Bethany Mota Talks 'DWTS' and YouTube Success

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Bethany Mota is making quite a name for herself as a contestant on Dancing With the Stars, as she and pro dance partner Derek Hough make their way across the dance floor week after week, wowing fans and judges alike. She has also made a name for herself as a YouTube vlogger (video blogger, for those not quite up on some of the new internet lingo), and she recently shared a few fun facts about how she has become successful at both.

The 19-year-old has been rumored to be dating Derek Hough, but there hasn't been anything concrete published yet to substantiate such claims. In the meantime, she reveres the pro dancer as a good friend and spectacular trainer. She had very little experience before appearing on Dancing With the Stars. Aside from a few months worth of jazz dance lessons, Bethany Mota was a novice when she came to DWTS.

"I'm surprised that I'm making it this far in the competition," she said during an interview with Adweek. "To be able to come this far, that is craziness. I definitely owe it to my partner, he's helped me so much."

Bethany Mota had no clue when she started her YouTube Channel that retailers would one day love her sense of style and want to develop a line of products based on her ideas. Aeropostale has just released a line of items including comforter sets and throw pillows that will no doubt be as big a hit as Bethany herself is this holiday season.

As for Bethany's personal fashion style, she admits it's rather eclectic.

"My overall style right now is bohemian with a little bit of girly and a little bit of edgy," she said. "It's kind of all over the place."

Bethany Mota sets an amazing example for young girls and women everywhere who want to strike out and prove themselves successful no matter what their age. She was just 14 when she started her YouTube channel, vlogging about the clothes and accessories she loved. She offers the following advice to anyone who wants to follow in her very successful footsteps.

"Even if you just have five subscribers, you just have to focus on the audience you do have and creating good content for them. As long as you're having fun with it, then that's all that matters," she said.

Bethany Mota is certainly having fun. Between her stint on Dancing With the Stars and her YouTube channel that often finds her traveling all over the world, she is one busy young lady. There are no doubt many people right now who would love to follow in her very creative (and presently dancing) footsteps.

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