Beef Recall: National Beef Could Contain E. Coli

    June 19, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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The National Beef Packing company this week recalled almost 23,000 pounds of ground beef over fears it could be contaminated with E. coli. The Missouri company issued the recall after the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Food Safety and Inspection Service tested a ground beef sample positive for the bacteria. As of Wednesday, there have been no reported illnesses related to the beef.

The recall is regional, affecting 22,737 pounds of ground beef produced on May 25 2013. The products are all 10-pound packs of National Beef-branded beef and chuck. Packages of 80/20 Coarse Ground Chuck, 81/19 Coarse Ground Beef, 80/20 Fine Ground Chuck with sell by dates of June 14, 2013 are all included in the recall. The package codes for these products are 0481, 0421, and 0484. The products were shipped in 70-pound boxes to distributors and military commissaries in the Kansas City area.

The products are no longer available to consumers, though there are still concerns that some packages could still be found in consumers’ freezers. National Beef has stated that it is cooperating with authorities to investigate the meat and is in the process of contacting customers who purchased it.

E. coli can cause severe diarrhea, abdominal cramps, dehydration, and, in rare cases, death. The USDA recommends using a food thermometer to ensure that ground beef is cooked to 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • donna

    If the world’s population switched to a plant based diet,,there would be no starvation and mass murdering of animals on this planet and no disease…We need a change and we need it now…The amt of food it takes to feed 1 cow can feed 20 people…..wake up and change before it’s too late

    • Phil

      Don’t eat meat??? Eat plants and veggies and get poisoned with pesticide instead…. These stories are all just to scare everybody…
      Your going to die one day. Might as well enjoy life while you can..

    • dale

      donna your an idiot . theres not enough frams to feed the world .and what do you do to a plant when you pull up plants. its the same its murdering also .

      • Michelle

        @Dale-Pulling up a plant is not murder, Last time I check there is no blood and/or pain involved. I would be a little more cautious throwing around the idiot word!

    • Perry

      All of the food in America is contaminated to some degree by pesticides and GMOs, even some of the organics get sprayed or the wind or pollenating insects carry contaminates. If you want better foods, plant your own. The world will never return to a simpler time when mankind tilled his own fields and planted his own crops and raised his own chickens and beef. Those days are gone.

    • Dennis

      No disease, really? Are you referring to clinically evident diseases that result from the presence of pathogenic microbial agents, including viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, multicellular organisms, and aberrant proteins known as prions(Wikipedia)? If so, do tell more please. Vegans must live forever.

      P.S. Do you include flies and mosquitoes on your no kill list too?

  • http://yahoo Tony Kirkley

    National supplies Wal-Mart with their meat. How do I know? I worked there.

    • the meat man

      Walmart dropped National Beef months ago. Your meat comes from Tyson. How do I know?? I work at National Beef.

      E Coli can be killed if you actually cook your meat to 160 degrees internal temperature as the labeling instructs.

      For the record, I am just a laborer who happened to see this posting. I am not a company rep.

  • Sammy

    If you are going to report on a company at least get where they are located right, headquartered in Kansas City Missouri.

    • Sean Patterson

      Article has been corrected. Thanks!

      • Sharon Jaskowiak

        Do they supply anyone else other than Walmart?

  • http://pininterest Susan Holdman

    I think more fruits and vegetables are a good addition to our diets. But, what would people do with all the poultry, fish and cattle that are not used for food? I think there are many problems with our diets but the problems are only symptoms of a greater problem poverty, an uneducated workforce and greed. These thoughts are my own and only mine. Please realize that I do not harbor any ill will toward any one company, person or industry. I personally am not the norm. I eat a multiple allergen free diet, I am on the Autism Spectrum and I live on food stamps. I additionally have multiple medical conditions and brain damage. I am therefore not the norm and only a small voice. Thank you.

  • http://thelexingtonstreetsweeper.blogspot.com The Lexington Streetsweeper

    This would be a non-issue if the USDA would inspect the carcasses BEFORE they got through the processing line instead of after. The US could have saved about 22,000 pounds of FOOD. Freaking idiots.

    • the meat man returns

      I hear that USDA takes samples from the meat and must ship it to a lab to be tested. The USA only has THREE of these labs in the entire country! They should figure out a better plan to save time, money, and food!

    • Karen

      Very True, but Obama cut back on Monies to support your bright idea(as well as how many think)… Better yet eat Grass fed meats than contaminated meats… No worries it will get cleaned up & be back on the shelves before you know it….

      • the meat man

        Yeah… Let’s get out our pressure washers and clean this meat up!! Stuff like this gets cooked and put into products like beefaroni and ravioli. That stuff parents cook for us young people in plastic dishes in the microwave while they’re busy watching Dr Phil. This is not a major recall. Compared to how much is produced, this is nothing.

  • Jay

    I say we will all be better off, if we just don’t eat. : )

    • Cassiebaba

      I agree – let’s all stop eating, breathing and generally LIVING. I am just tired of everyone spouting off their beliefs {like I am doing now… :o)} about everything that is wrong in this world….no matter what anyone says, there is always going to be SOMETHING that is going to kill us anyway. Stop bumming me out with all this negativity!! Stay in your own backyard and finds something more worthwhile to do with your time…….

  • http://yahoo.com gloria elmusmari

    Agreed much of the corn that is grown is for cattle consumption…as a rule corn is not really in the cows natural diet and it actually causes the cow to produce more eccolli in their gut, and if meat processors arent careful and the contents of that gut can contaminate the meat if it touches,so extra care inhandling of the meat should start in the processing plant. But if you look at all the recalls of contamination are generally for vegetables…alot is cause by water but some is cause by the handling of it from ppl not washing their hands and from not cleaning equipment in the processing plants whether its meat or veggies and the truth is there is not enuff fertile land to handle all vegetable consumption. Crops have to be rotated each year so that the land isnt depleted. Besides the human body does need some protein in its diet and I fear that enough soy and beans could not be grown as well as veggies to sustain the billions of ppl on earth…many countries are having water shortages as it is and crops are dying…I do see a time when meat might be the only food that can be mass produced fast enough to prevent world starvation. Thank you

    • JP

      you hit the nail on the head, this is why my father invented a way to solve this issue with corn and cows, soon it will be a thing of the past.. our natural corn will change everything.

      • Organics

        Natural? that word is gross… so isn’t “natural flavors” look it up… you might never eat anything with “natural flavorings” again.

        I WANT ORGANIC/PASTURED foods…. god what’s with this system of lesser evils? Eat “normal” food AKA Organic… 100% un-tampered with… food FFS…. why is this so hard to understand?

        • mike kelly

          USDA inspected facilities hand the meat that is processed here in the US.they do an excellent job in keeping our food safe.As with every industry, mistakes happen.The main problem with e. coli lies with them handling of meat ,especially chicken,by the consumer. Any meat that reaches a temperature of 165 degrees F. for one minute is safe to eat. AND FYI, oRGANIC has no controls,no GOVERNMENTAL STANDARDS, NO WAY to verify thatit is grown without pesticides,chemical fertilizers,growth stimulaters,or herbacides.

          • Karen

            You are right to a certain degree on the Organics, here in the US. As for my birth country, Organics can not be grown in open fields as they are here & still be called Organics…. But in taste we can tell. I have 2 food disorders, where IF the food is not pure, my body will react. I can not digest, nor can my body break down certain chemicals. I become ill for many days. I see the US is very new with health foods, many stores only know of Lactose & Gluten free, yet there is over 15 different food disorders & it keeps growing. Gluten Free puts me in a semi coma, i can not do this one. Not good IF one does not have this disorder… I think you not aware of all the chemicals fed or injected into American meats. The main reason it is done so much here is too keep up with the demand of the people. Its gone on since the 70s. Many people would not know this, especially younger folks. Its cruel to the animals, also provides American people Fake foods. Americans are the only ones whom eat with their eyes(or buys this way), while no other country does. It has gotten way bad here & poisoning the people is not good. Look at the amounts of sickness here, our bodies get sick from what we feed it & lack of proper foods too….So very sad & yet so easy to fix. But the US 10 food companies have big fat bank accounts & they keep growing IF you keep buying… Its time for the people to take action. I now buy from my birth country, India foods are very healthy too…. I no longer buy here, ive gotten too sick here…..

          • Health freak

            Shit, USDA and FDA doing
            A good job my a$&. They are deceiving you into
            Thinking that. They are the ones that promote the use
            Of hormones and antibiotics. The ones that
            Actually care that are apart of either are the ones who are not being paid off by monsanto lobbyists. People die everyday due to the mistakes they cause and multiple chemicals, pesticides, and other
            Non-naturally occurring substances being made legal.

        • jp

          Organics, you are so ignorant i said the word natural because that is what is means.. the natural way of being handled when it comes off the cob… the natural way we caring for the corn so when it arrives to the your plate.. it will be 1000% safe when it hits your mouth.. you sir are a complete monkey! our product is organic and worrying about E-coli and corn will be a thing of the past.

  • Hunter

    If you’re buying your meat from Walmart you have more problems than E. coli.

    • Mary

      What is that supposed to mean? Many people grocery shop at Walmart, if you’re too good, that’s your business. Also, where does it say in the article that the meat was sold at Walmart anyways?

  • robert

    do not eat red meats

  • Organics

    People… we need to start eating locally grown organic foods, and grass fed – PASTURED – Chicken/Beef. if it isn’t PASTURED… don’t eat it. Raw/Vegan food is also great. I’m not against vegans/vegetarians and actually liked a vegetarian diet… But I love fish/chicken/beef… at least I am eating the most Organic/Free range PASTURED/raw products my wife and I can find. I’m not overzealous about it…. but seriously try it out…. my wife even has started making household products do reduce the chemicals we all ingest.

    • Lisa

      Organic foods have been recalled recently too. It is such a disappointment. E-Coli and bacterial can be transmitted through fesses in any product; due to improperly washed hands with SOAP and water. Please see the FDA recalls for organic foods. Just when everyone is trying to eat right. Here is the link to the FDA organic products recalled: http://google2.fda.gov/search?q=organic&filter=0&proxystylesheet=FDAgov-recalls&output=xml_no_dtd&sort=date%253AD%253AL%253Ad1&site=FDAgov-recalls&requiredfields=-archive%3AYes&getfields=*&requiredfields=recall_category.-archive%3AYes&client=FDAgov-recalls

    • dummy

      Free range doesn’t have E- coli?

    • http://Yahoo DW

      I agree! Or else start hunting elk & deer, they are all lean meat.

    • Karen

      Never buy Farm Fish, besides coming from China it is heavily soaked in Mercury…. In high levels!!!
      But your right, the way Americans eat needs to catch up with the world, not just eating right but providing food for those with food disorders. I have 2, one is common here & the other Most have never heard of here. Yet its widely known in many other countries. Gluten Free & Lactose is all one reads about or finds in your health stores, when there is like 15 different food disorders. I get a good laugh over what you guys call Organic though, being most isn’t considered Organic BUT just normal foods in Europe. We have Organic foods BUT ya’ll grow Organic in open fields while other countries Don’t…. Open land has many chemicals in them which are not 100% natural, therefore can not be claimed as Organic. Nature does not mean healthy, nor does it mean Organic. Just means it has 1 or more Nature item in the product, it must read 100% Natural. I’m so glad i tried US Organic Eggs, for they are Just like our EGGS in Europe….

  • dummy

    Your all lucky natural selection has lost much of it’s effectiveness.

    • laura

      It is “you’re” not “your”. You are a prime example of your own sentiment!


    I would love to have real butchers in markets. Seldom, do you find, guys who know their cuts, and can document the origins of the meat. I don’t like mass produced anything. I think meats should be the last thing on a conveyer belt.

    During a recall, I am always curious as to what really happens to the recalled product. With the sheer volume of recalls, it sure adds up to a lot of waste, and I just wonder if they really destroy the products.

    • Karen

      You can research Recalled Meats in the US, but your find the US is the only country that supposely cleans it for everyone to re-buy. Most recalled meats actually are sold more in bulk, therefore ending up in nursing homes, schools, etc…..
      Its an interesting read & i’m glad to say being i have 2 food disorders, i can only eat Grass Fed meats, being my body can not break down all those nasty unnatural chemicals approved by the FDA & USDA…. Which none are safe at the levels used in the US, why many countries are halting importing our meats as it doesn’t pass their levels of safety to their people. Our bodies can not digest foreign chemicals & tends to be the leading causes to cancers, heart/liver/kidney issues, food disorders(some are life threatening),& as many Americans believe to be minor illness(which are NOT normal in any other country)-US foods cause ear infections agalore among their children(mostly than adults through Dairy products), steph throat, tonsil flare-ups, you name it. There is over 15 different food disorders & yet any health store one enters in the US, lavishes only towards Gluten Free, which for me causes my blood pressure to go Sky high & place me into a coma state… US foods is only made to look & smell good, not to be considered good….American Chickens, Turkeys & Ducks are injected with Arsenic & a wide range of chemicals. Travel & you won’t ever see chickens as big as they are in the US…..Know what you eat!!!! Organic eggs in the US are known as EGGS in Europe, we do not feed our people poisons like ONLY IN AMERICA does….Its very sad!!!

    • http://webproweb/proplus Ryan Kenyon

      Ruth, as a 30 yr meat-cutter of a very big food chain, I respect your wants..The product that is recalled brought back to store level is scanned out for credit and disposed of..I wish there was more people with the same needs.But as new customers enter the food chain customers wants have changed they want a clean package that has no evidence of blood that is clean..I am not a fan of this but there is more customers that is.If not for the pre package meat that we afford we would not be able to provide the same service we once did. Thanks to Walmart our industry has changed for the worse..If you don’t want that kind of service demand the service you want we still cut meat at store level at my company; don’t let this service slip away..Demand satisfaction!!!

    • Chrisw

      They do like what they did back in the 1970’s when a mass produced hormone called DES was fed to livestock and was recalled due to being know to cause Cancer. Instead of destroying the leftover amounts, they shipped them to Puerto
      Rico where thousands of children as young as two were found to have reached full sexual maturity. This is why i dont trust the FDA nor the USDA, because things like these inccidents happen and they dont actully try to stop it, instead its hidden under the carpet or sent away somewhere else since all the lobbyists are payed by huge corporations, blah, blah, blah, you get the point.
      Get the point.

  • MenotU

    How can they be in the process of contacting customers who purchased it. Since when does a cash basis leave behind your name, address and phone number? Not everyone pays with credit or debit cards or checks you know.

    • the meat man

      Retail stores are the customers they are contacting.