Beef Recall: USDA Inspector Had Relationship With Foreman

    May 3, 2014
    Galen Velonis
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More details have arisen concerning the beef recall that includes a year’s worth of meat. The recall began in February and since then information has been spilling out on what exactly transpired. The beef was shipped out January 1st, 2013 through January 7th, 2014 and mostly consisted of beef carcasses, oxtail, liver, cheeks, tripe, tongue and veal bones. 35 states and 8.7 million pounds of beef have been affected by the recall.

The Rancho Feeding Corporation, based in Petaluma, California, is to blame is to blame since they “processed diseased and unsound animals and carried out these activities without the benefit or full benefit of federal inspection”, according to the USDA.

The processing company hid evidence of cows “affected with epithelioma of the eye (eye cancer)”, by using a fake USDA stamp and trimming off diseased parts. But more than that, CNN reported that e-mails show USDA inspector Lynnette Thompson had a personal relationship with a plant foreman:

“He said he went to her trailer three different times and they were intimate,” according to the email. “She also sent him a picture of her naked back side in a tanning salon to his cellphone.”

The assistant manager attached texts to the email he said were from Thompson to the foreman.

“I need a kiss later,” Thompson wrote.

“Me to (sic),” he responded.

In another text, Thompson seems worried about the relationship being exposed. “Play dumb please 4 my kids delete every thing k (sic).”

Consumers should watch out for contamination in all kinds of beef products. The San Francisco Gate reported that included in the recall is Krave Jerky’s Garlic Chili Pepper Beef Jerky. The 3.25-ounce meat may be a small part of the millions of pounds of beef affected by the recall, but it’s still dangerous enough to be included.

So be careful when buying meat, especially when details like these are just starting to make headlines.

Image via USDA, Facebook.

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      Good movie–Heston.

      • Jim Lee

        I agree,some of the old movies are fun to watch.

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      But it’s made of people!!!

  • Heading-Out

    So, the beefy foreman was porking the inspector.

    • Tim Jensen

      sweet and sour pork!

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        Pigs in a blanket…

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    Closer and closer to third world. I third world doctor in charge of this entire mess… Retired two days before being interviewed.

    • lindenfrank

      and why would we want their standards?

  • Ellen

    Is there a reason they released her name but not the name of the foreman? I’m sure he knew as well what was going on so who is protecting him, and why?

    • Diamond9984

      Jesse Amaral. Published in another article about recall.

      • Ellen

        Thanks Diamond

  • Floyd Howard Jr

    “Where’s The Beef”?

    • JO Ann Poplar

      Mr. Howard that is such a true comment. Thank you sir very wise :) Now a days beef is 10% and textured vegtable protein is 90%

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    lynette iz a trailer trash cow

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      Lynnette Thompson = Miss Piggy

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    ‘Beef Recall’
    ‘Be Free, Call’

    See where I’m going with this?

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      No. Splain it to me Lucy!

  • zeke

    As a retired inspector, believe me, sleeping with company employees was commonplace. Once an inspector has compromised him/herself………not good.

  • jv

    If you make sure it is 100 percent USDA Organic meat, then this would not happen

  • driko

    If i had my way, meat will be something that citizens would not be too preoccupied with in their diets!…i will raise the taxes so high on meat products, that finally they wold be relegated to eat their vegetables,like it was nothing!

    • Bob

      Have another helping of tainted spinach. The problems are universal.

  • Molly Malone

    i don’t get the connection that because they were having an affair, that the beef is tainted … please help me understand …

    • Dave Landry

      it wasn’t tainted because of the of the affair…it was overlooked because of it…(.the peps snuck it by while the inspector and the foreman was doing the hokie pokie)

  • Deborah Porter

    They all sell sick animal beef!!! Go t o Beyond Organic to get real grass fed organic beef, not USDA fraud beef. Beyond Organic is awesome. Christian doctor owns FULL Organic food company & live stock beef.

  • Efram Paul

    Once again. How many times must this happen before the deregulation crowd realizes that the safety of meat sold in the US should trump the obsession with deregulation? Food safety has been an ongoing problem, especially in the beef industry, for nearly fifteen years. Hire more inspectors, give them clout, protect whistle blowers from prosecution. Why do things any other way?

    • ge

      These actually were regulated meat products so its inaccurate this had anything to do with deregulation. Even with inspections (supposedly) the system failed.

    • blarg

      yea hire more empowered single mothers who want to go sleep with spics/blacks.
      I’m sure that will fix inspection issues huh ?

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    He was slipping her the meat. Reminds me of Sam the butcher and Alice on the Brady Bunch.

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    Tea Party wants less government inspectors and regulations like those preventing diseased meat from going to consumers.

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    Both are sick puppy. But company won’t have to pay the recall or penalty. So just eat that burger and close your eye. Might be lucky if you don’t get sick.

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    Corruption in a govt agency!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG,,,, what’s next…… Is nothing sacred any more……

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    Damn! It get worse as the years go on… what is the problem that people can not live in harmony with nature?

    • The Redman

      White-folks have ruined this country and it will get worse..

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    Soylent green is PEOPLE!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    As the old saying goes, “p***y makes you do strange things and in this case, who cares if the beef is garbage, infected, poisoned and unfit for human consumption as long as the inspector was getting fresh meat.

  • mike

    if the republican get control of the senate, this will be an everyday occurance

    • ShadowMosesatArea51

      There’s no such thing as Republicans, and Democrats both parties work for the same Invested interest.

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    No Need to worry folks Fukushima Radiation, and Government despotism will kill us way before the Mad Cow Disease even gets a chance…..

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    Sounds like she was inspecting other kinds of meat

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    Gadzooks, Opportunity for ALL kinds of puns and meat jokes. Bone in or bone out? Whole lot of porking going on! Minding his meat!. Stuffing his sausage! And we have a wiener! Was it a foot long? Where’s the beef?

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    Chik-fil-a anyone???

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    Find a local certified organic farmer That’s where my meat comes from!

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    Considering I ate some of that beef jerky earlier this year, who the fuck do I tailor my lawsuit toward?

  • Jenny Penny

    Yes, of course the KRAVE JERKY is part of at the recall. Bought that recently. Won’t buy again and so tired of the lame excuse for inspectors.

  • justavisitor

    No news here. I worked at a slaughter plant back in the eighties and I remember re working head meat ( your future hamburger) that was contaminated with Glands, Hair and POOP. Out of the 35 boxes that were impounded 25 were thrown back in a tub and the other ten boxes were gone through and contaminates were removed. The clean meat (?) was sat on top of contaminated meat in the tub. (so it looks nice from above when the inspector looks at it.) sample box for the inspector was gone through by a leadman/foreman . It Passes on to the GRINDER. (and you thought that was moms hair in your hamburger.) (This happen about twice a month on A shift.)

  • The Redman

    White-folks have ruined this country just as they did the other one they left over seas.

    • Dodads

      It was an Asian inspector here genious!

      • The Redman

        Again,snake-mouth.white-folks have RUINED this country.

  • Rob

    What about the chicken at kfc,freaking gmo chickens,goat burgers at Burger king,and traces of horse,and burgers at mcdonalds..

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    Does that mean they can recall Michelle Obama to!

    • The Redman

      White-folks have ruined this country.

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    This whole story is DISGUSTING>>>>

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    typical dumb slut, he should “PLAY DUMB” for her kids but she couldnt “play smart’ for her kids and keep legs closed on the freakin job?

  • floridanativee

    Having worked in a USDA inspected plant, I can say that I never met one I would hire, Even the good, new employees quickly become slugs. They can not get jobs in the real world and it is a joke. People like the news babe think it insures quality, but this is totally incorrect. If an operator wants to cheat, it is very easy. The USDA sticker is all about marketing, not safety. The vast majority of the beef will all be consumed by now. The meat if cooked properly will not hurt anybody, but is certainly not desirable.

  • The Redman

    White-folks own all of the companies,and they have ruined this country.