Bethenny Frankel: Season Finale Of Show Doesn’t Quell Rumors

    May 29, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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New York socialite and entrepreneur Bethenny Frankel, who appeared on Bravo’s “The Real Housewives Of New York” before moving on to her own spinoff shows “Bethenny Getting Married” and “Bethenny Ever After”, has been shooting down rumors for weeks now that she and husband Jason Hoppy are moving towards divorce court, but the season finale of BEA did nothing to squash those rumors.

Frankel, who has been preparing for a move to California for her new talk show, is seen on the final episode arguing with her husband and busting him for eavesdropping during a talk with her publicist, telling him to go to his room. Fans fear that the stress of everything Frankel is taking on–television shows and appearances, her Skinny Girl line of alcohol and health products, and press for all of those–is leaking into her marriage, and that the two won’t be together by the end of the year.

RadarOnline.com has reported that both Frankel and Hoppy have sought the council of divorce lawyers, but the couple is keeping a lid on things if that’s the case. Only time will tell, as Frankel makes plans to move across the country, if her husband will be with her.

  • Daisy

    I love Bethenny. I think she is beautiful, brilliant, fun and oh so funny. I seriously think it’s time for her to choose between her family and fame. She has accomplished more than most, has made tons of money, found a great husband and now has a lovely daughter. She needs to find a way to repair damages done to her marriage/family life. It’s time. We’ll all be around waiting for her return to something more simple than a reality show. Jeezie, why put your whole family and emotional trauma out there for all to see. Not funny.

    • susan713

      Agree wholeheartedly with Daisy!

  • susan713

    Think it’s a real shame… I don’t watch this anymore. Bethenny was at one time not a “socialite” at all, having no status or money compared to fellow cast members on “Housewives”, but she was a really sweet person, always had a mind of her own (good thing!)… Jason was perfect for her, very caring and understanding, supportive… but she has let fame.money and the possibility of more fame & money take over her life… In the end, who cares, Bethenny??? Obviously you don’t so why should anyone else!

  • Melaney Jordan

    She spent this season drooling, purchasing and decorating a new apartment in NYC and now she’s moved to LA for the talk show? Sounds like she will abandon anything for fame and fortune, so no surprise if Jason gets left in the dust. She was able to walk away from both of her parents. It appears she has attachment issues. What a lonely life she’ll have.

    And she was such a witty, fun woman when we first met her.

  • Janet Furr

    I guess we will see on June 11 when her talk show begins.

  • Sheri

    It’s always “all about Bethenny”. No one hurts more than her, has struggled more than her, etc, etc, etc. She is always throwing fits if someone does not get her point of view. If a member of my family talked to me the way she talks to Jason, I would just keep walking. He only takes it because of his daughter because we know how spiteful “Dear Bethenny” can be if you get on her bad side.

    • Lyn

      I love Bethenny but she is self-absorbed to the max. When they did an episode about her stepfather being her only real father, it was revealed that he left his other family to be with hers. She had no real feelings for the kids he left behind who, I’m sure, feel just as she does about being abandoned. Not a lot of empathy there even though that’s the centerpiece of her psychological issues. They were abandoned too so I expected a little more feeling for those kids that were left behind.

  • catherine

    you are fantastic and living the dream. What ever you do, please keep your priorities in the proper order. The money is nothing without the relationship! God bless!

  • Debbie

    I have to say I agree with what most are saying. When will enough be just that for Bethanny? She has it all and she will lose the most important if she doesn’t stop and pay attention to PRIORITIES. She seems so wonderful and I would love to see her happy. She doesn’t seem very happy. Stop and smell the roses Bethany. Before they die.

  • K.K.

    Why is it so hard for men to accept that their female counter part makes more money??? Women have been accepting this for years,taking the back seat that is! This is the 20th Century.. Come on Jason, Just get over your insecurity. Jump in with both feet and MAKE DECISSIONS.. Bethenny has given you full approval to “JUST GET IT DONE whatever the problem….. If people don’t want to listen to you and your request???? Fire them! Business people get the hint real quick when they know you have the clout to do so! Whining about how people want to talk to Bethenny directly is a cop out! If you and Bethenny are in this together…. Then take the bull by the horns..

    Bethenny, my dear, You are a control freak and cannot run everything by yourself….. Delegate, Delegate,delegate!! Trust Jason enough to do the right thing! Don’t be looking over his shoulder every time he does something…. The two of you are just now getting a taste of what it is like to be a corporate mogul and still have a grounded family life……. Good luck to both of you….

  • Penny

    What couple doesn’t have problewms in a relationship? It doesn’t matter if you’re a “normal” couple or a “famous” one. It doesn’t matter if you’re married or just seeing someone. I’m sure it must be harder to deal with things especially being in the public eye all the time. I think if people just left them alone to deal with things they’d be all right. I wish them nothing but the best.

  • Penny

    Its been real painful this season to watch Bethenny throw away happiness with both hands just for the sake of always getting in the last word. I knew this wasn’t going to last the minute I saw her begin to dictate to Jason how often he could see his family.

  • Linda Westeldt

    I really believe she and Jason are OK, just stressed, and that they both want the marriage to work…after all, they ARE perfect together. Stop sniping at them and let them work it out. She will be brilliant on her talk show…how could she miss with Ellen behind her??? Send them hugs and love, don’t speculate on their marriage! Enough already!

  • Sabrina Rickett

    Love Bethany…but she has all she could ever ask for…so why ruin it with all this work…I say she should take her baby Bryn an Jason go to the Hamptons and enjoy all God has given her,she is truly blessed.

  • K.K.

    I did forget to add that Money Cannot buy either of you happiness. So I agree with all the other poster’s on the board…. Prioritize, and stay real! Stay true. You have plenty of money at this point..

    Family is supposed to be forever.. You finally have what you’ve always missed in your life. Is all this Fame worth having a troubled stressed marriage??? I think Not.

  • http://yahoo Camilla

    I once liked Bethenny, but now I do not care for her. Jason and his family (mon & dad) is so nice to Bethenny and she treats them terrible. Since she need, I mean really need love, she has the right family, Jason’s family. She treats them terrible. I do not like how she treats Jason. I wish Jason would divorce her and find someone that will really love him. She speaks about her mother and her dad not having time for her, now she have someone that cares for her she treats them really terrible. Bethenny needs to be alone. She is too bossy, does not respect anyone. It is all about her. If she want her marriage to work, she need to give respect to the one’s that love her. I really do not like her attitude now, and it is hard to watch the show.

  • jan

    Bethany has let the fame go to her head at the expense of her Husband, Jason (his family) and their darling daughter. The phyco sessions she gets ARE NOT HELPING. I will NOT watch this Drama explode further come next season. Good Luck Jason. Get rid of her NOW. While you can still make a life for yourself.

  • LULU

    Reality Show Not! Just another crap show of greedy untalented people. She could have been cute in a comedy show, realitysh is just a whinner, and it is all fake.

  • HR

    I love both Bethenny and Jason. They are lovely individuals in their own way with different personalities.They really love each other and I hope their marriage succeeds.However,Bethenny needs to delegate more authority to Jason as he obviously feels that he does not have Bethenny’s full support or confidence but if that is not forthcoming he needs to take charge because if he doesn’t she will lose respect for him.

  • http://brove amicina mack

    make up your mind, FAMILY or to be left alone. take your pick

  • kimkimberly

    Wow…I wasn’t aware that a woman who has achieved success should have to dumb it down for the sake of her husband. Why shouldn’t she ride the wave of opportunity while it’s still there, because it won’t be there forever. She obviously had no real security from her family as a young woman. I’m quite sure she will make sure her daughter has life a little easier than her. Shame on you women for taking the 1950 approach. Jason knew exactly what he was signing up for. Nobody’s forcing him to be on the show or do any work with or for Bethanny. She should stop apologizing for her success & enabling his negativity toward her, her career & the future successful ventures.

  • Tell it

    Bethenny is so damn ugly. Her face and jawline are so hard looking. Looks really old for the age she claims to be. All those NYC Housewives look old for the ages they claim to be……..

  • Sandy

    I hate Bethany’s shril, hard voice. If I had to listen to her all day, the way Jason does, I’d strangle her. Sandy A.

  • http://aurora.aguilar82@yahoo.com aurora aguilar

    My dearest Bethany, Jason and Baby: I love your series and do not believe in gossip about divorce. I wish all three of you loads of luck in your new talk show and WELCOME TO LOS ANGELES. Love you guys.

  • http://aurora.aguilar82@yahoo.com Aurora Aguilar


  • dennis

    Look at this idiot skeleton whore.
    Congratulations on nothing, network hooker.

  • Tracey

    Is it just me, or does Jason sometimes argue like a spoiled brat? I think he needs to go to therapy as well.

  • anna.l.

    I’m a New Yorker who has bumped into B. Several times. She’s furnny + real!! Good luck B.! Annie