Bethenny Frankel: Interview with Moira Forbes

    March 20, 2012
    Heather Campobello
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Star of Bravo TVs Bethenny Frankel discussed motherhood, the vicious side of making money, and her frustration over irresponsible reporting during a recent interview with Moira Forbes.

Frankel seemed very candid in her interview and stated that she waited to become a mother because she had not met Mr. Right and denied that it was because she wanted to focus on her career.

In April 2011, Frankel sold her Skinnygirl Cocktail line to Fortune Brands’ Beam Global for an alleged $120 million dollars. In October 2011, E! Online reported that the sale was actually closer to $8.1 million. It was subsequently pulled from Whole Foods Market shelves in August 2011 after it was discovered not to meet Whole Food’s quality standards due to preservatives in the product, contrary to its advertisement which stated “no preservatives.”

The failure of the cocktail line to meet profits for Whole Foods led to accusations that the star inflated the net worth of the brand. Frankel was concerned that her fans would view her as a lesser woman and a crook. She adresses the issue once again and said that money is garbage if it damages the relationship she has with her family or fans.

Prior to this she wore many hats; she worked as an actress, a production assistant on Saved by the Bell, a finalist on The Apprentice: Martha Stewart TV show, and was a cast member on The Real Housewives of new York City.


In June 2010, she had another Bravo reality TV show, Bethenny Getting Married? which documented her engagement, marriage and the birth of her daughter. The show’s premiere was the highest rated of any series in Bravo’s history.

She said that the most difficult thing that she had to learn to deal with was how poele reacted to her wealth,”Money brings out a really vicious side in other people. It surprises me because you always think about people making money and it changing them, you never think about it changing everything else. Fame isn’t the thing that changed the people around me, but money is.”

Unlike other stars, Frankel keeps it real and is frank about the emotional roller-coaster of becoming a star. She doesn’t make it look easy and reports that she is both sad and happy about certain facets of her life.

This season of Bethenny Frankel’s reality show focuses more on her second year of marriage and trying to balance motherhood, along with her career.

  • Michelle

    I think Bethenney Frankel should (from now on) make her interviews shorter. She can get to the point of what she’s trying to say. Put boundaries on these reporters that sit down with her. She’s in the driver’s seat tell them you have ten minutes, that’s it. This way she
    doesn’t have to put herself through all the nonsense!

    • http://yahoo Connie Dale Tolentino

      I love Bethenny and she’s a sharp lady plus very loving mom and happens to be on a reality show but, you know what I’d rather watch her than the Kardashians because she has substance and I like Jason but, she needs to be careful of some of the yes folks especially the lady always telling her Jason is in the wrong and he has problems because they both have problems and its called working on a marriage!!!!

  • Abby

    I also love Bethenny and try to watch her show when possible. I hope she learns money can bring with it many problems. She’s made plenty, made a name for herself and proven she can pretty much do it all. I think it’s time she pull the plug on all the oars she has in the water and focus on Jason and making her marriage and family number 1. You can’t do that on a reality show. She should know better. Anyway, all marriages are a job. It takes time to cultivate. Jason is adorable and handles her beautifully.

  • Jacy

    I admire Bethenny very much. I think anyone who has followed her story and success must admit she is a survivor, and more importantly, honest. She is at a place now where I believe, she needs to be careful in picking her battles. Regarding her fans, her truth will carry her through but her priority should remain her husband and child. There must be enormous pressures in their lives and I think they should ‘lighten the load’ so to speak and give each other the time they need to focus on their marriage. What she always seemed to long for was family. She has that now but I think that it’s a very new, almost foreign, existence for her and she needs to learn how to nurture it. I wish her and Jason the very best, for their sake and especially little Bryn’s.

  • Rowmac2000

    I love watching the show..I admire Bethenny, but I do think that she is still selfish. I understand that she is working on herself with the therapist but sometimes a relationship isn’t always about winning. You have to learn how to give in, compromise. Understand that Jason’s parents mean tremendously to him, you need to include yourself into their plans and include them more into your plans. They seem like really nice, honest people that just wants to be part of their son’s life. I don’t think you have opened up yet. Maybe if you do start opening up to them, you will see a different side of Jason in a positive way.

  • judy blye

    I am a big fan of Bethenny Frankel and have been from day one back to when she was on The Real Housewives of New York. I don’t quite understand it, but I think alot of the reason things have changed for her with all her fame and especially her money is that people like rooting for the underdog. She maybe built such a large base of fans because people felt the need to protect her. She was treated so unfairly on Housewives, the housewives were so mean to her especially, Jill Zarin. People in the audience took sides and most of them wanted to protect Bethenny. All these women on Housewives were rich, some because their husbands were rich and some because they were married but rich in their own right. Bethenny was neither married nor rich, thus more the need to root for her. Then Bethenny Getting Married, Bethenny had fallen in love with a great guy, Jason and soon after she was pregnant. The audience was so happy for her over the top. She has this great guy and she 37 and pregnant. The audience was thrilled. Getting pregnant is in many cases not an easy thing to have happen at age 37. More rooting for Bethenny. Then comes the show Bethenny Ever After and Bethenny Skinney Girl Margarita takes off and makes her extremely rich overnight it seems to the audience. It was almost to hard to believe or comprehend $120 million. That is rich, rich. Well many of her fans I believe became jealous, she doesn’t need us anymore. But I continued to admire her for being so loyal, committed to her fans and continues to be the same Bethenny sharing her life some more with her audience/fans which she didn’t have to because now she has all this money. I will continue to root for her and look to her as a role model for young people. What a great example she is for young working women. I wish Bethenny continued success in her businesses, but most important in her marriage. I hope they can work through their problems. Money can change people, the one with it the most more power. We tend to maybe subconsciencously we think we are more powerful. Men have a hard time being bossed by women, especially strong men. So if they can truly put that money together, it would help make that marriage better. I would say no money of any amount is more important than our children or our spouse.

  • In My Opinion

    I admire Bethenny’s accomplishments, but when is enough enough? She once commented about Martha Stewart having an empire with nothing else, and she may be headed in the same direction. She wants quality of life with her family, so she should go seek that. She has earned a fortune, and she is at a point where she could enjoy her life if she would just get off the band wagon. How much money does one person need? She could very comfortably cash everything in, purchase a lovely home somewhere with beautiful acreage, and live a very calm, hapy life with her husband and child. What more can anybody need? That’s what I would do, but that is just me.

  • Abby

    Wow, it’s so nice to see no bashing going on. Basically, everyone seems to think Bethenny and Jason are good solid folks. I sure hope she reads all the comments. Maybe they will humble her a bit and let her see some of us do care. I also do not think a therapist has any business taping his patient’s sessions for a reality show. To me that right there speaks volumes about him – not good. You can see how Jason could be a little apprehensive of this man. Anyway, they are such a cute couple. They need to remember what pulled them together.

  • Peggie Fannin

    Your fans love ya. Let them talk.

  • Rania Mar

    I loved Bethanny on Real Housewives and even the first show of Bethanny Getting Married. But trying to keep up on a reality show yourself without a cast, you end up having to create all kinds of drama. I’m getting tired of her now, and if she knows what is good for her fans and family, she needs to stop with the reality shows. Focus on being a business woman, not a joke reality TV star. Admire her for her business success, but time to take your family out of the TV show limelight. The show is one sided, we do not see Jason’s problems, so we automatically side with Bethanny but there are two sides to this story. She needs to understand that Jason’s family is important to him! She constantly belittles him, excludes his family, and keeps making a point to say she is the successful money maker one in the couple.

  • In My Opinion

    In addition to my prior thought, Bethenny is creating a house of cards. She has already had numerous failed business attempts, and more of that will continue. Her mind is racing at such a speed that she is talking so fast that she cannot even take the time to properly enunciate. Most of her words are only half spoken, and she interrupts herself in mid-sentence to go into another direction. She is exhausting to try to listen to. Bethenny, stop! How can you love and nurture your family when you are out there running in every direction and trying to climb insurmountable mountains? You have already accomplished far more than many other people will accomplish in a lifetime. Take your money and run away to a quiet place where you and Jason can love each other and watch your child grow up with two calm, sane parents. I have a feeling that Jason and Bryn would love having your full attention.

  • bobbsey

    Hi i think that Bethenny is a role model for girls who have had it tough,showing them that you can make something of yourself. She was the most honest and articulate on The Housewives. Dont forget she had nothing in common with the other Housewives, but yet, she became the most popular. She was wary of getting married, and then she found Jason. It was a whole different world for her, having come from an extremely dyfunctional, toxic family. I think its amazing that she is who she is today. Of course she is going to have ups and downs in the marriage, and i also think she does realise that Jason and his family are great, but it takes time to realise that when you have never experienced what Jason has. I think having Bryn was a stepping stone to her experiencing , for the first time, just what a family is all about. But, old habits die hard, and slowly but surely, she is adopting new habits. The money does help, but listening to her i think the money isnt important. Its ridding herself of a lifetime of uncertainty, of being poor, of toxic parenting. I really think that she knows what she has to do to keep her marriage in focus, and i applaud her for her honesty and being down to earth.

  • Judy K

    You worked hard and also lucky to get to this level. Slow down and enjoy your fruits of success. Seems like your more selfish and paranoia side is evident. Take it Easy and focus on family first.
    BE GRATEFUL AND THANKFUL.. Most people is saying you got a good man on your side.. Trust in him..and do not OVER Analyze.
    PS.. I think you are better then your friend JILL anytime..:) she must be so jealous.. Thank God you do not have to seal with her anymore.

  • christie soliz

    Something inside is telling you that you are not good enough. That seems to be why you have taken on much more than you can handle. Simplicity is key. You are plenty good enough, and you and your family deserve a life. Stick to Skinnygirl cocktails. It is successful, and if you want the talk show, fine. You do not need anything else professionally. Both endeavors are a huge success!
    Also, be careful of those who tell you what you want to hear. They may be on your payroll, and people in that position will always do that. I also agree; What ethical therapist would see you on camera? Your issues are personal and should remain that way. Your marriage is sacred; Try to connect with the people you should connect with: your husband, child and your in-laws. These relationships last forever. So many people truly admire your and laugh with you, so try to regain true happiness.

  • Nancy Harriett

    I love Bethenny and truly think she is an amazing driven woman. I also like alot of the others here think she needs to slow down. She has had so much success. I am sure she will be a riot on the talk show. I am looking forward to it. I could never understand on the RHNY why she would even both talking to that Kelly she is such a fake and so nuts I would not have wasted my time with her at all. Bethenny you have proven that you can do anything you put your mind to. Love the show, love your fast responses. It is always funny to see what you will say next. I hope you and Jason can remember that you love each other and that isn’t easy to find. I will be watching to worry about the haters we outnumber them.