BCS Standings Simulated; Alabama Leads List

    October 7, 2013
    Brian Powell
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The official BCS rankings will not be released until October 20, after the Harris Interactive Poll is tabulated for the first time. Until then, all college football pundits and fans can do is speculate. However, CBSsports.com decided to use the data that was currently available to release its unofficial BCS standings:

BCS List

It is no surprise that Alabama sits atop the “first” BCS list. After winning 2 National Championships in the past 3 years and starting the season as strong as ever, Alabama is poised to make another title run. The team listed at number 2 may surprise some, however. While the Oregon Ducks are currently ranked No. 2 in the AP Poll and have continued to display their dazzling offense and creative jerseys, Clemson finds itself at No. 2 in the preliminary BCS list. Not only do the Tigers surpass the Ducks when other factors are considered besides human voting, but Stanford manages to jump Oregon as well.

All of this shifting of the ranks may lead one to ask, “How in the hell is the BCS computed, anyway?” The answer to this question is something all fans have wanted to know, mainly due to all of the frustration and fan disappointment the system has caused over the years.

The BCS was designed as a system to ensure that the 2 best teams in college football played each other in the national championship every year. In order to alleviate human error, the BCS system considers multiple factors when determining which teams are best.

The BCS is comprised of three different polls – the Harris Interactive Poll, the Coach’s Poll, and computer rankings. The Harris Interactive poll is a committee of 115 panelists, representing all different facets of experience with college football. The committee is randomly chosen from a list of 300 people that are supplied by the Athletic Directors from the 10 major football conferences (and Notre Dame). The number representing each team in the Harris Interactive poll is designated by taking the total number of votes a team earns for its ranking (a vote as no.1 earns a team 25 points, and a vote as no.25 earns 1 point), and then dividing that number by the maximum total of votes (Which is 2,875 in this case)

The second aspect of the poll, the Coach’s poll, works in the same exact manner, except there are only 59 votes total.

The computer poll is based off of the rankings of 6 members. In this poll, the highest and lowest ranks are dropped to eliminate outliers, and then the team’s total points is divided by 100 to get a percentage.

Each individual poll accounts for 1/3 of the BCS average.

The BCS is not most likely not going to be spared any controversy or criticism this year. Even though the BCS system is going to be replaced with a playoff in the 2014 season, a few teams have set themselves up poorly for a national championship run. Thus far, it looks as if Ohio State and Louisville are both going to be undefeated at the end of the season. However, the strength of schedule of these two teams leaves many unanswered questions toward their true abilities, and thus both teams will most likely find themselves on the outside of the BCS championship game looking in, even if they go undefeated.

While it will be nice to not hear rampant complaints against the BCS next year, the replacing system is a selection panel of “experts”. People can clamor for an improved system all they want, but a human panel is not likely to be much better. It’s not as if the selection committee for the NCAA basketball tournament is spared any judgement or criticism for their actions…

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  • Truth

    We need a playoff. I hate the polls. They are all nonsense. Alabama plays two hard games a year and if they lose, they will fall one spot while some other team would fall five spots.

    Just fire up a 16 team playoff and get it over with. You can still have the bowl games too. People would watch football all year if they could. In fact, I think they should split the year in half. One half of the year is the NFL the other is the colleges. There is that dead time after the NBA is done where there is no really good sports on until the football season begins and boy, is that time of the year boring.

    • James

      Well what they’re doing next season is at least a start

    • Nervey

      2 hard games a year? Really? Anyway, this is the last year that the bsc will decide the champions…

    • ME

      Dude im sorry but when you win 3 nat in 4years people shouldn’t question how good you are. Even if one year you get an easy road.

    • http://Nothing Tony T

      I love how people look at one section of the pie! Alabama being on your schedule makes it look daunting and you being on Alabama’s schedule makes it look “easy” what a sham. Playing 8 SEC games is hard regardless of who you are. If Bama played teams like Wash State, Northwestern, Purdue, Illinois, Iowa State, Kansas etc. in conference, sure they’d probably play some harder games OOC. But when you have to play the slate they do, you can suck it if you think they are over rated, all you have to do is beat them! You can’t.

  • Forrest

    Wah! Wah! Wah! Damn yankee notre dame fans

  • Garry Hawes

    A panel of humans will probably not get it perfect either. Case in point in the article is the NCAA basketball selection committee. I agree with this to a point and that is people will always debate and talk about who got left out of the tournament. What this article fails to mention about that “playoff” is…at the end of the tournament, no one doubts who the national champion is. Undefeated teams enter the “playoff” and only one team leaves unscathed. They are the national champion. This is not rocket science.

  • http://bellsouth Danny B

    Nervey, Really… Here is the SDC’s SEC strength of schedule for 2013.. Afraid that Truth is right!!
    Alabama Strength of Schedule: The SEC’s easiest schedule in 2013
    Previous Schedule Rankings:

    •NCAA ranks the 2013 SEC schedules
    •#14 Alabama football schedule
    •#13 Texas A&M football schedule
    •#12 Missouri football schedule
    •#11 Vanderbilt football schedule
    •#10 South Carolina football schedule
    •#9 Ole Miss football schedule
    •#8 Georgia football schedule
    •#7 Mississippi State football schedule
    •#6 Auburn football schedule
    •#5 Florida football schedule
    •#4 Tennessee football schedule
    •#3 Kentucky football schedule
    •#2 LSU football schedule
    •#1 Arkansas football schedule

    • Husky Harry

      Your ranking is a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy. All of the SEC teams that do play Alabama have a huge boost in their strength of schedule because they are playing them. Ditto those playing Georgia or Texas A&M. Teams playing 2 or 3 of those teams really get a boost in strength of schedule.

  • John

    Your numbers are off.

    “The Harris Interactive poll is a committee of 105 panelists…maximum total of votes (Which is 2,875 in this case)”

    105 x 25 = 2,625
    115 x 25 = 2,875

    • Brian Powell

      Corrected. Thanks for pointing it out, John. The numbers from the source explaining the Harris Poll are incorrect, but I should have double checked to make sure.

  • Jay

    Ok. Let’s break down “strength of schedule.” Alabama IS #1 because they won the last 2 championships. Their “BIG WINS” TEXAS A&M and possibly ol’miss. Who else they played so for VA TECH Colorado and Georgia State? Stanford has way better resume ASU (playing good ball this year) Washington (playing awesome ball this year)Clemson best win so far is Georgia. And who has Oregon played yet that is worth a damn? Really look at the those first 4 teams schedules and they are no almost no different than Ohio State’s Florida A&M Akron who are they? No body is playing nobody Brian Powell!

    • Jay

      Plus we all know it takes 1 loss for Bama to make it to the BCS championship anyway :)

    • gregg

      Jay you are so right. nobody plays nobody ! Clemson will play Florida State, Alabama will play LSU,Oregon will play Stanford, Ohio State will play Michigan, that’s about it. Georgia played Clemson, South Carolina and LSU, all ranked in the top 6 when they played them (before the BCS comes out ). They only have Florida left to deal with. Do away with these Alabama VS. Ga. State games and schedule real competiton!

  • mark

    Yea! Just look at this list and imagine! 1vs8, 2vs7, 3vs6 and 4vs5. And does anyone else realize we’re going to have a 4 team playoff and there are 5 Major Conferences? Not good math! Just sayin. Still think 4 Major Conferences would be cool.

  • orangesunshyne


  • orangesunshyne

    The playoff system will determine who plays the Crimson Tide for the national championship.

  • gregg

    8 or 9 conference games a year would give us a little more insight as well as Tough non conference games. Georgia would play LSU and Alabama every 2 years maybe instead of every 6 like now. Does anyone remeber when Alabama played Michigan just for the hell of it! Bear and Shembechler weren’t afraid of a little competition.

    • http://Webpronews.com Justin Nezich

      Yes they played each other the very first game of the 2012 fall college season, Alabama whooped Michigan.

      • DaeQuan

        Did you honestly think that was going to be a good game? Michigan is in year 3 of a 4-5 yr rebuild from the mess Rich Rodriguez left.

    • http://Nothing Tony T

      Yeahhh Bama definitely smoked Michigan in Jerry World last year. I hope you aren’t a Big Blue fan for the sake of team pride. You really don’t remember who you played last year?

  • burkosc

    When bama has 6 weeks to prep for ya, and a team like Oregon is
    stagnant for the same time, who will win ? Be diff in 2014 with
    playoffs, 1 or two weeks off, hurry, no hud, ect, now PAC 12 wins.!

  • les

    Take the top 8 teams…1 vs 8, 2 vs 7, 3 vs 6, 4 vs 5. The next week you decide who will play for the National Championship. It can’t get any easier but the morons who run college football can’t figure it out. You’d get the conference champions playing other conference champions, and you’d finally get a bunch of top ten match ups. The playoffs could start 3 weeks after the end of everyone’s season, you wouldn’t have a 51 day layoff. And make the Championship game the LAST bowl game, no more Kent St. vs UCF in the motor bowl or whatever. Season still ends in early Jan.

    • Lord Dhalgren

      Agree with the top eight- but make them have an elimination play-off for the next three weeks. If you can beat 3 top 8 teams in a row- you DESERVE to be champion!

  • les

    Oh yeah, you wouldn’t have any one complaining they were left out. Just win your conference and you’d be a top eight. SEC fans that would complain that some other conference champ shouldn’t be in the hunt because other SEC teams are better, well, then their team should have been the SEC conference champ. Otherwise, they can just play with their selves.

  • cajunman

    and who will decide the top 8 teams???????

  • Gary

    ou allways over ranked they will lose aleast two games before the season is over!!!!! ne will be to OK State Orange Power!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tom

      Probably not. Learn to spell.

    • Garrett

      No Way.. Typical OSU fan. You’re an embarrassment to the state of Oklahoma.

  • http://KlassicRockRadio CaptainJames

    The fact of the matter is this…everyone’s going to piss, moan and groan if their favorite team and/or conference is not awarded every possible playoff spot in 2014. Ohio State, Louisville, Oklahoma possibly will all cry ” FOUL ” if they go undefeated and miss the BCS Championship game. I used to be the Oklahoma Sooners’ # 1 Fan. But after watching Bob Stoops choke when it comes to winning the ” BIG GAME ” every year, I want to tell him to shut up. PLAY SOMEBODY BOB !!! All Ready. My God, stop scheduling the cupcakes just so you can run up the score. It does the team absolutely no good at all. And get the team in shape. My GOD…they all look gassed half way through the 3rd quarter. At least now we have a great defensive coordinator. Thanks, Mike for coming back. No Way Oklahoma should be in the BCS title game conversation at all; NO MATTER WHAT THEY DO!!!! PLAY SOMEBODY BOB…START TODAY !!!!

    • garrett

      Like Notre Dame on the road? Like Florida State on the road last year? The rest are Big 12 teams. No one mentions the fact that every national championship we played was in the opponent’s home field. FSU in Miami (we won), USC in CA, LSU at the Sugar Bowl, and Florida in Miami. That Jason White’s freakin knees were held together and that DeMarco Murray was out against UFlorida.

      • garrett

        *held together with rubber bands and he was injured against LSU (played anyway.. didn’t mention it)

      • Brad

        I agree Garrett. Plus OU has future games with Ohio St and Tenn.
        So Captain fair weather ou fan James, go a head a bail on the Sooner’s. We don’t want or need fans like you. You don’t care about tradition or what it’s like to be a proud football fan no matter what. If that’s how you feel, then you will never find a team that will not disappoint you. Problem is your spoiled.
        I’m a proud Sooner fan for life, win or lose.

        • Andrew

          Go Sooners!!! BOOMER SOONER!!!

      • jesse

        good points, but USC was actually at the Orange Bowl in Miami.

      • Brent

        Miami is anything but FSU’s home field. The people in Miami HATE Florida State.

    • jesse

      Bob schedules tough EVERY year. I don’t know what you are looking at but you obviously do not know aggressive scheduling when you see it. Granted, Bob has had his struggles in SOME big games..ie BCS games. That being said, OU’s non conference schedule is consistently tougher than almost everyone. ND, FSU recently. Tenn, Neb upcoming. Not exactly cupcakes. Do your homework former #1 fan.

    • Tom

      You never were an Oklahoma fan. A fan doesn’t quit his team if it doesn’t win. A fan doesn’t quit his team if he doesn’t like the coach. A true fan sticks with his team through thick and thin. YOU ARE NO FAN, NEVER HAVE BEEN, AND NEVER WILL BE. It doesn’t even matter which team you support today or yesterday. You are not a fan.

  • Mark

    University of Oregon Ducks… #1!!!

  • raymond

    Baylor should be ranked in the top 5 where is everyone!

  • marcus

    go Gundy go. OSU blow Stoops out of the water.

  • van

    Personally I favor the playoff system . why ? Because its the best way to teams like Alabama play more than 2 hard games per season and pretty much end up with a easy road to the bcs title game. In the playoff system , the only teams that will be in it , are the teams that has a impressive record to be in it. In other words , teams like Alabama wont be playing any easy cupcakes. I think they should do it like the high school playoffs . 4 rounds then the 5th round be the championship game

  • Warren

    Why is it that the Ohio State Buckeyes haven’t lost a game all of last year and this year also an they keep falling in the polls every week? They have the longest winning streak going right now and started out at number 2 this year and now number 4 as of last week.

    • http://Nothing Tony T

      It’s probably bc they look less and less impressive every week? Giving up 40 to a very subpar Cal team didn’t help, then scraping by a Wisconsin team with a throw in coach and no talent slid them a bit further down. Thennnn almost losing to Northwestern in a sport that isn’t “A spelling bee” caused them to drop again. What aren’t you getting here bro?

      • http://yahoo Scott

        No its because everybody hates tOHIO STATE a win is a win, just ask Georgia look how far they dropped after barely beating the Vols. Wonder why alablama didn’t drop i n the standings after runnin up the score on GA. St, or oregon when they ran up the score on nicholls st. The Bcs is run by the sec and slive thats why tOHIO STATE keeps droppin in the polls, hey can we get alablama a bye before they play Kentucky come on slive. Or why not give them a bye before every game they play come on man



      • honestfootball

        Yes.!!! I agree the teams they play all SUCK.. I am a girl who just in the last 3 yrs started watching college ball. I feel if a team is no1 , they should have to play all the top 3 teams then make out to see who is 1 and 2. Then play in bcs. Who are these 300 panelist from bcs??? A bunch of f….. old stupid republicans that cheat lie and don’t care who the real all american football teams are. Go DUCKS!!!!! They would crush GSU and Alabama if they got the opportunity to play them.

    • Steve

      because they look bad in winning. a win is not a win. a quality win matters more.

      • honestfootball

        Quality for sure.all this so called bcs shit is a bunch of notre lame and old retired farts who dream of their glory days and obviously only want the south to look good and honestly dont want to really play football with any real unbeatable teams.it so clear to all the fans and college students who the real top teams truely are. The Ducks are so impressive. They get put down because they are the NW. I would love to see this team play Fsu and AlalamO ans then call the shots! .lets have the 2 best teams play. Let fans and students decide.banish these bcs (bullshit college statistics). They need to go retire and shut up.

    • Blackhawk6

      Getting beat with the same fact stick used on Boise State. They should schedule Boise State asap. In fact fact Alabama, Ohio State and Boise State should play a home and home series. Alabama can open against either their first game (gives them all summer to game plan) and play the other after their first bye or after they play those powerful boys from Towson or ELON.

  • Lord Dhalgren

    Quite frankly, I’d prefer a combination of the present and future systems. A “BCS type” system to determine the “Elite Eight”, then 3 games to determine the champion. ANY team that can beat teams from the top eight 3 weeks in a row DESERVES to be the undisputed champ! This would also allow more conferences to send a representative and lessen the crying! Maybe even limit one representative per conference as determined by conference play offs or “BCS” rank if no play off exists for their conference?

    • Steve

      why limit conferences to one team? the sec and acc are clearly dominant and, with minor exception, rule div-1 football this year. OSU is a wannabe with a weak schedule and still keeps high rank for some reason. I’m not an sec fan but they cannibalize one another and still maintain high rankings. If you ant the best 8 teams then you need the best 8. Your limit will allow teams ranked as low as perhaps 12 to pass over a #2.

    • honestfootball

      Hats off! Can you post this everywhere even to fox cbs espn please. You are the most sane and logical human. Please write this to all the media and news stations let this be heard

  • Lord Dhalgren

    You all wanted a 4 team playoff system- look at the top four! SEC, ACC and 2 PAC 12 teams! It could just as easily be 2 ACC or SEC teams in there, if you look at the rankings. What do you think of that Big 10, Big 12, or even American?

  • Dennis

    Yet another reason why the BCS rankings are useless. Oregon ranked #2 in all the polls is only #4 in the BCS? Lowly Clemson and Stanford are ranked higher at 2 and 3 respectively. So much hogwash. And why is Oklahoma even on the list? They aren’t even ranked in the top ten on any poll. Truth told Alabama should not have played LSU for the National Championship last year. They had already lost to LSU during the season. There were several unbeaten teams who were more deserving that were snubbed. Truth told it was all about the money. The networks and bigwigs all thought they could bring in more bucks with a Alabama-LSU rematch. It’s all about the Benjamins baby.. NOT the sport or the title.

    • Reese

      Dennis, Alabama ACTUALLY PLAYED Notre Dame in the Championship last year…let’s check the facts….

    • http://Yahoo Heath

      What Rock did you crawl out from under. In 2011 there where no other unbeaten teams. Oklahoma State was the closest and lost to a unranked team. SO they where out of luck. Get your facts straight.. Cause you dont know what you are talking about. Roll Tide

  • nick

    Alabama plays by far the easiest schedule in the SEC they simply don’t really play anybody. They need to step it up in the scheduling and telling Ohio State fans that their schedule is to easier is just laughable as they play just as many ranked teams as does Alabama and don’t try and tell me Kentucky, Vandy, Arkansas, Georgia St, Colorado St, Miss St and Auburn or hard teams to play against the Big ten stacks up to those all day. I know 2 of those aren’t SEC teams but Ohio State had a better OOC compared to them, oh yea VT like that wasn’t laughable.

    • http://Yahoo Ross

      Yeah Nick, the coaches, AP, computers and the rest are all wrong and you are correct. Do you occasionally hear voices telling you things?

    • Rod

      Duck fans cry “FOWL”!

  • Alan

    I think they should change the playoff format. Instead of setting it 1vs8, 2vs7, 3vs6, 4vs5. they should do it 1vs4, 2vs3, 5vs8, 6vs7. Better games to watch!!

  • bob richards

    Hey, Powell, it’s the Harris Poll, not the Harrison Poll; where did you learn to fact-check what you’re writing?!!!

  • Noneya

    As in everything in life, everybody hates the top dog for being the top dog. It is not even debatable that the SEC is the best conference in college football at the moment. Alabama’s “cupcake schedule” looks weaker comparatively bc they can’t play themselves. And even with this schedule, they play the other supposed “best team in the country” in the BCS game and we see how that turns out. burkosc had one point…u give Saban 6 weeks to prepare and u won’t beat his team. Ask Notre Dame.

  • robert petty

    As long as VOTING is involved, there is no such thing as a “national championship”. It is still, as it USED to be called, a MYTHICAL national championship.

  • Paulo

    Ok – so I went to UCLA and we have a young secondary, however, our schedule has to be the toughest in the country. Beat Nebraska at Nebraska, Utah at Utah which is not an easy appointment and Stanford has to play at Utah this weekend. In two weeks we play Stanford at Stanford and following week Oregon at Oregon. Still games remaining against the likes of Washington, Arizona at Arizona and at USC.

    Hopefully we will have a nicer schedule in 2014 like Bama this year, however, Bama looks to win their third Title in as many years.

    Go BRUINS!

    • Bruce

      Paulo makes a good case for UCLA and I’m glad they are back. However, I don’t know that there schedule is any tougher than Georgia’s, which just got harder with all the injuries this past weekend. I do agree that Alabama seems to get a pass when it comes to the schedule but nobody gets a bigger pass every year than Ohio State and Notre Dame. Bama is number one until someone knocks them off.

      • Rich Pascuzzo

        ND – a pass? Check out current strength of schedule ratings. ND is 9 and OSU is 84. And even though it didn’t end that way last year, ND had toughest schedule going in. Who is your team and what is their current schedule rated at?

  • Bamaboy4evah

    This discussion leaves out one relevant fact, “Every fans team (that is complaining about how ALABAMA gets to the National Championship game) has had their own destiny squarely in their OWN hands and went on to sh#t their pants from the pressure. If you WIN the games you are supposed to none of this comes into question. To the fan that mentioned the 2011 season when we played LSU twice, name a one loss team that was better than us that year. We held the #1 team in the nation that year to 0 TD’s(Field goal fest) and lost an double overtime game in T’town. I know because I was there. Almost all of these comments are out of hate…hate for BAMA and hate for the SEC. But just hold on be careful what you ask for because you just might get it(playoffs). Ask Notre Dame fans!!! One more for the HATER fan, “And just who do think is gonna show up in those playoffs?” MUWHAHAHAHAH!!!!!(evil villian laugh) Roll Tide!!!!!! Nick Saban 4 life!!!!! I’m a Sabanist!!!!!

    • honestfootball