“Ben And Kate” Canceled, Twitter Reacts

    January 24, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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“Ben And Kate”, one of the newer Fox comedies which has only run for 18 episodes, is getting cut from the lineup.

The show, which featured Dakota Johnson as a single mom and Nat Faxon as her quirky older brother, was highly anticipated at the beginning of the season last year and got good initial reviews. However, it just didn’t bring in the viewers the network expected it to.

For now, “Ben And Kate” will be replaced by another episode of “Raising Hope”, effective immediately. In March, that time slot will be filled with “Hell’s Kitchen”, and “New Girl” and “The Mindy Project” will stay where they are.

According to Twitter, Fox has some angry fans on their hands:

  • Jay Cee

    Good. The show was loathsome. It pains me to see cool, funny actors like Lucy Punch and Echo Kellum buried in a nightmare sitcom. None of the characters were genuinely lovable or interesting. I thought the whole show was pathetic. I gave it a fair shot, but I jumped ship somewhere around episode five or six. Good riddance. I just hope Lucy and Echo can land good roles somewhere else very soon.

  • S

    Do not cancel Ben & Kate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • andyk

    I wish they wouldn’t have cancelled this one. Nat and Echo’s characters played well off each other. Dakota and Nat seemed believable. Dakota’s uncomfortable quirkiness was very funny,and the relationship with Rob Corddry and Lucy Punch, while disturbing, was hilarious. And Maggie Jones was as cute as she could be. This was a well written funny show. Too bad it’s gone.

  • Paul Roos

    On Fridays, there is plenty of airtime in the evening that doesn’t have anything good to watch.Why not give the viewers a show to watch they already like. Same with “The New Adventures of Old Christine”
    “Rules of Engagement” which are other network mistakes by cancelling.
    I know they are in reruns. I mean new production.

  • Juan

    I really like Ben and Kate. I wish they wouldn’t have cancelled it, and hope that another network will pick it up. The show is sooooo funny!! TBS, you picked up Cougar Town, how about getting Ben And Kate!! I was really looking forward to Ben and Tommy’s shannanigans.

  • jack

    Ben and kate was my favorite show, can’t believe its cancelled.
    The cast was perfect, lots of talent!