Beaver Kills Man Who Tried To Take Its Picture [Report]

    April 11, 2013
    Chris Crum
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A Beaver killed a man in Belarus, after the man tried to take its picture, according to a report from Sky News.

The man, who was on a fishing trip with some friends approached the animal, which bit him on the leg, severing a main artery and causing him to bleed to death.

The unusual nature of this story has drawn a lot of attention to it on the web, and serves as a reminder that nature (and the animal kingdom in particular) can be quite unpredictable. The report cites unnamed “experts” who say that beaver attacks are rare and that “those animals that do go for humans are usually rabid”.

Interestingly, since the incident was reported, other tales of agressive beavers have surfaced.

Sky News itself points to a video of a beaver attack in Russia:

A report from Daily Freeman back in 2010 describes beavers getting agressive in the Catskills. Jay Braman reported at the time:

On July 13, at least one beaver attacked and bit two swimmers and two people tubing in the creek about a mile upstream from the Shandaken hamlet of Phoenicia. Reports indicate that two boys between the ages of 10 and 13 were been bitten — the younger boy twice and the older boy seven times.

Around the same time, the Calgary Sun put out a report: Killer Beaver Has Dog Walkers On Guard in Red Deer, saying:

On Monday, the city’s parks department received a complaint from Alberta Animal Services that a beaver in Three Mile Bend in northeast Red Deer had fatally attacked a dog while it was swimming in the water, said parks superintendent Trevor Poth.

Poth said it’s believed the same beaver is responsible for injuring another dog that was also swimming at the time a couple weeks earlier.

Beavers are territorial creatures, who will not hesitate to defend their homes.

  • Mezzomom

    Must have been an Angry Beaver.

  • Gordon Speake

    Every guy on earth has come across a mean beaver or two. They are not always what they purport to be. They can turn on you in a heartbeat. Proceed with caution. They can, at times, make your head spin.

    • BullGooseLooneyzzz

      Good one, bro…

  • http://ayala20032@yahoo.com Augustin Ayala

    He couldn’t leave it alone.

  • Linn

    Looks like the beaver gave him 2 times to get away, and he kept filming..unbelievable. I had no idea they could be that aggresive. But, I know now!

  • Allen Wilson

    That’s odd. Sort of the opposite. I would have died for a few beavers I’ve enjoyed during my days.

  • Huge

    I was hoping Id die with and 18 yr old beaver sitting on my face

    • Wilson

      I would also like an 18 year old beaver in my face.. that would just be awsome, IM GETTIN

    • BullGooseLooneyzzz

      Old county fair.. game sit on my face, I guess your weight

    • BullGooseLooneyzzz

      One step beyond tongue in cheek

  • jeanne

    Look I favor the beaver! the jerk should have left it alone.
    when i was a kid my parents rented a cabin every year at White Fish Lake in Algonquin Park [Canada] for summers. all the animals loved me, i was about 5 when we began going there. i used to go down to the lake’s edge to the beavers and sit on the bank and watch them make a small dam….they are very shy and yet would waddle up–very fat–sniff me and say hello, eventually they let me pat them when they saw deers letting me rub the fuzz on their antlers. i was shy and gentle so maybe that vibe translated for them.
    we eventually stopped going there as i was chased by a bear that had to be shot. just don’t blame the poor beaver, they are too encroached upon as it is.

    • Bryan

      So what was the name of this Disney movie you starred in?

  • joe schmo

    leave it to beaver

  • Wilson


    • Lrak

      sorry, it was justa beaver

  • kathleen

    Where are the fellas from Duck Dynasty when you need them? This would never happen to Phil and Si!!

  • http://webpronews jsp81355

    Beavers and men don’t mix. Face it guys.

    • Lrak

      amen, bro…amen!!

    • BullGooseLooneyzzz

      always ready for some face…

  • mike

    in russia, beaver eats you..

  • Lrak

    gee, my wife just hit me in the head when I tried to take a pic of the beaver!!

    wonder if honey badger gives a shit??

  • dave

    Maybe someone should hire him out as a Body Guard in Hollywood, to counter all the pesky Paparazzi .
    “Justin Bebers’ Beaver attacked a man today, who was trying to take his picture”

  • Luann

    Leave it to Beaver

  • BullGooseLooneyzzz

    Nothing new…I’m always dying for some beaver…

  • Bobo

    Justin Beaver bit his privates

  • Luann

    The Beaver was really Russel Crowe

  • Mojo

    I bet the man wasn’t wearing a condom. My daddy always said “If you don’t know that beaver well enough to know where it’s been, you better wear a condom.”

  • Godsproblemchild

    He is not the first guy to die from a Beaver attack. Happens all the time , Most dangerous creature on the planet is the great North American Beaver. They prowl the beaches of Florida in search of unsuspecting men.
    Danger Danger Danger!!!!

  • purescum

    Oh Ward,Don’t you think you were too hard on the Beaver last night, he didn’t mean to kill that man yesterday; he was just a little upset that man tried to take his picture without permission. June, shut the F up, if you think I was too hard on the Beaver last nigh, wait till yours get a load of my spunk tonight….

  • bob

    What??? A surge in beaver accidents?? We need beaver control!!!!

  • purescum

    That Beaver really F’d him good! Rest in pieces.

  • Godsproblemchild

    Anyone who thinks Beavers are not dangerous should take a look at Travis Alexander. Danger Danger Danger.

  • Monkee

    When he saw its face
    It was a beaver
    and it left a trace
    of no blood in his hide
    Out of luck
    It was a beaver
    he couldn’t leave her
    so he died

    • Monkee Fan


  • Godsproblemchild

    Nothing more dangerous than an angry Beaver that’s why i carry Mydol with me where ever i go.

    Danger Danger Danger.
    Watch out for the cougars too.

    • http://yahoo leon

      Wow!! that’s one killer snapper indeed!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rick

    Once again another misleading headline. It reads as if the Beaver attacked and wanted to kill the guy. One bite, albeit a bad one, and the man BLED to death. While sorry this happened, thank goodness for all of the replies that cracked me up!! Thank you readers…….

  • patterson abbie

    21 “‘If you remain hostile toward me and refuse to listen to me, I will multiply your afflictions seven times over, as your sins deserve. 22 I will send wild animals against you, and they will rob you of your children, destroy your cattle and make you so few in number that your roads will be deserte

  • Maggie Johnson

    I live in Alaska and the Beavers in Anchorage in one of the lakes at the dog park have killed dogs. They come up under the belly of the dog and bite them. Beavers have sent more then one dog to the emergency room here.

  • evan

    I only watch my girlfriends beaver.

  • pusseater

    what was his name,Eaton? And to think this country is going crazy over gun control. How the hell are we suppose to protect ourselves from these angry little bastards? Maybe a good Louisville slugger.

  • Herb

    That’s what he get for trying to get a “Beaver shot”.

    • Calgirl

      AGREED! Tax BEAVERS! Tax states or counties that continue to allow aggressive beavers to live in their midst! Everyone should PAY their fair share of BEAVER tax! Why should any of us have to put up with beavers who MIGHT become aggressive living in our midst while others who live in the state or county that supports those beavers…those who benefit from living and working there, aren’t punished financially for it? Punish them for being able to make a decent or great living in a beaver state without providing for those who DON’T ! Sure thing…if we can TAX those people who “allow’ beavers to exist….BEAVERS might disappear! Oh …..maybe there’s a lesson in there somewhere????? Tax something….like wealth….and it might “disappear?????” Who knew?

  • http://www.weRbeavers.com Beaver Community

    You don’t screw with beavers motherfucker!

  • Agape

    If only there had been beaver control, this beaver violence has got to stop!

  • Daniel

    This completes the Big Three of murders in the world today: Religion, Money, and Beavers…er…Sex.

  • Don

    Leave it to Beaver…it must have been Amish and thought the guy’s camera would steal its soul.

  • rh

    you have to start by buying it flowers, take it to dinner, apply a little wine, take it home, pet it in the right spot then break out the digital…baby steps first…

  • karen

    Must have thought he was the guy who takes pictures of the star’s in show biz.

  • http://yahoo.com tmanwade

    I know many a beaver that have killed a man!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.oldshopmanuals.com oldshopmanuals.com

    Ward,You were a little hard on Beaver last night,don’t you think?

  • http://www.oldshopmanuals.com oldshopmanuals.com

    And for those of you under 50 yrs old- Google the phrase.

  • http://None M

    Any body kill Beavers will die will never ever have lasting life.