Betty White Going Up Against Eastwood At DNC?

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Betty White is one of the most beloved actors people of our generation; she’s funny, she’s brash, she’s graced our televisions since before most of us were born, and, at 90-years old, she’s a part of our history, yet she manages to never take anything too seriously. Also, she has friends in high places.

White hasn’t made it a secret that she favors President Obama, and now Change.org is hosting an online petition to get her to introduce him at the Democratic National Convention. After Clint Eastwood’s speech at the RNC–which didn’t go over so well–the Dems are looking for someone unassuming yet whip-smart, funny yet kind, with a good reputation in the celebrity world. Betty White fits that bill perfectly.

The petition states:

Clint Eastwood, the Republican’s “mystery guest” at the RNC, gave a bad name to older Americans everywhere with his absurd and awkward-to-watch introduction of Governor Romney.

You know what?

Governor Romney can have Clint Eastwood and his improvisational skills because President Obama has the one and only Betty White!

Take action today if you want to see a real [old] Hollywood icon get a political introduction right!

With almost 6,000 signatures, the site just needs about 1,500 more. And as some of you may remember, White was drafted to host “Saturday Night Live” in 2010 because of a petition very similar to this one. The power of the web.

Betty White Going Up Against Eastwood At DNC?
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  • C. Williams

    please Betty, no.. I love you but won’t anymore if you do this.

    • Angela

      Funny, I felt the same way about Clint Eastwood

    • ron

      she s got to be senile

  • will carr

    well I just lost all respect for her.

    • Marcko

      Oh well then, THAT closes the deal!

  • Alan M.

    I thought the exact same thing! C’mon Betty!!!! xoxoxo

  • P. Kilgore

    You go girl!

  • James

    I think that our political stature has become a massive joke and embarrassment to this country. Our politicians can’t become elected on their own merit so they have to resort to recruiting actors and entertainers to bring a vote to their ballot. What does Betty White, Clint Eastwood, George Cloonet, etc… have to do with Obamas ability (Or inability) to perform as President of the United States? I’m ashamed as an American before the rest of the world.

    • Doreen Schneckenburger

      You’re absurd and disgusting.

      • Doreen Schneckenburger

        Sorry, this showed up in the wrong place. I was replying to the idiot who said Obama eats dogs.

        • ron

          doreen…….he said it not me…when he lived in indonesia……so you are the idiot

          • mary


    • ROB


    • http://mommabee Lucy Guzman

      James…you’ve said a mouthful. God bless America!

  • ron

    I cannot believe that a woman who loves dogs would go out and speak in favor of a man who eats them shame on betty white

    • chris16

      President Obama wrote about the incident that happen when he was a child. Romney has made excuses after excuses for his action as an adult. Chris Wallace was very direct when he asked Romney – How could you? Chris Wallace went on to tell Romney that he would not put his dog on the roof just like he would not put one of his sons on the roof. Romney’s answer “but it was an airtight kennel”.
      Bitty White could do a Public Service Announcement with the Obama Girls and Bo the dog. Many families had to give up their beloved pets when they lost their homes. Currently their are animals in need of food and shelter in the flood areas.
      Their are lots of pet lovers and Betty White fans that would donate to sites that support the cause of caring for the animals that need help now.
      Often times when a family loses all their material possessions but are gratful for their own lives and their pets.
      I saw heroic efforts by the rescuers of families with their pets.

  • J Rosa

    Betty you’re beloved by everyone, but you’ll lose half your fan base if you do this !!!

    • LF

      Like she cares at 90 years old? At that age you do as you damn well please!

      • http://mommabee Lucy Guzman

        When she leaves us they’ll say. “here lies the shell….the nut has passed away”

    • J Parker

      Just as I and a lot of people lost respect for Eastwood when he spoke at the RNC supporting a crook.

  • Jeff Nicholson

    I have been a fan for decades but I think she has lost her mind. I will certainly lose all respect for this lady.

    • http://mommabee Lucy Guzman

      That lady….ain’t no lady!!

  • Susan Bishop


    • Maria

      wher should they go? Kenya???

  • http://WebProNews Sue Harper


  • ricardo andino

    Betty, you are the best (#1)

    • http://mommabee Lucy Guzman


  • Maria

    Betty has too much money to be a dem. the dems do not have any use for people with a lot of money.

  • edward assati

    screw betty white. we are all so sick of her! some old coot
    who lets people use her, people who think old coots saying
    dirty, vulgar things are “cute”……….puh-leeeez! and i
    am a democrat!

    • http://mommabee Lucy Guzman

      Go Edward…….well said for all us!

  • Barbara M.

    I absolutely admire Betty White completely and I would entrust her with the prestigious task of introducing the President of the United States. I am very proud that she is a democratic supporter!

    • allan rummel

      I love Betty White-love to see her intro

      I love both BW and pres Obama. What a magic moment.

  • Mel

    I love Betty White and like with all actors I couldn’t give a darn what political party they support. That is their right to choose.

    HOWEVER, I think if she spoke at the DNC it’d be a huge mistake, because many people are not supporting Obama or are on the fence. Many people are getting irritated how huge celebrities (who would factor into that 1 percent too) are trying to tell us where to go and what to do. She’d lose fans, and that I’d hate.

    • http://mommabee Lucy Guzman

      Betty White was quite good in her role on The Golden Girls, where she played a ditzy old lady. Time for her to come back to earth. Maybe she could go visit the homes for the elderly. I’m sure she could “make their day”!

  • http://att.net Bernard Gordon

    Am I toooooooo young??? hit 86 April.

  • http://WEBPRONEWS Michael Eldridge

    Betty White has a lot of fans she’s about to lose if she decides to say anything in favor of Mr.Oboma. I think Clint Eastwood made himself look foolish and should have at least had a script to go by. Politics should be left to the politicans,not ageing actors. Let the politicians make their selfs look bad without getting help from others. If they need help get another politician to help, at least they are used to looking stupid.
    Thats my opinion, thank you.

  • http://Google Charles

    I agree that politicians should not use celebrities to do their bidding but it seems to work. It is no secret that Oprah Winfrey got Barack Obama the Democratic Nomination for president over Hillary Clinton.

  • Luis Yam Renderos

    Betty will put the soul which USA need to be in order to regain it place on history.Not a flip-flop actor like Eastwood or the clown Regan.Tipical Republicans.

  • Bill

    Betty White you’re a good actor, but Clint Eastwood put it the way it is when it comes to Obama.

  • Day

    GO For it Betty! You are cooler than Eastwood will ever be! I will always be your fan, no matter who you vote for!!!!!

    Loved you on MTM Show! YOU ROCK MY VOTE!!!!!!

  • Chelsi

    Love Betty White as a person and actress. It is ridiculous that people will not respect her or like her anymore! She has a right to her own opinion right to vote for whom ever she wants and for that some of you lose respect for her!! That is call ignorance. I love clint eastwood but you wont see me hating him for whom he is voting for! People get a clue! People have the right to vote for anyone! So for that she is a bad person?? Come on!Remember where you are the land of the free!!

    • mary

      she can vote for obama or whoever, but if shes gonna rub the republicans noses in it while shes on stage you better believe I’m not gonna watch hot in cleveland, golden girls, & whatever else shes in, its called supporting or in this case not supporting what an actor/actress does.

  • Mark McCain

    She is a very talented and funny actress. But I think she is off her rocker, I would have thought that she was more conservative than that. But, it’s a free Country she can support who ever she wants. I still like her.

  • T Moody

    Betty White I LOVE you and yes you are doing the right thing supporting PRESIDENT OBAMA. He is such a good president and it is sad that people who support this non-sence romney is giving can’t see what a great president he is. BETTY WHITE GO GO GO for it and shut Clint Eastwhocares old deteriorating prejudice ingnorant self DOWN!

    • http://yahoo darren wells

      Great president? I donn’t care who you are. That there is funny!!

    • your an idiot

      are you retarded?

  • Paduka

    Clint’s speech didn’t go over well??? Only with liberal Obama supporters – and that was the point.

    How perfect that the DNC would trot out this filthy old woman to represent them. Maybe she can introduce Obama with her usual string of vulgar expletives – the rest of the country would sure love to.

  • http://facebook.com tonya

    Who can we really trust in office anymore. We don’t know when they are lying or when they are telling us the truth. And as we all have found out it is more lying then telling the truth by a long shot. I don’t know who to vote for anymore. Please, Clint and Betty, I really love both of you very much but, do you really think by speaking for these men will get them elected? I don’t think so. I will vote as I want and no one will make that choice for me, not even my family.

  • http://www.webpronews.com sue


  • ZurichMIke

    A bit too transparent. And if Clint were so bad (a conclusion only reached by moonbat leftists), why even bother to rebut him? I suppose all of those empty chairs displayed on Labor Day means he hit a chord with the average American, which is not likely to be counteracted by Betty White.

    I love the smell of desperation in the air.

  • http://yahoo janet donohue

    betty white had a very mean encounter with a driver in a parking lot not too long ago, and they described how nasty and mean she was. i also heard the other party was in the right, but betty called her a lot of names. i think the real betty white came out, and i used to watch the golden girls and never realized what a fake she is no matter how old a person is, they dont change their ways, unless their on stage. this is the 1st time i have ever commented about anyone, but it bothers me how she can fool a lot of people. thank you for letting me get that out .

  • ron

    we the people………remember that…WE need to end this sillynest

    • http://facebook.com tonya

      we the people…… is right.

  • Ralph

    What a Hollywood personage says really does not matter. It is the economy, stupid. What matters is who can get this country back on track.

  • Les Park

    GO BETTY!!!!!!!! I love you even more!

  • T Evans

    I think the convention is applying for a sitcom, we want to know how things r going to be fixed, if the medical help will stop for those who r 85 and older and just let them die, remember we r all going to get there, if they dont kill us off, Our country is in a bad shape i want to know what they r going to do to bring us out, they could start by getting rid of the carze, and the pay raises congress gives themselves, and quit cutting the cost of living to the ones who have worked for it, they r the one who they shoud be thinking of, where did respect ur elders go?
    I dont think Betty White should open up anything, we have a big enough joke when Biden opens his mouth, cause we know he will insert foot,and we will all get a laugh. He is the whitehouse clown.
    Have a great day cause i am going to.

    • http://WebProNews/life doug

      it’s funny, the Republicans don’t think that anyone in Hollywood has anything to say, unless they’re Repulicans. we are all Americans and we all have a voice.

  • H. Day

    Betty White justs needs to show up at the DNC convention angry at Romney for putting his dog on top of the car on a long trip. She is an animal rights activist and can shine a light on what kind of man does that.

    • T Evans

      Obama wont even fly with his dog he flys him in a smaller jet with his handler, there is ony one group of people who wont fly with their dog.

      • Joey

        What would she do about Obama eating dog, or is it ok to eat dog when your a DEM.

        • mary

          thats what there serving at the convention (southern fried dog)!!!!

  • Musa

    Yes and yes again. Betty needs to be a part of the DNC and fire up the moral. Love this lady.

    • BOnnie


    • http://frontier.com Leone

      I agree.

    • mary

      but they obama with all his charm isn’t that enough anymore

  • H. Day

    Betty White needs to show up at the DNC convention angry about Romney putting his dog Shamus on top of his car for a long trip. She is an animal rights activist. and the perfect person to let us know what kind of a person does that.

    • Lou

      Yes, and angry about Obama eating dog meat and thinking it was ok.

    • mary

      obama ate dog maybe she could comment on that

    • ron

      you are right dont put your dog on top of a car…eat them like obama said he did…when he lived in Indonesia…..

  • proudamerican

    Will someone please stand up and tell the truth about this simple minded woman. She is the worst actor on TV. Always was & always will be. The entertainment elite scum are using this pathetic old lady to line their pockets – at her expense – allowing her to make a fool of herself week after week. NOW – Obama – the USER-In-CHEIF has jumped in to try to wring some political value out of her ancient mind one last time. Disgusting.

  • Barbara

    You were not a true fan if you lost respect for anyone that has a right to vote from whom they please. I know you all dont care about medical, college tutiion and fairer taxes for the lower and mid income people. Under the leadership of Mr Bush we were in a real huge recession and yall want to put it on Obama when all he is doing is making things better cause he really care about the people. Republicans only have one thing they truly care about and that is making Obama a one term president and that pitiful but that who you are flocking to. GO Betty and GO OBAMA

    • BOnnie

      I totally agree with you Barbara. Also I do not think anyone is stealing someone’s idea. Celebrities have always had an interest in politics. They are regular people just like us, but because of fame, their voice is just a little louder!

      • mary

        you agree? I couldn’t understand most of her bable, Betty shouldn’t be used by the obama team just because she’s elderly and can be easily influenced by them.

        • Gretchen Stokes

          @Mary…you seem to be the kind of people @T Moody was speaking of…racist perhaps? definitely does not know what Obama has accomplished…AND how difficult was it for you to understand what Barbara just “babbled”…you’re the one who obviously babbles, doesn’t know how to comprehend…take a break, read up on some issues before you start telling people they need help, and they babble….@Barbara…I completely agree with you as well…Go Betty! #Obama2012 #4MoreYears

          • mary

            I love people, all colors and creeds, that makes our country special. I’m a news junky and history is my favorite read. I’m informed enough. I’m sorry you can only call people with opinions other than your own “racist,” but maybe thats because you can’t really defend obama any other way. I don’t care if the man is purple, he is a socialist and you have blinders on.

            I love people of all colors and creeds, and I think our country is special. I’m a news junky and history is my favorite read, so I’m informed enough. It’s too bad you call people racists if they don’t agree with you but maybe thats because you can’t defent obama any other way. Please know I don’t care if the man is purple, he’s a socialist and you have blinders on. Betty was the subject but race is your interest.

  • Donna

    Can’t the dems come up with something original? Copying is the sincerest form of flattery.
    How about this, run on your record for a change if you can find something to run on.

  • Robert

    Betty is loved by alot of people but she and others need not us their fame to persuade other to vote the way they vote. we need to vote the right person in and not just vote a person in because Betty or Clint want us too vote that person in. I dont think either one is the right person to put us back to work

  • Kevin

    Clint didn’t introduce Romney. Marco Rubio did. Eastwood said what the majority of Americans are thinking. The best the dems can do is the embararassment to seniors. They must really be desparate to make Biden look intelligent.

  • Kandi

    Go!!!! Betty, Put those people in their place and let known that that this country is made up than just 1%!!!! We need all people to work and to put this great nation number one.

  • Joey

    Obama has turned the presidency into a tv reality show, a show that morons and drug addicts like. I might add the truely un-informed lazy and dont forget the unions he is taking good care of them.

  • Pat

    I am really sorry that Betty is in favor of Obama. I did not think there was anyone that uninformed in this country. But this is a free country,at least until Obama gets thru with it, she’s got the right to campaign for who she wants. I still love ya Betty.

    • Daniel

      Fact. Fox News viewers are the most uninformed when it comes to political issues. NExt time you insult someone for being uninformed on political issues.. consider the sources you’re getting your information from.. nitwit. I bet you have never sniffed a collegiate class on American government and domestic policy in your life.

      • mary

        eat a wiennie butt head

  • Ann Barbour

    I just love her!

  • Jim Clark

    Just when you think the democrats can’t sink any lower they surpass themselves. Trotting out this old lady to introduce Obama, really? We all know who he is and this will be as bad as that old fool Andy Griffith babbling about the new health care law. While Eastwood actually made sense and was funny I doubt this will be as entertaining. Eastwood should have used an empty suit instead of an empty chair, it would have been nearer the truth.

    • BOnnie

      It is a petition that is going around, it has nothing to do with the Democrats wanting Betty.

    • blondie

      I agree Jim, I thought Clint did an outstanding job. Must be the Democrats are not smart enough to understand what he was saying.

      • Deb

        I understood everything Eastwood way saying, especially the part where his make believe President told Romney to go fuck himself and that lawyers have no business in being President. Nevermind the fact that Romney holds a law degree. Having stated that, can you tell me why there are no crosses in the Morman Temple?

    • mary

      You’re about half nuts Jim the dnc should have you speak

      • mary

        I think my comment was for T Moody not Jim sorry bout that Jim…..Moody is the nut

  • T Moody

    ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BETTY WHITE YOU GO GIRL! as I was reading the responses I see that this election is not about what President Obama has done and wants to continue to do for America because he loves the country and wants to better the people and the country. It is solely about his RACE. Why would one get mad because and ANGRY if Betty White decides to vote or support President Obama. This world still has bitter racist people in it and you all need to really seek counseling. God is not pleased with the acts of your bitterness towards someone who loves helping people. Get it together slavery is over and you all need to wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • mary

      your the angry one. get help

    • Gretchen Stokes

      @T Moody….I completely agree with you…racism is a disease, and plenty need to seek counseling…As for me and my family, we are voting for the smart man who has accomplished plenty these past 4 years. My own 16 year old son knows more about Obama’s accomplishments than some grown folks!! People need to LEARN and FOCUS on what Obama has done these past 4 years, but given the mess waiting on him when he was elected Presiden – he needs 4 more years! Who better than Betty White at the DNC…she has a very sound mind, speaks it…so obvious because she supports the President Obama! #formerRepublicanMyself #Obama2012

      • mary

        dems are the racists

        • T Moody

          MARY GO TO HELL with Gasoline draws on you are the scum of this earth now take your racist vote to romney because PRESIDENT OBAMA don’t need it you know why, because he has favor and that same favor that allowed him to win in 2008 is the same favor that brought him through these 4 years and going to take him through another term now take that and shove it MARY!!!!

  • Gail

    Amanda Crum, you apparently missed Clint Eastwood’s intro to his improv. He explained his intent – his speech went over very well at the RNC. He was not absurd nor awkward to watch. Older Americans can not be given a bad name. Their generation was far greater than ours could ever dream.

  • Lou

    She will fit right in. She is on the edge of senility and fits right in with the DNC.

    • party line

      You nailed it on the head, she is over the hill and
      now the Star has lost a long time fan .

  • G. E.

    Come on, let’s get serious. Why do we need celebrities–it’s like children playing a game. Introducing a candidate for President seems to me a more serious occasion–yet when Eastwood flubbed up we go get someone else from Hollywood—–(-I can’t go on..) to see if she can outdo him. What is this country coming to. I love both White and Eastwood but not for a comedy act introducing our next President of the US of A.

    • Randal Phillips

      Eastwood didn’t miss a beat, let alone flub. Drive around your neighborhood and check out all the chairs. That should give you a clue.

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