Battlefield 3 Has A New Trailer, Too

By: Chris Richardson - September 2, 2011

Because Activision/Infinity Ward is targeting Modern Warfare 3 more towards the console users, and EA/Dice focusing Battlefield 3 directly at the PC gamers first, the presale war between the two, highly anticipated titles has been largely decided, with Modern Warfare 3 winning the day.

But that doesn’t mean Battlefield’s makers, Dice, aren’t above stealing thunder attempts when Modern Warfare 3 content hits the streets. Earlier, the Modern Warfare 3 online play trailer hit, and, not to be outdone, Battlefield 3, too, has a new trailer. The latest one highlights some of the different weapons players can come across during the game.

Much like MW3’s latest, the new BF3 trailer is pretty ballsy as well:

Yeah, I’m sold.

As indicated earlier, both games target different gamers, with Modern Warfare 3 concentrating on the XBox 360/PlayStation 3 crowd. Any PC gamers who buy it are welcome, too, but Activision makes its hay with the console crowd, and there’s nothing wrong with that. To many, gaming is gaming, no matter what platform is used.

Meanwhile, Battlefield 3 has the PC gamer directly in its sites, and while that makes for superior-looking and controlling games, the reach isn’t nearly as expansive. That being said, BF3 will indeed be available for consoles, but if Dice had their way, the consoles wouldn’t even be a consideration. To them, the best way to enjoy the potential of Battlefield 3 is to play it on a souped up PC. A quote from Battlefield 3 Executive Producer Patrick Bach reveals as much:

PCs are way more powerful than the consoles today and there are actually almost zero games out there that actually use the benefits of this. So for our target of what we want to hit, we are now using the more powerful platform to try and prove what we see gaming being in the future rather than using the lowest common denominator, instead of developing it for the consoles and then just adding higher resolution textures and anti-aliasing for the PC version… we start with the highest-end technology that we can come up with and then scale it back to the consoles.

The following image, courtesy of an awesome Yahtzee Crowshaw review, may help portray the issue a little better:

PC Gamer

Of course, by making console players feel, oh, less than desirable, you could alienate a large portion of your potential customer base; although, it should be noted Battlefield 3 has presold over 700,000 copies between the XBox and the PlayStation.

Clearly, these gamers weren’t too offended by Dice’s preference for the PC gaming environment.

As a decided Battlefield fan–no, not a Modern Warfare hater, either–here’s another reason to buy this game: the 12 minute “Fault Line” trailer.

If, after watching that, you aren’t interested in at least giving Battlefield 3 a spin, perhaps you should rethink that whole “gamer” title. It’s just too bad these games are coming out at the same time. Not enough time in the day, it seems.

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  • Mike

    Woohoo! I’m so excited for BF3. It’s probably a 10/10 on the excitement scale. Sadly it’s more like a 2/10 for MW3… Nothing new, nothing special, looks like a PS2 game after you watch BF3 videos. I’m sure BF3 will look just fine on consoles, and I’ve always been satisfied with only 24 players online. All I can say about PC is, good for them, they’ll finally have something worthy of their fancy-pants, rich people, gaming computers.

    • zack

      What a fan boy..

      Watch this,, BF3 doesn’t have half the content MW3 will. And for the other BF3 fan boys sticking your chest out over a game saying “my game’s got better graphics”. You read this page, that’s for the PC. Have fun investing in a “souped up” CPU to run the game like the trailer did, tards.

      • lololololololo

        MW3’s graphics look still fail. You mad bro?

      • lololololololo

        “BF3 doesn’t have half the content MW3 will.” Oh yeah, MW3 has vehicles, jets, bullet drop, huge ass maps? Oh wait they didn’t have…. In mw3, you do call juggernaut, suicide dogs, put 2 scopes on a gun, toy helicopter… I don’t want to playing a fucking retarded games that have new retarded features in it. I want to playing video game that is similar to war things.

      • sam

        lol. That mw3 gameplay footage sucks, man. I don’t know what you’re talking about, bf3 even on consoles is going to look better.
        I find it funny that guy talking said that call of duty tries to make things feel real, like they could actually be happening, so clearly running into an army of enemy soldiers, guns blazing is the epitome of realism. That was sarcasm. It looks like every other cod multiplayer: run and gun, arcade fps. Nothing wrong with that, its just completely different gameplay than battlefield.
        But don’t worry, revisit what you posted once theyre both out and you try to admit that you were wrong.

    • sam

      It’s not “rich-people” that have gaming pc’s. It’s adults with jobs who save their money and don’t blow it all on dumb shit.

  • Aaron

    This is the only time when I’m envious of a PC player, but my dad has a PC and he’s also getting BF3 so I can compare the game to my Xbox 360 graphics with his macho PC graphics. Atleast I can appreciate what Dice was wanting to accomplish with the game with the Frostbite 2 engine by staring at my dad playing lol If the graphics look just as good as BFBC2 (and I’m sure they will) on the 360, then I will be just as happy. The sounds were another amazing feat for BF3 so we all can enjoy that. It still going to kick Activison’s greedy ass…

  • Sam

    Just saying, im sure u all agree, but cod sucks. Its the same game every year, just reskinned; no updated graphics, servers, or gameplay feel. Cod is just squeezing all the money it can get out of u. 15 dollar maps packs to FREE MAPSSS as long u buy new, GREAT DEAL. Face it cod is just an orgy of bullets on the screen while battlefield is realistic.

  • N00b3r

    O_O that looks nice i’d get it but its just too bad i dont have a 360 or PS3 :(

  • Nick

    Gaming pc,s can be cheap. Games on PC are cheap to. Games on PC is always better. PC gamers are just smart consumers.

    • zack

      PC gamers also have terrible grammar..

      • sam

        PC gamers could also kick your ass if they allowed cross-platform console vs pc matchups.

        Obvious troll is obvious.

  • Roach

    @Sam you’ve got to be joking. If youre an adult, then buying a PC to game is blowing your money on dumbsh*t. There are so many other ways to spend money constructively than for entertainment purposes. And PC gamers beat consolites in FPS for one reason: mouse. It would be if PC gamers were only allowed to use kb/m and try to beat consolites in Street Fighter or Assassins Creed. They would get killed because the controller offers such a big advantage to the player that PC gamers would have no chance.

  • Aron

    Gaming PCs can be cheap, but to be running BF3 perfectly with no jitter like in that trailer on max settings, you’re not going cheap. See I’d be all about BF3 if I had an $800+ comp and all kinds of stuff. But I don’t, so I’m going to go with Call of Duty because they do not give special treatment to one platform, they equal it all out. It’s just ridiculous and I don’t get why console gamers are bad or PC gamers are better. If DICE weren’t so lazy they could optimize BF3 to run pretty nice on PS3 because the PS3 has a lot of potential. Xbox lacks the CELL Broadband engine. Don’t believe the PS3 is not far off of PC? Check out some Uncharted 2 or Gran Turismo 5 screenshots, then insert foot in mouth and call it a day. Btw, PS3 is starting at $249.99 now so with the extra $550 bucks instead of getting a PC, I think I’ll get me a nice HDTV and some Mountain Dew oh and what’s that? I have spare cash to buy my games too! Anywho, thank you for letting me share my opinion and have a good day people! Oh and on an end note I’ll probably never be on this site again so whatever hate, troll, mad, angry, fanboy statements come at me, I won’t see them.

    • TODD1

      u are a real loser / im going to stay with call of duty blah blah blah/call of duty sucks bro all games are the same new camping spots and same old killsstreaks ,earn ur on kills stop depending on choppers ps3 blows the controller is terrible on the online is just poop!