Bengals Punter Kevin Huber Suffers Jaw Fracture

    December 16, 2013
    Mike Fossum
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Cincinnati Bengals punter Kevin Huber suffered a fractured jaw after taking a massive hit from the Steelers’ special teams player Terence Gavin last night, during Pittsburgh’s 30-20 win.

During the first quarter, Antonio Brown of Pittsburgh returned a punt from Huber, leaving the kicker as one of the few Bengals present to make a tackle. The Steelers’ Terence Gavin came in for a block with his helmet down, knocking Huber to the ground, leaving the punter with a bleeding face.

No flag was called during the play, though it’s likely that Gavin will be fined by the NFL for the hit. It was later reported that Cincinnati-born Huber suffered a fractured jaw during the play, and wouldn’t be returning to the game.

Huber gets smashed by the Steelers’ Terence Gavin:


After the hit, Huber remained lying down in the field for about 3 minutes, before being helped to his feet. He then jogged toward the locker room with gauze hanging out of his mouth.

The Bengals confirm Huber’s fractured jaw on Twitter.

Kevin J. Huber previously played for the University of Cincinnati, and was a two-time All-American. He was drafted in the fifth round of the 2009 NFL Draft by the Bengals, after being regarded as being one of the top punter prospects that year.

Huber takes to Twitter to acknowledge the ‘get well’ sentiments from his fans:

No word yet if Huber will be missing any additional games.

Image via Wikimedia Commons.

  • george shean

    Huber was in on the play…he went in the direction of the reciever…heading towards the goal…he was hit rightfully because of the play. People get hurt in football all the time…it is however rare for a kicker to be involved in a tackle attempt…he was hit…thats the game. if you can’t take a hit…stay off the field.

    • PaulPuma

      Huber was hit in the head by the crown of the Pittsburgh players helmet. I hope he gets a heavy fine.

    • tony

      that was a fn bs hit I hope the guy that hit him gets a big fine just what I like to see I big linebacker going after a little punter ya he was in the play but you don’t blind side the smallest player on the field what I saw was assalt to the punter.

    • ssdddddd fffsldkjaklfjkl

      Where have you been? You are not aware that hits to the head with your helmet are illegal in the game? That hit should cost the Steeler at least 50K

    • regina

      a blindside shot on the kicker that’s like picking a fight with a girl. total cheap shot pussy move

    • Topherlee

      It’s more than just a football hit, it was a punishing blow to a defenseless player who was obviously unaware of his situation. A simple block could have had the same defensive effect. This was a cheap shot at best. It’s like playing open-chest in high school. Cheap!
      Nothing shows a man’s character more than what he laughs at.

    • Nazer

      George, you are so wrong. This was clearly a hit that was not legal, despite a flag not being called. It was a shot the the chin using his helmet for crying out loud!

    • jim r

      A penalty should have been called on the Steelers. Any other team it would have been called on. This is one reason I do not watch the NFL anymore. One team can hit hard as they want and the other team gets flagged.

    • Cd

      George,your right,matter of fact I would bring on a player next time they play the Steeler who only job is to knock Ben out of the league. One player take a knee the other player straight for the head. End the Steeler season early. Seem that would almost make it EVEN.

    • Cd

      Hey,George what about taking out Big Ben. Any problem with that. It just a game.

  • http://yahoo dean

    I hope the Steeler player gets fined he LEAD w/ his helmet

    • Cd

      Fine won’t stop that foul coach,make it known Ben going down

    • Cd

      This is the 4th time the Steeler have had dirty play’s take a major Steeler player out for the season. Did you forget Carson Plamer,or rivers are LB


    Sorry George but you’re wrong. All levels of football are trying to stop the helmet to helmet or helmet to chin type hits. The blocker lowered his head so that the crown of his helmet would make contact with the tacklers head area. I can’t really tell from the video but the blocker may have left his feet in order to launch himself at the potential tackler–that method has been penalized for a number of years. I know it happens fast and it’s a bang bang play so a penalty wasn’t called but it should have been. If for some reason the tackler would have lowered his head on this play one or both players would have been removed from the field with potential spinal injuries.

  • Jeff

    Guy makes 1.2 mil a year to punt a football, kind of hard to feel sorry for him.

    • Andy in Atlanta

      are you stupid? Do you have any idea how difficult it is to punt in the NFL? He is one of about 100 people on the planet qualified to do so… hence the large salary…

      and for the record, there is nothing wrong with hitting a punter… legally… that was far from a legal hit.

      • Oh Please

        Do you realize how long it takes for the average person to make $1.2 million dollars —- try 20 to 30 years. This man makes that for punting a ball 80 times in a year.

        Nothing against him. I would take the money to. However, lets come back to the real world and keep it in perspective.

        • Nazer

          Oh Please, you must be kidding right? Keep what in perspective? It was not a legal hit, plain & simple. Who cares how much he makes.

  • K from Pittsburgh

    I watched the game and it seemed to me like he was leading with his shoulder…not helmet. if it was a clear & intentional helmet to helmet a penalty would’ve been called. i just think the punter was paying no attention AT ALL and that’s why the hit looked so intense.

    • sean

      Now scroll back up to the video and pause at :07. Clear helmet to helmet

  • Oh Please

    Oh Please — football is getting to be ridiculous. That is a legal hit. The helmet first hit in the chest and then went upwards. In fact, pause that footage above at the :21 mark and you see the Steelers helmet hit the chest and literally the Bengals helmet on top of the Steelers helmet. Then as the guy finishes the tackle his head goes upwards and that is natural — you can’t stop that.


    Look what has happened this year with all the emphasis on head injuries. We have had a record number of knee (PCL, LCL, MCL, and ACL) injuries. Some people are even saying we should ban low hits.

    Go find a friend. Go into your back yard. Run as fast as you can at each other and hit each other. That is football. You are going to get hurt. Stop whining.

    Man up or go find a skirt and be a feminist that wants to see tag banned at recess.

  • Legal Hit

    That was a legal hit. Sorry. You literally see the guy hits hit shoulder to shoulder. In fact, at the end it is very clear the shoulder of the tackler is below the shoulder of the punter. There isn’t much more you can do than that when blocking.

  • It is clear.

    It is clear that feminism has reduced men to being a bunch of weak ass *******. Twenty years ago, we wouldn’t have even given this a second thought. It is football for God sakes. What is the first thing they teach you —- always have a your head on a swivel —- especially on a kicking play.

    We are so weak in this country. We whine about everything. You think the Russian and Chinese whine this damn much?

    Men. Start being men again or else all is lost in this country.

    • Casey

      What does this have to do with feminism?!? This isn’t about whether or not they are a “man” – it is about years of proof regarding the aftermath of the effects of football. Putting some parameters on where people can and cannot be hit is smart, not being feminist. Yes, they still play “like men” and get in some serious, legal hits. But when contact is made to areas such as the face and head, there has to be rules to protect the players. Don’t you want a certain amount safety in your job? Get off your high horse.

  • L M Daniel

    Another cheap shot from a a team full of cheap shot players. Anyone ever wonder why the rest of the teams in the league refer to them as the “STEALERS”. This deserves a massive, heavy fine.

  • J R

    It’s funny how many people miss the point here. Yes he was a potential tackler. Yes it’s football and people get hit. Yes they all make a lot of money. — None of that however justifies a player using his equipment as a weapon to the chin of any player, at any time, in any sport. That act crosses the line of sportsmanship and humanity. It shows a complete lack of class. And one can only assume that given the repeat nature of the offense by the same team (ala Hines Ward), it is clearly endorsed by the organization.

    I too am upset by some of the nonsense calls for un-sportsman-like hits. But for such clearly illegal acts, the NFL should levy the highest possible fine to both the player and the organization when it is repeated in this manner. This one really crosses the line and penalties should fall in the same class as the NO Saints bounty scandal. With a little digging, there is little doubt that it is part of the Steelers playbook as well.

    • @JR

      Please. A little jealous of the Steelers success aren’t we?

      This didn’t cross the line. It was a freaking hit. That is all. They didn’t even throw a flag.

  • matt

    Terence Gavin – – – hope your head is on a swivel ….. I would love to see him strapped to a gurney as he leaves the field.

  • Whining Bengals Fans

    There are a lot of whining Bengals fans apparently. That is a legal hit. Everyone knows it. There is absolutely nothing illegal about it. The Punter just wasn’t freaking looking. Sorry, that is how the game is played. It isn’t for weak ass guys who want to wear their girlfriend’s skirt.

    It’s always funny how when it’s a team you hate the play / player is dirty, but if your team had made that hit, it would be awesome! So many people are saying the kicker is defenseless? However if the kicker had made that tackle, everyone would say how the kicker is tough and how awesome it was he saved a TD.

    It’s a man’s game, if you’re going to try and make the tackle keep your head on a swivel. How much do you want to bet the kicker wasn’t wearing a mouth guard? Plus he has minimal padding on. Kickers usually will stay away from any action specifically for those reasons, and usually only attempt a tackle when they are the last person. Vicious hit all the way around, and compounded by the fact the kickers jaw was broken. Started at the chest then road up his body and hit his chin. The fact he was outweighed by 50 lbs. or so doesn’t help the kicker any, but all the more reason not to attempt the tackle. I think he was trying to redeem himself for the muffed punt, and make a tackle.

    Knowing good ole Goodell and company it will be a fine. Just the same, good hard football hit. Most posters on here just hate the Steelers, and if their team had made the hit, they would be saying the exact opposite of what they are posting.

  • DBR7

    First rule in football- KEEP YOU HEAD UP AND WATCH WHERE YOU’RE GOING! Second rule- if you’re a punter, let the other 10 guys do the tackling!

  • brady

    Steelers playing dirty…i’m shocked.

  • Cd

    Bengal fans you are dealing with a crude dirty Steeler coach who could care less if a player go out. Fines mean nothing to this team or coach.

  • a

    I don’t like either team, but that was a dirty shot on the little guy. No need for that. He should get a fine for that.