Bethenny Frankel: Divorce Is Getting Ugly

    January 24, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Bethenny Frankel officially filed for divorce from her husband of three years, Jason Hoppy, just a few weeks ago. But Hoppy has now filed “aggressive” divorce papers of his own and is asking for everything she’s asking for, including primary custody of their daughter, Bryn.

Hoppy also wants child support payments from Frankel, medical and dental insurance-related bills, and is asking for himself and Bryn to be the beneficiaries of a continued life insurance policy for Frankel. The new papers are also asking for Hoppy to be afforded primary residence at their $5 million home in NYC. If that’s not enough, he wants Frankel to foot the bill for his lawyers and accountant.

Luckily, Frankel and Hoppy had a prenuptial agreement before they married, so her $100 million fortune is safe. The former “Real Housewives” star has made quite a success of her brand, which includes several books, the Skinnygirl alcohol and clothing line, and a daytime talk show.

Frankel released a statement when divorce loomed imminent, saying, “It brings me great sadness to say that Jason and I are separating. This was an extremely difficult decision that as a woman and a mother, I have to accept as the best choice for our family. We have love and respect for one another and will continue to amicably co-parent our daughter who is and will always remain our first priority. This is an immensely painful and heartbreaking time for us.”



    • Monique

      So did I. That’s why Kelly did not like her.

      • http://www.environmentaladvisement.com gwendolyn

        well, I hate Kelly more than I hate Bethanny. Actually I like Bethanny. She just needs to re-group and see how good she has it with Hoppy.



  • carole

    i knew it. he’s to good for her in the first place. she’s kinda of crazy..rich but crqzy

  • http://yahoo Ann

    Bethenny has a problem with relationships and needs help. One of the problems today is that people get married with the prenup and the idea that if it’s not workin we will just get a divorce. What happen to really fighting for your marriage? Life is not just about you,fame, money and being a bitch leads to lonely days and nights. Get over yourself and be a parent not a whiney little girl. Three years and you cann’t make a go of a life with he one you profess to love enough to have a child with, this is your second marriage check yourself everybody else is not always the problem look at yourself.

    • Monique

      I totaly agree with you. That woman has serious problems and think that her money and fame puts her in a better position than the world. She is to aggressive and controlling. Plus, she is abully.

      • http://www.environmentaladvisement.com gwendolyn

        yea, a bully who is great at acting like the little underdog victim—not !

  • Suzy

    I hope Jason gets everything he wants. Bethenny is a nutcase and puts off such a manic vibe I can’t even listen to her. She started off all right, but being the famewhore that she evolved into, brought her to this. Some people will never be satisfied, no matter what they have, and Bethenny is one of these people. It’s like she’s driven to the point of madness. I could never sit for an hour an listen to her on a talk show unless under sedation or a gun was put my head.

    • Skye

      I will be so sad if her show replaces Anderson. He is such a cool guy and I love his show. I don’t know if I could take more of B’s hyperactive spiel either. Too bad she can’t she just sit back and enjoy her spoils. She really lucked out on that liquor deal, formula of basically not anything that special in it.

      • Monique

        I hope they put her on the cartoon network.

      • Monique

        I hope they put her on the cartoon network. Replace Anderson Cooper, No way!

    • Barb

      I agree I think she never loved him, I think she only married him for the sake of their child. He deserves better

    • http://www.environmentaladvisement.com gwendolyn

      Bethany was a famewhore when she initially met Hoppy. She needs to get counseling with Hoppy and settle down a bit

  • Skye

    It’s not “strong”, Yoland, it’s more like selfish, ascerbic, prideful materialistic values instead of seeing the same value in preserving your family as in self promotion. Sadly, this marriage and relationship was totally exploited via the media. When anyone puts themselves first and the relationship last, it is bound to suffer. Let’s just hope their little girl isn’t damaged in this bloodfest of wills. I personally don’t blame Jason for retaliating and asking for the same privileges. It’s sort of pathetic that someone with extremely deep pockets, preserved in prenup would ask her middle class income ex for financial support.

  • kate

    Bethany is doing to Bryn, exactly what her parents did to her. Sadly, Bryn is headed for a similar path as her mom.
    I can see Bryn, in her late 30’s, sitting on a sofa with a shrink – tyring to understand why she has no idea of how to have a healthy relationship.
    I also can see Bryn, pre-wedding, looking at her guest list and realizing she has no family. No siblings, grandparents gone, no Aunts, Uncles… nothing but crazy parents.
    I am sure Jason is not perfect, but all you need to know about Jason you can know simply by looking at his parents, and his relationship with his parents.
    She is throwing away the best thing that ever happened to her, and her daughter.

    • http://www.environmentaladvisement.com gwendolyn

      I agree; this is almost entirely Bethanny’s fault. You’re the one who isn’t normal Bethany. Accept it and work things out with Hoppy.

  • sarah louu

    so sad to hear about their breakup. they truly love their beautiful daughter.i hope they can work out their problems, and, move on.

  • Yen

    Is this really new, well what is new is the whippy, docile type man call Jason is bucking up…he does deserve to get a lot more because he endured the embarassment in front of the world with the way Bethenny treated and talked to him..She just wanted a baby with someone who was grounded not the usual types she dates, Jason was ideal. Personally I can’t stand hearing her for long and some her vulgarity is comparable to Kathy Griffin and I could not stand being with a Jason type man…he would make me disrepect how whimpy he is, I would want someone strong and or stronger than me. So Jason’s bulldog or pitbull has finally come out, maybe at the right time!

  • Harriet

    Why does everyone think frankel is neat. They didn’t watch the initial Housewives. She was a pain. Not nice. Snide, nasty and couldn’t get a nice word for anyone.

    • Guest

      She what fame and being in the glare of the lime-light does to people? If they were not on Television the world would not care and it would be just another divorce.

      • http://www.environmentaladvisement.com gwendolyn

        No ! They were aleady in the glare of television when they met; there is no new factor here other than Bethany is so self-involved that she caused their second child to be miscarried; and runs rather than works things out with Hoppy

        • JT

          People say she was a B– itch on her first Housewife show but notice how she changed as soon as she needed her products to sell nationwide she became all sweetness and light. I don’t see what the fuss is all about in her Skinny Margarita drink.

    • http://www.environmentaladvisement.com gwendolyn

      “neat”? are you from rural farm area America? I think you mean to say “has it all.”

  • robert

    all they really should be doing now is taking care of the kid. Both of them should go in 50/50 on Bryn and just go their own ways.


    I really don’t understand how people can be so judgemental of a woman who did well for herself and only know snippets or her life-I have loved a man with parents such as “hoppy’s” and he had many a fault. Judge not lest ye be judged I think should be everyone’s motto-none of us know what the real truth is because WE HAVEN’T WALKED IN THEIR SHOES! All I can stress is that it would be a much better world if we all had kind words for each other and not the nastiness-just sayin

    • http://www.environmentaladvisement.com gwendolyn

      Actually, we have walked in their shoes, through their mockumentary-style shows. In fact, I can honestly say I know Bethany better than I know my neighbors, church mates, office mates, etc. At least, I’ve been over to Bethany’s house; that is more than I can say for all these other people in my life

      • JT

        Don’t fool yourself, much of Reality TV is staged. We never really know anybody these days. What you see is not necessarily what you get. Smiling faces tell lies.
        Don’t live in a fantasy world you could not get in ten feet of her without her body guard, at least you can stand within a feet of your neighbors and fellow co-workers.

      • http://www.gwendolynneedsahobby.com Kelly

        Wow, Gwendolyn, you must be very powerful! Obviously you think quite highly of yourself if you feel the need to criticize someone else’s life by commenting repeatedly on this site. To believe you know someone because you’ve watched “Reality TV” demonstrates a fundamental flaw in your logic. To further highlight your pea-sized brain, the show hasn’t aired in more than 6 months, and if you pay close attention to reality TV, you would know that a lot changes in 6 months. We have all seen marriages and divorces happen in less than 3 months, so to say you actually know Bethenny and Jason is delusional. Get over yourself and as Bethenny would say, GET A HOBBY!

  • http://www.environmentaladvisement.com gwendolyn

    I think it is Bethany’s fault; you should try harder Bethany. Hoppy is a good man and hasn’t changed a bit since your relationship with him initially started. But don’t do it for Bryn. Do it for YOURSELF !

  • robert

    if thats how she looks with makeup i would hate to see her without it

    • Guest

      They started off so loving but the tale tell signs were there that she was a total control Freak. Who could live with hot mess that?

      • http://www.environmentaladvisement.com gwendolyn

        she is filing for divorce, not him

    • http://www.environmentaladvisement.com gwendolyn

      what are you talking abot. BTW, when I look at Bethanny, all I see are bags of money

  • Candace Coleman

    I think that Bethany forgot where she came from, She constantly was putting jason down for what she felt was mediocre, and he was and still is successful in his own right, and what ever he was she excepted in the beginning, and now she just got too big headed, and it cost her what could have been the true love of her life, I wish jason all the best and hope he gets all he deserves out of this divorce and out of life.

  • Guest

    She should forgive her mother whom she admitted on the show she has cut out of her life. Beth girl forgive your mother before Karma hits you in the butt and you end up making the same mistake with your daughter. Their child is the spitting image of the man you married but now hate, hope you don’t resent that. That poor little rich kid! Feel sorry for in the middle of those two crazies!

    • http://www.environmentaladvisement.com gwendolyn

      Yes. Her mother actually cared for her or wouldn’t have insisted she be sent to fancy EXPENSIVE private schools. Bethanny should see that, but she can’t becasue she is too self-centered. Probably bi-polar too

  • Joanna

    I’m just amazed here about the judgemental idiots on here. ‘It’s all Bethenny’s fault”???? How do you know??? We see a fraction of their lives on TV and that is edited for entertainment aspect, then half of what we read is BS. I’m sure both have their faults,, but WHO DOESN’T???? And, I wouldn’t be bringing their child into the convo’s here. I’m sure they have her best interest at heart as they both love and adore her. Everyone has disfunctional families to one degree or another. And, for those who would beg to differ,,, BS!!! Back off and leave them alone. Geesh!!! Or are there so many of you out there so miserable in your OWN LIVES that all you can do is criticize OTHERS??? Seems SO!!! And, have a lovely day!!!!

    • http://www.environmentaladvisement.com gwendolyn

      well, we’re all losers INCLUDING YOU, or you wouldn’t be wasting your time commenting on articles like these. But, you are wrong: we do ALL KNOW Bethanny and her life, so yes, we can judge for ourselves.

  • s

    Why is anyone surprised. Bethany is only good with the part of a relationship where she is the one getting something. Look how she treated Jill. Jill and her family were so kind to Bethany. As soon as Bethany started to get ahead, she dumped Jill FAST. Then she made Jill the villian. Watch – now Jason will be the mean guy who is trying to take advantage of her. Bethany does not have intimate relationships. People get close, they have expectations of her — she is gone. Bethany, said on her show hundreds of times, that she was building her bussiness for the both of them. Give Jason the money you can afford it. Share custody of your child. The baby needs a mom and a dad. You are a living testiment to what can happen to a person when dad is not in the picture everyday.

    • http://www.environmentaladvisement.com gwendolyn

      Actually, I think Bryn’s paternal grandparents and Hoppy should get full physical custody, with Bethany getting visitations–WHEN HER BUSY SCHEDULE ALLOWS

  • http://www.environmentaladvisement.com gwendolyn

    Bryn needs a stable home environment to live in; Bethany cannot provide that for her. Bryn should live with her paternal grandparents, with Bethanny and Hoopy visiting WHEN THEIR BUSY SCHEDULES ALLOW—-It’s the truth baby. read it an weep, the both of yeas.

  • roses of vegas

    Sounds like Jason is angry about the divorce and wants to hurt Bethenny where it hurts most, not the best move, but he is human.

    I’ve always put my children first, I thought of what my actions would do to my children and what they would think of me as a person. That alone can keep you out of trouble and keep you working on your marriage. He may not be your favorite person always, but you work it out and move forward.
    Still in love after 37 yrs of marriage, but it hasn’t always been easy!

    I wish them clear heads for the sake of their daughter.

  • http://webpronews besspaula

    ive been watching them since beginning. he seems very hurt. jason appeared to be happy w her and dghtr. his income was nill. it was all her. they did disagree a lot. sort of seemed like she wanted a kid he was right for it. his family must be so devastated unless knew all along this wasnt a real marriage. do not feel sorry for her, but for brynn and jason.

  • Emily spence

    If you didn’t see through Jill’s BS..then you can’t understand something as profound as friendship. Jill was not the one that got hurt. And I’m SURE you can’t grasp the meaning of people getting married too fast or growing in different directions…..it’s no ones fault when you both try to do the right thing (married for baby) and it doesn’t work out.

  • http://jolenes47@yahoo.com Jolene

    Bethenny got what most women want…A good hubby, a baby, money & great success. BUT…when is it enough for her? She has the dream life but greed keeps her from enjoying that dream. All I can really say is “Bethenny, put your head out of your skinny ass’. Look around & see how many women your age has the chance of having a good hubby like Jason…The both of you havent given it much time to work out anyways. The truth is the first 2 years of marriage are the hardest. Something to think about Bethenny.

  • michele

    I think Bethany is a clever girl but not a savvy business woman. However, if she does have a talk show, I hope people will see through her. I watched her when they tried her show out and she talked to three women about their businesses. Her advise was frightening. The advise she gave the jewelry designer made no sense. I hope people will see through her and realize she is good at manipulating people to get what she wants, but nothing she does is genius. People resonate with a few things but they would with almost anyone. I personally can’t handle listing to her monotone voice where everything starts with me, myself and I.