Battlefield 3 DLC to be $30? [Rumor]

    May 21, 2012
    Richard Stalker
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A very disturbing thing popped up on the intranets today. A website called Gamefanshop.com has posted a pre order for the upcoming Battlefield 3 expansion pack titled “Close Quarters.” The problem? The list price is $30!!!! Either this is a fairly unknown site posting crap to get some publicity, or this is a dirty ploy by EA/DICE to change the way we pay for DLC.

Another speculation by some people is that thi is a situation where DLC going forward will be this much as a stand alone purchase, but if you buy the rumored Premium service that will be about $50-$60, you get all of them for the normal price. It is a great businees idea by EA/DICE to pigeon hole their fans into buying the premium plan, but it is also an extremely dirty ploy that is likely going to cause millions of fans to abandon the franchise.

Another rumor I hear is that the premium service is going to be a one time $15 dollar fee and all DLC will the be half off. A little bit of a stretch but I’m a little unsure about the direction DICE/EA is going with Battlefield and frankly I’m a little worried.

The precedent that EA could be setting for DLC is a dangerous one but it could very well be in response to the supposed billions that the publishers are losing out on due to used sales. The battle between big name publishers and Gamestop will intensify ove r the coming years and that is why we get the rumors of the next gen consoles not playing used games.

@gustavhalling Please go ahead and acknowledge that Close Quarters isn’t 30$ before these rumors spin out of control.
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Here is a Youtube video from the guy that originally found this price:

  • Michael Anderson

    Paying for a DLC pack isn’t the worst thing in the world, people waste money on much more worthless things. DICE work freaking hard to get these games out, even for ungrateful losers who don’t wanna spend some cash, it’s worth every freaking dollar, deal with it. I live in New Zealand, and it’s gonna cost me around $50, people bitch about spending $30 dollars, idiots, people spend that much on lunch that takes fucking 15min to prepare, a game takes months and months, and alot of sleepless nights, and they don’t want to spend the same amount of money. Ungrateful pigs, BATTLEFIELD FOREVER DICE CHARGE ALL YOU WANT, YOU DESERVE IT!!

    • Thomas

      The point isn’t that $30 is too much to spend, but that we’re forking over half the cost of the original game for less than 1/3 of the content. BF3 was $60 and included 65 weapons, a full campaign, 9 MP maps, and 6 Co-Op missions. THAT is worth $60, and by extension, to ask for $30 per DLC pack, you better be offering a 50% increase in base content. After all, you’re asking for a 50% increase in the money I’ve given you. That means, I want more than just 10 weapons (which I might not even get the chance to use due to stupid Assignments requiring me to play in ways I don’t like) and 4 maps that won’t vary between ranged and CQB.

  • Jake

    Hah, I wasn’t going to pay $15 for that crappy CQ. Maybe I will pay $15 for Armored Kill.

  • Jay

    Two words for you bro….anger management

  • Anonymous

    I think that if they charge $30 for the premium service and give us all the DLC “free” then it is worth it.

  • http://battlefield3community.com KinJO187
    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/richard-stalker Richard Stalker

      Dont we ever read a random post in a random thread on some Battlefield forum? NO WE DO NOT

  • godofwhatnot

    It is obvious this is a rip off scheme by the website selling it at $30. Always buy off the official store for lowest price not the ripoff sites like that posted above.

  • Sargonarhes

    And they complain about Gamestop selling used games, yet nothing about some website selling what is clearly a marked up price? Where are their priorities? They never think that some old games you can only find as used, and frankly they’re not always in the greatest of condition. However if $30 is the price for the new content for BF3, I’m out and going back to MAG and Killzone.