Ben & Jerry’s Creates a New Ice Cream Flavor to Support Gay and Interracial Marriage

By: Heather Campobello - March 16, 2012

In support of gay marriage in the U.K, Ben & Jerry’s launched a new ice cream flavor called Apple-y Ever After. The creamy concoction was developed after a gay rights organization drafted a bill to legalize weddings between same-sex couples in the U.K.

Ben & Jerry’s Europe llaunched a letter-writing campaign to urge members of parliament to support gay marriage, and even created a Facebook app so social network users can marry their same-sex friends, “because everyone is equal and deserves to live Apple-y Ever After!”

The apple pie ice cream is available in U.K. scoop shops; the dessert is loaded with pieces of apple and decadent chunks of pie crust.

The carton is decorated with a cartoon of two androgynous people in tuxedos atop a wedding cake that has a rainbow stripe around the bottom. The cartoon also signifies interracial marriage.

Ben & Jerry’s renamed “Chubby Hubby” to “Hubby Hubby” in support of gay marriage legislation in its home state, Vermont, in 2009. As you can see the Apple-y and Hubby designs look very similar.

Sean Greenwood, a spokesman for Ben & Jerry’s U.S. operation said “Sticking up for civil rights by a progressive company like Ben & Jerry’s goes together like big chunks and swirls in ice cream.”

While gay marriage is still a hot-button issue in the U.S. and U.K. frozen treat probably won’t create as much controversy as a flavor they debuted in Boston last month called Linsanity after Jeremy Lin’s winning streak. Lin is of Chinese and Taiwanese descent so the company thought it would be clever to put fortune cookies among the ingredients.


The company issued an apology to Jeremy Lin and replaced the fortune cookies with waffle cones.

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  • The Ugly Truth

    Does it taste like fishsticks?

    • J.R. Santiago


  • Lila

    I think this is AWESOME!!! BRAVO BEN & JERRY! I am proud to support you in this!

    • jason k

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      • ANDY

        Jason K: Shut your stupid mouth and choke on it

  • Lisa B

    Can’t we just enjoy our ice cream without having to worry about offending?

    • jason k

      not as long the gays try to get there nasty sh it covered fingers into everything…nasty disease spreading parasites

      • ANDY

        You’re the one spreading disease, you are full of it! it’s called hate now go and cure yourself!!!!

  • jason k

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    • ANDY

      Soo much HATE and bile in you… its dispicable and you need to stop speading your disease…

    • ANDY

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    • Voldemor

      And the “prick award goes to”…Jason K !! For his hateful comments as useful as a dick on a pope! Sorry, dude, but you are a disgrace for straight people! You know what’s wrong, Homophobia, not Homosexuality…Add 2 more “K” to be Jason KKK, have a vasectomy and go back to middle age, where you belong!!

  • Denise

    Why all the profanities??? If you don’t like what”s going on don”t buy the icecream and don’t post replys. It’s just that simple!!!

  • Dermot

    A grear reason NOT to eat this ice cream. At least Haagen Daas has some sense of decency and values.

    • ANDY

      But Haagen Daas is soo boring. no taste or flavor. Ben & Jerry’s has a variety of flavors that at least have have taste to them.

  • ANDY

    Jason K: YOU are the one that needs to F off!! STOP Speading the hate, its people LIKE YOU THAT MAKE THIS WORLD A F’D UP PLACE TO LIVE!!!! You should just shut your stupid narrow-minded mouth and go do something for someone you selfish, crude, punk.

  • Theresa

    WOW! Welcome to Babylon.

  • Vasu Murti

    Ben and Jerry’s should be socially responsible and introduce a line of vegan “ice creams” and sorbets.

    In the Central Valley of California cows generate the same amount of fecal waste as a city of 21 million people, much of which goes untreated and pollutes waterways.

    Dairy products, like other animal products, are obtained through modern agribusiness and factory farming, and the issues of animal cruelty, eating higher rather than lower on the food chain, foods high in cholesterol and fat without fiber or complex carbohydrates, and the energy and environmental concerns are not avoided by switching from one commercially produced animal product to another.

    Vegetarians DO cause far less cruelty to animals than meat-eaters, but a nonviolent philosophy carries greater weight from vegans.


    A net user on AlterNet commented on August 22, 2009:

    “Of course it is impossible to source any ‘humane cheese’ or dairy — In order to be economically viable the females must be kept constantly impregnated. This is a traumatic and painful procedure… The industry calls the restraining mechanism ‘the rape rack’.

    “The cow also endures pain at birth as any animal does. Her calf is seperated from her at only a few days/hours old. This causes immense distress as the milk was intended for her baby.

    “Her baby depending on sex is either female and placed within the herd (if needed) or sent to slaughter immediately with undesirable male calves.

    “The ‘lucky’ male calves get to spend a few months in a dark box, fed an anemic diet then sent to slaughter. There is absolutely no way that ‘humane dairy’ can ever exist.


    Can children be raised without cow’s milk? YES! Half the world’s population (blacks and Asians in particular) are lactose intolerant, and can’t digest milk after infancy.

    Dr. Michael Klaper has written books on vegan nutrition, pregnancy, and childbirth, beginning with Vegan Nutrition: Pure and Simple from 1989.


    Vegan author John Robbins (former heir to the Baskin-Robbins fortune!) provides the following data in his 1987 Pulitzer Prize nominated Diet for a New America:

    Half the water consumed in the U.S. irrigates land growing feed and fodder for livestock. The water that goes into a 1,000 lb. steer could float a destroyer.

    It takes 25 gallons of water to produce a pound of wheat, but 2,500 gallons to produce a pound of meat. If these costs weren’t subsidized by the American taxpayers, the cheapest hamburger meat would be $35 per pound!

    Subsidizing the California meat industry costs taxpayers $24 billion annually. Livestock producers are California’s biggest consumers of water.

    Huge amounts of water wash away livestock excrement. U.S. livestock produce twenty times as much excrement as the entire human population, creating sewage which is ten to several hundred times as concentrated as raw domestic sewage.

    Animal wastes cause thrice as much water pollution than does the U.S. human population; the meat industry causes thrice as much harmful organic water pollution than the rest of the nation’s industries combined.

    Meat producers, the number one industrial polluters in our nation, contribute to half the water pollution in the United States.

    Every tax dollar the state doles out to livestock producers costs taxpayers over seven dollars in lost wages, higher living costs and reduced business income.

    Seventeen western states have enough water supplies to support economies and populations twice as large as the present.

    A report on the energy crisis in Scientific American warned: “The trends in meat consumption and energy consumption are on a collision course.”

    The real reasons to go vegan are and should be similar to those which originally caused vegetarians to stop eating meat.

    • Don

      you have too much time on your hands

  • Don

    just wondering: why should any lifestyle or proclivity be promoted by this or any company?

  • eddiebjr

    It should have been chocolate lollypop, fudgecicle cream, rumpranger surpreme. Ben and Jerry’s over priced over rated ice cream just lost me as a potential once in a while with friends customer. Marriage is for a man and woman, Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. Pervs can get their jollies without marriage. The only reason they want marriage is to force normal people to call their perversion normal. Marriage is a life long loving (not lusting)commitment between two people with complementary organs.

  • FaTe

    as my girlfriend said, “Now we know what the deal is between Ben and Jerry” lol

  • http://none Little Reb

    woman was made for man. The Bible states that homosexuals are an abomination to the Lord. There are several other scriptures to this effect. However, I am not to hate people with this disorder. For example, when I met my step son at age 12, I knew he was very affiminate and so did my two boys……saying “Mom, don’t dare put us in the bedroom with him….. He is gay”. I felt that Robby was raised by a strict sister who would not even let him get dirty. I honestly was repelled by the way he walked, feminine hand motions, the way he prissed when he walked etc. He even fought like a girl kicking and pulling hair. So, I tried to “fix him” as my heart went out to him as he would come home crying because somebody called him “Fag or Gay”.
    I got him into Karate and even joined him in the class because he was afraid. I took him to a councilor and told him I thought Rob was coming along toward acting like a “boy”. His reply was “Rob loves you so much and he is just trying to please you. I was still of the same opinion that his sister spoiled him, let him play “hair dresser” and Barbies and would get mad at him if he got dirty.

    I loved that boy and when he married a woman and had two sons, I rejoiced in the fact that I had taught him to be a boy.

    Alas, Rob asked his wife for a divorce as he had fallen in love with a man………Rob came out of the closet. I didn’t know what to say. His brother had told Rob he was going to Hell and really hurt Rob. His sister was even more harsh and his father (A command sergeant major in the Army (tough guy) knew it but couldn’t admit it to himself as he wanted his boys to be “tough guys”.

    Did I come to accept this…… yes, I had to and didn’t want to hurt Rob as the children in school did?

    Do I hate him because he got “short wired” somehow and I truly believe going straight was impossible for him!!!!!! I still don’t understand how this happened and the idea of two of the same sex having an “affair” and how they do it……. is an abomination to me also as it is to the Lord.

    Am I going to hate my step son because he is gay????? No, I can’t. I think all this talk of hate etc. on this site is also an abomination to the Lord. It serves only one purpose……. to make this ice cream popular.By so much controvery here and so much hate… are helping them to succeed. As for me, I’ll just let God handle the gays. Believe me, I tried to change one and I think it has something to do with hormones and the way they are born. I truly don’t think they are given a choice. But, for me to hate them ….. No, I don’t think that’s right either.

  • D S Dunlap

    The article’s title says “Ben & Jerry’s Creates a New Ice Cream Flavor to Support Gay and Interracial Marriage.” Thing is, it’s entirely about “Gay Marriage,” if you read the article. The title is a blatant attempt to make a perversion seem as “natural” as the mating of a man and woman of two different “racial” groups.

    They are also trying to make the “Gay Marriage” movement seem as if it were exactly the same as the Civil Rights movement of the 20th Century. Difference is, the Civil Rights marchers and activists were seeking nothing more than that their basic human and Constitutional rights be protected as any other citizen’s would and should be. The “Gay Marriage” movement seeks to force what NO civilzation has ever sanctified and codified as an actual marriage down the throats of everyone else and force them to equate it with a man-woman marraige pairing.

    Be a homosexual if you want to be. Write up a legally binding contract in the manner of business agreements if you want. I have no issue with that; but stop trying to make same-sex pairings equal to a “marriage.”

  • http://none Little Reb

    Right on, D.S. You are telling it like it is……
    I really think it is disgusting to even try to push Gay Marriage down people’s throats. As per the Bible, it is an abomination to the Lord. It is a perversion and society is not accepting this as anything to write Mama home about. I am not wasting my time, thoughts or emotions on this. Wise up folks….. GROSS IS NOT EVEN A HARSH ENOUGH STATEMENT. It is a perversion and insanity for any of you Gays to try to make us believe same sex marriage is equal to a “marriage”. The public is sick and tired of how you have the audacity to call it “normal”. Just go ahead and do your thing but don’t try to push it down our throats. As I said before, I had a gay step son who left his wife and two boys for another gay guy. Now, how is that going to affect his sons when they come to visit Dad and “Dad” is in love with another “Dad”. I HAVE TRIED NOT TO BE JUDGEMENTAL ….. but you folks are pushing us straight and normal people to the brink. I am not going to hate you because you are perverted….. Just go ahead and do your thing.
    Lordee Mercy…….. what has this world come to????

  • Elizabeth

    NO MORE BEN AND JERRY”S FOR ME!!! I’m spreading the news.

  • Elizabeth

    I guess they don’t want to sell their ice cream to about 50% of the population who are NOT for Gay Marriage the Marriage being redefined?

  • Debbie

    I’ll never eat it again! That was not a very smart marketing idea!!