smart, funny, and sassy. I also think the people who are hating on Betty White don’t really know her enough to know that she still works and still volunteers, and still finds time to do movies and she is not dumb or senile.

  • peggy lee bradfield

    Way to go with Betty White. She is the best. There is not anyone more suited then Betty. She is flirty, wonderful, a true American. I am proud to say I never watch anything else when I know she is on a program, if I don’t forget. I am thrilled to know we are working for the same President Obama and VP Joe Biden who I saw in York, Pa Sunday Sept 2. go O & B with betty. A rose with 2 VIP’S. PLB

  • swann

    shes made a living acting like an air head thats not an accident

  • John

    Please heed this brilliant suggestion DNC. Have Betty rebut old Clint’s demented drivel by focusing her diatribe on a chair adorned with an Aruban flag, and a pair of flip flops & an etch-a-sketch game placed on the seat.

  • http://exploretalent.com William Duff

    Betty, I thought you had more sence then this, Wel i guess not, I thought it was an act, that you act dumb, I guess not! I have 2 Autographed Photos of you, I got from you in Person, I did treasure them, Not any more, They are shredded and thrown in the Garbage, Like your trying to Help Oboma Put this country in the Garbage, He is making this country an Obomination! I will not aalow this and hope other decent respectful ,Men and Women will not allow this either, He is a crooked snake, I think you will loose a lot of your Popularity, Now that you showed your true colors, At least I hope so! Get out of our White House Obummer, You did n’t build it! Get out of our CVountry Obummer, You weren’t even born here! Shame on You Betty, You can’t be that stupid, Can You??

    • http://yahoo BULLDAWG

      William get your head out of your ASS and stop trying to be clever with Obomination. You come off as a grade school jackass

      • ST

        Well said bulldawg! These people on here are just as bad as they say he is! Ignorance and hate at its best! Sad. I will say it again they will break the gates of hell open first with the ways and views.

    • Mary

      She is an Obama supporter – irregardless of whether or not she makes it to the DNC. She has publicly endorsed him.

  • Sharon

    Oh Betty White I love you. Please do not go to the DNC. If you want to support change then vote for it. It not being Obama. Have admired you for a long time please do not disappoint me by supporting Obama.

  • e

    She would be happy to gaggle on at the entitlements conference but unfortunately has a previously planned engagement filming a Depends commercial.

  • jackson

    This is to Shelia, dated 9-4-12 you wrote that Betty White is just as
    stupid, as when he was Rose. Shelia you’re as stupid as well.
    Betty White, is a she not a he. She also has a right as a free citizen in the good old U.S.A. to vote for whom ever she want.
    Who will you be voteing for? Will you be voteing for your choice or
    will you be force to vote for some ones else choice?
    Jackson for Obama

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